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 "The Destiny of the Iraqi Dinar" - Hope for the World - 4/17/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"The Destiny of the Iraqi Dinar" - Hope for the World - 4/17/18

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 "The Destiny of the Iraqi Dinar" - Hope for the World - 4/17/18 Empty "The Destiny of the Iraqi Dinar" - Hope for the World - 4/17/18

Post by Ssmith on Wed Apr 18, 2018 8:00 am

While it may have been the case that the then leader of Zimbabwe had a keen sense of this planet’s future when issuing a series of exceedingly high denominated bond notes a decade ago, no such wisdom played in the sad destiny of the Iraqi dinar.

Imagine this scenario for a moment, if you will. Let’s say there is a big country out there, bigger than ours by several fold, and let’s make up a name for it to avoid throwing shade at any of our real neighbors. Let’s call it Cabalia. So, the leaders of Cabalia have been carefully watching us over here in America and they have grown somewhat suspicious of our president, President George Clooney. They begin to suspect that President Clooney’s true colors may be that of an evil murderous despot set on taking over the world via chemical weapons attack by an army of terrorists he is secretly harboring here.

So convinced are they that President Clooney has such wicked intentions for the planet, they send over a team of their top chemical weapons sniffing professionals who comb through all the land seeking evidence of a program of building chemical weapons for mass destruction – which they are positively certain exist here somewhere.

It makes us nervous having these guys sniffing around our countryside searching for something we are pretty sure doesn’t exist, but we have no choice but to let them have their way. They are bigger and better armed than we are. Their military force is legendary. We pray they end their search empty handed and just go away, go back to their own country where they belong.

We breathe a huge sigh of relief when, thank God, no evidence of a program for building chemical weapons for mass destruction is found and now hopefully the Cabalia bullies will leave us alone…but then there is a huge terrible disturbance in Cabalia. Some box cutter-wielding terrorists have plowed commercial aircraft into high profile Cabalian buildings, killing thousands and leaving the entire country in a state of abject horror. We feel so bad for those poor people for this awful blow to their country, but then something occurs that turns that abject horror back around on us. They think we did that terrible dirty deed.

And now comes our dark night as the Cabalian president rallies his ferocious military force into action. They storm towards our direction with bloodlust revenge pumping through their veins. They attack on two fronts, first raging through Texas and destroying every single oil drilling rig, ostensibly to keep them out of the hands of the terrorists we are accused of sponsoring, and then a massive missile assault on Washington, DC, which has the Cabalians all comfortably nestled in front of their home televisions watching with gleeful shock and awe.

As our “liberation” continues huge ropes are cast about the neck of the Statue of Liberty and she is unceremoniously toppled into the New York Harbor by a flotilla of tugboats. With only the one nationally iconic statue to topple, the Cabalian military takes out several other symbols of Americana including the Empire State Building, the Hoover Dam, and Hollywood. President Clooney is hunted down like a rabid dog, and when he is found he is publicly hanged…and at long last America is free.

Over 1.3 million of our civilians have died in the battle, our social infrastructure, including electricity, is in complete degradation, as is our water supply and sewage systems. Over eight million of us are stranded, in need of humanitarian assistance, and millions of American refugees flee across the borders both to the north and south. But we are liberated now, and the Cabalians leave us with two special parting gifts. First they install George Soros as our new president, and then they tank our economy, devaluing our currency to 1/10th of a penny per USD – after which the Central Bank of Cabalia (aka the Federal Reserve) comes in and does a nationwide gobble up of our cash money, which they then lavishly infuse into the pockets of their corrupt politicians and corrupt banking executives. One day down the road the corrupt Cabalian banking executives, in concert with several corrupt international financial institutions, will do a private insider revaluation of our currency in which they will inflate the USD exchange rate by over ten times its original value, they will pay themselves out quietly and extravagantly, and never will the citizens of either their country or ours benefit from the terrible price we all paid for the sole purpose of their inhuman selfish greed.

And that is exactly how things went down for the average Iraqi citizen when the United States military forces invaded their country in 2003. Their lives became a horrendous fight for survival. Here in the US we were too drunk on hyper-patriotism to yet realize what had just happened to our country, to Iraq, and to the whole planet. The Cabal was now only one move away from accomplishing their One World Order – that one move being a cookie cutter assault on Iran and their supposed program of nuclear armament – which would have eventually led to ‘game over’ for the human species.

But interestingly, although the Cabal had taken steady aim at Iran and was already deep into the American psyche turning them against that country, their attempt to invade/devalue/cash-out-privately-when-the-time-is-right in Iran fizzled before it was fully launched. Why did it fizzle? Because a certain group of pissed off Iraqi dinar holders somehow managed to alert the Earth Alliance as to the private highly inflated exchange the corrupt US politicians and banking institutions had performed for themselves back channel, a tip-off that ultimately led to the unraveling of the so-called New World Order.

Thanks Earth Alliance! Sucks to be you, Cabal New World Fizzled Order.

So now here we are today, holding our dinars and our zims and our rials, et al, and as a community we continue to serve as valiant foot soldiers to the Earth Alliance, tasked with fixing all that the Cabal broke once the blessing is upon us. Some of us will take the blessing and quietly live out a life marked with simple generosity. Others will sail out into the world and spread abundance far and wide until it touches every life. Regardless, it is a fitting tribute to the citizens of Iraq who lost so much, who suffered so much, that the destiny of the Iraqi dinar becomes that proud beacon of light that finally pierced through the dark night of Cabal annihilation.
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 "The Destiny of the Iraqi Dinar" - Hope for the World - 4/17/18 Empty Re: "The Destiny of the Iraqi Dinar" - Hope for the World - 4/17/18

Post by Kevind53 on Wed Apr 18, 2018 4:14 pm

Sucks to be a brain dead moron like you ... I have a bridge you may be interested in though ... it'll get you exclusive access to some of the finest muskeg in Alaska, I'll even through that in with the deal cause I'm such a nice guy.

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