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 KTFA CC Highlights w/ Frank by TNT Sunny 4/16/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

KTFA CC Highlights w/ Frank by TNT Sunny 4/16/18

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 KTFA CC Highlights w/ Frank by TNT Sunny 4/16/18 Empty KTFA CC Highlights w/ Frank by TNT Sunny 4/16/18

Post by Ssmith on Wed Apr 18, 2018 7:54 am



FRANK26 CC, Monday, April 16, 2018, "We are still hours to minutes . . . days. . ."

Frank26: (his opinion)

[Frank] Many firms told there would be a 24 hour notification to turn on ATM's. There is serious, continual talk about turning on the ATM's. Lower denoms in the ATM's can't be turned on without a new rate.

[Walkingstick]: Article came out from CBI yesterday. The document is 11 pages telling banks about currency policy, Including counterfeit currency with penalties. Read document (posted on Dinarrecaps.) "promoting circulation of small bank notes..." "Bring damaged notes into banks, we will exchange them For small bank notes...."

[Frank]: This is HUGE. This is a blueprint and road map for monetary reform.

[Walkingstick]: From Turkmenistan, 2013. (He’s referring to IMF Article on “The process to Introduce New Money”http://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/fandd/2013/12/lonnberg.html
or in this Forum at: http://tntshowtime.activeboard.com/t64562962/imf-process-for-introducing-a-new-currency/

You will find amazing similarities to CBI document. It's a mirror of above article. Defines what Iraq is doing right now. Talks about psychological effect or rates. Huge pieces of this puzzle. Defines every aspect of currency reform.

Talks about pictures, education, two sets of bank notes. Defines counterfeiting, how to prove. Do you understand where we are at with this Investment? "Escorting" articles before Article 2 released. They are ready....

[Frank]: Walkingstick wants you to know these policies must be in place first. That's what 10 + page document is about. They have a policy to detect counterfeit currency + stability.We are still hours to minutes....days....

[Walkingstick] We believe Alak went to the IMF to unify Arab currencies. Alak is ready. He wants a suitable environment so nobody can be cheated. He never said anything about waiting 90 days for the 2%. He never said nothing about the 2%.

[Frank] They are either going to RI their currency and release the lower denom’s or they are going to release the lower denom’s and then RI their currency.

[WS ] It doesn’t make any sense for them to have all this money and thousands and thousands of ATM’s unless they are going to RI.

[Frank] What is the significance of April 30th to Iraq.

[ WS ]They have a set date for their rate changes. Every April of every year, the IMF updates the exchange rate of Iraq. Iraq does not have to wait till the 30th. They can do it today or tomorrow but when the IMF updates it will reflect the new rate for Iraq.

It often does not show up for seven days. Come up on the 7th of May all the nations that changed in the month of April. They do not have an option. Again, this is not an option. They have to do this. That Guru that said it had to wait until after the election. The CBI did not say that.

Election in Iraq is not that easy. Abadi is very smart guy. THE GOI, by May or June, by law they cannot do anything. Abadi knows that. For Alak too, it will be a bad mistake if he does not do it by the election. It would be suicidal, a Big mistake, for them to wait. I believe, this month, they have to do it. God forbid, they wait until after the election, it is going to be a disaster. What is the reason for them to wait longer? This is my opinion it is going to happen and this is the month.

[Frank] I believe they are preparing to announce the re-instatement. Everyday I am excited because I go back to the “We are ready!” It was a leakage, but it was a leakage for a purpose. Much chatter (in Iraq) in the last two weeks about the 24 hour window notice to turn on the ATM’s. In my opinion they are serious.

CBI is doing a mobile app. Thousands and thousands of phones were passed out. The CBI is about to introduce a mobile app. Education will continue with texts. The Central Bank of Barbados got rid of their counterfeiting by cell phone in 2017. They were the first central bank with De la Rue to introduce a mobile app with DeLaRue. Authentificaiton of their currency right at their fingertips.

CBI will use a hologram that will actually change in dimensions and colors and warn you that the currency you have is false or good. The information will be in front of them at their fingertips. This is powerful. This is powerful especially when you are introducing small notes to your country. . . Tell me, why would the Central bank go to all of this for a program rate? . . . The IMF and the WB is going to meet with the CBI. . . spring meeting on April 20th. Let’s keep an eye on them. This is what Iraq is doing, not hiding. This is the blueprint of what CBI is doing right now.

We feel we should be nearing or at point of new currency notes. Old notes will remain with new notes for awhile.

"We are ready," words from CBI director. It was a leakage for a purpose, closely kept secret. Eventually released to media during the 24 hour period when WS will be told to turn on his ATM's. Date still kept secret....

Walkingstick wants to say these words to you:

[WS] "It is obvious they are getting closer and its better knowing its happening than in the past years, when we questioned, is it ever going to happen?"

[Frank]: We know it’s coming....

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