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Revolution may start in France as crazy Zionists try yet again to start WW3 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Revolution may start in France as crazy Zionists try yet again to start WW3

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Revolution may start in France as crazy Zionists try yet again to start WW3 Empty Revolution may start in France as crazy Zionists try yet again to start WW3

Post by kenlej Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:27 am

By Fulford

The insane religious-fanatic Zionists who have been trying for years to start Armageddon have failed yet again in their latest attempt, this time in Syria. They now face serious repercussions, possibly starting with a revolution in France.

Before we get into the details, let’s remember what it is we’re dealing with here. It is difficult for sane, reality-based people to understand that the Western political and financial establishment has been hijacked by religious fanatics who are trying to carry out their interpretation of Biblical prophecy with the murder of 90% of humanity and the enslavement of the survivors. Nonetheless, overwhelming evidence shows this is exactly what is going on.

We will not lay out, yet again, all the evidence here; we will just look at what U.S. President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner has been up to. The Kushner family bought a building on 666 Fifth Avenue in New York at way above market prices.

And yes, despite a major attempt to scrub this information from non-“conspiracy” websites, we can confirm that Lucent Technologies was based there and was developing an implantable RFID chip. Here is an article from a science magazine about what these chips are intended for:

We must also remind ourselves that Kushner is a member of the radical Chabad sect that aims to have 2,800 slaves for each of its followers after the rest of humanity is killed. In other words, it is possible to factually confirm that the son-in-law of the president of the United States is part of a group that is trying to actually turn the following Biblical prophecy into reality:

Revelation 13:16-18
“Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name…and his number is 666.”

At this point, it is worth reminding readers that this verse is from the New Testament and not the Jewish Old Testament, so this is not a Jewish plot and these people are not real Jews, but rather worship Satan. Once again the old adage, “Truth is stranger than fiction,” is turning out to be true.

Now we can start to pin this to recent news events. First, take a look at the photograph in the following link of Trump meeting with Chabad leaders on March 29th:

After meeting these people, Donald Trump signaled his reluctance to go along with their crazy plot by announcing the U.S. was going to withdraw from Syria. So what happened? Why did Trump suddenly order the attack on a Friday the 13th, of all dates?

The answer, according to CIA and other sources, is that the Khazarian Zionist crazies, desperate as their control grid collapses, carried out a massive campaign to force the U.S. and Russia into World War 3 and thus start their long-planned Armageddon.

The key was the raid on the offices of Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, on April 9th. The aim of the raid was to find material with which to blackmail Trump and thus force him to order an attack on Russian troops in Syria and start WW3, according to CIA and Pentagon sources. Since Trump’s Atlantic City casinos went bankrupt in 1991, 1992, 2004, and 2009 and since Trump was likely to have been bailed out by Russian gangsters and other dubious characters, there can be no doubt that plenty of blackmail material was found.

The U.S. military responded by posing for the following picture on the night of the raid.

Revolution may start in France as crazy Zionists try yet again to start WW3 911-military-pose-768x580

“The message is that the U.S. military is solidly behind president Trump,” and “the message to the cabal is indicated by 9 on the left and 11 on the right,” Pentagon sources say.

The U.S. military nonetheless went ahead with the April 13th attack on Syria because…
of a deal reached with the Russian military and the Syrian government, the sources explain. In this deal, the U.S. military was given three authorized targets inside Syria—a derelict building scheduled for demolition, and two empty airbases—in order to deprive the Zionists of an excuse to expose Trump’s dirty laundry, while at the same time avoiding a world war.

In addition, the “Syrian missile strikes pave the way for U.S. troop withdrawal, and Trump tweeting ‘mission accomplished’ was aimed at George Bush Jr. and the perps behind 9/11,” say the Pentagon sources.

The Khazarian satanists (Zionists) have also cried wolf about the Syrian government attacking its own people with poison gas so many times (at least 6) that even the brainwashed majority no longer believe their lies. One meme going around after the latest attack showed how ludicrous the official story was by noting, “We are bombing Syria because Syria is bombing Syria.”

Then we have White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer saying Monday that “The goal for the United States is … to make sure that we destabilize Syria.”

The U.S. military has also made another move against Khazarian control of the media by forcing Martin Sorrell, the head of WPP, the world’s largest advertising company, to resign last week, Pentagon sources say. Also, the Harvey Weinstein scandal has “dashed Disney CEO Bob Iger’s presidential ambitions,” they note.

There is now going to be even more serious payback for this attack based on easily and widely-proven lies. The first casualties are likely to be the Khazarian mafia slave governments of the UK and France.

The situation in France is becoming especially critical. Fabrice P.J. Dubordieu, the Foreign Affairs Adviser for the French National Transition Council, speaking for the Council, said that the French military and police are on the brink of open revolt against their “impostor government.”

According to Dubordieu, once French President Emmanuel Macron took power through a stolen election, he immediately got into a fight with “highly respected Général Pierre de Villiers, which led to his resignation the on 19th of July 2017.” His replacement by yes-man Général François Lecointre, whose reputation is tainted by his involvement “in several dirty operations in Africa” and who is “not respected by his peers,” is “one of the many” reasons for tension with the army, he says.

The transition council reports that strikes are being carried out by the judiciary, the riot police, and the regular police.

Judges and lawyers are upset and have been staging walkouts because so-called “judicial reforms” are eroding their power and restricting human rights, they say.

They report that the Compagnies Républicaines de Sécurité, or anti-riot police, are not allowed by law to strike, so instead they have been collectively calling in sick because they are exhausted from fighting French students, union workers, and environmentalists, many of whom are members of their own families.

The 100,000-strong French National Guard has had bad relations with Macron since the beginning of his government and is getting ready to arrest the entire regime, the council says. The situation has gotten so bad that Macron has recently stationed 500 EU troops at the French Guards barracks in Versailles, they say.

Not only that, but the council is getting reports of mercenaries being stationed along the Belgian and German borders with France. “Hiring foreign and/or irregular forces for riot safety is actually textbook treason—if not by law, at least in the minds of our people and military personnel,” Dubordieu says.

The Syrian attack order by Macron is aggravating the situation, he says. “Our imposter government is blaming Syrian President Assad, citing intelligence we can’t really access,” he notes. In the end, the French military said they could not send their only aircraft carrier to participate in the attack “because it was in the dock for repairs,” and instead a smaller ship fired a few token missiles.

In any case, the transition council says a big push is being made for May 5th. “Students from the universities of Montpellier and Strasbourg, during their general assemblies, voted for the occupation of the Elysée Palace” on that date, he says. “It will probably be followed by students from other universities very soon,” he adds. Macron, for his part, plans to be hiding in the remote South Pacific territory of New Caledonia on that date, he notes.

“The French Republic is definitely entering a severely degraded mode! The transition is approaching,” Dubordieu concludes.

British media report that the situation with the slave government of Theresa May in the UK is also increasingly fragile following the “obviously nonsensical” attack on Syria that was supported by less than a quarter of the population. May carried out the attack without a vote from Parliament because “she knew she would lose.”

The Japanese slave government of Shinzo Abe, while it did not participate in the latest Syrian farce, is also teetering because of Abe’s involvement in corruption and war crimes. There are now huge daily demonstrations in front of the Japanese Parliament calling for his resignation.

Meanwhile as the old order continues to collapse, big moves towards a more cooperative world were seen in the congregation of various navies in the South Pacific, according to Asian-based CIA sources. Here is their report:

“The real reason for the navies to go to the Pacific Ocean is that a huge deposit of Rare Earth Elements (REE’s) used in the Secret Space Program was recently found about 600 miles south and east of Tokyo, Japan—enough metal to keep the space program going for decades.

“The problem is harvesting these metals at up to 3,000 meters deep, something retired French Captain Jacques Cousteau was working on when he died. Now his old ship Calypso has been refitted and upgraded with the latest technology and is in the region helping figure this out, along with American, Chinese, and Russian military ships armed with high-tech underwater radar systems.

“Apparently there is also a very large deposit of Rare Earth Elements found on the floor of the South China Sea, including a vast amount of Platinum mixed with PGMs (Platinum Group Metals). This is another reason for the ‘Great Underwater Wall of China’ around the perimeter of the Nine-Dash Line established by China in 1947.”

In a move related to this resource grab, Pentagon sources say “the Vanuatu volcano eruption may dissuade China from building any military base so close to Australia.”

On a final note, Barbara Bush is dying.

By Ken

The pedophiles keep getting rounded up. This guy is a big fish and they will keep on getting bigger. Peter Dalglish CM (born 20 May 1957), is a Canadian humanitarian and founder of the Street Kids International charity and the Trails Youth Initiative program. Until 2015 he was the Country Representative for UN-Habitat in Afghanistan.



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Revolution may start in France as crazy Zionists try yet again to start WW3 Empty Re: Revolution may start in France as crazy Zionists try yet again to start WW3

Post by kenlej Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:33 am

Canadian humanitarian worker Peter Dalglish arrested in child sex investigation in Nepal, police say

Revolution may start in France as crazy Zionists try yet again to start WW3 Peter-dalglish

In what is becoming an all too familiar story, another charity worker has been arrested in connection with child sexual abuse.

On April 8th, world renown Canadian humanitarian Peter Dalglish was arrested in Nepal on suspicion of pedophilia.

At the time of his arrest at a home in a northern district of Kathmandu, Dalglish was in the company of two minor Nepalese girls, one 12 and the other 14 years of age. According to the CIB (Central Investigation Bureau) of the Nepal Police who made the arrest, the two girls were “rescued” from the home and that they had been lured with promises of education and travel abroad before they were sexually abused.

[Peter Dalglish] is being investigated for child sexual exploitation abuse.
-CIB Chief Pushkar Karki

Nepalese authorities are investigating the matter further to determine if there are more children who may have been victimized by Dalglish.

Global News

Note: There are conflicting accounts pertaining to whether Dalglish was in the company of 2 boys or 2 girls. What is certain is that the children were minors.

According to the Kathmandu Tribune, Dalglish has been working with an organization called the Himalaya Community Foundation for the past 2 years. The focuses on providing education, water sanitation and selects local children for tutoring and in some cases to take them abroad.

According to Nepal’s law, Dalglish will be sentenced to jail for 15 yearsand has to pay compensation to the victims too.

Kathmandu Tribune

Presently, authorities are detaining the ‘humanitarian’ for 25 days while they conduct a “rigorous” investigation.

The CIB released the following statement in relation to the matter.

“We cannot disclose what we have found right now but we can assure you that we will produce our findings to the court after the detention time is over. The court will then decide the punishment to Mr. Peter Dalglish accordingly.”

Kathmandu Tribune 2

Peter Dalglish’s humanitarian resume is substantial and his arrest comes as a shock to many in the field.

A Brief resume of Dalglish’s Humanitarian History

First humanitarian mission: African famine in 1984,
Dalglish was instrumental in airlifting supplies from Canada to Ethiopia.
Street Kids International Charity: Founder and Director,
Est. 1988 (SKI – Merged with Save the Children Canada in 2015)
National Film Board of Canada and SKI:
HIV/AIDS prevention cartoon “Karate Kids” (1988-1990)
World Health Organization: Senior Urban Advisor to the WHO
in Liberia, Africa (2016)
United Nations: Representative in Afghanistan and Nepal (2010-2014)
Skateistan: Chairperson International Board
Afghan Institute of Music (Kabul): Advisor
Ashoka Canada: Board of Directors
Trails Youth Initiative: Co-founder

Honors and Degrees

The Order of Canada: 2016 recipient of Canada’s highest civilian honor
for his humanitarian work.
Honorary Degrees: Recipient of 3 honorary degrees
Awards: The Fellowship of Man Award & The Dalhousie Law School
Weldon Award for Public Service
Stanford University- Graduate
Dalhousie University – Law graduate

Author: The Courage of Children - My Life with the World’s Poorest Kids
Peter Dalglish has been involved in humanitarian work for decades
and a popular keynote speaker for youth programs around the world.

Scrubbing Social Media

Ever since the announcement of his arrest in Nepal last week, organizations have been quick to distance themselves from Dalglish. UN spokesman, Stephane Dujarric stated that Dalglish has no current affiliation with the UN or its programs.

“We stand strongly against any sexual abuse.”
“Any allegations need to be thoroughly investigated.”

As would be expected, Peter Dalglish’s social media accounts were quickly taken down and it appears that an effort to scrub his name from the internet is well underway.

The Twitter account used by Dalglish, @PeterDalglish1, has been deleted.

Peter Dalglish Short Biography – Dulwich College Shanghai – ERROR 404

Some Canadians have already been asking if and when the government of Canada will revoke Daglish’s 2016 Order of Canada Award.

blazing Dalglish-letter-with-justin.jpg

Despite efforts to remove potentially incriminating information and photos from the net, traces of Dalglish’s digital past remain

Here’s a compilation of some of the photos still available, many of them feature Dalglish with youths from around the world.

Revolution may start in France as crazy Zionists try yet again to start WW3 Inspirational%20Person%20%20Peter%20Dalglish%20%20%20YouTube



Revolution may start in France as crazy Zionists try yet again to start WW3 Dalgleish-Peterfriend-300x185

Inspirational Person  Peter Dalglish   YouTube.png

PeterDalglish1   Twitter Search(1).png

dalglish in qatar.jpg

dalglish tweet3.jpg

UWC students whom i met this week.jpg

With Asadullah (3).jpg

Peter Dalglish on Twitter   The Special Representative for  UNMEER today in Monrovia visited a high school than just reopened after 8 months. http   t.co hdys9bXXvh .png

peter dalglish street kids international   Google Search(1).png

The Promise of Foreign Travel

Lori Handrahan on Twitter   Remember  pedophiles groom the parents   community first to gain access to the children. Former Sr  UN official  Peter  Dalglish from  Canada arrested in  Nepal on child sex abuse charges.  M.png

From the sparse information available at this point, one passage stands out in particular - the “promise of education and foreign travel” allegedly used to bait his prey.

With this in mind, here’s how a student from Hornbill School Brunei in Nepal describes a visit by Dalglish to their school in 2016.

Peter Dalglish, a renowned humanitarian, visited our school on Friday 23rd September. He has acted in loco parentis for a Nepali boy, Krishna now 18 years of age for the last 9 year for a Nepalese boy, now 18, accompanied him. With more than 80% Nepali children in our school, Peter will find our school really interesting and thought it was like a 'little Nepal'. Likewise, our children was very much inspired by his work he does as the founder of Street Kids International and more recently with regards to earthquake relief in Nepal. This was certainly an opportunity for all of us to learn what love and values in action can achieve.


hornbill school1.jpg

In case you’re wondering, the term loco parentis is Latin for ‘in place of the parent’. A more concise definition of loco parentis refers to:

The legal doctrine under which an individual assumes parental rights, duties, and obligations without going through the formalities of legal adoption.


This means that Dalglish has been playing a parental role with this Nepalese boy named Krishna since he was 9 years-old. No one is claiming that this boy has been abused but the relationship is distressing considering the accusations and will no doubt be scrutinized by investigators.

Here’s a photo of Dalglish greeting two Afghan boys who traveled to Germany to join him. As Dalglish’s Twitter account has been deleted, it’s uncertain as to the nature of the boys’ trip to Germany.

peter dalglish street kids international   Google Search.png

Details Pending

Edit 1   Peter Dalglish   Old photo style.png

Although the allegations of pedophilia are disturbing we still don’t know much about the charges against the founder of Street Kids International. However, the statements made by the CIB make it clear that evidence will be presented to the courts. It would suggest a certain amount of confidence in the case against Dalglish as punishment is expected.

The court will then decide the punishment to Mr. Peter Dalglish accordingly.

If the allegations of child sexual abuse against Mr. Dalglish are substantiated, then we can add yet another children’s charity to the growing list of tainted organizations where predators gain access to the most vulnerable children in society.

Image credits:

Google Images


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