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Behold a goat

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Behold a goat Empty Behold a goat

Post by benttree Sun Apr 15, 2018 12:37 pm

I have not posted for a long time but I have something to say to the contributor who knows everything there is to know.  Its a blanking goat. 

 This talking goat has to make it crystal clear before it can concentrate that we, the listeners, are stupid for even considering peaking at someones voice besides the one it uses.  THIS GOAT IS THE MOST INSECURE FARM ANIMAL I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH. 

 It wants to chastise the speaker and the reader/listener.  WHO DOES THIS MAKE SENSE TO.  It hides behind or stands on the written word of LYING IRAQ.  How smart is that.  You are impotent NOT important.  Do not talk to us like we are stupid because you just dropped your shorts showing your fake horns.  

It would give me a great place of well being to meet you and knock the stuff out of you that you excrete when you write.  You are so indignant and insecure that you swear so much you are not EVEN capable of being included in DUpdates...but you sure read it and listen to the calls. FAKE, insecure farm animal or all horns and no you know what. Or, as we say in Texas....all hat....no cows.  You are all fake horns with two golf balls hanging for decoration.  If you had any brains, and goats don't, you would go away because you really p...... people off and use demeaning others as your "in." We can all read...figure out what you think you contribute. 

Think before you do that again cause you have put a target on your own back and I will personally be there for you so people will skip your stuff and look to see how much I can get away with when I reply.

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Behold a goat Empty Re: Behold a goat

Post by Ponee Sun Apr 15, 2018 12:44 pm

You have spoken for many of us Benttree!  Thanks for sharing and welcome back ! 


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