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 "Yo-Yo Posts" by (Anonymous) - 4/13/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Yo-Yo Posts" by (Anonymous) - 4/13/18

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 "Yo-Yo Posts" by (Anonymous) - 4/13/18 Empty "Yo-Yo Posts" by (Anonymous) - 4/13/18

Post by Ssmith on Sun Apr 15, 2018 7:53 am

Yosef, why must you continue to post rumor and speculation as if you are an inside source. Maybe you are....for the cabal 'thwart the resistance' movement. Who is paying you, Yosef?

Who payed you all spring and summer of 2017 to spout garbage about Trump being the orange one, and having both genitalia.

We haven't forgotten, you know, how wrong you were about most everthing. Especially dates and rates and times and mimes.

Unless we take time to research your other statistical and historical rantings we don't know if that's as flaky as all get out as well. I'm guessing most is.

As for Ryan, Q Intel has info on him working with McCain in creating and funding ISIS. A picture with Ryan and the head leader of ISIS. Same as McCain. Traitors. Sold out traitors. Then there's the pilot on the tarmac durint the Loretta Lynch fiasco with Bill Clinton and the Hillary/Comy coverup. He has it on record that Paul Ryan was bribed for his compliance. ( four more years as House Speaker, for his support, IE silence ).

What do you know of these matters? Again, who us paying you?

You assume that Your opinion of Ryan is a popular one. It is not. Ryan is a self-seeking liar, in the view of many. To wit, his favorite author was a woman by the name of Ayn Rand. Yeah, research it and explain that. How does that fit with your Angel Network concept?

While several are polite and tolerant of your know it all anti Anglo attitude, me not so much. I'm sure several are if my mindset as well.

So on the behalf of us, let me just say gently that you irritate the crap out of us. Stay gone and do your research on Paul Ryan. Before you accept that next paycheck. People are in the know, too. Not just you.

Above all, unless you are payed to disseminate false info you have no more inside scoop than the rest of the gurus who are much less political and opinionated than you, so what do you really have to offer here?

A plug for Ryan. Do your research people, lest we have a Deep State foothold all over again after Trump, via Paul Ryan and his established ties to such. Think hard.

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