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 "3 Day Weekend" - Sat. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 4/14/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"3 Day Weekend" - Sat. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 4/14/18

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 "3 Day Weekend" - Sat. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 4/14/18 Empty "3 Day Weekend" - Sat. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 4/14/18

Post by Ssmith on Sun Apr 15, 2018 7:43 am


1busybee » April 14th, 2018

With all the recent military action in Syria involving the U.S. and the Trump administration do you think all of this will have any negative effect on the timing of the RI??

Frank26 » April 14th, 2018

YES ............................ IN A POSITIVE MANNER ..............IMO.


SQUIRREL ............... SYRIA.






YES .......................... IN A POSITIVE MANNER.......... IMO .(wink)

Hazen » April 14th, 2018

I hope this time it happens!!! Everything is in place.....it's time to implement the RI!!! Frank, what does squirrel mean????

Moke » April 14th, 2018

taking attention away from the main event. soo, while the whole world is looking at the squirrel, syria, what a better time to well u no.

Toyvp » April 14th, 2018

To look over there while all this happens over here

Frank26 » April 14th, 2018

IT ALSO MEANS A SMALL FURRY RODENT .................................ROLFL

Aggiedad77 » April 14th, 2018


Justwhoiam » April 14th, 2018

IMO, Trump told A when you see the rockets red glare...........time to push the button!!

Samson » April 14th, 2018

Tehran bans foreign currency deal after currency collapse

14th April, 2018

Authorities in Tehran on Saturday banned foreign currency trading after the exchange rate of the Iranian currency collapsed, while a leading religious authority demanded the execution of a number of brokers or cashiers to prevent further currency collapse.

"There are orders to ban trading in all foreign currencies outside the banking system. Banks will be required to buy small amounts of foreign currency, and cashiers have been barred from buying and selling," Tasnim quoted Ahmed Araghji, a deputy of the Iranian Central Bank for Foreign Exchange Affairs, as saying.

"At the moment, the country's currency balance is very satisfactory and there are no problems in meeting the needs of the country, but the conditions should not lead to capital outflow," Araghji said. "The most important issue in the foreign exchange market is preventing capital withdrawal and smuggling financing. Abroad".

The Central Bank of Iran (IRB) disclosed that following the recent decision by the government, the importation process was banned without the approval of the cabinet. It banned any imports that require foreign exchange allocation and that purchases from abroad are made through bank transfers only.

The Iranian religious authority, Nasser Makarem Shirazi called for the execution of a number of key elements of currency brokers, and said in remarks Wednesday, "The lack of proactive action, will force us to pay high costs later."

He stressed that the work to be done is to deal strictly with a number of key elements of currency brokers who are trying in this way to cause chaos in the country and must be tried as spoilers in the land and executed to be a lesson to others, "as he put it

The Tehran police chief announced the arrest of 12 traders on charges The manipulation of the foreign exchange market last Tuesday and the seizure of their possession
The Iranian currency saw a historic collapse last week where the exchange rate of the Iranian riyal 61 thousand riyals against the dollar One

The Iranian government refused to recognize the internal and economic reasons for this collapse and try to link E by political factors and external influences.

The government tried to pretend that the rise in the price of hard currency was not linked to non-economic reasons, and foreign political factors and international pressure were responsible for the collapse of Iran's currency. LINK

Tikrit turns Saddam’s Palaces into Tourist Attractions

14th April, 2018

 "3 Day Weekend" - Sat. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 4/14/18 Iraqpalace1_orig

By Ghazwan Hassan al-Jibouri.

The despised ex-leader of Iraq built luxurious palaces with hundreds of rooms in Tikrit, near his hometown. Now the local council wants them turned into money-making museums.

Some might say the formerly-luxurious palaces built by Iraqi autocrat, Saddam Hussein, in Tikrit are a metaphor for how things have developed since 2003.

Tikrit is often known as the “city of palaces” due to the fact that Saddam Hussein, who came from a nearby village, built dozens of luxurious residences and halls, often along the banks of the Tigris river here. It has been suggested there are anywhere between 60 and 136 such mansions in the area. The largest are well known and often hark back to ancient Iraqi or religious history. For example, one, which has 360 rooms, is called Dhu Al Fiqar, after a mythical sword in Islamic history and the buildings are sword-shaped.

The gardens are planted with trees brought from all over Iraq and there are miniature lakes and swimming pools galore.

But today, many of the palaces and their facilities stand in ruins. They’ve been occupied by different military forces and put up for sale. Local authorities and the federal government have both failed to preserve them even though public interest in them is high. Today they are more like ruins or rubbish dumps, and their state of repair has only worsened since the city was occupied by the extremist group known as the Islamic State in 2014.

“The presidential palaces have been offered for sale more than once,” explains Tami Saab, deputy director of the Salahaddin Investment Commission. “But the main reason that investors are scared to put money into them is because they are occupied by militia groups and security forces, many of whom have refused to leave the buildings, both before and after the Islamic State group was here.”

 "3 Day Weekend" - Sat. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 4/14/18 Iraqpalace2_orig

Because the palaces are isolated and easy to defend, they are still often used by security forces. And, as Saab says, the military men are refusing to vacate the premises even though the local government has asked them to.

The parliamentary committee on economics in Baghdad has said they would put the development of the palaces out to tender, inviting bids much as they do for Iraq’s oilfields. The bidding would include former palaces of the Iraqi dictator right around the country, not just in Tikrit.

In announcing this plan, the committee noted that there were 136 palaces in and around Tikrit itself, some of them designed by international architects, boasting everything from unique security features such as walls made to resist heavy weapons, to rare marble, pools and vast interior spaces.

Unfortunately, the Iraqi security forces and militias have been in the presidential palace complexes since April 2015, Fadhil al-Dujaili, a member of Salahaddin’s provincial council, told NIQASH. “The complex is now closed and most of the palaces were destroyed either by the Islamic State group or by air strikes against them.”

But he still has hope for the palaces. They “could be used to generate tourist dollars for Tikrit,” he argues. “Especially as this area has further important sites, including the ‘Green Church’, one of the oldest churches in the Middle East, and the house where Salahaddin al-Ayubi [the first sultan of Egypt and Syria] was born. Many tourists also want to visit Saddam’s places to see how he lived. This could provide our people with hundreds of job opportunities,” he argues.

Even today there are dozens of visitors to certain sites within the palace complex and not all of them are for pleasant reasons. Many journalists, mourners and delegations come to visit one particular palace courtyard overlooking the Tigris. It was here that in June 2014, the extremists of the Islamic State executed an estimated 1,700 air force cadets in cold blood and threw some of their bodies into the river in what would come to be known as the Camp Speicher massacre. Other victims were buried in the palace grounds and search teams are still trying to excavate their bodies.

Dozens of families come here to mourn their lost sons. They leave flowers, paint the walls with henna and pray and cry on the site. The Iraqi government has made special arrangements to host the mourners here and has declared a special memorial day too.

While some locals believe the palaces of Saddam Hussein should be restored as part of Iraq’s chequered recent history, others believe that they should be left to their own disintegration, taking the bad memories with them. LINK

Today ... more than 200 members of the bodies of integrity of the world arrive in Baghdad

14th April, 2018

A source familiar with the situation said on Saturday that more than 200 members of the bodies of integrity of the world will arrive in Baghdad.

"The Integrity Commission intends to hold a conference in the capital Baghdad, in coordination with the United Nations Development Organization and under the guidance of Prime Minister Haider Abadi," the source told Al-Ghad Press.

He added that "is scheduled to reach Baghdad more than 200 members of the bodies of integrity from different countries of the world to attend the conference," noting that "the conference will continue for two days from Sunday until next Monday." LINK

Teaching staff demonstrate in Dohuk to demand their salaries

14th April, 2018

A local source, Saturday, April 14, 2018, the launch of demonstrations for teaching staff in the province of Dohuk to demand the Kurdistan Regional Government to pay their salaries.

"Hundreds of teachers and teachers went out on Saturday to a demonstration in central Dohuk province to demand their salaries be paid," the source told media outlets.

The source added that "the demonstrators appealed to the central government to intervene to pressure the provincial government to pay their salaries and end their suffering," adding that "a security force dispersed the demonstrations by force." LINK

Onewildride » April 14th, 2018

It really seems that EVERYTHING is DONE that needs to be done in Iraq. All accept showing the new rate. I mean that article on the last thread where it said Iraq went from a deficit to a 2017 trillion dinar surplus. Come on man! (As Frank would say) Show us the new rate. I bet Frankie is having to bite a hole in his lip right now, Especially after talking to walkingstick. Lol. So as we were told by Frank and walkingstick "We wait "

Realtonmc » April 14th, 2018

Oil prices could rally to $100 a barrel if Middle East tensions 'really kick off,' analyst says

"I don't think its unfeasible to see triple-digit oil prices at some point this year if things really kick off in the Middle East," Anish Kapadia, founder and managing director of Akap Energy, told CNBC's "Street Signs" on Friday.

Both benchmarks were on track to post their biggest weekly gain in more than eight months on Friday.

World leaders continued to mull over military action on Friday, in response to a suspected chemical attack in Syria over the weekend.


Walkingstick » April 14th, 2018

Islamic banks and technical knowledge

The technological revolution has brought about tremendous changes in various aspects of human life. It has led to a widespread and renewed spread in the field of electronic communications and attracting investment based on building intellectual capital as an effective competitive tool in the knowledge economy, including financial and banking sectors.

Modern terms such as banking remote electronic, home banking, online banking and self-service banking have emerged and to facilitate the management of customers' accounts and business related to the bank everywhere and in any time .

Partnerships between traditional banks and technology companies have expanded to provide financial products and services to Internet users as a result of the availability of an enabling environment and the acquisition of IT tools, and the integration of information technology and telecommunications technology has been rapid.

With regard to Islamic banks, in recent years, they have faced new challenges in the form of fierce competition by international banks, characterized by the rise, development and increasing activity of its services, where modern technological tools, human knowledge and capital are available to achieve more innovation and financial returns and enhance their competitiveness.

The Islamic financial sector needs modern technology to compete in international markets. Islamic banks must adopt an independent vision and a comprehensive development plan to launch their Shari'a compliant products using modern technology in a creative and innovative way. The Islamic Sharia'a compliant Smart Islamic Banking System For the purpose of providing Islamic banking services that meet the wishes of customers in a modern and electronic way.

The expansion of Islamic banks in the provision of electronic services E. Banking provides many advantages and opportunities for its current and future markets and improve the quality of banking services and reduce the cost of services through the use of advanced information technology in the design and delivery of banking services and the development and preparation of human resources working in Islamic banks to acquire knowledge and skills in the use of machinery Technological equipment and Internet-based service delivery, higher profits, and the greatest possible benefit from the huge costs of technology investments.

The future will witness the development of Islamic banks in providing their services and products with the highest standards of technology without compromising their Islamic character to meet the needs of their customers and achieve the highest competitive ability with conventional banks.


Foreign companies confirm their desire to work in Iraq

2Berds » April 14th, 2018

Go Ahead and do it Abadi
CBI Ready
Investors Ready
We are ready

Samson » April 14th, 2018

Oil prices rose to record their highest gains since last year

14th April, 2018

Stepped up oil prices on Saturday, marking the biggest weekly gains since July of last year amid concerns about the support of western Syria military action and reports on declining global crude stocks.

Military action in Syria could lead to confrontation with Russia, fears of disruption of crude supplies from the Middle East, but there is no sign of an imminent US-led attack. Analysts said that under this threat, traders in the oil market increased their positions ahead of the weekend.

Global Brent crude futures closed up 56 cents, or 0.78%, to settle at $ 72.58 a barrel, ending the week with gains of $ 5 or 8%.

US benchmark WTI futures rose 32 cents, or 0.48%, to close at $ 67.39 a barrel, ending the week with an 8% gain.

Last week, the benchmark crude oil prices hit their highest levels since late 2014 after US President Donald Trump warned that incoming missiles were in response to an alleged gas attack in Syria and after Saudi Arabia said it had intercepted missiles over Riyadh. But Trump said in a tweet on Thursday that " On Syria may be very close and may not be so. "

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) said yesterday that the surplus of global oil stocks is nearing fading, and the total production of the Organization fell by 201 thousand barrels per day to 31.96 million barrels per day in March last February.

OPEC Secretary-General Mohamed Barkindo said OPEC and its oil-producing allies were preparing to extend their agreement to cut output to 2019, with a global oil outlook expected to dissipate by September. LINK

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