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 "Re: Oootah's Call, Here's Honoring Jack Pati" by Leelan - 4/8/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Re: Oootah's Call, Here's Honoring Jack Pati" by Leelan - 4/8/18

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 "Re: Oootah's Call, Here's Honoring Jack Pati" by Leelan - 4/8/18 Empty "Re: Oootah's Call, Here's Honoring Jack Pati" by Leelan - 4/8/18

Post by Ssmith on Mon Apr 09, 2018 7:36 am

Hello Everyone at IDC. First : Thank you very much Patrick. for this site and your hard work ! ! !

I haven't posted for 3 1/2 months, in that post I gave you my back ground. I started to understand the evil at 14 years old in our world trying to control and kill us all. Listening to my parents talk and than studying it for myself all my life. It's in all parts of our life down to the littlest part of everything. There is no place the cabal are not.

It broke my heart that Becky had to tell us we lost another one of our team. Jack Pati. I didn't know him I remember him on the call once with his friend John. I cried when Becky spoke of him. He was a pet, animal lover. That made me smile. So am I and I am going to do projects for them.

I have some information all pet, and animal lovers will love to hear and check out. Just put in thetruthaboutpetcancer.com

Sign up with him for a 7 part series a little over an hour long video that Ty Bollinger emails to you everyday for seven days for FREE. He just asks if you would like to buy the series nothing more. He an his family just care so much for pets and animals. This series will BLOW your mind. I am on series 5 tonight. This is a doc-series that Ty Bollinger did about cancer in dogs and cats. He talks
with Veterinarians, Scientist that study all the chemicals in the dog and cat food and horses and cattle. These Vets are Holistic Vets. One even mention the cabal about slaughter houses. She says the Elite. Meaning the same.

If you folks don't know all slaughter houses are owned by the mafia, same as cabal one of the same. I worked for 11 years a slaughter house killing cattle. When I first started out after leaving home. I was the gutter and the State Meat Inspector is right there by you he checks all the guts and heart and liver glands. All beef that was condemned went out and got cut up and went in waste. He would always say going to Dog , Cat Food or Tankage feed for cattle and horses. That always bothered me all my life.

During this series you will find out what's in pet food. It will surprise you. See another place the cabal doesn't want you to know the truth.

Wait until you here about the vaccines we give our pets and animals. You will have tears running down your checks as I did. I do for my dog and cat, I stay away from docs. and do the same with my pets. But I know others who run to the doc and get shots over everything and take dozens pills. And never feel good and are sick all time. And do that same thing with their pet and animals always taking them in for shots.

I am going to give Ty Bollinger a lot of support for his research when this blessing comes in. He will be shocked with what I give. Lets all support him. I ask you to sign up for this series and watch it . It is only a bit over hour a day. Will worth the time.

I want to Thank Becky for Honoring Jack Pati on her call Saturday. I do not know the man. I live in the Midwest. But it breaks my heart we have lost so many friends. And I call them friends even though I have never met them. They are one of me in this blessing.

I'm not a writer so I hope everyone understands what I wrote here for everyone to study. I have a beautiful little kitten. And also have a White Alaskan Husky if you remember in my last post. When I came home from work there was a stray dog here that attacked and I call my dog and he came and got in the fight. He got that dog down. And saved my life. That dog bit my dog ( Dusty ) front left leg two teeth marks and I about lost my dog. The vet didn't think he could save him , or if he could he'd have to take the leg off. I said with authority to him . With the power of God you do everything to save his life and you do not take his leg off. I hung Dusty and prayed over him right in front of the vet and his lady helper. They put him on intravenous feeding. Three days later on a Sunday the vet called me at home and said we just turned Dusty out where dogs can go to the bathroom. We watched him go to the bathroom. We just took him off intravenous feeding. And I have never seen anything like this in 30 years of being a vet. A dog so close to death and turn around like Dusty did. He really must love you. I said Oh yes he does. And he knows how I love him. And by the way he's not walking on his front leg , but I believe it will be o k . We will not have to take it off. You can come a get him tomorrow after noon.

When I hung up I cried so and gave PRAISE to GOD for answering my prayers. And when I left him at the Vet when I got home I went out side and went to Pray War for His Life and His Leg. God Answered my Prayers.

It took some weeks to heal . Now Dusty runs and plays like he always did. He is right at my side all the time. Even more than before. I am so thankful for him. He saved my life. I got cut up pretty bad they worked on me over 3 hours in ER. Than 2 week later had to have surgery on my right thumb. I'm coming along fairly good. Oh yes it was a Pit Bull someone dropped off.

Now after watching just part of this series about pet cancer I am watching . There is a lot more on my project list. I am going to find some help and make safe dog food. They mentioned there are only five dog food manufacturers. So that tells me of all the different dog foods their all made in just five places. So there really isn't a safe one?

So I hope you all sign up and watch and learn. We have to help our pets and animals. We have to beat the cabal at this game also.

God Bless You All and May God Keep You Safe ! ! !

Thank you All Who Have Calls and Give Intel. ! ! ! I know the hard work that goes into that. I have worked all my life for Intel and Information about the Evil. It goes so deep all over in every part of our life. Keep your heads up. Even after the Blessing comes in we will still have to pay attention for them not to get back in. That's when the real work will start, not just spending money, projects and so forth. Keeping them down and out. I am waiting for the mass arrests to start.

Take Care ! ! ! Leelan,

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 "Re: Oootah's Call, Here's Honoring Jack Pati" by Leelan - 4/8/18 Empty Re: "Re: Oootah's Call, Here's Honoring Jack Pati" by Leelan - 4/8/18

Post by Ssmith on Mon Apr 09, 2018 7:37 am

"Re: Leelan/Oootah Call" by One of the Lightworkers

Dear IDC Family:

Thank you Leelan for the information and link to Ty Bollinger's videos on pet cancer. Haven't seen it yet; now added to the to do list.

Definitely agree with you about the unconditional love exchanged with pets. Special bonds which speak directly to the heart. Family members. Pets and animals are definitely part of my project plans.

The following is FYI, not a commercial. My two rescue cats, same litter, had sensitive stomach issues as kittens; and ate veterinarian prescribed dry cat food. As they got into their senior years, different health issues; one cat developed a tumor, the other cat developed diabetes.

Dry cat food tends to have higher carbohydrates than wet cat food. Consuming higher carbohydrates make higher blood sugars (both in humans and cats) thereby contributing to the diabetes. There is documentation linking dry cat food to diabetes in cats - this is a proven fact, though not widely known. Diabetic cats more often than not, have the rigors of daily blood glucose testing and insulin shots, just like humans.

Countless attempts to introduce wet food (higher protein) were sniffed and left uneaten. Per my research to find a high protein dry cat food, I found Young Again Pet Food in Minnesota. They produce dog, cat, and ferret food, available online, not available in pet stores. The link is provided so you can read for yourself about the stringent guidelines, and ingredients rated as human food quality. Once on this food, my diabetic cat's diabetes significantly improved, thankfully.


Both cats have crossed the rainbow bridge, and are missed dearly. Not yet ready for new furry family members. However, several things will be drastically different to be ready. A wiser, more knowledgeable pet parent, holistic healthier food, cleaner water, and a holistic veterinarian are on future furry family members horizon - due diligence research first.

From so many articles here on IDC, we know that significant damage has been done to Gaia, impacting food, water and air supplies for all inhabitants, human, animal, vegetable, mineral kingdoms. Lots of illnesses. Lots of information coming available faster than ever before, about problems and remedies, demonstrating the interconnectness of everyone and everything on Gaia. Need abundant love, light, music, graces, wisdom, patience, understanding, technology, resources, etc. in our team clean up efforts to turn these problems around, make Gaia and her inhabitants be healthy, sparkle and shine again. So my prayers, intentions and wishes include, "to infinity and beyond" in our humanitarian project successes!!!

Thank you Patrick for this wonderful forum! Thank you to all who contribute information, and articles, stories, poems, music, songs, humor, insights, wit, grit, motivation, inspiration, enthusiasm, and a very broad spectrum of emotions via a variety of media. Thank you to Alliance, White Hats, lightworkers, galactics, all who are public and all who are behind the scenes!!! May God bless everyone! Victory of the Light!

In service to God/Great Spirit/Source with Love, Light, Peace, Joy!

- One of the Lightworkers

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 "Re: Oootah's Call, Here's Honoring Jack Pati" by Leelan - 4/8/18 Empty Re: "Re: Oootah's Call, Here's Honoring Jack Pati" by Leelan - 4/8/18

Post by Kevind53 on Mon Apr 09, 2018 10:55 pm

 "Re: Oootah's Call, Here's Honoring Jack Pati" by Leelan - 4/8/18 Ov41q10

Trust but Verify --- R Reagan Suspect

"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."1 Thessalonians 5:14–18

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