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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   4/6/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

RayRat/Tony Call Notes 4/6/18

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   4/6/18 Empty RayRat/Tony Call Notes 4/6/18

Post by Ssmith on Sat Apr 07, 2018 10:35 am

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Adept1)
TNT Call notes 6-April-2018 Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# AUDIO REPLAY LINK

RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! This is Fantabulous Friday, April 6, 2018, with yours truly RayRat98 here.

Tony: Gooood morning, TNT! There are no updates, and now much new news. I have been on the phone since the early hours trying to talk people off the ledge. People are despondent, reading this and that… I just got a frustrated call from my guy in Iraq, and he is so mad at Mtn Goat.

I like talking about both sides of what is going on; if something is happening in Iraq and they’re putting out news; in the US things are happening and they are putting out news as well. I’m not so much paying attention to what they are saying, I’m looking at what they are doing. There is a big puzzle that has been divided into four pieces.

We are getting everybody’s vision of what the whole puzzle looks like based on the piece they are seeing. We get to be a level above what we are seeing. I had a phone call from Iraq, from someone in the CBI, saying, “I don’t care what you read, this si what we’re doing”, and the bank is saying “No matter what they are saying, THIS is what we’re doing!” We give you everything we are hearing, so of course it seems confusing at time.

In Iraq they have their own cards, and they know what rates are on their cards, on the screens, and what they say in Iraq. Everyone has a different chunk, and we try to put all those pieces together. I go with the ‘gurus’, and they are all getting information from somewhere, and they base their posts on what they hear. People are telling us their truth, not just posting something they made up. It’s the piece they have.

 I don’t think people are blatantly lying to us; they are actually telling you what they are hearing or what they believe to be true. Today Iraq is telling us that they are not going anything prior to the election. Abadi is saying, “Vote for me and we will complete the economic reform and drop the three zeros.” But his opponents are saying “Abadi has been there for years promising this, and still hasn’t done it.” The CBI said, “We’ll do this when the country is stable,” and now they are saying, “Let’s see if they’re stable after the election.”

We all know that it’s going to be chaos before the election. However, there are no arguments in Iraq right now – never in history have we seen the country as stable as it is today, so we would expect Abadi will re-elected. The US, IMF, and World Bank have told Iraq they will not give them the promised money until they publish their Budget and change the currency – will Iraq actually WAIT to do that? Surely not. The money is in the ATMs, they have reformed the banking system, and their cards are international, so they can use them on the internet and in other countries, where they get the current exchange rate.

Their currency is already international; I can go to 70 banks and buy more. The currency cannot be used for international trades, but the only thing they need to do is flip the switch and change the value. Their banking people over there say this is moving forward and they’re excited. On our side, there are airports in Atlanta and Hawaii with new rates covered by paper. Maybe they jumped the gun; however, there are banks in Arizona, Texas, California, New Jersey, Wisconsin and Illinois are training currency people in preparation for next week.

I just watch what they are doing, here and in Iraq. I read the articles, but it doesn’t’ make sense to me that Iraq will let all this money slip through their hands until after an election that they don’t control. That doesn’t make sense to me. That’s how I see this thing going, and let’s hope we’re right. Yes only my opinion, but it’s based on information that I get from around the world. Many people are despondent and depressed, but I’m not because I think this is still heading in the right direction and I think we’ll see it sooner rather than later.

If you are tired of the same old lies told for years by Tony, report him!  Scamming is a probation violation! 

Judge's email/phone:  ksd_murguia_chambers@ksd.uscourts.gov  913-735-2340   DA's email/phone:  Scott.Rask@usdoj.gov   913-551-6730

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: My questions are regarding the Executive launch codes, on the corner of the bank screens. 1. Are they still visible? 2. Although we can’t decipher the code itself, is the code being monitored closely, to determine if any of the numerals or characters in the code has been “changed”, since the codes first appearance on the bank screens a week ago? It may reveal if the date has varied or NOT.

A: I don’t know any details, and I haven’t asked if they are still visible.

Q: My question is the following: if I gift a 50T Zim, that person would be able to exchange that note with a teller, am I correct?

A: No. Firstly, they are now saying everyone needs to go through the 800 number system for Zim. Also, 50 Zim x 10 cents = 5 million USD, so it’s over the limit for the tellers anyway.

Q: Please tell me how to give money to two of my brothers— should I give it before the RV? If so, should I include the sales sheet from my purchase of the money? Should I tell them the taxes have already been paid on the money? I want to give them money, but I am not sure how exactly to do it.

A: Look at the post on the ABCs of giving; read that and then you can pick your preferred plan.

Q: What is the one thing that you expect to happen that will signal the RV is starting??

A:. I think we’ll get the 800 numbers. I heard some people got paid last night, and on Monday, and some say money has been moved. Some groups were notified that there is movement. Things were supposed to happen in Hong Kong and Reno, but nothing has move yet.

Q: When the currencies hit the Forex, if the dong starts out at .47, what do you think it will top out at, and will it follow the rise and fall of the Dinar? And, if the Indonesian Rupiah starts at $1.08, what do you think it will top out at?

RR: Every currency will do its own thing, not coordinated. Viet Nam’s economy is growing, and China is pushing it as well. You just need to watch and maintain; the same is true for rupiah.

Tony: If the committee that is charge of the RV is made up of our UST…why might we now have to wait until the May Elections in Iraq…I thought everything that needed to be completed has already been finished.

A: The committees are made up from various countries. Iraq has done everything required part from changing the rates, and the laws dealing with corruption. If the CBI “we’re ready but we’re waiting for stability”, some are saying that it can’ be done until the corruption laws and Parliament won’t meet again until June. Corruption laws deal with the money coming into the country from the US, IMF, etc., for the use of the projects and reconstruction; they don’t deal with the banks and rates. The banking system itself is ready to go. If they revalue next week, and people go buys cars and houses, then it’s easy to keep the country stable. If that doesn’t happen, I foresee a problem. They are ready to go, and it’s up to the CBI.

Q: My family have an ongoing discussion about what was meant by “exchanged funds” when it comes to the bank teller, banker, or wealth manager. The question is is the “exchanged funds” the product of the exchange rate and the amount of the dinar. An example is, a 25,000 dinar note, and exchange rate of $4.00, then would the “exchange funds” be $100,000?

A: Yes. Exchange funds are the funds you receive in the exchange. If I exchange dinars for dollars, dollars are what I receive.

Live questions

470/404 caller: What is the status of the Budget itself? We expected the rate to be in it…

Tony: I haven’t seen the Budget and nobody has talked to me about it. We are supposed to see it by Saturday, tomorrow. The legal argument is about ‘when does the Budget go into effect’, and if it’s effective from 1. January, then we will see the old rate. However, it also means anyone paid from 1. January would have to be redone. If it’s effective from 1. April, then nothing needs to be redone.

Caller: Have you heard anything from the mosques?

Tony: No. We don’t get that information until later on Friday.

909 caller: If the UST is really in control of this thing, why not call the CBI and tell them to get it done during the week?

Tony: I don’t see that they’re not doing that. Texas says this is going 9-14 April, which is 30 days before the election. The UST can call them up and say “do this, or you will never see all this money from us, the IMF, or investors. If you wait until after the elections, someone new might be in office who doesn’t have a clue. Get it done.” Everyone is ready, and I think it will happen sooner rather than later. I will read this text I just got: On television, they activated stage 1 today. ATMs able to do all transactions; this is phase one of four phases. That’s what they are putting out. Why would they do that today if they are waiting for the country to be stabilized and we don’t know when that will be. Watch what they do, not what they say.

610 caller: Please send your donations by mail to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City NC 27822; that address is also on www.tntsuperfantastic.com, on the donation page.

312 caller: Has something with the Zim, about taking it to the bank? You said that any Zim has to call the 800 number.

Tony: I only think about the 50T and 100T notes, because I got directly from the Treasury that those two are the only notes they will exchange. Those are over the million dollar limit, and that’s why I said that everyone has to call the 800 numbers for Zim.

501 caller: On a scale of 1 to 10, how do you rank our changes of doing this next week?

Tony: I am looking at 8 for us being done, just because that date has been floating around since January. If this goes until the election, it will change the rules for our military presence in Iraq, the funding and all the rest because IF Maliki gets in he will try to lean more towards Iran. However, M’s party has disavowed him and he has to form new alliances in order to win. All we can do is to plan for when this does happen. Right now it just depends on the flip of a switch. All I can control is being ready for this to happen.

281 caller: I can’t imagine Abadi waiting to after the election. [more of the same]

Tony: I agree – it doesn’t make sense. Why would Abadi put himself in that possible position when releasing this now will make everyone happy? [My computer crashed here, missed a few minutes.]

Caller: Why is China willing to pay $28.50 in contract rates?

Tony: One dinar is like a coupon for a barrel of oil. The price of oil is over $60 right now, so if China can buy it for 28.50 in the future, they still win.

Caller: Who is in charge of the 800 numbers?

Tony: The multi-national committees say that they want to use the international IMF numbers, organized by Federal Reserve districts (in the US).

567 caller: I’ve bought some Zim notes, and the price has gone up significantly. Do you think that price increase is being Zimbabwei is about to make something happen?

Tony: Yesterday I was talking to a friend who just bought some at a higher price. This is because of supply and demand, with more people buying Zim than they ever expected. Yesterday I heard that China paid off more of Zimbabwe’s debt. The rate on the board is now 16 cents.

Caller: Why not just issue a new currency?

Tony: They did bring out a new currency, and our notes cannot be used in-country. However, we were told that our notes will still retain their value; the UST is buying them from us so that they can use them for international trade deals because they (the UST) can still buy the Zim notes (from us) at a better rate than Zimbabwe will give them. IL

caller: I asked some questions via Twitter and haven’t got answers.

RayRen: Please don’t do that. We cannot attend to every answer to the tweets. Go into the forum and post your questions on the correct post for questions. If you don’t have forum access, then you cannot do that; forum membership has been closed.

Caller: I have Zim and dong. My husband and I have separated. He has his own trust, and I’m establishing my own trust now. I want to give him half the currency; do I need to provide a gift letter for that?

Tony: I read your question, and I thought, “Man, I wish I were married to her!” Did you buy the currency together for a joint account?

Caller; No, I bought it myself, and I want to give him half prior to the divorce.

Tony: Talk to your attorney and make it part of the divorce settlement, so that the gift is documented. Do that right now.

940 caller: If everybody over there is happy, they’re happy for a reason. If no one is protesting, there has got to be more to the situation than we can see from here.

Tony: I agree. Abadi has done more than people can imagine. When Maliki was in power, he did maybe a quarter of what he promised. In the last four years, Abadi has accomplished great things – and everything we’ve asked of him.

205 caller: [can’t understand this caller]

Tony: This was planned for January, and people started being paid more in February; however, Iraq didn’t pass the Budget, hence the delays. We can have the best plan in the world on Friday, and somehow on Saturday/Sunday, and then they hold it off for another two weeks, and during those two weeks something else happens. Someone always wants to change something, and they do that by causing a problem in the system or in life. Then they have to go in and fix it. That’s why TODAY is the best day in ten years, with no one fighting, and everything has been done. That’s why I watch their actions rather than their words.

Caller: With the Dow going up and down, do you think that this any effect on this?

Tony; Yes, when they were trying to make room for it – that’s why it went down over 2,000 points. Now we have a trade war heating up. However, the price of oil is still $30 more than allowed for in the Budget, so I don’t think that is affecting this RV situation.

Billy: Ramadan is from 15. May to 14. June – will that delay this further?

Tony: Parliament doesn’t come back until June, IF this doesn’t happen until after the election. Don’t get depressed with that – it hasn’t happened yet. That’s all the callers apart from the one I banned.

Closing Statement

Tony: We’re here, I know what we’re seeing and reading about this not happening until after the elections. That doesn’t make sense to me. They do business and live life differently than the ways we do. I hear what they are saying but I’m not really paying attention to that because what they are doing is different from what they’re saying.

Everything happening behind the scenes says that they are moving forward. I’m looking for this to go, and for the Budget to be public tomorrow. I know that some are saying the 9-15th is when people are looking for something to happen.

While you are waiting, buy more currency! If you even take $50 and buy a million dong, at 47 cents that is half a million dollars! Why wouldn’t you do that, if you have an extra week. If you already have enough, make a $50 donation to a charity, or to someone homeless, or to a foundation. When it happens, give them that extra half a million dollars you didn’t need. That’s what you can do right now, today: turn $50 into half a million dollars that will change someone’s life.

RayRen: Don’t forget the ABCs of giving, and also Protect Your Principal: PYP. The ABCs post is now in the public side under Latest Blasts and Tweets. You need these concepts because the majority of dinar holders only have 100K, or $400,000 worth. You need to understand these principles because otherwise your money will not last you. If you do it properly, you will generate income for a lifetime.

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

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