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 "GCR Stuff" by Ron Giles - 4/3/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"GCR Stuff" by Ron Giles - 4/3/18

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 "GCR Stuff" by Ron Giles - 4/3/18 Empty "GCR Stuff" by Ron Giles - 4/3/18

Post by Ssmith on Wed Apr 04, 2018 9:25 am

The acronym, GCR is one of the most used and least understood term existing in Dinarland. It was for me and I’m sure it is for a lot of other people as well. It is often used in conjunction with RV, so most of us believe they may be the same event, which is not true. Let’s take a look at the words used.

Global, obviously means the whole world but in this case we are talking about the 206 nation states whose representatives are official Government leaders having authority to sign the revised Paris Climate Accord on Global Warming. Firstly, it was a Cabal sponsored initiative that uses fraudulent science that would be used to Harass Humanity. The earth is preparing for a mini Ice Age and it has nothing to do with greenhouse gasses. It’s just mother nature do her thing. It needed to be amended to Assist Humanity. It was amended and all countries re-signed the accord documents.

Embedded in the Accord was the agreement to implement the GESARA law in their respective Nations. And when completed, each would be considered, GESARA Compliant. Countries were given a time period to complete the requirements or be left out of the New Gold Backed Financial System. Being left out of this system means they would not be able to transfer money internationally and therefor, would not be able to pay for imports or receive payments for exports. Bottom line, it would be death of a nation to not participate in the new Financial System. GESARA Law does not facilitate dictators, Cabal Governments, or criminals within the system.

The new Banking system uses a new Quantum Computer with blockchain technologies that track 40 transaction going forward or backward. This system creates transparency and any criminality can be traced to the persons responsible and where the money went. Along with each digital piece of money, a digital gold certificate would accompany it to validate the authenticity of the money. Any money trying to be introduced into the system, like drug dealers, child traffickers, extortion, bribery, theft, etc., would be rejected unless it can be reconciled through proper channels. Criminals need banking connections to do their dirty work. This system would be the end of criminal banking activity as it could easily be traced and the culprits identified and dealt with appropriately.Transparency will rule this new system.

The new Banking System would use CIPS – Chinese International Payment System – for virtually instantaneous money transfers. No more using other people’s money for a time to make money. The CIPS system is in use now in parallel with the SWIFT system without public notice or knowledge. A flip of the switch and the old is gone and the new begins. This new Banking System is the basis of GCR for international transactions.

Currency does not need to be defined as it is the basis of all world Economies as a convenient vehicle for payment of goods and services.

Reset is the real guts of the GCR. Fiat currencies were designed to be manipulated by Cabal type corporations and governments through their central banks. Any amount could simply be printed to support their invasions into other countries. Wars are expensive and very profitable for the Military Industrial Complex. A finite Gold backed currency would mean you have to budget what you have before you could consider invading another country. If a country invades another country in the new GESARA world, that country would be kicked out of the new Financial System with resultant financial collapse of that country. Many such safeguards are embedded in the GESARA agreement.

Reset means that all gold backed currencies will be reset to be on par with all other currencies in the world. The value of Gold determines the value of the currency and is therefore, consistently applied with every currency.

The real assets of a country will reflect in the GDP and it’s ability to use those assets to grow their economy. Mining for Gold and other in-ground assets can be monetized within the system and create more money in the economy of a country. More money means greater economic growth and greater growth means people will produce more goods and services to enhance their country.

The Reset to the Gold backed system of currency within each country is fair and will create the greater abundance we are all going to participate in. With every country participating in this endeavor the fairness its creates within each country is felt globally, and that’s why it is called the Global Currency Reset. With its ability to level the playing field, each country can grow according to the synergism created by its own people working in harmony with each other for the greater good of all. This harmony will extended into the interactions with other countries, producing the greatest good for all mankind. This greater good is felt Globally as well as down to the local community and will inure to each individual and to each family, which is the basis of our civilization. Families are forever.

The GCR is a plan created by the Heavens for this time as it ends the reign of the Cabal on earth. It is foreordained and we are privileged to be here and play our part in the unfolding of this Global Currency Reset.

The show will start as our butts find new circulation in the excitement we will experience. If you need to get enough oil (patience) to keep you lamps trimmed, then do so and be ready for the groom to arrive so we can all enter the wedding feast together.

Love and Light, and abundance to all

Ron Giles

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 "GCR Stuff" by Ron Giles - 4/3/18 Empty Re: "GCR Stuff" by Ron Giles - 4/3/18

Post by Kevind53 on Thu Apr 05, 2018 12:30 am

As usual Ron's post is GBS Global .... Bull ..... Shite....
 "GCR Stuff" by Ron Giles - 4/3/18 1656125192  "GCR Stuff" by Ron Giles - 4/3/18 1656125192  "GCR Stuff" by Ron Giles - 4/3/18 1656125192  "GCR Stuff" by Ron Giles - 4/3/18 1656125192  "GCR Stuff" by Ron Giles - 4/3/18 1656125192

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