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"Yosef - We see you!" by Joe Meadow  3/31/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Yosef - We see you!" by Joe Meadow 3/31/18

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"Yosef - We see you!" by Joe Meadow  3/31/18 Empty "Yosef - We see you!" by Joe Meadow 3/31/18

Post by Ssmith Sun Apr 01, 2018 9:27 am

We See You, yeshua, one who cares, Yosef, God is With Us! Etc… do you really think we don’t know who you are? The tells tell! What do you thinks of us? Are we the enemy? Are we those who have oppressed? Are we those that have caused great pain that you are blaming? – Is that an ego that is being revealed? Is that something you, have to let go? Please spare us the blame you talk about. We are not the ones you want to punish with your words. We are not the ones who deeded the ones you talk at – spat at – dare to convict!!! We are the ones who search for answers. We are the ones who want to right wrongs done against humanity. We are the ones to correct the wrongs from the evil doers. Please. STOP!!! Who are you to judge with your words? We were born into this horrid mess! We are the ones reading your words!! STOP!!! Some say to forget the past and forgive – is that not enough for you? You are not a judge – neither am I or anyone else that read your hatred words. Please forgive – the same that we forgive. Use encouragement – not hatred. Use thankfulness for being here at this time not assume we must bear the burden of our ancestors. You must forgive!! We must forgive!! Don’t keep blaming! Shaming!! Forgive!!! WE ARE ONE!!! We forgive you!! And Bless You!! I AM THAT, I AM!!

Joe Meadow


"Re: Yosef - We See you!" by BonniB

Joe Meadows you should practice what you preach. Good Lord, come down off your lofty perch of blame and read your own hurtful blaming words.

I haven't always liked Yosef's delivery. I found his latest articles to be informative. Joe, everyone of us has caused someone else great pain. It's the trickle down effect pasted from generation to generation. We judge someone or something every single day. You are judgemental and blaming in you're post. It seems you have not forgiven or forgot the past. Did you use encouragement not hatred in what you wrote to Yosef?

We DO have to carry the burden of our ancestors. We all come from the Black people of Africa. When Africans began to migrate around the world to different climates they began to lose there skin color pigment. The male black gene is in every race, every country of the world. Yosef tried to tell everyone this but it only pisses everyone off.

Joe, I recommend your own words back to you, forgive, stop blaming and shaming, use encouragement, not be hateful. WE ARE ONE literally. The same spark of the Creator is in all of us even those off planet beings who are here, the pedophiles, the Cabal, you and me. In the blink of an eye everything on this planet will change. Joe, will we change with it or leave this planet and go home to wherever that is. At this time in history the wheat is being separated from the chaff. Money will only make us more of what we already are.


"To BonniB - The Yosef We See" by ubiety


Perhaps it's your (but not only your) world view. Perhaps it's your love for the "yosef" character. Maybe it's as simple as you not wanting an icon of dinarland read out for the incongruent, hateful author he is (setting aside for the moment his intentional deception, and his complete failure of any single predicted event). It's harsh to the naive minds among us, but for those of us who are only comfortable with real truth and honest love, it is wholly consistent with both truth and love to meet the torrents of condemnation and distortions of any rational ethics to denounce and reprove anyone who speaks/writes like "yosef".

After carefully re-reading both Joe Meadows' post, and the unsigned but signature-styled hate filled and condemning missive by "yosef", to which Joe responded, I must conclude you chose to allow obvious and gross judgmentalism from "yosef" but will not tolerate others eloquently (or, presumably, otherwise) decrying and pointing out "yosef's" characteristic offenses. There are a score of specific instances within your post which, comparing it with the passages written by Joe, creates odd paradox. One example is your repeated call to forgive.

While you call for Joe to be forgiving and seek to challenge him for not doing so, Joe mentions forgiveness 7 times in his brief post and explicitly says to "yosef", "We forgive you!!", but not stopping there, Joe offers, "And Bless You!!" - hardly the words of a man needing reproof. On the other hand, Joe ventures the encouragement of logic by rhetorical questions: "Are we the enemy? Are we those who have oppressed? Are we those that have caused great pain that you are blaming?" These queries cut to heart of the oft repeated cruelty of the character "yosef" who demands, based on our skin color, we bear the sins of those before us in history and who has made it clear that recognizing the evil for what it is and fervently committing to never repeat it is simply not enough.

Indeed, "yosef" has well documented his demand through his accumulated body of posts that we are duty bound to submit to his view of adequate recompense and subordination to "African" peoples - wherever they may live now, or for how long. Universally neglected is the very thing, BonniB, you point out: we ALL carry that heritage within out genes. So, are we to pay this homage to ourselves? Only in proportion to the degree to which it is reflected within our genes? Based on the universal mix of African and "anglo" genes, are we to partly pay recompense and partly self-flagellate? Simple rational thought makes such notions, along with paying a price for acts we never committed, literally and easily worthy of ridicule.

Further, as you introduced your post, you used the words "blame" and "blaming". I didn't recall that in Joe's post (other than his observing blame placed by "yosef") so I re-read for all mentions of placed blame. My conclusion is that Joe's post "blamed" "yosef" for "yosef's" post - it's content, it's meaning, and it's race-focused raging. "yosef's" posts don't speak directly to evil and wrongdoing, they speak consistently of "Anglo-Saxon morality or lack there of". He writes derisively of a president appointing a "conservative justice" noting with obvious disappointment of it creating a majority for years to come, but belying a selective ignorance (or intentional disregard) of the consequences of King Roosevelt's packing of SCOTUS. In doing so, "yosef" yet again makes clear his far tilted political leanings and what media he's lapping up.

Finally, my only criticism of Joe's post stems from any possible connection he might have intended to make between the character "yosef", on the one hand, and "yeshua, one who cares, Yosef, God is With Us", on the other. On this holiest of weekends, seen as the singular pivotal moment is human history as Emmanuel proved beyond all reason his literal role as Savior of all humanity, I take the greatest possible exception to any aligning the identity of the person filling the role of the self-confessed dinarland deceiver "yosef" (do you really need his confession post citation or of his ugly cruel and utterly gratuitous insults in countless posts, not to mention the scores of prediction posts counting his absolute failure?) with the One True Holy One who gives all He is as a gift in His presence for time beyond time without end.

Critical thinking refers to objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment - yes, a judgment - not of the quality of one's heart or intentions, but of expressed words and actions. Staying grounded, which, according to Merriam-Webster, merely means "mentally and emotionally stable; admirably sensible, realistic, and unpretentious." Just imagine if these two modes of thinking were combined in more IDC posts - what a change. But beware, those that seek to twist your mind will violently resist this!

I am,


P.S. I don't care if anyone responds or not, but if you are inclined and wish to opposed my opinions, please do so with facts, with reality, with real logic, with clear-minded reason, with eyewitnesses who can answer questions, facts which are documented by someone who will produce them, with documents which aren't generated on someone's home inkjet, and generally something to say other than "it's secret", "they're not releasing it", or some other B.S. conspiracy theorists technique for explaining away their lack of real facts or real proof. If you have only the latter category of refutation, you have nothing, so save it. If you fit into the latter category, save yourself the embarrassment of revealing you have nothing to offer but a junior high opposition argument and disconnected thinking, or the ever popular juvenile practice of name-calling. Keeping it adult-like can be hard, but please try.

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