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 "The Tank and Kim Conversation" by Ron Giles - 3/29/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"The Tank and Kim Conversation" by Ron Giles - 3/29/18

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 "The Tank and Kim Conversation" by Ron Giles - 3/29/18 Empty "The Tank and Kim Conversation" by Ron Giles - 3/29/18

Post by Ssmith on Fri Mar 30, 2018 9:11 am

My third cousin’s, neighbor’s barber, who gets his intel from the Committees, said his source of, “Intel,” did pass on, that they overheard a conversation about Tank and Kim and sent it over to me by carrier pigeon. He gave me permission to post this as, “truth," because he heard it through his chain of reliable sources. So I share this here on IDC, for what it’s worth. There is no way to prove it's true, but that doesn't seem to matter anyway, so I'll leave it up to one's own discernment. But I think it's......

Kim: Tank do you realize what you have done by talking about your tooth problem? You just invalidated that I told people I gave you money as well as a number of our followers. My handlers are into damage control now trying to figure out how to mitigate this fiasco. You need to give me a chance to read your post and make corrections before you send them to Patrick.

Tank: Sorry Kim, I was just playing my, Woe-is-me, card to give my posts more credibility. I didn’t realize that I was blowing our cover. Geez, this is so hard to keep up with. It seems that damage control is all I do. But Kim, you are the one that told everybody you had given enough money to 198 countries in the world to build the monorail system in their country so they could be interlinked with each other. Come on Kim, that was a doozy. I mean have you counted all the island nations? They are not going to be a part of your international monorail system you talked about. Like how do we connect Madagascar with Kenya or Tanzania by monorail? All it took was one person counting all the Island nations to realize that, that was a really bad lie. And who and when was this monorail designed by anyway and who gave you the dollar figure to give to the countries? Have you been working on this a long time? What phone numbers did you use to contact all these governments and how did you get the accounts to transfer the money to them so fast? You should have thought this out better, Kim. We need to be more reasonable. Why didn’t you just say, we gave money to charitable causes. That would have been more believable. And you were the one that told them you gave me some money but not enough to pay for my dental bill and the power bill at the same time. If they ever find out what we are trying to do, we are screwed. BTW, what is it we are trying to do anyway?

Kim: you'll have to talk to our handlers. I believe our handlers will come up with something so all we have to do is just ignore any posts that ask about where the money came from and why we gave it to the Cabal governments. I really didn't think about the humanitarian projects that are the basis of why people believe in our story. Proof? Why does everything we say need proof. I'm sorry, Tank, but now, with your last post, they want proof and there is no way we can give them the proof that I've even had some money. We’ve got to stop posting stuff that allows people to question our story. I told you they were not going to just believe us and would want proof. But you said, just stick to the narrative and they will believe us because they think we are the only hope they have. However, it is fun to see the way these. “awakened,” people are believing our story. Their impatience with the RV has given us the Camel’s Toe into their tents so we can lead them off into the bushes and destroy their exchange chances for higher rates. But I have to hand it to you Tank, you and your suing the NPTB really opened up a way to peel off some really good people to our agenda and way of thinking.

Tank: Thanks Kim, I think it was good too. We've got them for now but I hope your handlers will come up with some good stuff cause I can’t go on like this very much longer. People are already thinking I have been compromised and bought into your Mana Trust thing. Some are even saying we got married in a bank vault. How do I talk to my wife about that. But yet, we have survived some real heavy attempts to discredit you, but many still think you are the real thing and that you will come through with some real money, real soon. How much longer do you really think this can go on before we loose them? Days? Weeks? Months?

Kim: I don’t know, Tank, it’s been months already, but don’t worry, they will continue to believe in us just like they have believed in the RV. They are believing people. As long as the RV doesn't happen and they think we can release money instead of the Elders exchanging, they will stay with us. We’ve got a lot going for us.

Tank: OK. But, Kim, we do need to lower our profile and dial it back a bit cause we are twittering right on the brink of disaster. Just saying. So, What-a-ya say we go over to Paddy’s and drink us a pint or two. I need to drown my stress away. Ya got any money? – I’m broke. (Tank, Mic drop, for now.) End of conversation.

I did try to get confirmation from Tank and Kim's followers that this sounds like them but none were available to talk to me so I guess we'll just have to believe it without any proof, as usual.

I don’t really think this is true – or do I?

Keep smiling and planning

Ron Giles

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 "The Tank and Kim Conversation" by Ron Giles - 3/29/18 Empty Re: "The Tank and Kim Conversation" by Ron Giles - 3/29/18

Post by Kevind53 on Sat Mar 31, 2018 12:57 am

I trust Tank and Kim about as much as Ron Giles, which is to say not at all.

Trust but Verify --- R Reagan Suspect

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