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 "Old Cabal Swamp Water in New Wine Bottles" by Ron Giles - 3.23.18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Old Cabal Swamp Water in New Wine Bottles" by Ron Giles - 3.23.18

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 "Old Cabal Swamp Water in New Wine Bottles" by Ron Giles - 3.23.18 Empty "Old Cabal Swamp Water in New Wine Bottles" by Ron Giles - 3.23.18

Post by RamblerNash on Sun Mar 25, 2018 8:03 pm

For my intentions to give the, New Earth a voice, I have chosen a quote from the text of Mike Quinsey’s post from his Higher self, explaining the challenge of overcoming the old ways. “…It has been a major challenge to overcome the activities of those who desire to keep hold of the old ways, and do all they can to hold back progress. However, they cannot stop it and it is ordained that the New Age will replace the old with that which is new, and will establish a system based on compassion and love.”

Mike Quinsey's Higher Self Message for March 23, 2018

The question arises, “What parts of the old Cabal slave system will be retained in the new system, “… which is… based on compassion and love?” A follow up question might be, “who are those … that ‘desire to keep hold of the old ways, and do all they can to hold back progress?”

Without using names, let’s explore ways that could be used to identify. “…those who desire to keep hold of the old ways,” of doing things and how they are doing ti.

“That which you focus on (with intent), comes into manifestation.” This concept is an outcropping from Quantum Physics that says the results of an experiment takes into consideration the human input of desire by the person observing the experiment. This scientific technology is based on Universal Law, and sets in motion the assembling of cooperative components needed to bring into manifestation, that which is wanted.

How does that affect us?

These Laws are known by the higher ups in the Cabal strategist's hierarchy. They are used on us all the time to condition our responses to their activities. A simple thing like, telling us an obvious lie and then repeating it until we acceptit as truth, is part of their, modus operandi. We reject the lie at first, then itbecomes an annoyance, and over time we lower our resistance to it, then we think, they keep saying this so it might be true, and then in the 180 degree turn, we begin to allow it to be true, and then we surrender and embrace it as our truth. The result of all this is completed when we start telling others our new truth and begin to wear them down, but it was all a lie in the beginning.

Certain posts that say the same lies over and over and over again, are like water eroding away at a stone. They are obviously using this true concept to distort us in our resolve to hold on to our, “knowing,” of something to be true.

Some possible areas of this are the quoting of rates. Have you been here for a while and found that instead of the Zim being worth up to $125,000 per Zim a year or so ago, it’s now down to 10 cents? In addition have you noticed how they delude our expectations by putting restrictions on how much we can redeem/exchange, and then LOPPING off 6 zeros. Truth is the Zim has a value of $125,000 to the Elders/Alliance with absolutely NO ZEROS LOPPED OFF. That much can be given to you for really big Humanitarian Projects or you can adjust down for an amount you feel more comfortable with, even down to a dollar. All redeemed Zim Bonds are sold to the Elders/Alliance for $125,000. Any difference from what they redeem the Zim for and what they sell to the Elders/Alliance for, is profit for the bank. A profit trade off for the bank would be their having our money in their bank for 25 years. This will make them a handsome profit regardless of the loss of profit they get in the redemption. Does anybody remember when this was what we knew to be true? It still is!!!!

Exchanging revalued currency is a minor thing in comparison to the Zim. If you only have currency in the first basket of revalued currency, IE: Dong, Dinar, Rupia, Afghani, etc., they will be digitally exchanged for USN or Yuan, unless you want to take cash with you which will be in FRN until USN is introduced by the banks. The value will be interchangeable until the FRN is taken out of circulation. Much ado is made of the revaluation of currencies by almost every day posters, but it’s value compared to the Zim redemption is miniscule-a drop in the bucket. The old narrative has included the Zim in this first basket of revalued currency as if the Zim is to be revalued in the system, but it is not. It is not to be revalued or exchanged, it is Bond and can only be redeemed. When the Elders/Alliance redeem the Zim, the Bond contract is fulfilled and it is retired from circulation.The Zim Bond is the Crown Jewel of the whole GCR activity and stands alone as the key to all of us doing our humanitarian work. In reality the revaluation of currencies is just a return on your investment (ROI), as it will not have the real volume of cash needed to sustain many humanitarian projects.

Another area of concern might be the delusion of an alternative source of the redemption money, instead of the Chinese Elders/Alliance. The whole Gold Backed Financial System is rooted in the redemption of the Zim. It will be used to hydrate the world with more money than the Cabal ever had in their financial system. The Old Cabal debt slavery Financial System cannot and will not be involved in the New Gold Backed, Financial System. TRUTH is all assets in the old debt slavery system, IE Collateral Accounts, Old Trust Moneys, Ancient Bonds, etc. will either be reconciled and/or, purchased by the Elders/Alliance and either retired or have a new life, free from debt. All Fiat debt money will cease to have value or exist in the new system.

As we have endured the posting of half-truths and lies, no offense to Patrick for sure, some of us have lost our vision of service to others. Over time the Paradise we have envisioned and the projects we want to do, may have become a vision of a barren desert, void of the possibilities that we believed we could achieve. To avoid defeat, we adjust to these new sets of rule/lies and rearrange our thinking to conform to their new agenda. And then the Cabal has won because they are dragging us back into the slave mentality of dominion and control over us, and coaxing us back into the chains of debt slavery.

The effects of lies do take their toll. It's almost a Super Human task to endure the stops and go’s, of the GCR/RV project. But, maybe there are those of us who have forgotten that we are at war with the Cabal. This war takes on a different approach to the GCR/RV that, if one didn’t know about, would drive us batty. Just the simple understanding that the intel we receive from gurus is filtered through, what is termed a Military Deception; may help to find the patience we need to endure to the release of the 800#. If we were given the truth it would also be given to the enemy. The trolls are as much a part of IDC as we are. When information is given here, as well as other places, they take it and plan their next false flag or their next maneuver to try and defeat the Alliance. I read a post a few days ago, lamenting the fact that we have received 1000 lies about when the RV was going to happen. I look at a thousand lies and say, the Alliance has taken out untold numbers of the Cabal agents of death. I don’t know how many are left, but I do know that what’s left will be eliminated. So I, and everybody else can be safe and secure with our money when it finally comes. The rules of engaging the enemy must be understood. Being PATIENT is the only thing we can do, except to join Jared’s daily meditation and participate with our intent and heart. So we wait until the minefield is cleared for us to move forward in safety. The real information given to us by Operation Disclosure is, in my opinion, the only information we can, more than half believe.

It may be said that those who are always talking about Cabal things in the old Cabal system, may have become too, familiar, with the old Cabal swamp and want to drag its relevancy into the new system. Anything Cabal will not survive, it's irrelevant. In my educated opinion, those that work in this Cabal swamp are beating a Cabal dead horse.

Bottom Line is there are a lot of lies being posted, so our, Exchange /Redemption anticipation needs to be tempered with the reality, that what we receive may only be, Military Deception, or intended lies by those having an agenda against us. Being wise is no part time job, especially when spending our time on IDC.

Bless you Patrick, you are the best. I trust that we will all know when the swamp water is being rebottled and called the, New Wine. Until the RV happens, it’s a really good time to plan out our humanitarian work and be ready to go when we receive the 800#. Keep in mind, the Zim is the Jewel. Everything else is chump change. Redeem with confidence and joy, we've all earned it.

Wishing all a happy weekend with money flowing our way.

Ron Giles

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 "Old Cabal Swamp Water in New Wine Bottles" by Ron Giles - 3.23.18 Empty Re: "Old Cabal Swamp Water in New Wine Bottles" by Ron Giles - 3.23.18

Post by Kevind53 on Mon Mar 26, 2018 12:17 am

Nice swamp water you're spewing there Ron

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