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"The Lesson of Tank for us All' By Fireswan  3/25/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"The Lesson of Tank for us All' By Fireswan 3/25/18

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"The Lesson of Tank for us All' By Fireswan  3/25/18 Empty "The Lesson of Tank for us All' By Fireswan 3/25/18

Post by roxy22222222 on Sun Mar 25, 2018 6:12 pm

My heart broke months ago when Tank changed right in front of us.


From inspired to implement his projects.
From inspired to share HIS passion, love and devotion to humanity and Mother Earth.
From inspired to be courageous and use his natural leadership as an example to others who need more courage to do the same.


Cabal money mule.

Baited-and-Switched, he fell for the seduction. Kim isn’t actually that good as a Bond-woman. Sounds like many before Tank saw through her and walked away. They didn’t want to be her ticket to potential amnesty (am-nasty) and the amnesty of the families controlling her, directly or indirectly.

Notice how Tank had the potential to raise her vibration and show us the there is hope for the Cabal. She had the chance to raise her vibration, but instead lowered his. The both had a test to pass or fail, a subtle test of heart, integrity and self-honor.

Sad that it ended up in what’s going to be shame and humiliation, at least for Tank. Kim? Perhaps her incitement will be unsealed, sooner-than-later. Time will tell, indeed.

However, as sad as this story is and the unhappy ending around the outcome, there’s a very valuable lesson for all of us in this.

It’s all about your frequencies folks. It’s all about integrity and being true to your deepest, most intimate calling. Shiny folks with pretty rings and supposed credentials will cross your paths. Do you give up your position and submit to theirs? Do you ignore your innermost knowing that their dazzle and shine might be attractive, but unless it aligns with your purpose and mission, a frequency match if-you-will, it’s not for you?

In the very near future, we are all going to experience the result of our Mission/Purpose/Intention as an unique frequency spectrum combining with access to use the new monetary system. Geeky way to say it, our purpose/intent to access our accounts must “hash” with the signature of the gold certificates “backing” the accounts. If what we intend to do with the money (or the intentions, hidden or otherwise) in the group we represent doesn’t align with Mother Earth, you’ll get what you’ve seen with Kim/Tank.

An International Train going Nowhere.

Next... “no money, no honey”.

See... the frequencies of the old money system do not “hash” with the new. Mother Earth now has a “say” and an immune system to prevent more destruction of her body by her beloved Humanity. We are forced to co-create.

Parasites need not apply. Literally. Any parasitical intent of using Her or one another for personal gain (or the gain of one’s “master” will not hash with Her GOLD). Gold, diamonds, crystals, jewels minerals and soil, rocks, water, rivers and oceans are Her creations. Like all loving beings, She has always intended that Her gifts bring us joy and delight. So guess what this means?

Experience joy and delight from deep within you and appreciation for the gift of life. This puts your frequency into an alignment with Mother Earth. She can give and you can receive. With this blessing, in the spirit of blessing, you give what you’ve received to bless others. Simple. Doesn’t require money magik codes entered into money magik terminals at money magik institutions on specific days and times. No. Those things were invented to overtake Gaia’s will and influence. Those things were invented to usurp Her position as the giver/taker of life support of the spiritual guests she invited to co-create with Her.

She is taking back control, and is supporting those who wish to align with Her original intent. She is doing this through the real physical energy signatures of the Gold certs assigned for distribution to Humanity through light workers who have the matching frequencies. Calling and being called. Staying true to the original mission on this planet.

Be reset

Let go of any attachment you have to the things you learned, participation in and investments you made in money magik. Become aligned with Gaia’s GOLD. Become Her Crown Jewels. Let go of power-over-others, bargaining, scarcity, greed, fear and all the other “gifts” of money magik.

Allow yourself to be reset.

Forward not Backwards



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"The Lesson of Tank for us All' By Fireswan  3/25/18 Empty Re: "The Lesson of Tank for us All' By Fireswan 3/25/18

Post by Kevind53 on Mon Mar 26, 2018 12:06 am

"The Lesson of Tank for us All' By Fireswan  3/25/18 Idiot11

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 "The Lesson of Tank for us All' By Fireswan  3/25/18 2805820865  "The Lesson of Tank for us All' By Fireswan  3/25/18 2805820865  "The Lesson of Tank for us All' By Fireswan  3/25/18 2805820865  "The Lesson of Tank for us All' By Fireswan  3/25/18 2805820865
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