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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   3/21/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

RayRat/Tony Call Notes 3/21/18

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   3/21/18 Empty RayRat/Tony Call Notes 3/21/18

Post by Ssmith on Thu Mar 22, 2018 8:05 am

(Notes by Adept1)

TNT Call notes 21-March-2018

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


[Music: It’s done, it’s finished; the RV’s on its way…]

RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! This is Wednesday, March 21, 2018, with yours truly RayRat98 here, along with…

Tony: Gooood morning, TNT! Let’s get this party started…

RayRen: We sent out this update yesterday:

Kurds are acknowledging getting paid, completion of payments is expected in two days. Iraqi TV is broadcasting that Parliament will hold its last session on March 29 where they intend to pass ALL remaining laws. No meetings are anticipated in April due to preparations for the May elections.

RayRen: We have heard that the Kurds have been paid. However, with the two holidays following by Friday (their holy day) it’s hard to tell when more might happen.

Tony: They were going to have everyone paid by Sunday/Monday, then by Tuesday, and now it’s Wednesday and they say the Kurds have been paid. We still don’t know the rate they were paid. A few weeks ago they said that the lower denominations will be coming out ‘in the coming days’ and they wanted that to be complete by the 21st. I don’t see any lower denoms on the streets, and haven’t received any information on that from Iraq. They also said they would see a new rate this month on or before the 25th. I thought we would see the new rate and the lower denominations both to come out today.

Kurdistan has a three-day holiday; Baghdad has a two-day holiday, and then Friday is their holy day. We are looking fro things to happen because today is the beginning of the new Iraq, with a new financial system. Everything is supposed to start today. Yes, they are saying Parliament wouldn’t meet until the 29th, and then not until after the elections in May. The news said that the HCL has passed (again). Weeks ago, Articles 8 and 140 have supposed been agreed between Iraq and Kurdistan, but some still think they have not been done, or that they have to be done in order to see the RV. I don’t see anything these laws have to do with the economy, the rate, the lower denoms or anything else. But we still haven’t seen the RV or RI, and I’d like to know why not. We were told it was a timing thing, and they want to tie it in to the New Year (today). But who knows? I don’t believe they can have an election without the proper rate. I think you have to do what you said if you want to be re-elected. They have been talking about this on television for months, saying this is ‘in the coming days’ and then take months to implement it. That does not look good for the people, the government, the IMF or anyone else. So I do hope this will be done on or before the 25th like they said. Let’s just get this done!

There are no updated today – nothing on the 800 numbers or the NDA or the Zim so far. I have asked the questions and our guy is now on another committee because this is supposed to be over. Our other sources are highly upset; the banks were mad over the weekend and earlier this week because they were told they’d be processing people during this time. So now the banks are upset as well! Judge's email/phone:  ksd_murguia_chambers@ksd.uscourts.gov  913-735-2340 DA's email/phone:  Scott.Rask@usdoj.gov   913-551-6730  We are waiting to get some info later today from Iraq, if there are any New Year announcements other there.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: Re: the 20 million limit on Dinar, is that, 20 million Dinar for exchange or 20 million dollars after exchange?
RayRen: Anyone can now get the contract rate if you have ten million dinar or below. Tony: I got the impression that the ten million is what you have overall, and less you have the more likely you are to get contract rates. [For the regular rate, there is no cap on dinar, dong, or rupiah, to the best of our knowledge.]

Q: What is the MINIMUM number of Trustees needed for a non-statutory trust?
Tony: One, although I wouldn’t recommend only one.

Q: A couple of weeks ago when you shared the contract rate of $28.50 and a limit of 10,000,000 dinar, you gave an example of where they may offer us a smaller portion of the exchange at the contract rate, and then the balance at the screen rate. I believe you gave an example of someone having 20,000,000 dinar, 2,000,000 dinar being exchanged at the contract rate and then the balance at the screen rate. Are you still hearing that they would offer us the contract rate on a small portion of our exchange? Or what is the likelihood that they would exchange the first 10,000,000 at the contract rate, and then the balance of our exchange at the screen rate??
Tony: I don’t remember there being a limit; it is based on how much total currency you have, not just the dinar. It will be up to the private banker or wealth manager you deal with, so you need to negotiate with that WM. Most people have less than a million dinar, and they should go in and get it! They want to spread the contract rates out to those with fewer dinar because they don’t want to create a whole lot of billionaires.

Q: Iraq Questions – Hearing of HCL and Art 140. There is not a publicly seen support of these being ratified in the Gazette to date. Will this announcement/implementation act as a trigger to show the new rate? Are you hearing of any needed amendments to these laws, hence why they are not implemented yet? If not, why do you feel this is being held back?
A: Everything was supposed to be settled months ago, so I don’t know why we are still talking about it. HCL and Article 140 have nothing to do with the economy, but some are seeing those laws an excuse for delays.
Q2: Exchange Question – members being shut down by wealth managers, private bankers and tellers when they ask them about IQD, exchanging, etc. is what brings my next question. Are there many more dedicated non-retail bank exchange locations than are actual retail banks performing exchanges? Logic based on many reports of many banks saying, “I know nothing” has me think in this direction which surely looks like members asking uninformed personnel because they cannot even get to the ones in the know.
A: There were only a few branch people being informed because they expected to use more exchange centers, so most bankers didn’t need to know. Now that they are expected people to go to the tellers and ask for a wealth manager, more will need to be informed. If most people use the 800 numbers, they will be directed to exchange centers, so once again most bankers will not need to be informed.

Q: How long does the “pre-tax event” last? If we exchange part of our currency during this Pre-Tax event, and exchange more, or all, in 7-10 days – after time on Forex, or even months from now – will that amount also be considered part of the Pre-Tax event…or subject to some other tax rate? A: I have no idea. We are not being told if you can only exchange for X days or weeks, and then it reverts to some other process. As I understand it, the tax situation has been set by international tax treaties.
3. Zimbabwe: Has there been any change on either a rate adjustment in pennies, or method of calculation (zeros following the decimal)?
A: No change.

Q: Is the rupiah still in the first basket? What is the rate?
A: $1.08.

Q: Before we call to set an exchange appointment with a wealth manager, my wife and I would like to each go separately to different banks to exchange a million dollars with a teller. We have separate accounts, and we don’t use the same last name. There are legal matters we need to take care of prior to our major exchange, and these funds would be crucial toward that end. Is this a workable or advisable plan?
A: I don’t see any problem with that.

Q: Tony has said several times that the Canadians will get more for their currencies because their dollar is worth more. Could you please explain why then is our dollar at $.77 to USD $1.29??
A: That is a misunderstanding. For (say) one million dinar, Canadians will get about five million CANADIAN dollars vs. four million US dollars.

Q: A If you set up a foundation in support of a person, place, or thing, will you lose the right to close the foundation.
Tony: Yes. Can the foundation be shut down and your principal returned to you?
Tony: No. What happens to the principal at the termination of a Foundation?
A: If a foundation is shut down, the assets are disbursed to other foundations or projects. You would NOT get your money back.

Q: Here is a question a bond like the Zim bond has a value, can be as high as 100 T dollars. If a bank or other entity buys the note from someone at the point of maturity, isn´t that the same as discounting? If the answer is yes, isn’t the discount an amount to be negotiated?
A: Can’t answer that. We are not licensed to give you financial, legal, tax, or investment advice. Consult a professional.

Q: On another call you said you would inquire if persons from the Caribbean region can exchange in the USA. Did you get the answer?
A: No.

Q: if the new rate for the dinar comes out at $3.71 for the rate to buy dinar from the banks. What would the sell rate be to sell the currency back to the bank? Someone here in chat was saying $2.00 but I was thinking that was to low. Do you know roughly what the sell rate would be for the dinar? The sell rate is lower plus we would still have a fee charged on top of that, correct?
A: Yes, the sell rate would be lower. Look at the difference between the buy and sell rates now, and calculate the percentage between the two. You can also do this on any foreign exchange site, and it will show you the kind of difference that is likely to obtain post-RV.

Q: A while back Tony mentioned that he was talking with shop owners, locals, “people on the street” that they had their card loaded with a new rate of around $3.41 and life was good! Lately all we have heard are the rates not being shown, having no ‘in-country’ RI or RV and no one knowing what the rate is. I am confused; what happened to all of these cards loaded with this new rate over a month or more ago?
A: They did load the cards, and they thought they would have an RI. That shop owner did get paid on Saturday, at the old rate. They say one thing and do something else. They were explaining the lower denominations in December, and again two weeks ago. They were supposed to be released today, and we’re still waiting. I cannot make them do anything, I can only tell you what they say.

Q: Will the operator on the 800 number actually set our appointment or give us the number/name of a wealth manager to call and set the appointment?
A: They will set the appointment.

Q: Zimbabwe says it will not be able to pay off complete debt till September or October of this year in order to be current with their international debt. This would allow them then to be back in good standing to join the world economy. How can they possibly pay us until this happens?
A: It’s just like the dinar and the other currencies: they are not paying you. The US Treasury is paying you. They can take the money and tell Zimbabwe that they have it, and start giving it back to Zimbabwe in exchange for their minerals and other assets. That’s what they are doing in Iraq: the UST will give them dinars back in exchange for oil.

Questions from live callers

865/404 caller: You said this is the beginning of the new Iraq – were they expecting to have any sort of formal acknowledgment?

Tony: The holiday itself is the new beginning – today is the Persian New Year. Abadi says this is the graduation for the people of Iraq and Kurdistan, and a new beginning. Does that mean an announcement to the world? They’ve already done the celebrations because they thought it had already happened. They will just put out the new rate, rather than it being on our news. t

Caller: There are still a few hours left in the day… fingers crossed. Tony, when did your contact exchange in Canada?

Tony: Two weeks ago.

Caller: What’s the latest on military bases being used as exchange centers?

Tony: Are you a vet? No? We have heard that military bases will be used for the military and for veterans, and they may get a better rate than you get as a civilian. Some people have already been briefed on the bases.

904 caller: A month ago, you mentioned you knew the people in charge of writing up the NDA. You said they wouldn’t sign it, but lately you said that the average person would not have a problem with it, and that we should sign the NDA…

Tony: Let me explain it to you. I have not seen the NDA. For years I’ve been told that I would have to sign a longer NDA. We talked to someone involved in putting this NDA today, and we were told that they’d created an NDA deliberately so that you would NOT want to sign it. The person who wrote it said that he wouldn’t be willing to sign it himself. However, Washington is making him sign it! For the average person, it might seem scary. I will have 44 pages, and they took this one from 34 pages down to 12 pages (including instructions and signature pages). They are making it all scary, with the threat of people following you around and tapping your phones. People, there are eight million of us with dinar – they are not going to follow eight million people around. If you go on a television program and blat it around, then yes, they will come after you. But if you don’t tell all your friends and relations how much money you have or where you got it, you should be fine. Believe me, they don’t have enough agents to watch everyone who goes through the exchange process, and they wouldn’t even care. It’s probably the 50,000 or fewer that have a chance of becoming multi-millionaires that they are interested in. Why would I be scared of the government knowing I have money? I will just keep it to myself. The NDA was formulated so that you wouldn’t want to sign it, but really it just separates out the brave who are willing to do what it takes to get the contract rate. They wrote it at a level you can read and comprehend at the appointment.

702 caller: Is there a window open now?

Tony: We were told ‘on or before the 21st’ for the lower denominations; they also put out that there should be a new rate ‘on or before the 25th’. I haven’t seen any lower denoms today, and it doesn’t make sense to me that they put out the lower denominations before the rate changes. I would imagine they would put them out together.

Caller: Dinar Recaps suggested the Admiral is being paid today…

Tony: He’s been paid a hundred times in the past hundred days, so who knows?

Caller: Which currencies are in the first basket?

RayRen: Dinar, dong, rupiah, Zim, Afghani, Iranian rial, maybe one more.

818 caller: Is there still a contract rate for the dong?

Tony: We were told there is no contract rate left for the dong, but you can always try. Everything is negotiable when you are talking with a wealth manager or private banker.

513 caller: They have been saying over and over that the banks are ready to go. Do you supposed part of the delay might be our questions – things they’re not thinking about?

Tony: It is definitely affecting things, changing the rules of the game, but all we can do is to work things out as best we can. That has worked in both directions. All the banks in all the states are ready to go – apart from Texas, who thinks it’s not going until mid-April.

Caller: Maybe we should have 15-minute calls without Q+A, so that you can give us the news/intel without having to answer the same questions over and over again.

704 caller: My son has less than a million in dong; he is in prison. Will he have to take his wife with him?

Tony: Take her with him to prison? He should not take the contract rate because she would have to sign the NDA. If he doesn’t take the contract rate, then he can exchange whatever he wants, without his wife. Is he trying to get divorced?!

RayRen: Post-RV, I will be setting up a divorce-counseling service…

BC caller: Anything you can tell us about exchanging in the Caribbean? We all thought we could go to the US to exchange, and now it seems unclear.

RayRen: Do any of them have US bank accounts already? Those with US bank accounts should call the bank and ask.

Tony: How do you exchange foreign currency now?

Caller: Most of these people travel, but now there seems to be a restriction on where they exchange – if they have exchange where they reside.

Tony: I think they will have to live with their country’s laws. Call the bank and ask, or ask where they bought their currency. Everywhere we know, people have to exchange in their own countries. We only have information for the US and Canada; I don’t know what will happen in the Caribbean. We just don’t know. Call the local banks and ask.

863 caller: About the contract rates for the dinar (on recent calls), it was mentioned that the cap would be ten million dinar. Anyone who had less were told to call the 800 number so that they could be given the opportunity first. That was discussed on the call.

Tony: Ten million or less, or ten million or more?

Caller: No, I believe the statement was that contract rates had to go through the 800 numbers so that they could be tracked centrally. Also, it was said that those with less dinar would have more chance of getting the contract rate, if they called promptly.

Tony: There are two ways to get the contract rates: first come, first served, and then based on how much total currency you have overall, the private banker would offer you what s/he thinks is a reasonable amount to be given the contract rate. So the person with 100K needs to call the 800 number, and they will probably get 100% contract rate for their dinar. However, if the person has a lot of currency, they may get less at the contract rate, although the rest will be exchanged at the international rate. If you want the contract rate, call the 800 number and ask for it!

941 caller: If the government doesn’t want a lot of millionaires, why don’t they just make a lower rate? Then people who are in a rush and don’t care about the rate will exchange, and others will exchange further down the road. That would spread it out.

Tony: I don’t know. Also, we do not ‘cash in’ anything here. Don’t give your name because you’ll have a line of people outside your door! Anyone who is clued up know better than to take a dollar, otherwise they would never have bought that much dinar. That dollar rate would only hurt those who have not been paying attention and who will run to the bank to get any money they can. ‘They’ don’t care about millionaires; what they don’t want to create is billionaires… and those are the ones who would know to wait for the higher rates. They don’t mind up to one billion, which will affect 50,000 or fewer, although they would prefer even those people not get that much. They are trying to narrow this down; that is what this whole operation is about. At one point, the average citizen was not going to be able to do this period. They didn’t want that group to be this rich. That’s when we did the #wearethepeople campaign, and there was an agreement made that they would give X percentage of people a chance at the contract rate. That seemed fair to me, that we will all get access to the international rate, and some will get the contract rate. A few months ago, they told me to tell you that there would not be any contract rates at all, and I refused. Then two weeks later, they came back to me and said that there would be contract rates, but with a more ferocious NDA – 34 pages for ten years. Then they revised the DNA down to 12 pages, but it’s still for ten years. They can watch me all they want, just give me the money! If you take the contract rate and NDA, that’s okay, and if you don’t, that is also okay; they are holding up their part of the bargain. I can tell you that WE are not the reason this hasn’t gone.

619 caller: You said earlier that the rules are constantly being changed… so what are the objectives here? [can’t follow this caller’s rapid speech]

Tony: It’s not about you! This process was not put here for us to do the humanitarian projects we want to do. They didn’t do this for us to control this much money at all! Someone let the cat out of the bag and it ran all over the neighborhood.

Caller: How is it expected for any one of us to sit down and broker a correct exchange? I don’t see how this is supposed to work at all – the process itself. How can I make an intelligent decision when the rules and conditions keep changing?

Tony: Beats me. I think the answer is that we are expected to get a couple of hundred dinar and then exchange it. I had this conversation with someone on the committee: “You’re telling me that the average person who makes 100K per year or less is going to be upset at having only ten million in their bank account? Well, let’s cap it at a billion dollars…” Yes, I replied, all of us want to maximize the money we bring in. Yes, that’s the way WE want to look at it, but it’s not the way THEY look at it, and they’re the ones who put this together. We are playing in their arena, or rather sitting in the stands watching the game and joining in the celebration. We get to hear about and see it, and cheer for our team. We can bet and hope we win, but we don’t set the odds or take part in the game itself. They are trying to limit their winnings on those odds. They don’t want to give 1000-to-1 odds to anyone. We are part of the process because we supported the Iraqi economy through our purchases of dinar. We were told that we earned our seat at the table because of that. However, we didn’t put it together, write the rules, or force the changes; we were part of the process so we’re getting our part of the cake.

Caller: It’s frustrating that we have no influence on the process or the honesty of the process. How can I help my community if this is constantly changing?

Tony: That’s right, but we are not in control of this process. Once we have the money, we can start changing our towns and communities. This is generational for me, and that’s what everyone should be shooting for this whole time – to help our families for generations to come. The reality is that we’re right here where we are.

Closing Statement

We are in this position because we’ve done all we can do and continue to do so. Every week they don’t do this, buy some more! Make the most of this opportunity. We really cannot do anything today about the process. In the past, it looked like it was going a certain way; however, this is a different administration. Each administration had their plan, and got some things done towards this, but it keeps changing in the IMF, in Iraq, in the committees, and all the rest. There are people who have bought a thousand Zim, and they would have been happy to be paid out over a hundred years. That’s generational payout! Then the banks brought it down to 25-year payouts, and now we are being told something else by the committee members. We just have to do our best: have your plans A, B, and C. We don’t know until the day it happens, and find out what the rules are then. When we come down off the stands and engage, then we can decide which plan is going to work. The only thing we could do four years ago was to ensure that when the game went live, we would still be part of it, including contract rates. They threw in a few wrinkles, and we have some we threw in as well, and we have to go from there. They do listen to this call, and they change things according to what they hear, so some things we don’t discuss on this call. The important thing is that we are still in the game. The Iraqi people were told they would see lower denominations out on the 21st, and the new rate by the 25th. It only makes sense to me if they release both at once. Once those lower denoms hit the streets, this is over; it’s done. We’re in a good place. People are being paid on their MasterCards, and that means they are already international. We’re just waiting for an official rate change. I don’t know of any laws that need to come out in order to change the rate. We do it all the time! This will happen; stay involved, watch the news and the updates, and we’ll sent out a blast if anything exciting happens.

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   3/21/18 Empty Re: RayRat/Tony Call Notes 3/21/18

Post by MidnightRider on Thu Mar 22, 2018 1:26 pm

Closing Statement

We are in this position because we’ve done all we can do and continue to do so. Every week they don’t do this, buy some more!

Sounds like a pump to me.
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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   3/21/18 Empty Re: RayRat/Tony Call Notes 3/21/18

Post by Kevind53 on Thu Mar 22, 2018 11:34 pm

Yep, wonder who's paying him?

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