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TNT Chatter 3/19/18

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Post by Ssmith Tue Mar 20, 2018 8:51 am



That article says:. “Deputies: The period of ratification of the infallible has ended and the budget has become constitutional” (see article below)

I think Abadi and the CBI both have everything needed to proceed. People getting paid, budget published, Kurdish airports open. Just have to push the button.

It spring, time for new beginnings. Hint hint Iraq…….I don’t think Iraq can be much of a shining example with such a devalued currency. Who is going to take them serious.

On Face Book this Morning Dr. Abidi announced that all Citizens, including were paid. In the comments all were complaining that the amount was low. Could that be because the VALUE is going to be or was increased??

So everybody in Iraq has now been paid via the electronic system…..IMO, If there is a rate increase we will know it even if we cannot participate immediately

Deputies: The period of ratification of the infallible has ended and the budget has become constitutional

17:37 - 18/03/2018

Information / Special …

The parliamentary legal committee, on Sunday, that President Fuad Masum exceeded the legal period set for him by 15 days to ratify the budget law after being sent to the Presidency of the Republic, noting that the budget has become constitutional in accordance with the law.

Committee member Sadik al-Laban told the agency that the “infallible exceeded the time period stipulated by the Constitution in accordance with Article 73 paragraph 3, which sets it by 15 days to ratify the federal budget,” noting that “the federal budget law has become legally ratified and the government direct application Articles and published in the Official Gazette. “

Al-Labban added that “the points of opposition identified by the infallible in the budget will be the responsibility of the Presidency of the parliament in its discussion or neglect,” explaining that “Parliament has been close to the legislative term and I expect he will not discuss those points of contention.”

He added that “the 31 points of disagreement came before infallible and not from the Presidency of the Republic,” pointing out that “the constitutional text did not refer to the possibility of rejecting the budget by the infallible.”

A member of the legal committee of the parliamentary high Nassif has confirmed, last week, that the rejection of President Fuad Masoum to the federal budget “Shakly”, while I explained that the Constitution does not provide for his rejection of the budget. End 25 T


First international flight lands in Erbil after a five-month embargo


CNBC: Oil prices fall as increased US drilling activity points to high​er output

Interesting Read-----Investors eye currencies for those most at risk i​n a trade war: www.reuters.com/article/us-g20-forex-trade-analysis/in​vestors-eye-currencies-for-those-most-at-risk-in-a-trade-war-idUSKBN1G​U0H6

World Bank: Iraqi government policies will lead to further economic growth


- World Bank Vice President Ghanem Hafez on Monday praised the government's economic policies, saying it would lead to further economic growth.

"The Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi received a high-level delegation from the World Bank this morning," a statement from the office of Abadi said. "During the meeting, the cooperation between the World Bank and the Iraqi government was confirmed and supported by its reform and development programs, And in particular support the housing project and activate the results of the Kuwait Conference for the reconstruction of Iraq.

"What is happening in Kuwait is a global demonstration of confidence in Iraq," he said. "Iraq will be a shining example in the region," he said.

For his part, Vice President of the World Bank for the East Ghanem Hafez, "the confidence of the World Bank and the international community in the Iraqi government and admiration for economic policies that will lead to further economic growth," pointing out that "the World Bank aims to work with the Iraqi government to achieve reconstruction and increase growth in all governorates Iraq and providing thousands of jobs for young people. "

Ending / 25 g link

A WARNING The 24-year-old billionaire heiress Dell fortune left social media after exposing her family .....

The 24-year-old billionaire heiress to the Dell fortune left social media after exposing her family to security risks — here's her advice for teens on apps

Melia Robinson, Business Insider 10 hours ago

Alexa Dell, 24, is the daughter of tech billionaire and entrepreneur Michael Dell. She grew up in Austin, Texas on a sprawling estate called "The Castle" with her parents and four siblings, and her father gave her an at-home masterclass on building world-changing technologies.

But as tech royalty, Dell quickly learned that she couldn't use social media apps the way most teenagers do. Business Insider caught up with Dell at SXSW to hear the whole story.

When she was 18, Dell posted a photo to Instagram. Her younger brother, Zacahary, sat in the window seat of what appeared to be a small plane. A spread of fresh fruit, vegetables, charcuterie, and, of course, a Dell laptop, was laid before him.

Then the internet descended.

Rich Kids of Instagram, a popular Tumblr site that documents the adventures of the world's wealthiest offspring, circulated the image. Within a week 0f the posting, Dell and her brother, Zachary, disappeared from social media.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek broke the story that Dell had been documenting her every move on Twitter, complete with GPS locations from her phone. According to BusinessWeek, Dell's father's security detail had her Twitter and Instagram accounts suspended. The article cited concerns over the family's safety, singling out fears of kidnapping for ransom.

It's worth noting that Gawker's now-defunct Valleywag reported that Alexa Dell shut down her social media accounts without the Dell company's intervention after the photo went viral.
Dell was an 18-year-old Columbia University student and "W" magazine intern at the time.
She told Business Insider her first response to the Rich Kids of Instagram posting was panic.

"That obviously took me completely by surprise. I didn't even realize that account, or that blog-Tumblr-thing, was a thing," Dell said. "It's unfortunate because it obviously put my family at risk and our safety. It's a shame that there are people out there who just are having fun exploiting others."

In 2012, BusinessWeek reviewed proxy statements filed with the Securities and Exchange Commision that showed Michael Dell spent $2.7 million annually on his family's security. His company provides the security detail, and Dell reimburses the company for its protection.

But the computer magnate didn't know to check his daughter's social media accounts.

"[Social media] wasn't there when I grew up. It wasn't something that I was taught how to do. It was something that we sort of taught ourselves how to use, and it sort of grew with us and became what it is now over time," Dell said.

Dell returned to Instagram only two days after the BusinessWeek article posted, with a photo of the college student sitting poolside in a tropical location with a grove of palm trees behind her.

Her posts to Instagram are no longer tagged with her location.

Today, Dell runs a tech consulting business, and counts dating app Bumble as a client.

Dell said the experience of making it onto Tumblr's Rich Kids of Instagram — and the safety risk it created — taught her a lesson that teens on social media platforms can learn from.
"I would advise younger people new to social media to be weary ... everyone's not so nice," Dell said.

She encouraged teens to "think twice" and "be careful" before sharing personal information on the internet. She also warned that a person's tone of voice can be lost in translation on apps.

"If you think you meant something in a fun and lighthearted kind of context, someone may spin that and take it from you," Dell said.

Heres the Link to the article


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Post by Kevind53 Wed Mar 21, 2018 1:52 am

eys eys eys eys eys

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