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 "Qualification for Rates" by One of One - 3/19/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Qualification for Rates" by One of One - 3/19/18

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 "Qualification for Rates" by One of One - 3/19/18 Empty "Qualification for Rates" by One of One - 3/19/18

Post by Ssmith on Tue Mar 20, 2018 8:43 am

What matters most is your heart..., including your purpose...

Source has already given acknowledged currency-holders-readiness, including readiness of recipients of funds via currency holder exchange...

Source has already given insight regarding the fact of lack of social-order-readiness on the part of government...and banking (monetary) sectors in the matter of social-order-readiness.

It may be seen that, due to the lagging in phase of government...and banking sectors regarding transition involving GCR, it is other than those sectors who are the real leaders...and, to some extent, all others are following the lead of the currency holder community. This is not a slam against any. It is fitting that government...and banking sectors serve the people and that the people be in readiness before the blessing is released.

Do not forget/omit that some of the people are also within the government...and banking sectors; and their individual participation and readiness are part of currency-holders-readiness; and their people hearts are involved in their part in progression unto perfection of the entirety of social-order-readiness.

Yet, due to the denatured and somewhat impaired condition of many of the government...and banking sectors, certain possibilities of experience during the transition...and GCR exist.

When we go in to exchange, we will be met with people of varied individual progression/development... If those (brothers/sisters) with whom we meet are not sufficiently Source oriented and guided, they may be oblivious to the truth that we present..., including the Source that we innately are is who and what is standing before them and making request in the status of Source...

Regarding the exchange, what do their standard operating procedures (SOPs), or guidelines, indicate regarding their compliance with Source us? At this point, their SOPs are deficient. Why? They lack complete agreement with Source... While the developers of the SOPs have had the capacity of Source insight, they have not developed the SOPs using such insight... This is not a slam; it just is...

Via IDC and other..., including intel providers who are passing according to what they get..., we have been presented many evidences of a general state involving some ignorance, ineptitude, disarray...and unreliable conclusions (including fallacies of reasoning creating such conclusions) presented as fact/truth... This is not a slam; it just is...

Like many of us, the government...and banking sectors are in need of some repentance (change of mind...into alignment with Source...)...

Along with many fallacies of reasoning involved in drawing conclusions, making decisions/assessments, there is reductio ad absurdum: reduction to absurdity...

Some evidences of very unreliable reasoning (including that of zombiness/foolishness/folly/ineptitude/stupidity/idiocy) may be seen of the following:

You have a concept; therefore, you do not have a project.

You have a concept, not a project; therefore, there is not sufficient merit to qualify for a rate of ____.

Your project plan is not complete; therefore, it is not a project.

Your project plan is not complete; therefore, it lacks sufficient merit to qualify for a rate of ____.

Your project will not put people to work soon enough; therefore, it lacks sufficient merit for a rate of ____.

Your project of pure love is/will not _________; therefore, it lacks sufficient merit to qualify for a rate of ____.


Let's look at a few fundamental things and have a more apparent grasp...

A current project/plan in accord with currently employed so-called standards/models fails to take all facts into consideration in drawing conclusion, making decision/assessment: among many things that it fails to take into consideration are the following:

Source purpose (consider Original Jurisdiction...and true authorization thereof; a zombie or someone attempting to justify an agenda might say, Who can know it?...as if such knowing is absurd...)

anaprometamorphosis (re: upward-forward change) of the cosmos (the Greek kosmos: orderly arranged system of things--involving all of creation)

anaprometamorphosis of the earth and earth-people and earth-society progression--involving also galactic...progression in oneness with cosmic anaprometamorphosis...

anaprometamorphosis of ways and means...of creating and affecting intentions/objectives in cohesion, coherency...and harmony with the anaprometamorphic field(s) in accord with Source..., including the anaprometamorphosis of so-called business and finance models, which are already antiquated and deficient regarding our anaprometamorphic progression... (related Source-insights: the more we align with Source, the more we will see the disappearance of what we have experienced of so-called legalities, corporations, foundations and such; yet there is transition; all currently employed standards/models are already deficient and we have the capacity of replacing them within the progression...)

No one of the business, government...banking sectors has all the facts necessary to forming a completely reliable project plan that will not undergo/incur changes in the process of discovery in the anaprometamorphic progression...

If you do not have a project plan, it is likely because you will be filling the gaps that the current project plans leave wide open... Those bankers...you encounter in the exchange process lack knowledge...and sovereignty necessary to judge/decide the validity of your request.

For the sake of brevity, I am omitting much...

This is not complex; it is simple. Yet, a Source insight is that the SOPs now in place add complexity of various false beliefs, ignorances, folly, aberrant egos, agendas, fallacies of reasoning, zombiness...etc. This is not a slam; it just is... There are people within the government...banking sectors who truly have the best in heart regarding all; and there is no valid cause that we condemn/judge any (and we are in oneness with them). They/we are in very difficult assignments...

We may anticipate that those of us responsible regarding the SOPs of exchange will adapt, and align more fully with Source; and, in so doing, that the exchange will be conducted with glorious liberality. This realignment is part of the social-order-readiness picture...; and those primarily responsible are yet lagging in phase...regarding Source intention... This is not a slam/judgment; it just is what it is: insight...

When you have your exchange experience, know that you are not deficient...and be loving...

I omit proofreading...

In active good will,
One of One

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 "Qualification for Rates" by One of One - 3/19/18 Empty Re: "Qualification for Rates" by One of One - 3/19/18

Post by Ssmith on Tue Mar 20, 2018 8:48 am

"Re: Qualification for Rates" by TJ

One Of One, your thinking is spot on! Good stuff!

I agree completely with your post. My intention from the start has been to instruct the bankers to put into my hands the full amount that the currencies and bonds are worth, or legally expect from God his wrath for skimming His funds for themselves. I will not limit His plans to do good through me by suggesting an amount less than what they are worth. My hands would be remain clean.

What I do with the funds is, and will always be, directed by God alone, and as He has not told me anywhere near the full details yet on how to apply them, as the situations have not developed yet, how can I put them on paper?

Being both a Professional Project Manager and Professional Engineer (Rtd.) with a lifetime of major projects under my belt, I understand where the bankers and their helpers are coming from, and will try to lead them in this matter. All is in God's hands, and I am not going to worry about anything.



"Good Post, in Conjuction to Ron Giles' Posts" by CH

This is a good reminder to us when we encounter still asleep people at the other end of the table at the exchange.

Calmness and knowing what we want and how to verbalise it, perhaps even repeating it a few times so it sinks in, will get us smoothly through the process, IMHO. No point is getting uptight about any reply we might hear, or a suggestion that will not ring well with us. No one will sway us from our path.

By now, we all know what we want to achieve with what we will get. Not all will have the resources for grandiose humanitarian projects, but if one has the conviction of even the smallest of one's projects, be it helping out family and friend members one has been mentally making notes of the ones as those needing immediate help to ease their lives, I know this will be heard and seen by the banking side. The more convinced we will be within ourselves, of what we want to do, the more of that energy will fill in those exchange rooms.

So again, thank you One of One for your timely reminder.

Pure heart intentions, underwritten with future long-term gains for the banks, will have immensely strong energies within themselves to carry any project through its most favourable rate, regardless of its size.

Self-belief creates magic.



"Re: Ron Giles on Qualification for Rates" by Pat

I agree 100% Ron Giles!

We, (the Lightworkers), haven’t made it this far, to just hit a road block at the redemption center, by encountering a “less-than-aware” banker, that may, or may not, recognize a qualified Lightworker. Oh heck, No!

This entire process is heavenly decreed, and the most highly intelligent beings are making sure the money gets into the right hands. I remember the day, that I “accidentally “ ran across the RV and Zim information. I certainly wasn’t looking for it. I was unaware of the whole RV/GCR, and one day I was looking for something else and made a few clicks and landed on a page explaining it. As we all know, there are no “accidents “. My guides/Higher Self led me there, and I acknowledged it. I’m always amazed when they do things like this, because they can be quite imaginative and brilliant in getting my attention. They also have a great sense of humor.

I believe the “chalking”is correct, that Ron Giles references. As a matter a fact, I think more specifically, it’s an energy signature “scan”. Last year, one night during the summer before I fell asleep, I was scanned. I was laying down, and a pulse of energy entered through the bottom of feet, and traveled up through my body and out my head. It took about about 2 seconds, then repeated again. In through the bottom of my feet, up through my body, and out my head. I lost count how many times it repeated over and over. It seemed like an hour or more. As I look back, it was too repetitive with exactly the same timing and duration between pulses....almost mechanical in nature instead of something organic.

I have no doubt, that the highly intelligent people and beings that orchestrated this entire event, will not leave any facet of this process to chance. It’s way too important to mankind, Gaia, and our entire solar system.




"Re: Qualification for Rates" by Ron Giles

One of One, I so appreciate the time and effort you put into your posts. They are always well written and chuck full of great information.

There is one element that may have slipped your thought process in your approach, and that is the concept that Yosef or One Who Knows, introduced way back when, of a person being chalked by the NPTB.

I believed at the time the concept had merit and I still do. When the idea that we are the, “Chosen Ones,” was being bantered around, I questioned whether any person who just purchased currency and/or especially Zim were indeed, “Chosen Ones.” I rather like the term, “Light Workers,” instead as it clearly gives the idea that one is led to purchase Zim in a response to their spiritual guidance and their purpose for being here on earth at this time, even if unconsciously.

In this respect, I personally believe that a person has been identified by higher intelligence, as one(s) who should be honored in their request for a specific rate. If this were not the case then the idea of being, “Chalked,” would have no relevance.

If the determination of a rate were left to the unknowing or unaware banker, there would be no sense in the concept of one being chalked. In other words, I believe that there is a Spiritual component to the release of funds for each person who receives these Humanitarian Funds. I believe that each person presenting themselves at the exchange/redemption appointment is there with an appropriate rate in mind and will receive an amount commensurate with their inspired plans. Otherwise they will seem confused and not prepared. Some may only get screen rates, regardless of what they ask for. These pivotal appointments in the progression of Mankind’s march to freedom and the fulfilment of each person's purpose on earth, will not be left to the whims of a banker that may or may not be in tune with the Heavenly decrees for that person.

With that said, I believe that all of us have been identified by the Heavenly Rehm’s and that information will be given to each banker to administer the rates and the release of money for that individual. Keeping the funds out of the hands of Cabal and Cabal minions, as well as bad actors, is a fact that we can count on in the redemption/exchange process. One will not be able to bluff their way through or hoodwink those involved in this pivotal activity.

The Alliance is perfectly suited to administer this critical process. Otherwise their efforts to neutralize the Cabal would be of no effect and the money would fall into Cabal hands again, and enslavement would begin again. That will not happen.

You will know if you are a Light Worker, if you get more than front screen rates upon asking. Fraudulent actors need not apply.

Respectfully and with appreciation.

Ron Giles

 "Qualification for Rates" by One of One - 3/19/18 Dead%2Bfrog%2B2

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 "Qualification for Rates" by One of One - 3/19/18 Empty Re: "Qualification for Rates" by One of One - 3/19/18

Post by Kevind53 on Wed Mar 21, 2018 1:51 am

Well base don the quality of your thinking you probably should not be allowed out in public unsupervised, so I would not worry about rates or plans ...

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