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Steffen Rowe/Tank Call Notes  3/15/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Steffen Rowe/Tank Call Notes 3/15/18

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Steffen Rowe/Tank Call Notes  3/15/18 Empty Steffen Rowe/Tank Call Notes 3/15/18

Post by Ssmith on Sat Mar 17, 2018 8:39 am

Steffen Rowe/Tank Call Notes  3/15/18 Tank_114

TANK Call March 15, 2018

Every country has signed a treaty to dedicate its assets to create a world-wide monorail to connect us all. 128 countries got that money today from the Mana Trust [Kim]. It was in place from the 70’s.

So we’re about to go into this amazing time we’ve all dreamt about. Our efforts to educate our bankers has made a difference. There’s a trust to build Donald Trump’s wall. Adrenachrome is food for M-13 killers; use fear to bring out adrenalin and those get killed & blood drunk. So wall is humanitarian.

It’s the Ides of March today—world-changing. Someone in history tried to give the money of the trust to the Pentagon but it got thwarted in the 70’s. he was Indonesian. They gave him gold & diamonds and made him bring them into the country so they’d pay him. Those assets were allocated to the trust. Tank thinks they’re doing that to do a fraudulent transfer.

*************This morning it was programmed to demolish the entire world’s economy. Was a torpedo of sorts but it didn’t go off. What I said last night is still true. Let’s do a Q&A. The guy from Truth & Integrity was awesome. Hit *6 for questions

Q: Please review claim made last night. Tank: You’ve heard the global currency reset right? There was an agenda to lead up to now that was planned by the illuminati. I have some docs from the global currency rest and the power falls back on the “king of kings.” He was an individual who ruled the world at the time. In his plan was called a global rest which was the genocide of 90% of the world’s population. Rest of people would be used by them. So the global reset was then made into the global currency reset so we’d all be cheering for it. Was a farce.

Hold onto your currency and you will have a chance to redeem it. Will take some time. They were trying to take out the humanitarians and the best of us. So rv, grandfather, gcr, etc. was developed by them and they were playing both sides. That’s why the posts were disparate. They wanted to mine the planet. They took the inventory and created the trust. They were conscious of their great abilities (that we have too). Only recently were they wiped out. One was placed there for this peaceful transition and that’s Kim.

We have been (Kim calling so pause & 2 women talking). Woman: Caller, do you have a specific question? Caller: just trust what Kim says and wanted to know. Woman: how could we possibly have had the rv the way is was presented? Caller: we have to be careful for our lives? Woman: thinks “the order of the evil bastards” was just being presented by Tank. What we’ve done is gone into the banks and pretty much checkmated them thanks to the EO of Trump. It’s all in last night’s call so listen.

They filled in last night’s call. Tank is back: Q: caller so excited and has a vibrancy in her body that she doesn’t understand. Feet on a firm foundation now. We were so passionate to understand this and were trying so hard. There is an upgrade occurring. When we drink the cool aid we lose consciousness. Had trouble balancing during this time. We’re waking up. Don’t let anyone co-opt your passion for life. About reaching out and bridging with another even through strong disagreements. Don’t know what any of this means yet; it feels so freaking real. Tank: thrilled for you. Please push yourself right now and get uncomfortable with people outside of your bubble because you need to experience it. Caller: I am enjoying living in a blue state and am not political. Having fun with others. It really is love.

Caller: Terry. Call back # please for last night. Q: what can we expect now? Tank: 70% of currency holders are in the US. So there is no off ledger system that they have control over. So there’s all this wealth. All the trusts are in the Mana Trust that also owns a lot of the banks. The reality is that what we didn’t consider was: we have tons of dollars but now they are worthless. So every country at the same time has to receive an equal amount of money. Know that there is money available and we can give relief funds and exchange some people now. As of about 3 hours ago about 120 countries pinged that they were ready for the money. There has to be a production to demand the money. There’s a monorail underground and a passenger train above ground—both anti-gravitic. So it creates the need for jobs, production etc that creates the need for the funds and dividends to be released. So funds are matching the production as of today. The dong, dinar, etc. aren’t registered in the system because they were not real assets. There is a quantum system that they (cabal) tried to hack; has world’s financial system. It has to be equal for all. They’ll make a way for the exchanges to happen but we won’t be filthy rich. We (kre8change) were forced to expand our operation to 25 states and countries and are approved to act in the best interest of humanity. Goal is to empower human beings to thrive. So we can distribute funds all over the world. There will be no currency exchange for quadrillions of dollars because it would collapse the economy. Q: what about groups with contracts? Tank: can’t say what groups. Landa had bought in completely but can’t function; money in the account but can’t use it. Fastest way to get funded right now is talk to kre8change now. We may have a group near you. I can’t promise anything. We have to do what’s best for everybody. ****** We had a malevolent group and we were slaves; they were controlling the money and say “we will fund your project” but nothing cause they don’t care. They know that with hope and a good story to go with it, they made us a non-factor. Told us they were the new powers now and neutralized us all with promises. We stopped doing. Caller: what are we waiting on? Tank: stop waiting, it was a psy-ops, was a lie. Put currency out of your mind. If you want to do something amazing, we can figure out how to fund it. Put it down on paper. I can prove everything I just said with documents. Many in high places are holding SKR’s or dinars but there’s no liquidity. People are starving. But today, in one moment, 128 countries in the world were hydrated with billions of dollars in liquidity. Those other accounts are mirror accounts, they stole the money. ***Hold on to your money because she doesn’t want to break your heart. All for infrastructure, humanitarian, etc. She is for humanity. We need to get this currency off the street and put real money in your hands. We don’t want this to happen again so the money should be turned in in some way. Q: Is there going to be a NESARA? Tank: I don’t know. There’s no real documented law. But there are really solid things written into some plan that mentions universal income--$17,000 a year in addition to a regular job. The sovereignty of the US has been returned to it. Our debts have been forgiven. The Federal Reserve is contained within the trust and is not longer an entity. The US got money today also. A lot of changes can now happen. The gov’t can now function without being controlled by an outside force. There are a lot of natural things. The planet will now heal. Every country now has real money. Kim said she will give the money to the government and to the people. All the secret societies are shells in the middle and none had the power. Kim went over them. Kre8change is looking for a bank that is human (or were). Story: friend of Tank’s was funded. It’s important that we realize that the banks don’t control us. I have nothing, most of the people in my group have nothing. Don’t look to someone to give you your new world—it’s your imagination. These scumbags flagged kre8change for wanting to help others. Wells Fargo & HSBC are in the trust, are owned by the trust. Sir: you can have the life you want if you bring your vision to life. There’s now money for it.

Caller: What you were just saying about how the rv would mess up the economy with inflation: if we can move the minions in the bank out of the way and allow Kim to get through the blockades, in that same scenario, wouldn’t that cause the same obstacle? TANK: There won’t be a massive exchange. But project funding for a humanitarian project can get funded. If there is a production: building, employing, etc. causes a need for employment. Banks are starving for liquidity; have funded bad things. When we change things, we’re in charge; banks don’t want that. We can change the world.

Caller: Feb 22nd Miss & Mr. M was interviewed by Tolec. TANK: They are completely fraudulent. What he did do was to try to claim he was in charge of the fund but wouldn’t do an rv. Tolec is under federal investigation for fraud. Kim and Dave Schmidt tried to reach out to us and we had posted the actual illuminati plan. They threatened us=create fear. Told them to leave us along. That was M. He got to Kim and asked her for the code. They aren’t distributing money. Caller; claims they are victims, play both sides. They are frauds. Claim they will fund on humanitarian projects & to send in currency. Also, Tony was limiting our exchanges to a billion lifetime (TNT). TANk: Can’t understand why Tony is talking at all; didn’t he go to jail for that? Not one of these characters has put out any of this money. Only one did and that happened today.

Tank: there’s one quantum system on the back side that controls all the money. On the front side are the banks but that won’t last long. Q: what about the older people who can’t go out. [She’s needing money]. Tank: aren’t you your own humanitarian project? What will it take for you to be comfortable in life? Put your focus on what you want in life. Woman: Med Beds. Tank: probably doing it in 5 years.

Kre8change.today. Kim took Tank’s vision and put it. Has 146 projects and let me put it together. The banks that survive will go to Kim for projects. Some banks reached out to them today. Hoping today was the death blow. Will put up a form for project apps? (missed this)

Mark: the 128 countries, I’m assuming they have accepted sovereignty like Trump did? Tank: that was funding for the monorail (was dividends based on assets). So they had it coming anyway. Mark: so they need to accept declaration for sovereignty.

Caller: Kim & Thos. Williams? She said she preferred Thos Williams and will do another call with him. What do I need to get funding? TANK: Require for every project that it operate for the best interest of humanity. 2- Product must be best possible version for the people with no corners cut. 3- Mus put first your people—be paid and be comfortable; no tyranny—people centered, they have a voice and are given credit for their contributions. 4-Measure success not on profit but on impact or mission. They can help make it self-sustaining. You must be dedicated to the measure of success of your own mission. He’s funding something to rebuild flesh for diabetics with wounds. Caller: housing –wants to do. Tank: taking building with organic veggies on building, fresh water (no fluoride) and self-sustaining. Has a whole network & can work together with him. Caller: had vision of the same thing—hydroponic, etc.

Caller, Sondra. Heard Kim & Thomas on Sunday. Kim felt we should be compensated in some way because we were used. Question on the lawsuit. Tank: probably won’t be needed but there is evidence for liability; never wanted to sue. Black ops record everything. One day he was beeped over codes for the server. Recently it happened that someone has access to know things; compiled a very aggressive full disclosure with details of thousands of pages of all the crimes. Someone working for us provided it. Has all evidence vs Wells Fargo who paid an agent of the gov’t to lie. Where’s the source of deception? Random Chinese Elders. But they don’t own the bank so work would be for nothing. Would wind up suing Kim. It all goes back to the Mana Trust. I’ll hold the evidence though. The inhumane way that the bankers behaved toward my people was an act of indiscrimination. They don’t see us as in the same class. They enabled the illuminati atrocities. They are accountable. Luckily, someone else was working in the cause of humanity--Kim. They’re like bad kids; they just want their own way.

Same Caller: so we would go through you for humanitarian funds. Tank: we aren’t the only ones. There are others. We are working to do that through our website. The funds will come in stages. If you are needy and need to get on your feet you need to outline that on the first page. ****** Kim has been really supportive so we’ll talk it out and we’ll put it into action. We are so fortunate to have someone at the top who is for us.

Need to wrap it up. Thanks so much for coming on tonight. I’m going to make sure to keep people updated. We are in the project phase. We have approval, money is moving into place, and we’re in a pretty good position to go forward. Depends on the resistance. Have a good night.

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Steffen Rowe/Tank Call Notes  3/15/18 Empty Re: Steffen Rowe/Tank Call Notes 3/15/18

Post by ubiety on Sat Mar 17, 2018 4:54 pm

I listened to this call live. I found Tank's speech patterning characteristic of one having either too heavily self dosed with cough medicine or using some sort of artificial stimulant. It made comprehending his occasional bursts of verbal speed difficult, and often.

Substantively, it boiled down to "no RV as you've heard it for years, and Kim will release project money but you have to go through me (Tank)".

My observation of what I discern as false pride and very little effort at genuine humility translates into an apparently deliberate positioning by Tank as a gatekeeper, and no interest in yielding that position.

Just my thoughts and observations.
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Steffen Rowe/Tank Call Notes  3/15/18 Empty Re: Steffen Rowe/Tank Call Notes 3/15/18

Post by Kevind53 on Sat Mar 17, 2018 11:27 pm

Horse crap, pure, unadulterated horse crap! Steffen Rowe/Tank Call Notes  3/15/18 1656125192

Trust but Verify --- R Reagan Suspect

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 Steffen Rowe/Tank Call Notes  3/15/18 2805820865  Steffen Rowe/Tank Call Notes  3/15/18 2805820865  Steffen Rowe/Tank Call Notes  3/15/18 2805820865  Steffen Rowe/Tank Call Notes  3/15/18 2805820865
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