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Mountain Goat 3/14/18

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Post by Mountain Goatee on Wed Mar 14, 2018 10:45 am

March 14, 2018 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

WOW! It is already mid March and spring Equinox 2018 is on Tuesday, March 20 in just 6 days. Can you believe that we are almost in April already with no RV?

But let us put this into perspective too. Remember the Iraq just declared an end to the war with ISIS in early December 2017. Do you really expect them to instantly announce the RV? Really? Are you that ignorant in this investment?

So the CBI has to continue the process of rolling this out with the IMF. This takes time and I have been showing you the road to the Reinstatement (Not a Revaluation). Iraq does not plan to do a revaluation as they first must get their currency “reinstated” back on the global exchanges. When they do this we suspect they will go with at least a $3.00+ USD rate to 1 dinar.

More news….

I first need to ask something of everyone reading this today. I have asked this before but some still don’t get it. MY NEWSLETER IS NOT AN INTEL FORUM! Do you know what this means?

This means I publish my newsletter and you read it. This does not mean that you post your news on my FB site as replies to my newsletter. Get it. I have a list of those that are consistently violating this rule. I have been lenient but I am going to begin banning those that insist in violating this rule. You are making the news confusing and not helping at all to get the news out.

I read the news from the Iraqi sites, translate it and I do not always capture the latest news in time to put it in the recently MWF published newsletters. It is an effort to do all this work and time consuming.

But the latest news will catch up in the next newsletter. Get it? There is no way the newsletter can possibly stay exactly up to date and to the minute. Why?

Because MY NEWSLETTER IS NOT AN INTEL FORUM for you to post and contribute. Get it? Instead it is a Face Book Page, bringing you the latest news, as per date of the publication. I publish my news on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and you read it. There are some exceptions when I wait for things to shake out. I also occasionally publish “Special Editions” when topics need immediate attention and release of information.

Occasionally I also create opportunity to ask questions. But when I do there are very few questions and most of the time not on the topic of the dinar but of other garbage intel from these other idiotic gurus. Go read my Mission Statement. So what’s the sense of me asking? Do I get intelligent questions? No – I only get foolish rumors and wanting me to verify some else’s garbage intel.

I know many of you get disappointed because you want answers. But answers to what? Is it just to double check some else’s rumors?

I will always try to answer all questions, but only if I see you are also making an effort to first research it for yourself. If I feel you are lazy and just want to be spoon-fed like a baby I will not answer your question. I have published thousands of newsletters over the years and hundreds alone just since on Face Book. So there is hardly any topic I have not already addressed. Go back are read the newsletters. It is all there.

Many will also come into this investment as recent “newbies”. So either you were gifted dinar or you are a full investor. Either way you are not familiar with the terms and acronyms used. You get confused and so I can see how you might ask lots of questions in these circumstances. But again I am telling you my newsletter is NOT a training class for Dinar 101. These days are over. I used to do this education in the past but no more. I now run a Face Book page for educated investors in the Iraq dinar who know about their investment and want to learn about when it is truly going to gain in substantial value and move out of the “program rate”. We have moved forward already out this training stage. Get it?

I follow the “project to delete the zeros” very closely as I believe this is what is going to tell us a very good timeframe, close enough to the reinstatement.

I do not subscribe to the very foolish, idiotic notion of a GCR or a GESARA bringing in the “New Republic” as you will see from my writeup today. See below.

These people are all mindless idiots and brainwashed with this garbage. I can’t tell you just how foolish and ridiculous all this is. For those reading this newsletter today if you have subscribed into this crap I highly recommend you begin to challenge those who pump this garbage intel (Becky, Tank, Bigcall Bruce, Yosef, and many others). You will soon learn that there is absolutely no substance to it. You will feel very foolish at first once you learn the TRUTH and FACTS, but this is okay. At least the brainwashing is over and you have made a breakthrough away from these idiots.

More news….

So recently many asked me when is the 90 days up for the MCP monitoring program by the IMF?

Good question and I will answer it with the following:

Go and read the recent past newsletters. What do they say? Did you read the last 4 newsletters or just come on today expecting me to spoon- feed you again?

So let’s go through the analysis:

The reinstatement submittal was done in late December. No firm date is known. Get it? The article did not give us a date.

If we give a week from the last week in December for the IMF to review Iraq’s request this puts us to at least the end of the year 2017.

Then if they do place a mandatory monitoring program in place for the MCP we can see 90 days probably begins around Jan 1st.

So if we go out 90 days then where do we land?

So knowing all this then when do you think we might see it happen?

I now know as much as you do. Get it?

Folks – It’s not rocket science to see a possible window coming up very soon but I need you and others like you to do the THINKING for yourselves and not just keep asking When? When? When?

I am not your servant! Get it? I bring you all the articles with my commentaries. Please read them and figure it out!

Then, if I told you a date from my opinion anyhow, you would only get mad at me and others when the date comes and goes with no RV. This is why I try to stay away from opinions as much as possible.

READ MY LIPS - no one knows the date of the RV, we only speculate and try to figure it out using the best information we have on hand at the time. But Rumors, Hype and Opinions is not part of the study and can’t be part of it. We must stick to the FACTS presented otherwise what is the sense. We are not then speculating but guessing. Do you want me to guess or speculate?

Those that tell you of "secret" sources for intel are full of shit and don't have any FACTS to back up with what they are telling you and this is why they hide behind "secret" sources. It is easy to lie and cover it up with excused that you “can’t tell” because you are bound to “secrecy”. How ridiculous!

There is not a stitch of intel that is told to anyone from the government, the banks or by anyone that can’t be passed out and told to you over these forums and conference calls. If it was sensitive or classified enough not to pass out to you, then guess what – THE GURU WOULD NOT GET IT EITHER!

So, I do not do this. I put it all out on the table for you to see the articles and see that is it their words not mine. I do not take responsibility for what they say as I only present to you what they tell us, like it or not. I do not try to change the news to suite some hype or rumors. If you have been following my newsletter all along you can see I tell the TRUTH with FACTS. I am never wrong.

Get it? Can you see how frustrating it is for me?

More news….

I don’t know why but for some reason many of you just don’t get this RV process. You listen to conference calls like TNT, who may be even telling you some truth, as they get it, but this does not automatically mean an RV is going to happen tomorrow. Yes, the news is all good and pointing us only in a good direction of a very soon reinstatement. So what I have been telling you about the MCP is right in line also, and just like intel from TNT, it does not mean it is going to RV tomorrow. But what we all try to do is look for variables as to why it is not happening now or happened already…right?

So when I bring the news of the IMF MCP 90 day monitoring process to you this should not be new news. It was all talked about in the publicized news media results of the IMF findings from the last Article 4 consultation between the IMF and the CBI. The MCP monitoring requirements are a bonified long know process of the IMF.

What happens is many of you don’t want to go to this place of FACTUAL news and gather it and learn it. Instead you luv to quickly jump on the hype and rumors. I don’t know it is because of your educational levels or that you just can’t handle the TRUTH?

You search for this kind of hyped up news instead. You look for one single event that will trigger the RV. This of course makes it simple for simple minds to grasp. This is part of the problem when people like myself come on board to the dinar community with REAL FACTUAL. Many could then and still can not now handle the TRUTH and FACTS. Many of you now take what I recently said and try to make it your own intel, but you screw it up since you really don’t understand it and can’t explain it. Instead you just want to spread it around (like you do rumors) and look important to everyone that you know something important.

Again I will say this is part of the problem with the intel. Way too many people on ego trips trying to act like “big shots” in bringing the news to you. Many of them do no research on their own and only repeat what they hear. So the news recycles from guru to guru. Then when the innocent listener hears it from so many sources they think it FACTUAL since they heard it so much. But it isn’t and is all just a lot of bullshit.

This keeps going back to the saying:

“if you hear the same news long enough by enough people, it soon becomes factual”. But this is not REALITY and not FACTUAL and I keep telling everyone to be away of the dynamics of how rumors and hysteria can spread. Don’t fall into these traps just because you are desperate for an RV date.

More news…

How many of you have heard about “prosperity packages”. This is yet another example of what I just talked about above. How many of you actually expect to receive a prosperity fund? Let me ask you another question -How many of you are idiots?

I ask these questions today because these questions are all connected since there is no such thing as “prosperity packages”. Get it?

You don’t know how sick and tired I am of hearing about these damned prosperity packages. Anyone who talks about these items should instantly put a red flag in your mind. Yes, another scam. Stay away from them since they don’t know what the hell they are talking about.

Folks this is a long-standing scam that is over 20 years old already. Let it go. The rumor has been proven to be falsified and is only a rumor. This crap all started from these same “New Republic” guru idiots who keep feeding you this ridiculous line about some “white nights” or “dragon families” working behind the scenes to “free America” from the tyranny of the cabal. Really?

Folks I have been telling everyone for years now that these people are psychopathic liars. They could easily be diagnosed with numerous other mental disorders too, but I am not a doctor of psychiatry and so what do I know. Their ideology seems to resonate with certain people who are desperate for change and are usually hitting hard times. Many of these same people voted for the ultra-liberals and you can clearly see the changes they brought to the table over the last 8 years prior to Trump. Corruption and more corruption. Good luck with that!!! Yes,, these are the same people who will listen to their crap. These are the people who are typically easily brain washed.

Are you one of these people?

These people who claim to be liberals are a sinister group of people who want desperately to take control over the US Government and keep using their once of truth mixed up with a bunch of lies. They take responsibility for the changes occurring now with the Trump administration to finally begin the process of cleaning up the corruption. This amazes me because when he was running for president this same group told us Trump was one of the bad guys. Now of course, as usual, they move in the direction of him being the good guy when now they know they can’t beat him. So which is it – is he a bad president or a good one? You see for them it does not matter since they really have no connection or influence or care either way. They really have no connection to ANYTHING that is happening, they only take a fictitious responsibility for it in order to convince you they are the instrument of change. Thus they are leading you to a better future place. Really?

What you don’t know is that their real intent is to bring you to a place that is really of FULL CONTROL over all aspects of your lives. Why else would they claim there is going to be no need for money, in their future world? Could it be because you will forced to work under their control, live in their housing units and let them decide upon all aspects of your lives, right down to food you will eat? In this case why in hell would you need money? Big brother will provide everything for you. All you have to do is go along with the New World Order ideology and they will have their way with you. But if you read their ideology (and it’s all spelled out in the AGENDA 2021/2030 documents from the UN) you will see that it only includes a couple billion humans on the planet earth, as THEIR ideology has no room for more than that. So what do they do with the other 6 billion people? Oh – but this all for your good to protect the “mother earth”.

They are fostering and brainwashing many now on this concept of “global warming” as the seed to passing their much needed legislation and performing their global warming duties such as Chemtrail spraying. All done in the name of saving the planet and “sustainability”. What they are really doing is reeling in the control mechanisms very slowly.

What the hell good is your money going to do for you when you can’t live in a FREE society? Think about it? Could this also be the reason why they are holding this exchange process? Do they really want us to have this much money? Does this spoil their long term plans for us?

So who the hell are they to now already have so much control over the general population? Hey – I thought this was a democracy controlled by the people for the people? What goes?

They use patsies like Becky (OOOTAH call), Jared Rand, Tank and Bruce (Bigcall) (and many others), who infiltrate communities like our dinar investment forums and conference calls.

This is how they work:

These sinister people contact these so called intel providers and tell them they can be their source of intel. Then it is an ongoing process to fill their heads with their gobble goop. Yes, many are innocent pawns and don’t’ really know they are being used. They are unknowing, unsuspecting new recruits to their ideology. Of course these new recruits think they are actually helping you.

Yes, people like this are their soldiers who, unsuspectingly, go out a couple times a week and spread their lies over and over again using these intel forums and conference calls to spread their lies. Yes, these charlatans have infiltrated the good natured people of this investment community. I saw this happening years ago and this is why I am so harsh on these people. Folks, this goes way beyond giving someone a free ride on freedom of speech. This is darn right lying and deception. It is spreading a wicked, satanic ideology and you all need to know the TRUTH about them.

Yes, their story sounds wonderful and we all wish it was FACTUAL but the only FACTUAL thing about it is that it is all filled with FAKE news and LIES. Hitler’s ideology told the citizens the same thing – prosperity and abundance and we see just where that got them… oh but this time there will be no heroes to save the day as in WWII, as they are ensuring this too with their methodical breakdown and dismantling of the USA.

There is an old saying – “if you hear it by enough people and you hear it long enough, it soon becomes factual”.

But this is not sound reasoning and we all know this is not how reality really works. This is how ridiculous RUMORS and LIES spread. This is how one ideology can take over and spread literally changing a society, if you are not careful and put these idiots in check. And so that is all it is but more importantly there is an intentional, well thought out, sinister intent behind it.

Have you noticed how they keep pushing and pushing these prosperity packages. These packages come up often in these intel updates as if they are somehow now connected to the Iraqi dinar and part of some imaginary GCR. Yes they like to connect everything to current events to legitimize it.

They even now tell you they will make the RV happen through the GCR and call it now GESARA. Like their old lie of NESARA was not good enough….lol…lol…..How ridiculous can this all get? They have absolutely no impact in making this RV happen. Get it?

Typical YouTube brainwashing from recruits: (Don’t believe me? Watch it for yourself)




Note how they take a bit of truth and blends it with this New Republic bullshit. Folks it is all just bullshit. It is time to expose these idiots for what they are.

Many argue and argue with me about this “New Republic” and this “GCR” stuff. But when you really take the time to sit down with them and ask them to explain it, all they tell you are yet more gossip RUMORS and LIES that they heard from someone else. There is not one honest question I asked that was answered without them giving me some party line (a predetermined, scripted answer). I was not born yesterday and I am very adverse in this form of propaganda and how it works. Someone it training them.

Not one person ever has any FACTS to back up anything. Oh yes, they have bits and pieces of truth blended in with their basket of lies. This is of course how they work. Folks this all is taken directly from the playbook of Joseph Goebels of the Hitler Nazi administration WWII in Germany. Who was Goebbels? He was the Nazi propagandists responsible to brainwashing the average Germany citizen to believe Hitler’s ongoing madness. How else could Hitler have done it? Lies upon lies upon lies.

You might want to watch these videos to truly understand what I am talking about here: (connect the dots to what is now happening in your country under this ideology. You can see it now playing out using this environmental global warming as their launching point for their new laws.)



As you listen to these goals of Agenda 2030 see how letting us legally

exchange our currency is not good for implementing these goals and is

actually a set back for it.


Many of these New Republic idiots hold conference calls to give you an update on the progress of this “New Republic”. Really? Updates of what? They do it in the pretense of an RV update. They are using you. As if they can have some impact and take responsibility for all the good work that hundreds of sound, sane individuals have done to begin to finally cleanup the corruption in the US govt.

Many ask - who are the cabal? So I will tell you.

The cabal are these corrupt individuals in your govt not some imaginary figures. They are every day, ordinary people who have gained political popularity with their scheming and lies that put them in a level of public trust and power. They then use your system of law to their own benefit. They were voted into power. Then they have abused this public trust and power positions for self-gain. They believe they are now royalty and above the law and everyone else. They rig the courts by appointing their own judges. They set double standards – “do what I say and not what I do”. You know who these people are.

These same political charlatans set up hundreds of Foundations to funnel money to their causes. Foundations like George Soros and the Clintons. They hire riot leaders to hold college campus protests and street riots. They use (abuse) the law to hide their real intentions.

They are even infiltrating the high schools now for new recruits at an alarming younger and younger age. These are the terrorists in your own government and guess what?

You don’t have to worry about some Muslins coming over from the middle east to terrorize you because they are training your own citizens to do it. Remember - You are the ones who elected them and put them there.

They conspire to assassinate anyone in power who can make a difference.

They conspire with former Nazis who are left over from WWII Germany.

They use funding from these people to finance their objectives. Folks you don’t just make millions of Nazis disappear overnight after the war once Germany was defeated. Their ideology still exists and will continue to grow, unless you check them. Where in hell do you think they all went?

Folks the USA has not been a functional democracy for many decades now.

So now you seem to have a good president, who is willing to work for the people. Note the difference from the past 4 presidents? But also note the constant bashing and ridicule from the opposition. Of course this will always happen but to this level? It has been over a year already and so it continues.

This is so much more that being sore losers. Many tell you that some of this is healthy politics but when you have this constant twisting of the FACTS and the putting down of you president this is not healthy for a nation and they know it. This is darn right lying in my eyes. What else can you call it? Seems the opposition already owns the news media. Maybe this is part of the problem? Is it time to take back the news media and get it right?

You know I have a dual citizenship. I was not always living in Germany, as many of you believe. You see many criticize me without really knowing me. I have as much stake in the USA as you do. Yes, you must respect my autonomy and impartiality. I am not going to risk my family and business over this dinar intel. I do not want vagrants knocking on my door asking for RV dates or hassling my family over my intel. Sorry not going to happen. I am not that stupid as many others are. They are free to do what they want and I am free also to do what I need to do.

But I am also a US citizen that married a Germany man and we decided to raise our family in his country. So my children are German citizens. I am skeptical about Germany sometimes, as I read more and more the recent past history of WWII. But these people, the average citizen, has come a long way to freedom. Many, like myself, can see the takeover of the US govt by these charlatans and they remember that it was the USA and GB who came to the rescue in WWII to save them from the tyranny of the NAZIs.

At the time in WWII the average German citizen did not realize who was really the culprit. They were brainwashed thru Goebbels and constant drilling of daily propaganda. But later when they learned the truth post wartime many were very shocked.

I am trying to shock you now and to wake you up now. Don’t let this happen to the USA! Stand up for your democracy and fight with every ounce of patriotism in you. Know what your country really stands for. Unite and be Strong - Fight to protect and preserve the long standing principles of FREEDOM, JUSTICE and DEMOCRACY.

I really hate it when someone uses the lame excuse to sit on their asses and do nothing. These are the ones who say “ but the USA is still the freest and most democratic government in the world”. So they sit and do nothing. For some reason they don’t realize just how much these principles have already been eroded. With an attitude like this it won’t be long to total slavery…. Folks – this is a lame excuse for doing nothing. Instead you should be saying “how can we make it better and better according to our basic founding principles”.

Yes bring back the “OLD Republic” we don’t need a “NEW Republic”.

Do you remember what JFK told us – “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”.

I was only a very young child at the time but these patriotic words have stuck in my mind ever since. See link below.


But I say this with a caveat to. Be careful who is leading you and who they really are and what they represent. I am afraid to say that if the USA goes down the toilet so too the rest of the world is gone. As you are the last protectors of the democratic principles, freedom and justice. Don’t take it for granted. It was all hard earned so now just don’t throw it all away.

More news….

The governor of the Central Bank Ali Alaq, on Tuesday, the agreement of Baghdad and Arbil to subject the banks in the Kurdistan region to under the control the Central Bank of Iraq , indicating that it was also agreed to avoid double taxation.

(Mnt Goat – this was one of the sticky points in the 2018 budget. Kurdistan already planned for taxing incomes, while the GOI via CBI also planned to tax the same income. So who get the taxes? The KRG again wanted to control the money, while the GOI said they have the right as the centralized government. So now it seems they have this settled. Can you see why the KRG must be dissolved eventually? I have to tell you it is a long term goal.)

He said during a press conference held with the Minister of Finance of the region in Arbil, and attended by Alsumaria News, it was "AGREED WITH THE HEAD OF THE PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT TO EXERCISE THE BRANCH OF THE CENTRAL BANK IN ERBIL work and supervisory authority and control over the banks of the region and non-bank financial institutions."

"The Central Bank has the direct support of the Prime Minister of the region and the Minister of Finance to facilitate the work of the Central Bank branch and the performance of its oversight work to develop the banking sector in the region and provide ways of coordination between them," adding that "was also discussed the licensing of government banks of the province and their legal adaptation TO MAKE THEM SUBJECT TO THE BANK AND ITS CONTROL and in a manner that enables them to develop in the performance of the role required.


Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “Mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks.


Articles Begin


Twilight News



The Iraqi parliament approved on the third of this month the final version of the draft federal budget for the year 2018, after achieving a quorum by 176 votes out of 328 deputies.

(Mnt Goat – will they muster up enough votes to pass the budget again in parliament? Note : No budget, No RV….just saying…..)



The WORLD BANK MAY SANCTION IRAQ FOR NON-COMPLIANCE, Iraqi economist Manaf al-Sayegh said on Monday.

In a statement, Sayegh said that the World Bank cannot halt or impede voting on 2018 budget as it is considered Iraqi internal affair, adding IT ONLY CAN PUNISH IRAQ BY PREVENTING IT FROM BORROWING.



(Mnt Goat – so what violation occurred? What is this new financial policy the World Bank needs Iraq to submit to? Read on I marked them in the article below #1 - #3. Note it does not say anything about not reinstating the currency as Frank26 said. This was not a direct violation. Instead the non reinstatement of the currency is cause and effect and is only in part causing these issues to magnify. I told everyone that Iraq submitted the request to reinstate the currency already and this is now in the making with the IMF. So surely the World Bank would not penalize Iraq for making the effort. But why is the IMF then delaying this reinstatement? They are not delaying it but simply following a normal process established by the IMF. I explained all this to everyone over and over again in three of my last recent newsletters. I hope everyone now gets the connection to this article )

The World Bank in Iraq manager Yara Salem has criticized the


(Mnt Goat – this is referred more to Kurdistan region with the 50,000+ redundant salaries on payroll records)

She stressed the


(Mnt Goat – this applies to the laws needed to make it easier for companies to come into Iraq and do business. But they will also need to flow capital easily and take profits out of Iraq. This needs a globally tradable dinar currency, that they do not yet have. )

Salem confirmed that

#3 - Iraqi economy is suffering from many problems including unemployment and high production costs of the public companies.

(Mnt Goat – to me this is foolish and putting the cart before the horse. How do you get employment without jobs? How do you get companies to begin production without building up the bombed areas. This all depends on getting the 60 billion dollars from the donor conference. We know the World Bank is managing the dispersement of these funds and companies will have to go through them to come into Iraq.)

These problems are main obstacles that contest reform and reconstruction process.



(Mnt Goat – the “RV Saga” continues…lol..lol…)

The head of the parliamentary legal committee Muhsin al-Sadoun said on Tuesday that it is not the powers of President Fuad Masum refused to approve the federal budget for 2018.

The Information Office of the Presidency of the Republic, has announced that President Fuad Masum, decided on Tuesday to restore the draft (the Federal Budget Law of the Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year 2018), and voted by the Council on 3/3/2018, to the House of Representatives to re-audit form and content From the constitutional, legal and financial point of view, there are about 31 points intersecting with the legislation in force.

The office said in a statement today that the budget re-evaluation came after experts and legal and financial advisors examined and scrutinized it in detail to diagnose the most important constitutional, legal and financial violations of some of the articles, items or paragraphs that need to be addressed before ratification.

"The Constitution does not have the right to veto any law issued by Parliament and what is entitled to alert the Presidency of the Parliament to correct the errors of formality of any law and not content, meaning does not have the right to veto."

"He added that" within the Constitution to the President of the Republic ratification and the signing of the budget within 15 days and if not done, the budget becomes the rule of the approved and go to the Official Gazette for publication. "

An adviser in the office of Masoum told Shafak News, earlier in the day that the Iraqi president broke dozens of legal and constitutional violations in the budget items, and decided to return them to parliament for amendment.

The Iraqi parliament approved on the third of this month the final version of the draft federal budget for the year 2018, after achieving a quorum by 176 votes out of 328 deputies.

And ratified the Iraqi parliament on a budget worth 88.5 billion dollars for the year 2018, despite boycotting Kurdish parliamentarians to vote in protest against the reduction of financial allocations for the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

The budget was based on oil exports expected to reach 3.9 million barrels per day, producing Kurdistan Region 250 thousand barrels per day of them. The budget set the reference price of the barrel at $ 46.

The Iraqi budget plan expected revenue to reach 77.5 billion dollars, while the projected deficit was estimated at 10.6 billion dollars with 20.8 billion dollars allocated for investments.

It was supposed to pass the Iraqi budget before the beginning of 2018, but several key points of disagreement between the central government on the one hand and Sunni Arabs, and Arab Shiites and Kurds on the other prevented the draft budget on time.




The Euphrates –

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Tuesday that it is not right for any party to return the budget after the ratification by the House of Representatives, calling on the authorities of the region to cooperate for the delivery of salaries of employees.

Abadi said in his weekly press conference today that after extensive study, we signed the decision to adapt the popular crowd fighters, stressing that the amendment issued to the law of the anti-terrorism apparatus is the surest because it is homogeneous and allows the future to be the head of the civil service. On the management of airports in the region and within the next seven days will open airports, and called on the authority of Kurdistan to cooperate for the delivery of salaries of employees to be part of the salaries within the 300,000 barrels of oil exported from Kurdistan.

He explained that it is not right for any party to return the budget after ratification by the House of Representatives.

On the attack on the Christians, Abadi said, “There is a decent support targeting the Christians and some of the perpetrators were caught in Baghdad and it turned out that some of the aggressors against the Christians were gangs aiming to steal and no need to worry and the Christians fled.

Abadi noted that the only chance for corruption is to recognize and hand over money, even if we had evidence to put senior corrupters in prison for life. Pointing out that the Council of Ministers voted to criminalize those who fired shots on occasions.



(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Member of the Finance Committee parliamentary Hossam Al-Aqabi Presidency of the House of Representatives to the meeting with the financial body of the Presidency of the Republic to discuss the paragraphs objected to the federal budget.

“The decision of the President of the Republic Fuad Masum to restore the budget formality and came at the time lost,” he said, saying that “the adoption of the budget was difficult for everyone after the delay of voting on it for months.”

“He added that” although the budget was approved in an unfavorable way through the objection of the Kurdish blocs, “noting that” infallible has 31 constitutional violations in the budget of 2018, “pointing out that” I believe that is only a paragraph or two that are important in these violations. ”


He added that “the life of the presidency of the parliament to hold a meeting with the financial life of the presidency of the Republic in the presence of the Finance Committee; to discuss the paragraphs that were objected and give quick remarks.”

He noted that “the budget is likely to reach the region after the re-budget to 13 and a half percent.”




Baghdad / Mustafa Al Hashemi

A higher degree of sovereign credit rating for any country is an economic gain and reflects the environment and the investment climate which gives it an incentive to be stable and attractive countries for investments and able to repay their debts in the event of a shock to the economy.

In this regard, the economic researcher Firas Amer called for "speeding up the restructuring of the banking sector, which would RAISE THE CREDIT RATING OF IRAQ BECAUSE BANKS ARE THE BACKBONE OF THE ECONOMY, especially as we live in the days of victory over the" dashing "which should be followed by an economic victory that strengthens the position of Iraq between countries".

The GCR, an abbreviation of global credit rating, is defined as a measure of the borrower's ability to meet obligations vis-à-vis lenders, in other words, the risk of default of the lender (issuer of the bond) in fulfilling its obligations (loan value and interest) . Better degree

Amer said in an interview with Al-Sabah that "obtaining a rating, better than the current high at B-, by the three global credit rating institutions is not difficult, but it is LINKED TO THE EXISTENCE OF REAL MANAGEMENT TO FULFILL ITS REQUIREMENTS," noting that " Higher than Iraq's credit rating of Standard & Poor's, Fitch and Moody's is THROUGH THE ADOPTION OF GOVERNANCE IN MANAGING THE FINANCIAL AND PRODUCTION PORTFOLIOS of Iraq. " Credit rating.

The world's credit rating is rated is 4 levels, A, B, C and D along with the variables that represent + or - and different frequency. The three credit rating agencies, Standard & Poor's, Moody's and Fitch, generally assess debt risk for both corporate and government debt issuances. Classification of Iraq

Standard & Poor's, the world's largest credit rating agency, has confirmed Iraq's credit rating at B- / B and has given it a stable outlook, adding that the fall in oil prices has kept financial and external pressures, noting that Iraq has huge reserves It has large oil exports, reducing fears in this area, so the agency attached to its classification with stable prospects, usually the growth of the country that will remain stable in the medium term due to a large increase in oil production, which will reduce the pressure of the budget.

Amer said that "the liberation of Iraqi cities from the grip of" terrorist "will affect the high degree of classification, and HOPED TO BE ACHIEVED DURING THE SECOND HALF OF 2018, which would:

1) increase the attractiveness of foreign investment,

2) which will achieve economic stability

3) followed by stability in public matters that Will be reflected on the economy and income of the citizen and the family.

"The adviser to Prime Minister Dr. "The agency is conducting A REVIEW OF THE CLASSIFICATION LEVEL EVERY SIX MONTHS through its meeting with financial institutions and the Ministry of Planning and the security authorities and the rest of the relevant departments, stressing that the indicators confirm the liberation of the cities of Iraq during the current year of terrorism."

"THE STABILITY OF IRAQ WILL GIVE IT THE HIGHEST RATINGS with a stable outlook in view of its global reputation in the payment of its financial obligations in addition to having the resources to qualify for the highest credit rating."

(Mnt Goat – So I presented the two last articles back to back. I did this to ask this question to you. Does this seem weird that they are talking about raising the credit rating of Iraq in the next six months, yet the World Bank is ready to place financial sanctions on Iraq? The two efforts are contradictory. Get it? Something is fishy here. So is this article from the World Bank a phony article and Fake news or it real and are they really referring just to the reinstatement and using the other issues are an excuse to penalize them for not getting the reinstatement done? We know that many of these issues would probably resolve themselves with the reconstruction effort. But this can only be done with the release of funds and they need this damned, long awaited budget completed and ratified to open it up and spend it for these purposes. You see it is not that simple and all these issues are interconnected. It is an ongoing “RV Saga”.)



Economy news _ Baghdad

Ford announced today the appointment of "nuncio" group as a Distributor and the new agent for sales and services and spare parts for Ford cars throughout Iraq in order to expand its activities in the Middle East region. "

Matello said Arias, Vice President of sales, marketing, service, Ford Middle East and Africa, we are pleased to welcome join a Nuncio to the Ford family, this partnership comes in line with our firm commitment to providing world class products and experience have to our clients in Iraq.

He added, we are confident that the strong presence of the Apostolic Nuncio in Iraqi market group, and continued commitment to excellence in service, will ensure our clients receive the best levels of service and support they need from Ford, just in time.

Good, said Jameel, group Chairman of the Apostolic Nuncio, look forward to working with Ford as an importer and an authorized distributor throughout Iraq, building a niche market leading Nuncio set alongside her superiority in the auto sector, thus achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our team awaits business custom Ford start providing our customers with exceptional services and providing world class products from the Ford brand.

Ford expects record strong demand in Iraq on the new generation of the Ford Expedition SUV full size, plus series F-Series-selling truck in America for 41 years, respectively.



Wadih al-Hanal

In light of the current globalization system in all countries of the world, and the liberalization of the bulk of global trade, and in light of the movement of money and international currencies between the countries of the world in line with the movement of international trade between countries, the acquisition is the term reserve and facilities for THESE ACTIVITIES AND LINKED TO THE EQUATION OF RETURN AND RISK, Money is moving among countries for investment, so there is a so-called foreign investment.

And that ONE OF THE MAIN RISKS TO INVESTMENT IS THE SO-CALLED EXCHANGE RATE among them in the world, because what MATTERS TO FOREIGN INVESTORS IS TO ENSURE THAT THE LOSS DUE TO INSTABILITY OF THE EXCHANGE RATE (the so-called evaporation of the actual value of the currency) and thus non-operating losses that may result in revenue or due to the decline in exchange rates between them.

It is also known that the exchange rate is the rate on which the exchange of foreign exchange is based on the national (local) currency, the number of monetary units in which a unit of local currency is exchanged to another foreign currency.

The exchange rate in any country is directly linked to the reserves of foreign currencies in question, and therefore its close correlation with the volume of export activity of any country (because foreign exchange earnings).

Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

Just the FACTS!

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.

In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. Let us all now also keep praying. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the revaluation occurs.


“For the prime minister and all his cabinet members, and parliament that they may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and bring the free Republic of Iraq to the much-deserved prosperity and abundance thru justice and freedom from oppression and corruption”. That they may be a shining example for the rest of the middle east and the world to follow. In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”

Auf Wiedersehen

Much love to ya all,

Mnt Goat
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Seems like the Goat is getting cranky.   Always self absorbed, self important and delusional, one wonders if he is aware that he really doesn't have any moral high ground on which to stand.

And really, can he afford to lose the lemmings?

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