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RayRat/Tony Call Notes 3/7/18

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   3/7/18 Empty RayRat/Tony Call Notes 3/7/18

Post by Ssmith on Thu Mar 08, 2018 8:16 am

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Adept1)

TNT Call 7-March-2018 Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# AUDIO REPLAY LINK

RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! This is Wednesday, March 7, 2018, with yours truly RayRat98 here, along with…

Tony: Goood morning, TNT!

RayRen: We have been getting reports from Iraqi citizens that they expect to see lower denominations in the next few weeks; there is a campaign to educate them on these lower denominations and how to take advantage of them. We’ll see. There is progressing and it is moving us in the right direction. While we wait for Tony, I’ll look at questions on the board. .

Tony: Also, I have been hearing for months, and again this morning: we gave you the Zim denominations we have been told they are going to accept. There is a guy who is supposed to be exchanging today, and they told him that they will only accept 100 T notes during this exchange. That doesn’t mean it’s what your bank will tell you before your exchange. Some other bankers have said they will take any Zim note. I hear people out there giving their notes away, or selling them. No one told you to do that! Take them all with you and see what happens when you go in. We do these calls, and we always get more information after the call.

All day long there are meetings, or we’ll get a call/text from Iraq because something has happened that didn’t happen before the call. We try to put out the information as we get it. For instance, there was something on Iraqi television showing the lower denominations and describing how they work. Then we asked our other people in Iraq if then have seen that; some have, some haven’t. We usually get information from Kurdistan first. We have been told that the new rates go into effect on Wednesday at sundown – these are in retail stores in Iraq.

I asked what the rate will be, and I didn’t get an answer. Sometimes they give information, and at other times it’s just hints. We did hear that everything is ready to go if the Budget goes into the Gazette today, and we are still looking for that. They also said there will be rate changes on Wednesday at sunset. We will send out something if we get it, and/or have another call if that is required. It can take a couple days to catch up.

Another guru who is usually negative is saying that this is getting ready to happen. I like that everyone is getting caught up, that we’re on the same page. The committees are always meeting. Last week, they got gagged for a certain period of time. They have nothing scheduled for next week, because this is supposed to be over! This morning we were looking for changes and updates, and my committee did not have a meeting today.

My committee is being reassigned because all we are waiting for is for this be popped out. There were seven committees, now five, and the last meeting was just about the logistics of how and where and when to get this thing out. Judge's email/phone:  ksd_murguia_chambers@ksd.uscourts.gov 913-735-2340   DA's email/phone:  Scott.Rask@usdoj.gov   913-551-6730 The Zim exchange is still under the 80/20 rule, depending on where you go. It could be that our contacts humanitarian projects have been approved and he is getting the Zim contract rates. We’ll just have wait and find out this afternoon if it went through or not. There are different things happening at different locations; most will be standard, some will be anomalies based on amounts and negotiation skills. It’s not going to be the same across the board.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: I think it’s great that they are taking care of the smaller currency holders, however, due to the caps it seems they are having a negative impact on the larger holders of currencies. They are the ones who were going to create new and SUSTAINABLE companies, new jobs, technologies, etc. and a greater impact for charities which ALL will require lots of capital. It seems they are hurting those who can have the greatest ability to impact humanity. Why would they do this?

A: This lifetime cap of one billion dollars – assuming that is correct – do you really have a concept of what one billion dollars is, and its impact on your life? Also, that’s not a cap on your making more money. Tony: This cap has not been finalized, and nothing beats a failure but a try

Q: Has the Budget been printed in the Gazette today?

A: No. There is an article talking about the three presidents being between a rock and a hard place. The Kurds want one thing, and Baghdad wants something else. We are waiting to see what happens today; I do know Abadi gave the Budget to the Finance Minister.

Q: We had talked about only a certain bank or banks will deal with Zimbabwe currency; is there any clarification on which bank or banks yet?

A: I don’t have a list, no. I know Wells Fargo is one. The two lead banks will definitely be exchanging Zim, so we know that Wells and HSBC will accept them from the start, and more banks later.

Q: Is the one thousand Dinar note a valid item to exchange at the bank?

A: What we have been told is that the 100s and 50s in trillions, billions, millions, and thousands are the only ones exchangeable at first. However, hold onto your Zim because that may change later.

Q: I’m from the Bay Area and my question is about the final call with the 800#. Do you think the call will be the night before we go to the bank or will it be a hour or two before the banks open up on the East coast, which is around 4 or 5 o’clock in morning west coast time?

A: Remember, you are calling in YOUR district. The Bay Area is in District 12, which is on Pacific time. In any case, you can’t go to the bank until it’s open, even if they have extended hours. I don’t think we will have to wait on the East Coast; initially we heard it would go from East to West, but recently that has reverted to Friday afternoon, after the markets close on 4pm EST, or on Saturday morning at 2-3am. That way the bank people can be notified and get to the bank by opening time. We are supposed to get the 800 numbers, and when we give them out, you will be making appointments pretty promptly.

Q: What is the range for bank exchange Fees ? Will there be Exchange fees at the Teller window??

A: The same range as we said on Monday’s call – 0.03 to 0.05%. You wll pay the same fees at the window as with the wealth manager. It’s going to be about a thousand dollars per million USD exchanged, which is not enough to argue about.

Q: I moved less than six months ago – is that long enough?

A: Ask when you call.

Q: If we are NOT taking contract rates, and we call the 800#, meet at the appointment, decide to exchange none or only some at that time, will we be able to do that, or will they have us come back later? Will this procedure help us set up with a wealth manager?

A: You never have to exchange all your currencies at a time.

Q: Is it mandatory for your trustee(s) to be insured?

A: Up to your grantor.

Q: Is there a certain type of insurance that we (the owner of a foundation or trust) need to carry for protection?

A. You don’t own a foundation or trust. It’s up to the grantor and board of trustees to decide if you need any insurance, of any kind.

Q: I have currencies in a private group which exceeds the 10 ZIM cap and which required me to sign an NDA. I also have 10 ZIMs for the public exchange. My question is since all currency is being tracked, do I have to disclose the amount I have in the private group when I call the 800 # or when exchanging with a wealth manager. Will I be in violation using both ways to exchange?

A: I think you can do both.

Q: What will the process be for Canadians?

A: When we get that, we will post it.

Q: Can you briefly explain the difference in a Spendthrift Trust and a Living Trust? Are both safe options for protecting one’s wealth while making it accessible? And, can a foundation be placed in both?

A: A living trust serves no purpose until you die, so it doesn’t offer asset protection – it is designed to prevent probate. There are other trusts that will do that as well. Individuals create foundations, like a family foundation. Other foundations can possibly be set up under trusts; it might be legal but not necessarily the best way forward. It depends on what you want to do. Talk to a professional.

Q: Can you do both a private and public exchange?

A: I don’t see any reason why not; the only considerations we’ve been told about is the limitation of amount.

Q: US citizens have tens or hundreds of thousands of 100 and 50T Zim notes but people in Zimbabwe has wheelbarrows full of them. Will Zimbabwe pay their own people at the new rate that we get?

A: No.

Q: Monday you said when you call the 1800 number to declare all your currency or it would cause a problem later. I had intended to not exchange all mine at first to wait for rate increase in the future, example Zim. Do you still think in the future Zim will greatly increase as you thought it would a couple of months ago?

A: They want to know what you have so that they send you to the right person at the right bank to make the best deal possible for you. A guy with five million is going to be treated differently than a guy with fifty million, or someone with 500 million. That doesn’t mean you have to exchange it all in the first appointment; they just want to know what they are dealing with. If you want the contract rate, they want to know your totals before determining how much of the contract rate to offer you. Zim will go up, we just don’t know the timeframe.

Q: Can Canada expect contract rates on IQD as well? Also, what would be the exchange bank for the Zim?

A: Canada is basically being treated just like the US, under the same treaty. There will be a bank for the Zim, but I don’t know which it is. Canada is greatly involved here, with the same guidelines.

Q: I don’t have any entities set up yet. Am I on the right track with my understanding that my best and wisest course of action is to exchange my currency (dinar, dong, Zim) into some to-be-created personal accounts using my legal name, then set up the entities, then move the money? I am aware that I have the option of exchanging only part of the currency now and the rest of it later.

A: Yes, you are on the right track.

Q: Since they have the lower denomination on TV would not that give the world a heads up that they are changing the value of their currency and cause a dinar buying frenzy?

A: It is on local (Iraqi) television, not internationally. Not everyone is paying attention to Iraq. Iraqis are being asked NOT to share on Facebook, nor to give out all the information they are being given. We are fortunate in being able to get this information. Not everyone is tracking what’s going on in Iraq every day.

Questions from live callers

770 caller: Is there going to be a certain time limit that they will make 800 numbers available to us? Can I stay with my private banker?

Tony: Probably 10-15 days, until most people have done their exchanges. You can stay with your private banker in any case – you don’t have to use the 800 numbers if you already have a relationship with a wealth manager or private banker.

805 caller: Do you need to bring your gift letters to the exchange?

Tony: Yes. Someone is tracking every single note that is out there. They know who bought what, and when, and where. What they don’t know if who you gave it to, if you did give any away. If you walk up to a teller, they will not ask for your receipts, because as far they are concerned it’s currency, and no different from a US dollar bill. The banks don’t care unless you are of interest to a government agency. If you make $30K per year and you have 100K worth of currency, they want to know how that happened. It won’t be people exchanging under a million, in my opinion. If you have your receipts, no harm, no foul. If you have receipts or gift letters, take them with you, just in case. Our advisers are saying to take the paper trail with you, because if you have a lot, they will ask for two forms of proof that this is your currency, not someone else’s.

972 caller: Last Friday, did you say something about all the Zim notes going in?

Tony: I would take in all your Zim notes, and see what they will exchange. Let them tell you what they will take and what they will not take. If they only take the eight notes we have heard, then take the rest away for later. But they might exchange them all!

Caller: Do I have to use the 800 number?

Tony: If you have less than a million USD-worth, you go to the teller. If you have between one and ten million, go to the teller and ask to speak to a wealth manager. If you have more than ten million, you either have to call the 800 number, OR you can go to your bank and make an appointment with a wealth manager – but you might get an appointment a week or two later, after those going through the 800 number system.

Caller: For me, it’s about the rates. For example, they already know the dong rate is over a dollar, which means I would have to call the 800 number anyway. Could I take in half to start with and the rest later?

Tony: NO, you can call your bank, but the 800 number people will be there before you. They will ask how much you have in total, whether you exchange it all together or not. Go to the bank, to the teller, and tell them you want to exchange a million dollar’s worth now, and to make you an appointment with a private banker as well.

865/404: According to some stories, some banks are still being rude or unbelieving. Do you have any sense of what percentage of banks are now onboard?

Tony: I have no idea. Years ago, they gave each bank and region the option to be involved or not, and some chose not to. I don’t know if they’re doing it by branch or region, but clearly not all bankers know about this yet. They want it that way, so that all the staff doesn’t run out, buy dinar, and walk off the job when this happens.

Caller: Private exchange vs. public exchange?

Tony: Private means exchanging in a group.

Caller: Any idea of what ‘a couple of weeks’ means in Iraq?

Tony: In Kurdistan the prices are supposed to change today, so I assume that rates will also change today. In Baghdad, it might actually mean two or three weeks. I don’t know.

314 caller: If I open an account at the exchange and I go to the wealth manager, will the WM be able to flag the account as ‘no access’ right then and there.

Tony: Yes. You can call the bank and ask. Caller: The day of my exchange, will I be able to wire 100K to another bank account?

Tony: They don’t want you to wire a single wire of more than 500K during the first 30 days. Over that amount there will be scrutiny and possible delays. Anything under 500K will probably just flow through. You might have to wait 24 hours, but the wire should arrive within a few hours…

773 caller: Did you say the committee has HAD their last meeting?

Tony: They have nothing scheduled for this week, and they have been reassigned because this is supposed to be over. It’s a great thing.

Next caller: Who do the 800 number operators work for?

RayRen: They work for the banks. The UST sent out the 800 numbers, and the banks then issue those 800 numbers to their branches. Their employees will answer the phones and direct you to where you need to go. The banks have set up the call centers and the exchange centers.

Caller: What if I had a layaway, so the currency is not in my possession but I have the option to buy it…

RayRen: If I intend to buy it, I would include it in my total amount so that I can be directed to the right wealth manager. There are WMs who handle 15 million dollars, and other WMs that deal with 100 million dollars. If I want to get to the right person, I need to give the right amount. I am reading an article saying that the final Budget amendments were made with approval of the Prime Minister. He is not waiting the 18 days, he has already approved them. All we are waiting for now is the Gazette, which couldn’t publish it until it was approved.

973 caller: I know sometimes your call is used to give out information. How much faith and belief do you have in the folks you are dealing with, bankers and others?

Tony: People ask me that all the time? I believe it, or I wouldn’t be telling you. When we are not on the call, we are talking to our sources who are discussing what they want to do. I give my feedback then, and they go back and look at things again. Sometimes they make changes, and sometimes they don’t. We are giving you everything they say coming out of the meeting or briefing. It’s not written in stone, and things can change right up to the last minute. Some new people jumped onboard in January, and that changed some things right there, because everyone has a new idea. I do believe they are trying to come up with a process; some things they want make sense, and some do not. I think I’m giving them a good Idea of how we feel. I trust they are trying to do their best, given they haven’t done this before either. They are getting down to the pieces on the street, and they have only just started working on that, while we’ve been thinking about it for ten years! The economy and administration have both changed so the process has changed.

IN caller: What about the FinCen form?

RayRen: The banker will send that out electronically. You won’t even see it.

Caller: Does it matter if matter if we exchange in Fed Reserve notes or UST notes?

Tony: There are all dollars; you will not know the difference. Don’t you think they would have to tell the American people if there is to be a change like that?

Caller: About security, I was told that we may not be able to bring cell phones to the exchange…

Tony: I have never, ever heard that. You can walk into a bank today with a cell phone, so why wouldn’t you be able to work into an exchange appointment with a cell phone. I have bankers, exchange people, etc., and not one has mentioned that from a briefing.

RayRen: If that were an issue, we would have brought it to you before now.

734 caller: We don’t have Wells Fargo or HSBC in Michigan.

RayRen: Those are the lead banks, with Bank of America. If you don’t have them in your area, you will be sent to an affiliate bank in your area.

480 caller: How amny are holding zim and dinar?

Tony: There are eight million with dinar, and the average person has 100K. The last time I asked, there were 5,000 Zim holders, but that was years ago. Even if that has doubled, it doesn’t come close to dinar. The average person holds fewer than ten Zim notes; that’s how/why they suggested that cap of ten x 100 T Zim notes. Every administration is different; President Bush and President Obama said, “Let them exchange 500 million and then do a 100 year payout.” That would let them bring in all the notes, and they would collect interest, do projects, etc., and they would make money with that money. Their perspective is that Zimbabwe would grow, and they (and the US) would make money on it. After the Middle East is developed, the new frontier is Africa, and we would control that because we (the US) would have all their currency. We would help them develop. Then trump came into office, and he said, “we are not nation builders.” So that 100-year plan went out the window. Also the banks didn’t want to pay out over 100 years. They changed the strategy and also HOW we exchange. We have to do this as we go, and exchange what their economy can absorb now, then take in the rest based on how the Zimbabwe grows. Their resources are in the ground but until their economy grows, that is useless to them and to us.

Caller: So if I then exchange one note, wouldn’t it smarter to bring in everything I have at one time (in terms of negotiating better terms)? Tony: I’m not trying to tell you what to do here, just going with your scenario. I go in with everything I own, and ask the rates and terms. They will probably say “I’ll give you this upfront, and interest on the rest if you leave it with me.” You may think you will get more by watching Forex. That requires you to watch the market, and it will go up and down. If that is something you know how to do, then you may well get more money. But if not, you might want to exchange it all, and then go off and make more with your money. You will not get the cheese factory on your first day, though. Those are decisions you get to make, and only you can make them.

RayRen: Keep in mind that you may lose an opportunity. You might prefer to deal with an opportunity using Other People’s Money (OPM), and wait for the better rate. You might have to have a prayer meeting with yourself to discern what you need vs. what you want. You will still pay the bills, but you don’t need to pay them on exchange day. Deal with those immediate needs with OPM so you don’t lose opportunities on YOUR money.

Tony: I need my Rolls Royce on exchange day – how do I get it?

RayRen: Lease it and put that purchase money to work.

819 caller: Are you aware of the prosperity packages? Read that they have been approved for release with an Executive Order?

Tony: I haven’t got one, and I know that I’m on the list. Have you received one? Caller: I have received an email from one of the prospect package groups.

Tony: About five years ago, people found the banks were paying off their mortgages and cars; for instance, one of my friends had her mortgage paid off. They put together a list, and I submitted a list myself for a million-dollar gift from the government. The bank is supposed to contact you directly, either with a phone call, a certified letter, or through a local agency. You will have a bank appointment to complete the process. If you didn’t hear from the bank, it is not happening yet. I haven’t heard that they have gone out yet; they are not supposed to go out until the RV happens.

Caller: As for starting a charitable foundation, when we go to the exchange we just tell the bank manager that the bulk of this goes to a nonprofit to avoid future taxable gifts?

RayRen: If you have already made the gift prior to the exchange, you are not exchanging it anyway. If you give notes to a charitable foundation, then yes, create a gift letter. If you are giving money AFTER the RV, the foundation/charity will let you write off up to 50% of your taxable income – there is no gift tax on that. Give to entities, not to people.

Tony: Gifting letters are for individuals. Charities will give YOU a letter saying you have given them those gifts. The gift tax only applies to gifts to a private person, so you want to give those gifts before the RV. Get together with your tax person and let him/her give you those answers. Say, “this is what I want to do; how do I accomplish that right now?”

Closing Statement The most interesting news is that the Budget is officially signed off, and now it just needs to be published in the Gazette. The committees have gone on to the next project, and I can’t wait to do the same. I think we’ve discussed everything we need to discuss. If more comes out, we will let you know.

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA


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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   3/7/18 Empty Re: RayRat/Tony Call Notes 3/7/18

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Dear Scott.Rask@usdoj.gov as well as #DOJ.gov #FBI.gov #IRS.gov .. 

Excuse me for stating the obvious, but the sheer mention of the ZIM in any sentence as having possibility as a get rich quick investment vehical is like screaming from the highest roof top that my currency intel scam is much more outrageous than all the Nigerian lotteries combined. 

Q: Curious, how does a felon & recent grad of the Federal Penal College go right back to his day job of MLM, soliciting donations and/or promoting toilet paper & creating fiction for profit? 
Sorry for not being completely stupid but ..  #SeeAcrimeReportACrime

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   3/7/18 Empty Re: RayRat/Tony Call Notes 3/7/18

Post by Kevind53 on Thu Mar 08, 2018 5:15 pm

RayRat/Tony Call Notes   3/7/18 Mjaxmi11

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