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Kaparoni -  "Wait for the Next Phase" - Dinar Alert News Discussion 3/6/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Kaparoni - "Wait for the Next Phase" - Dinar Alert News Discussion 3/6/18

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Kaparoni -  "Wait for the Next Phase" - Dinar Alert News Discussion 3/6/18 Empty Kaparoni - "Wait for the Next Phase" - Dinar Alert News Discussion 3/6/18

Post by Ssmith on Wed Mar 07, 2018 9:24 am

Cycle (counterfeiting and forgery of domestic and foreign currency and match them in real currency) for the period 20-2018 / 3/22 March 06, 2018

To / government and private banks and financial companies transfer all licensed ( training course )



Kaperoni: Government / private banks and authorized financial transfer companies

M / training course

The Center for Banking Studies presents you greetings ..,

We would like to inform you about a training course entitled "Counterfeiting and counterfeiting local and foreign currency and counterfeiting

In real currency "for the period + + - + 1 + in the province of Basra for a period of three days addressed to the staff of the banks

Operating in the southern governorates at nine o'clock in the morning according to the details below:

. Candidates: - All employees related to the subject matter of the course

. Place of the session: - Central Bank of Iraq / Branch of Basra

"Name of lecturer: - Specialized team of issuing and treasury department in the Central Bank of Iraq

Course Roll: Arabic

Please nominate your employees for their work related to the return. Know that the wages of the buyer are (6)? (1)

JD: (one hundred and twenty five thousand dinars) one participant pay to the Center for Banking Studies on the account number

(Through the payment system (6165) code (e 4) and through the use of type (202 8 & 81) and with your permission

monty.monks.007: Get everyone trained up to recognise the forgeries when all that "Chunky money" starts rolling in. !

Mike: I'm surprised we're still reading these articles, practically speaking, who counterfeits a currency worth 0.00090 to the dollar? And, it's not even accepted outside of Iraq itself. Counterfeiting a $100 bill makes perfect sense, but a 50K note worth $40 bucks? --Stay grounded...

Punisher: They look towards the future Mike Wink

Mike: I mean, I guess so but Iraq's currency will slowly rise in value due to the effect of the Balasaa-Samuelson effect, it's not an overnight deal. In addition, security symbols, raised dots, colored threads and the Spark optical features make this one of the toughest currencies to counterfeit today.

With a value of 0.00090 to $1.

​Shabibi told us all throughout 2011 and 2012 that counterfeiting was an excuse by Iraq's leadership to not make a change in the value of the dinar. It was a scare tactic. Why we're still seeing this stuff is beyond me. Here's a link below that speaks to Iraq's specific security features for their dinar, it sure seems like a lot of work for a currency that's essentially worthless outside the country.



Kaperoni: The construction of the new 37-storey Central Bank of Iraq building is underway

5/3/2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nlpmpf83g6g

monty.monks.007: A beautiful looking building.

Kw: I wonder if this is the same building Shabbi wanted to build and Turkey shoot it down.


Kaperoni: Parliamentary Energy: National Oil Company Law will give the shares for each Iraqi citizen 6/3/2018 Economy News _ Baghdad

It revealed to the Committee on Oil and parliamentary power, on Tuesday, the inclusion of the Iraqi National Oil Company Law deduction ratio of not less than 10% placed in four boxes experience is the first in the country, while noting that one of the funds will give every Iraqi citizen resident within the country shares of that percentage.

Committee Chairman Ali Bahadli at a joint press conference with members of the committee attended by "Economy News", that " the legislation of the law of the Iraqi National Oil Company , represents a major achievement for the House of Representatives, which reshaped the company canceled personal from the former regime decisions in 1987 after there was a law of the law No. 123 of 1967 were merged and their subordination to the Ministry of oil , "noting that" after 2004 , tried the oil Ministry and its Minister Ibrahim Bahr al- Ulum , former re - activate the law of the national oil company , but those efforts ran into objections from the other. "

He Bahadli that " the law after efforts and discussions and workshops lasted for several months , saw the light, where he will activate investment in refineries and gas industry and all targets set for the success of the company 's work can be achieved through a number of goals and means of investment and exploration of new structures and activating the investment under the mechanisms of scientific foundations and technical, " pointing out that" some people understand that the company has a higher authority than what some might expect, but the truth infers its work and powers of the Constitution , which is the Ministry of oil , which draws oil policies of the country and the company is working on the implementation of those policies arm. "

He Bahadli that " the company for the first time it has achieved a great achievement for the Iraqi people through the formation of four funds will be deducted at least 10% of the revenue to be distributed to those funds," he said .

​ " The first fund will be to support the company 's capital and the second , a citizen fund, containing the transfer of the wealth the country to the Iraqi people , which was allocated shares for every Iraqi citizen , a resident inside Iraq and developed a mechanism for the delivery of those amounts in addition to the mechanisms to prevent the provinces that do not hand oil quotas to the federal government. "

He Bahadli that " the Third Fund , a Generations Fund, which the government will develop its mechanisms to put allocations for those generations, either the fourth fund is the support of oil - producing provinces , " stressing that "those percentages will be distributed according to the instructions are placed within the rules of procedure of the company."

The House of Representatives voted during the meeting held on Monday, a proposed law on the National Oil Company.


Kw: Looks like the HCL

Punisher: Sure does or darn close to it.

Sweetpea: This is good news folks... HCL has been on the back burner for a long time now. ( if this is indeed HCL) Back years ago, before I found Kap's site, I listened to conference calls and the guy preached HCL as a must before anything would happen to increase the dinar value. Like Kap, he was very conservative. It was an interesting viewpoint, though I'm a diehard Kap fan now.

Mike: The Shia dominated GOI are consolidating their control and power over the oil in Iraq. The HCL that was written in 2007 allowed the provinces to be a part of the decision making process and Maliki balked at it and introduced this piece of legislation.

This centralizes all control of the oil through Baghdad, decisions like what oil companies are involved, bidding, location of drilling and how proceeds are distributed.

This is great for the Shia, bad for Basra, Kirkuk and specifically the Kurd's. --Stay grounded...

johnbob1: Mike, I have to tell you it is hard to feel bad for anybody in that country because they are their own worst enemies, if the sunni or kurds were in charge they would be doing the same shite

Mike: Yep, you're right johnbob1, I won't argue with you on that point. The US helped craft the first HCL and it was supposed to imitate oil rich companies like Kuwait and Qatar where the citizens received a stipend every month, free medical care and other subsidies.

But Iraq didn't go that route. Maliki stalled the HCL and instead grew the government with bloated payrolls, Iraq's monthly budget now for salaries is $4 billion. Instead of sharing the oil wealth the politicians have skimmed off the top and enriched themselves. --Stay grounded...

Punisher: A land of billionaire politicians!

Zee: According to Reuters, the Kurds also voted for the National Oil Company, Mike. Seems to me the Kurds would be rather insane to vote for something that would not provide a benefit to them.

Mike: Here's what Reuters posted a week ago:

Iraq’s government has agreed with Kurdish regional authorities to resume Kirkuk oil exports through Turkey’s Ceyhan port soon, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Tuesday without giving a precise timeline for restarting the flow.


And this is from three days ago:

The standoff has been intractable for quite a while. Baghdad demands that oil exported to Turkey - and on to the global market via the Turkish Mediterranean port in Ceyhan - do so under the auspices of the Iraqi government. After an Iraqi oil pipeline to Turkey was damaged years ago by ISIS, however, the Kurds built their own pipeline and exported oil on their own.


Mike: From what I can tell, the Kurd's are outside the Ntional Oil Company because they do things their own way, they're not asking Baghdad for help. I guess time will tell. --Stay grounded...

Punisher: Looks like the Kurds and Baghdad are playing nice.


Kaperoni: Iraqi dinar exchange rates (February 28)

28/2/2018 SULAIMANI — The U.S. dollar to Iraqi dinar (IQD) exchange rate was stable in the Kurdistan Region’s currency markets on Wednesday (February 28).

Broker Dana Mawlud told NRT that $100 was selling at 122,250 Iraqi dinars, maintaining the same rate as the previous day.

Mawlud also reported that 100 British pounds was 1000 IQD down to 167,000 and 100 euros was also 1000 IQD down to 148,000.

(NRT) http://www.nrttv.com/En/Details.aspx?Jimare=18989

Punisher: so still at 1220 today.

Kaperoni: 1222 to $1

Paxx: Not too bad. Could be worse I suppose. I am just so eager to see this 2%.

Punisher: Same ballpark Paxx. Not bad but I want to see it drop.

One small step for Dinar land, one HUGE leap for Iraq .

The stability of the dollar in Iraq at the same price

Date of release: 2018/3/2 10:13 • [BAGHDAD]

Foreign currency markets in Baghdad on Friday morning stabilized at the dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar but are still at their lowest level in weeks.

The market price in the Kifah Exchange in Baghdad was 1220 dinars per dollar, or 122 thousand dinars for one hundred dollars, the same price for days.

The prices of selling and buying dollars in banking companies were:

the selling price of one dollar 12250 dinars, or 122 thousand and 500 dinars, for one hundred dollars.

And the purchase price of the dollar is 1215 dinars, or 121 thousand and 500 dinars, for one hundred dollars.


Punisher: So between 1215 and 1220. Not bad at all. If I am reading that correctly.

Sweetpea: Any updates on the dinar rate?

Kaperoni: Dollar exchange rate and the price of gold in Iraq on Monday

5/3/2018 Economy News _ Baghdad

Recorded dollar exchange rates, Monday, declined slightly in front of the dinar in the local currency market.

According to the figures in the "Economy News" sell the dollar in Baghdad, recorded today 121 thousand and 500 dinars and the purchase price of 122 thousand dinars for $ percent, while yesterday scored 122 thousand 250 dinars and the purchase price of 123 thousand and 500 dinars for $ percent.

In Basra Stock Exchange Saralabie Register today 122 thousand and 800 dinars, and the purchase price of 124 thousand and 750 dinars for $ cent and yesterday was 125 thousand and 950 dinars, and the purchase price of 123 thousand and 900 dinars for $ percent.

The sale of the dollar exchange rate in Arbil Register today 125 thousand and 250 dinars, the purchase price of 125 thousand and 200 dinars per dollar cent, while yesterday scored 125 thousand and 450 dinars, the purchase price of 125 thousand and 400 dinars for $ percent.

That fell to the price of Iraqi gold, today Alatneben, 224 thousand dinars per weight.

The price of gold from the weight of 21-carat, today 224 thousand and 500 dinars, while yesterday's record of 225 thousand also.

It is noteworthy that the weight of one gold equals 5 grams.


Kaperoni: 1215 to $1 were close!

Kw: that is awesome

Punisher: I saw that in a few places today. Whoo hooo! Keep coming down Smile

Wn: Thanks Kap

LovesBudgies: I want to get excited!

Justwaiting: LovesBudgies, me also ~ but must not allow myself to (yet!) ~ dang!!

Sweetpea: Wow, thanks Kap... This is looking pretty darn good! Can't help but get a little excited.

Chattels: The dollar records more than 122 thousand dinars in the Iraqi stock market

05/03/2018 BAGHDAD (Reuters) - US dollar prices on Monday rose slightly against the dinar on the Iraqi bourse.

The price of the sale of the dollar in the Kifah Exchange in Baghdad today was 122 thousand and 200 dinars and the purchase price 122 thousand and 150 dinars to 100 dollars, while yesterday recorded 122 thousand and 100 dinars and the purchase price 122 thousand and 50 dinars to 100 dollars.

While the price of selling the dollar on the stock exchange in Erbil today 122 thousand and 250 dinars, the purchase price 122 thousand and 200 dinars compared to $ 100, while recorded yesterday 122 thousand and 100 dinars, and the purchase price 122 thousand and 50 dinars compared to $ 100.

On the Basra Stock Exchange, the sale price today was 122 thousand and 350 dinars, and the purchase price 122 FAO 300 dinars to 100 dollars, while yesterday recorded 122 thousand and 250 dinars, and the purchase price 122 thousand and 200 dinars compared to $ 100.


Wn: Just think! once it gets into compliance we only have to wait 3 months for the next phase.


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Kaparoni -  "Wait for the Next Phase" - Dinar Alert News Discussion 3/6/18 Empty Re: Kaparoni - "Wait for the Next Phase" - Dinar Alert News Discussion 3/6/18

Post by Kevind53 on Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:10 am

Get a clue Kap ... there is not going to be any change, you are not going to see a positive float, not while the country is a mess like it is now, and it's going to take years of clearing before they can even start to think about rebuilding, and most likely hundreds of millions of dollars they don't have.

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 Kaparoni -  "Wait for the Next Phase" - Dinar Alert News Discussion 3/6/18 2805820865  Kaparoni -  "Wait for the Next Phase" - Dinar Alert News Discussion 3/6/18 2805820865  Kaparoni -  "Wait for the Next Phase" - Dinar Alert News Discussion 3/6/18 2805820865  Kaparoni -  "Wait for the Next Phase" - Dinar Alert News Discussion 3/6/18 2805820865
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