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RayRat/Tony Call Notes 3/2/18

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   3/2/18 Empty RayRat/Tony Call Notes 3/2/18

Post by Ssmith on Sat Mar 03, 2018 8:44 am

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Adept1)

TNT Call 2-March-2018 Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# https://instantteleseminar.com/Events/105884697 AUDIO REPLAY LINK

RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! This is Fantabulous Friday, March 2, 2018, with yours truly RayRat98 here, along with…

Tony: Goood morning, TNT!

RayRen: We had various updates yesterday and this morning: Thursday’s update: After voting on several articles, members of Parliament walked out before voting on and passing the final budget. Kurds are boycotting. Abadi says the vote will be live Saturday on TV so that the citizens can see exactly whom is causing problems with the process. The meeting of the three presidencies regarding the budget was postponed until later in the evening, no update yet.

Members of Parliament who are absent from voting will be fined. Abadi again on TV warning everyone of serious repercussions due to the budget not being voted and passed as scheduled. I don’t see any of this interfering with our 800 number process but, Time Will Tell.

Friday morning update: The three presidencies accordingly met late Thursday evening and concluded that 12.7% will be allocated for the Kurds in the budget.

PM Abadi reportedly agreeing to paying only two ministers of Kurdistan alleging the others are involved in corruption. Twelve articles in the budget did get passed, but not the “big one”. Saturday is the intended day for the final votes on the budget, however, the Kurds are vowing to continue their boycott of the vote. In spite of these issues, the 800 numbers are still expected sometime throughout the weekend! Tony: Even though it’s Friday, votes are being held today. They have 20 laws they want to pass before the Budget; twelve have passed, and the rest will be voted on Sunday.

Almost two weeks ago, we got the call from Kurdistan saying the Budget was signed and done, just not announced. We keep getting that message from Kurdistan, saying, “You know it’s already been done!” I cannot tell you why they are still doing this. Our sources say it is not up to them; they have done what they were supposed to do, and they are just waiting for the announcement.

The following came to us on Monday, and I don’t know if that is what they are waiting for or not. The CBI suspended the currency auctions to convert from old to new systems. The memo went out to all banks and exchange companies that they must fully integrate their systems with the new CBI systems. They were given specific time frames to complete their conversion to the new system for a success interface with everyone else. There various state and private banks, plus exchange and credit card companies. CBI has a target date to align all financial institutions. That was on Monday.

I don’t know if that is what they are waiting for or not. Our banks are updating, and being testing; maybe it’s the same for them, and then this will happen. Something is going on. There are reasons for the Kurds to be in agreement and everything to be signed, but not announced. There’s a reason it’s been going on this long.

I think it’s a good sign that it will be televised tomorrow. Hopefully everyone is ready to go. On our side, I’m looking at the same thing in the banking system. Possibly something happened yesterday evening. I don’t know if they are listening to this call or not. On Monday, we were told the exact date and time the RV was supposed to take place. That’ why I kept saying I wouldn’t tell you, just that it’s by the end of this week. However, this correlated with the Budget being announced, and that has happened several times already.

They schedule the RV for when the jBudget is announced, and there are several opinions on whether the Budget is required. Today, Iraq posted the Budget at the old rate; figures are in the trillions rather than billions. However, this shows the Iraqi people exactly what has been allocated to whom. Hopefully that will pass tomorrow, and then it will have the new rate in it. If the Budget comes out tomorrow and its in the trillions, the new rate can be dropped in any time after that.

The CBI can change that rate whenever it chooses. At least they will have a Budget, something to operate on. Our people gave us a date and time, which was yesterday, and it didn’t happen. So they gave us a new date and time, and that didn’t happen. They have contacted us and say it’s been put off until a new date. Let’s see what happens tomorrow. We did NOT get the rewritten NDA to post here. It has been sent to Washington to be approved, and it was supposed to come to us last night; hopefully we will get it today. I can tell you it started out at 28 pages and it is down to 12 pages now.

They also broke down the 12 pages for us; some of it’s definitions, some are signature pages, and the rest is the actual NDA. I don’t think we will see it until it’s actually about to happen; I don’t think they want to give it to us a week beforehand, maybe for a day to review it and see how we want to go. It’s the same thing with the Budget – I don’t think they will give us time to learn rate, and have a week to mortgage our houses to buy more dinar before the RV! This is all being discussed in the committees, etc.

This event was never intended for the general public; it just happened It was certainly not meant for eight million people! They won’t give us information to buy more because they believe we have too much already. It just happened. They want to create parity, and that is why they are offering the contract rate to those with the least dinar, so that there are more millionaires rather than billionaires. Otherwise, we are still waiting. I think we will get the NDA and the Budget maybe a day in advance. They have already rescheduled, and in Iraq the Budget vote will be televised. I don’t think they can use that as an excuse for much longer. The rate has been set, and the CBI can release it when they get word from the powers that be – meaning the US. The IMF, World Bank, etc., have all said “let’s go!” and someone in the US is wanting us to wait – I don’t know what for.

The US banks were ready to go yesterday and they were told to wait. It is coming to a head, and if the vote is televised, then I cannot see waiting much longer because we are all ready to go.

What’s our first question in the forum?

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: Does the 1 billion total US dollars per person now replace the 10 Zim note total limit??

A: They are different limits. We are being told that an individual cannot exchange more than ten x 100T Zim – that is specific to Zim – AND no person will receive more than one billion US dollars from all their currency exchanges combined. That one billion – any way you get to it – is what we HEAR people are limited to. I haven’t seen anything in writing about that.

Q: Is there a time limit by which we have to exchange our currencies?

A: The only limit I know about is the 000 dinar notes – that has a two-year lifespan. The others are asset-backed ‘forever’ currencies.

Because the first group of currencies are supposed to all revalue simultaneously, is it possible that the delay to the Dinar revaluing is due to one or more of the other countries getting their act together like Iraq has? Might Tony’s friends at the Treasury have some indication about what the holdup is?

A: No. Everything is set, so far as I know. The value of the other currencies is included in the resrve currencies, so they cannot go until dinar goes. It is the foundation of the GCR, and the other cannot go until Iraq goes. I asked what is holding up the UST, and it is the UST

Q: What if you cannot get an estranged sibling to sign NDA. No longer have contact with them?

A: there is an affidavit in the NDA where you can put the person’s name and say you have on contact with that person. Make sure you are speaking the truth as you know it when you sign that affidavit, which is a statement of truth.

 Q: So do I surmise correctly that a US citizen living in Canada (now a dual citizen) for past 5+ years cannot do exchange in the US – must use a Canadian bank in Canada? Any way around this??

 A: Do you have a problem exchanging in Canada? Do you have a residential address and/or bank account in the US? We really cannot address every single person’s individual circumstances. You are supposed to exchange where you have lived for the last 182 days. If you’ve lived in Canada for the last five years, youo will probably exchange in Canada, and probably get more than in the US.

Q: Will ZIM exchange require an NDA if one does not exchange dinar for contract rates?

A: No, not to our knowledge.

Q: A fellow currency holder passed. His wife never got on the forum. The currency is now hers. She left Texas and stayed with both her kids until she just bought a home in Florida. She has not lived at the old or new address in the time period given. Can she use the new Florida address to RV??

A: She must have lived somewhere for the last twelve months! For these personal situations, call and ask the 800 number operator rather than going through people’s personal business here on the call.

Q: What I understand from this is that a person is ONLY required to call the 800 number WITHIN THEIR REGION, IF one wants to get the contract rate.?

A: Call the 800 number is you want the contract rate, if you have ten million or more (in US dollars) or if you want to exchange Zim.

Q: Does the one billion dollar currency ceiling per individual apply to ALL currencies? And what happens to an individual’s extra currency exceeding the 1 billion dollar ceiling? Do other family members qualify as “individuals” who can exchange the extra currency exceeding the billion dollar ceiling?

A: I brought this up, and gave the xample before: it doesn’t matter if one person exchanges ten billion, or ten people exchange a billion, that’s still a billion into the system. They will track that, and whomever you give it to, they will take it from them. That doesn’t make sense to me, but that is what they said yesterday when we were discussing it. I don’t even know if they can enforce that. Even though you have this currency, technically it belongs to the CBI and they can take it from you. There are laws on our books that say the government can came and take what you have, especially if there is a run on the banks. I have to look into this, because it sounds crazy to me. However, that is the response we got to that question.

Q: Have you seen pictures of the lower denominations yet?

A: I forgot about that.

Q: Have you got any indication that the NDA “still” contains language that requires signers to be in compliance with all current and future USA laws, as it did a few years ago?

A: Huh? I don’t know what that means. Homeland Security is doing the background checks, and I don’t know what they are looking for. I know they have a list of people who they will not allow to exchange. A few years ago, a lady went into the bank with two suitcases of currency, and they confiscated the currency and wanted her to prove that the money to buy the currency came from legitimate sources, because there were drug dealers in her family.

Q: Any word on whether banks will offer SKRs for us to deposit currencies after RV that we were not permitted to exchange during our first exchange appointments, due to any limits on Zim?

A: That is something to work out with your private banker. They said they are working on MultiCurrency Accounts (MCAs) for individuals as well as businesses. If you travel a lot and you want the bank to hold the currency so that they can exchange on a schedule, you can work that out with the bank. I know one person who had a schedule of 80 million every week for four weeks, and he went abroad.

Q: Friday you mentioned bank exchange fees will be @ 3 to 5 points. Does that translate to full percentage i.e.: $30,000 per million $ exchanged (0.03 & 0.05)? Our sweet Call transcribers stated “.003 & .005” to be used for our calculations = $3,000 per million$. OR .0003 = $300 per mil? Please clarify.

A: A point is 1/100 of one cent. So that would be 0.003, or three thousand per mil. WE have been told 3-5 points. If you have a million dollars and they charge a couple thousand as a fee, that’s fine. It’s better to negotiate your interest rates, because you’ll get those points back within a month!

Q: If you chose to go to WF Bank and need to make an appointment to exchange, while waiting on your appointment and you decide you want to exchange a note while waiting, can you go to your bank you normally bank at and exchange or would I have to go to WF bank where I want to exchange my other currencies at?

A: If you are exchanging less than a million dollars, you can go to any WF and do the exchange while you wait for your appointment.

Q: I really am having trouble with the idea of getting other people to sign a NDA. How in the world. Can we control anyone but our own selves?

A: Here is where the affidavit comes in, in case you have hostile family members.

Tony: It’s about who you have already told about this, and who you plan to tell. If you haven’t told cousin Joe because you haven’t spoken for ten years, it’s not an issue. I haven’t seen the NDA yet. I know they made some updates and sent it to Washington. As soon as I do get it, I will look over it, and post it if we can. It would be better if they create a site and post it so you can look at it directly.

Q: Past higher-ups who received the contract rate,.. did they sign an NDA? Was it the same wording that we have to Sign? When my Lawyer Reads the NDA and disagrees with some points, are they (PTB) willing to Exclude those POINTS??

 A: I assume they signed NDAs, I have no idea if they are the same, and no, you will not have the option of changing the NDA.

Q: As the pastor of a church, I’ll personally exchange 100T Zim. Then a day or so later will I also be able to exchange 100T that was donated to our church into the church bank account? I’m thinking not, because my name is on church account. Please comment.

A: Nothing beats a failure but a try. Is there anyone else on the church bank account that can exchange it for the church? Most churches and businesses have more than one person on the bank account.

Q: Since taxes are being taken out before we receive any funds does that mean that short and long term capital gains are out, that all currency is being taxed the same regardless of when we purchased it?

A: There is no tax, long or short-term.

Q: Obviously, we will have greater bargaining power IF we pledge ALL of our currency with the 1st bank/exchange center, that’s going against the first principle of investing “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. [It’s a exchange, not an investment.] I wanted to use three of the top banks along with other time-proven investment entities and inform each one that more of the “total pot” will be transferred each year to the one who is doing the best job in making AND not losing our money. [That is a post-exchange activity.] Once we exchange and they take their “pound of flesh”, is that the time to diversify? Or do we exchange in “pieces”?

Tony: I would think it’s better to exchange in one place, and then move portions of your money to other banks. See which does the best and move the rest later. If you want to go to three banks to exchange, you can make a six-month agreement with each to see which serves you the best with their one-third of the funds… you can do that, but you won’t get the better deal than if you had 100 million in one bank. You won’t have the same bargaining power as with the full sum.

Q: If I were to gift my Dinar post-RV, to a favorite Veteran’s charity, would the charity be able to get the Contract rates? (I have other currencies, but less than 1 Million dinar, so I think this is feasible.) As for them giving me a Receipt for a tax deduction, if they give me a receipt for X amount of dinar, at the prevailing Market or International rate that day, that would be good enough for me. I would obviously never know if they chose the Contract rate or not.

A: If you are going to give major gifts, do it BEFORE the RV with gifting letters. Their ability to get the contract rate is then up to them.

Q: Current rate for the dong?

A: Either 47 cents or $1.47. One of those should be the opening rate, so I would plan on 47 cents. They are saying the rate will be $1.97 to $2.10, but if you plan on 47 cents and it comes out higher, then you’re even happier.

Q: I am in Puerto Rico, which is District 2; will the bank assigned be on the island or the mainland?

 A: I was told that there is at least one back exchanging in Puerto Rico.

Q: I have four children that I want to set up a trust for before we exchange. Can I set up a generic trust with the bank until I fully set up their trust accounts? [Yes.] Also will the bank allow us to exchange IQD, VND for myself & Husband along with ZIM into our account, then exchange a 100T ZIM note into each one of our four children’s trust accounts?

A: Call the bank, and say, “This is what I want to achieve…”

Q: I seem to remember that at one point it was mentioned that ANY Zim exchange would be accompanied by an NDA. Is my memory correct? Is this still part of the Zim exchange process?

A: No.

Q: Does the tax treaty apply to the contract rate, such that taxes are paid prior to our receipt of the exchange rate?

A: Stop confusing income tax with excise tax. From our perspective, there is no tax.

Q: Do we still need to sweep the exchange funds into a new account? Will the bank have time to open that new account at the appointment?

A: You can do that after the exchange appointment, because they will not have time during your appointment. Tell them you want to change over your main account for security reasons, with no tellers allowed to see it in the computer; everyone who wants to deal with you have to go through the wealth manager. They will explain all that to you when you go in.

Q: My neighbor cannot leave the house; can I exchange her currency and deposit it for her or do we have to go through legal channels (i.e., power of attorney)?

A: You will need to set up a power of attorney.

Questions from live callers

951 caller: You mentioned ten x 100T Zim notes per person – can my wife and I each exchange ten 100 T notes?

Tony: That is the suggestion of the committee; it is not written in stone. If you have separate accounts, you might be able to go up to the limit each.

Caller: What if I then set up a separate entity?

Tony: They are not going to let you do that.

Caller: If you have over a billion in currency, the ideal is therefore to make those gifts now, so that you no longer reach that cap when you call the 800 numbers.

Tony: That is not what they want you to do. That’s all I can say.

Caller: The latest dong rate on the screen is more than a dollar?

Tony: That’s what I was told.

Caller: Should we still look like this weekend? Or next week?

Tony: It was supposed to be yesterday and then tomorrow, and it didn’t happen. I would look for the next seven days, and I don’t mean seven days. I can’t really tell you all how to go around what ‘they’ want you to do, with the caps and such. They are telling us what they are trying to accomplish, so I am not going to tell you ‘do X, Y, and Z’ to get around it. I did that 6-7 years ago, and they changed to law to block those work-arounds. They listen to our calls, and will make sure we can’t do what we’re talking about. 

865/404: How closely are the Budget, Gazette, and banks being synchronized?

Tony: That’s a very big question, and I would say “12-24 hours”.

512 caller: What is the cap on the dinar rate for which we can get the contract rate?

 Tony: The cap is ten million DINAR, not the exchange in US dollars. Over ten million dollars you need to call the 800 number to get a wealth manager. If you don’t want the contract rate, walk up to the teller if you have less than one million dollars’ worth of dinar; between one and ten millions, go to the teller to make you an appointment with a wealth manager. You can go for the contract rate for ANY amount of dinar, so long as it is ten million dinar or less. Over ten million dinar, you will exchange the rest at the regular rate. To get the contract rate, you MUST go through the 800 number system. 
Judge's email/phone:  ksd_murguia_chambers@ksd.uscourts.gov  913-735-2340 DA's email/phone:  Scott.Rask@usdoj.gov   913-551-6730  For example, if you have four million dinar, that’s going to be about 16 million US dollars, so you would still go through the 800 numbers because it is over the ten million dollar limit, in any case. There is an overall cap of one billion US dollars in total, combined currencies.

Caller: As for the NDA, what DC said is that they don’t want you to disclose the rate and the amount of your exchange. Is that still the case?

Tony: That is my understanding, although I haven’t seen the new NDA yet. They were concerned that people will get different contract rates. We now know that the dinar contract rate is $28.50 for everyone, so that’s no longer an issue.

Caller: What is this about a gift tax?

Tony: The IRS allows you to give gifts up to $15,000 per year, per person. Over that 15K, you have have to pay a gift tax of 40%. SO GIVE YOU CURRENCIES NOW, while they are at a lower value; if you give away 100T after the RV – that is, after the value goes up to 10 million – you will pay 40% on that gift.

347 caller: Caller: Are you still suggesting we go in with everything we’ve got, just in case?

Tony: Let them know how much you’ve got, so they know where to send you; the banker will then negotiate when you can exchange the rest of your Zim, maybe one note per month or quarter. The current cap of 100T is per person or entity, with 10 x 100T total; overall (that is, all currencies) the maximum any one person or entity can receive is one billion dollars. I’m not sure I understand that, but it will no doubt become clearer.

312 caller: [can’t hear this caller] Outside the USA?

Tony: As soon as we get the NDA, I will figure out how to post it. US banks operating outside the country may be able to share contract rates.

 Caller: Will there be a separate number for those with less than ten million who want contract rates? Otherwise they will tie up the lines.

Tony: It will be the same number. We will figure out what they are saying about one billion per person or entity. They are not wanting billionaires to be a common reality; that is not the purpose of this process. However, there are willing to make millionaires.

916 caller: Can you exchange to the separate limits into three separate entities: yourself, a nonprofit, and a corporation? Could you put 100T in each of them?

RayRen: I didn’t answer that question deliberately, because I think it is aimed at circumvention and I don’t want to address that, especially when they are listening. We seem to have caps in place now, so let’s leave it alone. You can ask the 800 number.

Tony: It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.
Judge's email/phone:  ksd_murguia_chambers@ksd.uscourts.gov  913-735-2340  DA's email/phone:  Scott.Rask@usdoj.gov   913-551-6730

Caller: We have a large family; those who don’t live with us, who have their own families, will all those cousins, etc., have to align with the NDA as well?

Tony: Your parents, siblings, their spouses, your children and their spouses, and your first cousins – those you have told about this, and who could expose you. You should know who those people are. They have to sign the NDA as well. Have your attorney read the document, and ask who it applies to.

Caller: $500,000 is the limit per transaction as a wire transfer?

Tony: Yes, per wire transfer, in the first month.

 770 caller: [Appreciation] This NDA scares me because it sounds like a trap for the first mouse. What do you think, Tony?

Tony: That’s a good question. You have to look at the NDA and see if you can abide by it. They are saying that I can share the document. They are saying that contract rates are available… but do you really want it on these terms? I know people who have already signed the NDA, and they are mainly government people used to being confidential. It might not be YOU so much as wondering if your brother-in-law can keep his mouth shut five years down the line. People will have to make those decisions for themselves, and that will scare off a lot of people. I will not make the decision until I read the NDA.

MI caller: Have you heard any rates on the Zim? If I have less than a million dollars worth, I can go to the teller, right? Should I open an account beforehand?

RayRen: We haven’t heard any more about the six zeros… but all Zim has to go through the 800 numbers, so you might as well exchange everything you have at that time. Tony: The only way you can exchange at the window is if you already have an account. Mostly they will tell you that the account has to be open 24 hours beforehand. We don’t really have an answer to those questions yet.

Caller: Which are the lead banks?

Tony: Wells Fargo and Bank of America, and also HSBC.

786 caller: Will we still be able to draw Social Security? What about our retirement?

Tony: You do need to be careful before you start handing out money to people, because they might lose their benefits. Look at these issues before you take this money or give it away. I don’t cover retirement law, but I don’t know of anyone losing their retirement because they got rich. For Social Security, you need to call them and ask.

Next caller: I’m a little confused. The total amount of currency we can exchange is one billion US dollars’ worth – is that correct?

Tony: That is what we have just been told.

Caller: And the cap on dinar is 20,000? What about dong?

Tony: No, the maximum dinar is ten million dinar to get contract rates. Above that, you will be exchanging at the official rate. For dong, you can exchange as much you have. That would be ten million DINAR @ $28.50 = 285 million.

Next caller: We have heard that there will be a floating rate on Forex… [Yes.] We know this is a nontaxable event, but you have to make a statement to the IRS about your accounts. How do you let your CPA know where this comes from?

 Tony: Years ago, they said you can have your CPA sign the NDA also. Keep your receipts and exchange documents to prove that this is an exchange and nontaxable.

RayRen: It’s not going on your 1040, so your CPA won’t have to explain it anyway. The IRS doesn’t need to know where the interest comes from, just that there is interest earned. Where it comes from is irrelevant for income tax purposes. Capital gains is a different issue, if you make investments.

Closing Statement That’s two hours… I know some things are confusing, but it will become clear in time. We are learning more about the procedures, and you get to decide on whether you want contract rates based on what you make of the NDA and what you think your family will do. When we get more info, we will let you know. In a conversation a few weeks ago, they said that this is not to make everyone rich, but to spread the wealth.

That’s why they are allotting more of the contract rates to those with fewer dinar. It is also easier to explain and fits better into the economy to have 1,000 more millionaires than billionaires. They are saying they want to cap this off at one billion dollars per individual, and we’ll just have to see how that shakes out.

Don’t everyone call me about that because I cannot change it. If you only end up with 900 million dollars – what a glorious day! Everyone will get paid, and with more than we can use; everyone has the opportunity it expand what they will do. I will post the NDA when I figure out how to do that, or they will give me a link that I can send out. We are still being told it is this week regardless of what is happening in Iraq. Enjoy your day; we’ll get on the phone as fast as we can when it is warranted.

RayRen: Don’t call Tony, and don’t call me!

Keep believing…

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I beleive you are a fraud and a con artist, that's what I Believe. RayRat/Tony Call Notes   3/2/18 1656125192 RayRat/Tony Call Notes   3/2/18 1656125192

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