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Matt Moore tells the Dinar Gurus to put their money where their mouths are DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Matt Moore tells the Dinar Gurus to put their money where their mouths are

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Matt Moore tells the Dinar Gurus to put their money where their mouths are Empty Matt Moore tells the Dinar Gurus to put their money where their mouths are

Post by Ponee on Mon Feb 26, 2018 10:40 am

Matt Moore 


First off I know this is going to rub you the wrong way but thats the intent. I so wish there were a way I could post this openly to all these so called "GURU" sites so I could show the REAL light to all people who follow you and them as well. So here we go.....

First off if your so called "FOR REAL" put your money (literally) where your mouth is. You have been spouting off some seriously bizarre, inane, stupid, unbelievable, nonsensical utter garbage. And hiding it behind the fact your so "faithful" belief is an outright atrocity to anyone who holds a faith. Let's be honest.... god.... has nothing to do with this. It does not matter what faith you profess, greed, lust, pride, are not of their words and this is all this supposed RV is. Greed created by man and nothing to do with god. 
You ALL keep mouthing off about the proof from your "CONTACTS", you emails, your letters etc. How about posting some of them to show the peon down here who is so gullibly following you. I mean since you ALL have these supposed forms of proof why not share?? I mean that is the way of a good prophet to the people right?? Show them the right way?? Or are you just a new wave Bakker cult??

Second if the numbers you so say are what they are, then how my dear friend could a BASEL financial system support the numbers you have been so carelessly throwing around? It couldn't. And we both know that. I can prove why it can't and you can't even begin to climb your way out of the hole that your in. 

Third. We both know this is never going to happen on level like your talking. Oh it will happen, but not to the likes of our present life span remaining. And this is where the money in the mouth speaks volumes. I would put up the highest denomination bill of currency, FOR EACH OF THE 6, unconverted if someone out there, including you, could put in my hands, traceable, non-redacted, letter headed, statement of direct happenings. Bet you the same you for the first start couldn't live up to that now could you.

We ALL know that the USA holds all the power over anything to do with money, since they hold 40% power in the IMF and unless it suits their needs jack shit aint gonna happen.

So I dare you to rise to the calling and lay aside the slanderance of religion and put your money where your mouth is..... Bet that will never happen hunh.

Matt Moore 


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