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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   2/23/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

RayRat/Tony Call Notes 2/23/18

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   2/23/18 Empty RayRat/Tony Call Notes 2/23/18

Post by Ssmith on Sat Feb 24, 2018 8:54 am

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Adept1) TNT Call 23-February-2018 Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# AUDIO REPLAY LINK

RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! This is Fantabulous Friday, February 23 2018, with yours truly RayRat98 here, and Tony as well. Let’s pick up some of the updates I sent out on Thursday. Abadi was on television saying that the Budget must be passed within the next week. By next month, investors need Iraq to have a rate that is visible and active. The bank updates should be in and ready by 27 February.

Some banks have had problems with DDOS (denial of service) attacks, due to lack band-width. That seems to be the source of the problems the banking industry has had. But we are still in a good place, and today’s information will support that.

Tony: We are in a good place. This thing has got to come to an end sooner or later. I get calls and text after our calls, we are just as frustrated as you are. It is happening, I do know that. It’s hard when we keep hearing it’s going to happen and then it doesn’t for whatever reason. We go through that five or six times a day. I know it’s frustrating. I hear from one bank that it’s all done, then in other regions/states it’s not done. I don’t know that DDOS attacks are the reason, but that’s the one we were given.

Banks get DDOS attacks every day. As of this morning, we are being told that it should have gone live last night and we should be at the bank today, but we’re still here talking to you. Let’s see what happens today. This is what I look at: Abadi is saying we won’t see this until they have the Budget. Now the date we are hearing for this update is the 27th, and that is the same day Iraq says it is doing the Budget. The good thing I’m hearing is that the Budget is already done, and this time it’s supposed to go live.

The rate is in the Budget, and it’s over three dollars, so it makes sense that once it is live, they will have to RV because the world will know the rate. They have all these reasons that they haven’t done it, and none of that is wrong because we are not supposed to know that final moment. I know that they have come to agreement with the Kurds; we are being told not to worry about it, that this is just a show.

People on the banking side have had meetings with tellers to let them know this is real. They have been training exchange tellers for the last two weeks, and they have been told they will be exchanging people the first week in March, which is next week. 
Judge's email/phone:  ksd_murguia_chambers@ksd.uscourts.gov  913-735-2340   DA's email/phone:  Scott.Rask@usdoj.gov   913-551-6730 We have been given a payout schedule for the different groups and tiers, and when it is supposed to start. We are not going to tell you that schedule, but at least they have put that information out there. It’s not bad news, we’re just disappointed that it didn’t start today.

I do have a question for those are listening to the call: If people go through the teller line at a place that is not their bank, where do they go to open the account for all this money to go into? Do they leave the line to open an account and then go back? Also, Wells Fargo is supposed to exchange everyone, even if only for 30 days; how do they do that if the person exchanging doesn’t have an account? They didn’t have a lot of information this morning because they thought we would be standing in line at the bank today.

Apart from that, we’re in a good place.

Ray: What about leaving excess currency at the bank?

Tony: I know people are concerned with taking money into the bank… those who have appointments. If you have less than one million, you’ll be going to the teller. If you have one to ten million, you can ask for a wealth manager. If you want to leave your currency that you are not yet ready to exchange, banks MAY either give you credit in your account or SKRs. It will be up to the bank, if they want to do that.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: I am a little concerned about revealing my location, preferred bank and amount of currency over the phone? How secure are these phone lines and the operators we’re talking to?

A: They are going to be the same bank lines you use today. They are not encrypted or anything. But they are dedicated lines, and I don’t think any criminal network is logging into those calls as you make them.

Q1: Ray, are we still going to have to show proof of where we purchased our foreign currencies? And provide gifting letters to those we gave currencies to, and nave them notarized?

RR: No, not at the teller window, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. So keep your receipts and gifting letter, so that the recipients know that it was worth $100 rather than ten million dollars. Remember, the donor is the one paying 40% gift taxes.

Q: I gifted my brothers that live in North Louisiana. I live in South Florida. Since the zip codes for my purchase and their exchange are different, are my brothers going to have trouble exchanging in another district from where the original purchase was sent to or, is their gift letter going to be enough for them to exchange in the North Louisiana district that they live in?

A: They will be fine exchanging in their own district. Those asking about districts, you will call the 800 numbers and they will explain what you can and cannot do. They know; we don’t. You are to exchange in the district you live in. If you have a different situation, call them and have them explain what to do.

Q: Can you please clarify: Will Australia and NZ have 800 numbers? And since the Zim will not be in Forex; is it possible to exchange Zim in Australia or NZ?

A: I believe that there are 800 numbers for across the globe: Oz, NZ, Spain, Germany, wherever.

Q: I am 75, my peer group is mostly the same age, etc.

Tony: You will have to call the bank and see what they can do for you.

Q: I live in District 2 Puerto Rico, There are no tier 1 Banks here in island , when I call the district 2 800# which bank here in the island can redeem my Zim notes? All our banks can not handle this amount of money for exchange.

A: When you call the 800 number, they will be able to give you that information.

Q: Can more than one person from the same household exchange ZIM up to the limit, maybe exchange on different days. So more than one appointment would have to be made but by different people, like me, then my wife etc.

A: Sure you can.

Q: Some in my family are listening and asked for a clarification: Between 1 and 10 Million will also get in line at the bank and then be directed to a personal banker, or have an appointment made with the personal banker, by the teller. Correct?

A: Yes.

Q: Will we be able to walk into any branch of the two main banks to do a teller exchange?

A: I would think so, so long as that branch deals with foreign currencies. The banks are supposed to set up two tellers at each location to handle this onslaught. If not, they will be able to direct you to where you need to go.

Q: When released, can we go to a teller with less than one million and make an appointment for the rest (over ten million)?

A: Yes. Call the 800 numbers.

Q: If the cap is individual, does that mean my wife and I can each exchange 100 T without causing heartburn?

A: If you have a joint checking account, you are probably considered one individual. However, if you go in separately, you may each be able to exchange a 100 T note. We have already addressed this enough, I think. Remember, this whole cap thing is temporary – it may not even last 30 days! I think that some of us are over anxious about this.

Q: If the banks are limited on the amount of exchanges they can do per day, then some of us may have to make two or more trip to complete our exchanges. Have they explained who sets the rate we exchange at during the different appointments?

A: The only people who have to worry about that are the 100 million plus exchangers, which is less than 1% of those with currency. Most are worth $400,000 or less, so you don’t have to worry about this at all. For those with 100 million or more, they will probably exchange some today, and some more next week. If you have gone through the 800 numbers, the wealth manager will already have some idea of what you hold. Those with ten million or less shouldn’t have an issue at all. At first they thought to give everyone up to ten million dollars in the first 30 days. Then they thought they’d give everyone 20 million PLUS one 100 T note. Now the government is trying to give everyone as much they can up to their daily limit, and spread out the rest. You’re not going to spend 40 million in the first 30 days!

Q: If I bring in a 100 T note, and the rate is .00000014, what do I end up with ?

A: Fourteen million dollars. That’s the last time I’m answering that question.

Q: I am holding 1 million dong here in NC for some missionary friends in Germany. They have a Texas cell phone number when they come to the States because their children live there. What district would they call? Tony: They should exchange where they live, in Germany, at the German rate. Their currency should be with them!

RR: I don’t know if they live in Germany; if they are missionaries, that is just temporary. Tony: Your location is based on where you have lived for the last 180 days. If they call from Germany, they will get the German 800 number, because the TX 800 number will not work for their address. If their residence is in TX, then they call the TX 800 number from Texas to exchange in that district.

Q: If I have a personal bank account and a Trust bank account, can I exchange a Zim in both accounts?

A: Q1: Will the two big banks you will name for us be the only banks doing exchanges for the first couple weeks?

A: It should be the first ten days.

Q2. Can holders of exchange amounts between $1m and $10m call private bankers at either of the two big banks to set appointments rather than standing in a teller line?

A: Nothing beats a failure but a try – especially if you already know a private banker.

Q3. Should holders of these exchange amounts establish accounts prior to exchange appointments if time permits?

A: Do you want to do your exchange at that particular bank? If so, open an account before you call the 800 number. Then you don’t have to spend time opening your account at the exchange.

Q: Can I open accounts with my now tradable currency and NOT exchange to USD?

A: So far as I know, you have to exchange into USD. Banks may be setting up MCAs for individuals soon; I suggest you call the banks to find out.

Q: The Banks have made so many changes upgrading their systems, getting more reserves, extra teller training, setting diff. limits, dealing with DOS attacks, and making changes as each window passes. Do you and Ray feel pretty confident that they will be on board and prepared once we start exchanging?

A: Yes. Because we are here, with our site, and because we have 250,000 on Twitter, we can instantly have any changes out to the base of people and then send intel in turn to all their associates. If things get really crazy, we are here to help as best we can. Q: Do all the US districts have their 800 numbers? RR: Yes, and they have been distributed to the best of my knowledge.

Tony: People are listening and we are not finding much substance here. Let’s go the live callers. I know it’s hard because we are right at the end; now is the chance to ask your questions.

Questions from live callers

404/865: Re: contract rates, you said you would check further – any feedback on that?

Tony: So, I’ve been trying not to say anything about contract rates, just to make sure I had the latest information. I will tell you this: following our campaign several years ago, #wearethepeople had an agreement that we (some of the internet people) would have a taste of those contract rates. I know the percentage they gave me, so that we would stop the campaign. We got over $3 and a percentage of you will get the contract rates. We have people in place to monitor sharing those contract rates with you. If there is a problem, I don’t want to have a fight before we go; I’d rather fight it afterwards. I do know that there are contract rates agreed upon for us.

Caller: Dates correlating Iraqi Budget with banks being ready on 27. February, plus the rates on the Qi cards relating to the rate in the Budget … are these all connected?

Tony: It’s also the day the Gazette is published and the UN rates. It’s all supposed to be done, and I don’t know why it didn’t happen today. It seems like chicken-and-egg. One region said they were to go live Wednesday night, and another region said they didn’t update so no one could go. But at least we know we’re closer to it going.

Caller: So the banks are saying that they have regional limits, day by day; is that limit by the bank, or is it by percentage on the branch?

Tony: Each region is its own beehive, with its own queen. They are limited to what all the bees can carry, because that is the queen’s limit. That’s as far as taking in money in these exchanges. The issue comes with bank A might have received $200,000 cash on a particular day, and another bank receives $2,000,000 to hand out to exchangers. So they may not be able to exchange more because they cannot give out that cash. Most banks have tripled their deposits to help this go through, but there will still be limits per location.

Caller: When did you get that schedule?

Tony: Two days ago, and this was the first time more than one agency agreed on it.

CA caller: I’m standing in line to exchange one million dollars; will the dong be on the screen as well as the dinar?

RayRen: Both are supposed to be on the screen – everything in the first basket. The last I heard dinar is $3.50+ and dong is $.150, more or less.

Caller: My friend has many 100 T notes; what will happen for him?

Tony: He will exchange one note and take the rest away until later. They only want a certain amount coming in until the Zimbabwe economy is stronger. The rate will be 11-22 cents, and they can only take so many in the first month. Let’s say they can only take 40,000 notes in the first month. If 20,000 go in and the rest wait until the rate goes up, then your bank might call you to say that you can bring in another one. They will work it based on what actually happens. Your friend can tell the wealth manager what he has and either set up a schedule or have the wealth manager call him.

347 caller: Let’s all prayer for calm and patience.

Tony: For Zim, the plan was to give you up to 500 million and then pay you out over 25, 50 or 100 years. But the banks decided they didn’t want to do 100-year contracts, so they cut ti down to 25 years. Then Zimbabwe and the IMF decided that was too much debt, so they decided to allow 100 T note per person, and then over the next 18 months or so, they will absorb the rest of it. That’s what we are hearing right now, so getting 200 notes exchanged is not going to happen. Their goal is not to make everyone trillionaires. They are discussing now that you can exchange ten 100 T notes ONLY, ever. The majority is in agreement there, and we’ll see. So take in your one 100T note and see what happens; your wealth manager will call you for further notes. Zim will not be on Forex, nor will it float; it will be adjusted weekly by the Zimbabwe central bank, in accordance with how the process and economy is going. That’s what we’ve been told.

707 caller: Power of Attorney (PoA): if I am doing my own exchange, can I do a PoA exchange for a friend who is ill?

RayRen: When you call the 800 number, explain the situation and ask them for two appointments. It should be possible.

312 caller: Some believe the US is holding this up – is that accurate? Is it only the US banks having these problems?

Tony: That is my understanding, that they didn’t believe it when they were first told, so they didn’t get ready in a timely way. Now they are scrambling.

Caller: You said that there are two banks who are exchanging for the first two days, yet the 800 numbers will ask which bank we bank at. Will that stretch past the ten days?

Tony: Actually, we are told that there are three banks available. If you only want to exchange at your (other) bank, but they will probably give you an appointment further out. You can also ask them to give you an appointment as quickly as possible; then you can work out everything else. There are exchange fees – could be two or three points – so remember that. The buy and sell will be restricted to a range of five points. We don’t have worry about the Zim rate going up and down by thousands, either.

TX caller: In case we are able to get contract rates, with NDA… we don’t know how long the NDA will be; if we don’t feel comfortable to read over the NDA during our appointment, and we might not even understand the language… what are our options?

Tony: I don’t know, to tell you the truth. Before, there was a 4-5 page NDA for 90 days to get the contract rate. Mine was 50 pages for 15 years. The simple one was just about not telling anyone else what you received, either amount or rate. They don’t want you to have to come in multiple rates; they just want us in and out. On our next call I will tell you about contract rates and let you know where we are.

Caller: What if we are still here next week, do you think that will still be about the banks getting their systems synced, and will be have to wait until ALL banks are ready? Hand it over to the women; we’ll get it done!

Tony: Last week, some banks didn’t do the system upgrades they were supposed to do. Then the committees got together, and they were told by the IMF to go around any banks that didn’t get it done. We keep being told the banks have been directed to go, with permission from UST, IMF and others, but banks still haven’t gone. They are pushing the banks, and some banks are saying the UST is not releasing them to go! I don’t know which is the truth, because I talk to all of them. All we can do is to give you the best information we can, to make this as smooth as possible for you. Those on the committees do listen to us to judge the mood of the people, and they are telling us that the system is 99% complete. Anything could happen the rest of the day! You can see how things change, and how fluid it is. You want to understand this in life, because once you get this money you will go through this again and again. Oh, and over 50% of those on the committees are women.

423 caller: My bank, Regions, is still not saying anything about this. You said that when we call the 800 numbers, they can send you to the bank you want, but it might be ten days out. Is that a hard rule, or can Regions call you in anyway?

Tony: Right now, CitiBank takes dinar, so they will continue with that, although they are not one of the top two banks. There might be a differences of pennies in the rate or fees, because they are all competitors. You can call other banks and compare rates.

Caller: What about exchange centers?

Tony: The exchange centers are for those who call 800 numbers because they have $10 million or more. Everyone else will go to the teller windows in bank branches. If you want to exchange quickly, through HSBC or Wells Fargo, it wouldn’t hurt to open an account with one or the other. We have been told that WF has to exchange for every person who wants to exchange, and give them 30 days to find somewhere else, if they don’t want those particular customers. I don’t know how it will work with the tellers.

RayRen: The 800 operators will send you to the lead banks for the first week or so, then bring the other ones in. NZ caller: I am hearing this will go tomorrow. It will be a sunny day even if it’s raining. Closing Statement (Sunny)

Tony. . . Regardless of which bank you go to they should have no base rate difference. Only difference their fees, perks. Different banks update at different times of the day. Should operate off the International settlement system during this process anyway. If you have an account at a different bank your appointment will be a week out. A lot of information, a lot of changes. We are giving it to you as we get it. They are on the calls. They are listening. Putting it before the committee right now, talking to them, that we get enough advance notice and can put a call together and everything finalized and how it works. Get 800 numbers in. You don’t have to exchange all your millions the first day. Might be 30 days. You know it’s real and the rest is on the way. Let’s hope it’s over tonight, tomorrow, as soon as possible. Everything point right now to the 27th – 28th. Iraq voting on Tuesday and to make it public on Wed., that their budget has gone through. Plenty of tellers being trained for the last two weeks. Enjoy your Friday, your weekend. Hopefully we will talk to you over the weekend. If not talk to you on Monday.

Ray: That’s it folks. Enjoy your fantabulouser Friday. I sure am. (played “I Believe.)

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   2/23/18 Empty Re: RayRat/Tony Call Notes 2/23/18

Post by Tinef on Sat Feb 24, 2018 1:59 pm

Dear Scott.Rask@usdoj.gov ,

Okay ..please explain to the members of Dinar Daily how you & #PBPP.gov continue to ignore a carreer criminal like Tony Renfrow and allow a serial MLM /MDM to go back to his day job as a fake news /content provider & radio host for his brother's public fleecing hour ? 

It's pretty obvious to everyone here, this same criminal is back to his old activity of providing fake/salacious information for profit. 

Isn't the above post enough proof there's no rehibilitation or repentance.. and evidence he'll continue unchecked until they exhaust this scam & move onto another MLM/MDM trick? 

Tony's basic fall back assertion, "We are in a good place" .. really?

What place is there for a currency scam?  #DOJ.gov #FBI.gov #IRS.gov #SEC.gov #FTC.gov  

For an unremorseful criminal and his POS brother.. we're sure they're in a "good place". 
However, we at DD know people who've lost cars, homes, marriages and health .. 

Your department is responsible for protecting innocent victims from the virus you released. 
You & your dept are allowing a felon to solicit donations based on fraud.. please read this crap, last checked fraud for profit is a criminal activity .. 

We believe you've failed to monitor this activity. 

We believe .. #SeeACrimeReportACrime

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