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 "Chiming in with Anna... and Tank" by One of One  2/23/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Chiming in with Anna... and Tank" by One of One 2/23/18

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 "Chiming in with Anna... and Tank" by One of One  2/23/18 Empty "Chiming in with Anna... and Tank" by One of One 2/23/18

Post by Ssmith on Sat Feb 24, 2018 8:43 am

There is wisdom in dealing with the vermin (Lord & Master Zombiess & Zombie Minions..., including Zombie Archon, Zombie Draco-reptillian, Zombie Anunnaki, Zombie Dragon..., Zombie elohiym...) via using their own devices (including their lowness laws of corruption) unto their prevention and undoing.

One may see and know that one's sovereignty is of one's genuine "original jurisdiction" which is also one's "exclusive jurisdiction"; where the original jurisdiction involves, among other things thereof, one's original and endless sovereignty (in essence, free will choice).

Our original sovereignty is not altered by genetics, including genetic tinkering...; and Our essential being (Source being) precedes and supersedes genetics...and is ever preeminent (regarding self)...

In a manner of speaking, our original jurisdiction is Source jurisdiction, where there is no written law...and no judge and no lord/master...and each is sovereign regarding one's self, including one's affairs; and no other Source being: Source-essence being, has any authority over any other Source being, thus each of us has exclusive jurisdiction (sovereignty involving the law (not statute/codex/etc. but principles of being that are of the nature (combination of qualities) of being a Source being)... In this, our essence is actually regarding the entirety of our endless being, with your body being a bit like a little finger puppet that only the genuine us has any sovereignty to control...(governance is self control in accord with Source nature...)

One of the tactics of the Zombie law system is for the Lord & Master...Zombies to take jurisdiction because you use their law...e.g. copyright law, or something else of their feigned jurisdiction, e.g. ALL CAPS NAME, address, bank account, social security number, driver license...

I am not disputing what Anna has shared; and I am calling attention to so-called jurisdiction, including affecting your intention within a Zombie law and commerce system functioning for the agenda of Lord & Master Zombies...

Oour competency and effectiveness in using "copyright" requires some knowing... It may be seen that one's signature is a matter of one's innate being, or Source being, regarding which none other has any right of use without our authorization (knowing and express sovereign intention, choice and consent). In this, you have original and preeminent and exclusive authority regarding your signature, including how your signature is used on the part of others... Anna is presenting possibility regarding giving notice of sovereign intent... If you do not actually (including knowingly: with full/complete knowledge) intend consent, there is none...; and if you have given notice regarding intention, there is less room for the Zombie Fiction Masters to have their way in violation of your authority, which authority you have or they would not want your signature (authorization...).

In the spirit of such notice, I have placed mine on the so-called public record in connection with Superior Court, Lamar County, Georgia. Notwithstanding anything contrary, if something is not in accord with that notice (including the notion of being a public person...United States Citizen/citizen), it does not have my signature (authorization)... Notice is a very powerful thing, which is in part why Anna has suggested a way you may govern your signature...

Likewise, Anna's partial disclosure regarding the "timeline" that she mentions is relevant regarding where on our timeline her presented approach is oriented... It may be seen and known that we are not sovereign because of law of any timeline...

It may be seen that, because of our Source being, Source-essence being, innate being, very innate being, our sovereignty precedes every timeline, having origination preceding time and the created cosmos in which Source creates creation-experience...; and our sovereignty ever exists...regardless of Zombie law, hierarchy, commerce...

What Anna is presenting regarding sovereignty and timeline is an approach through which the Lord & Master Zombies, along with their minions..., may be undone of their own Zombiness law/devices, such that we may more completely manifest the nature of our Source being within the created cosmos...

In this process, every Source being, Source essence being, may transcend things/challenges of lowness, including law, and through so doing manifest more of the truth (that which is reliable and enduring) regarding the purity and loveliness of their Source nature.

There is one of many common threads of concept presented of Anna, Tank, Kim, Jared and others. Do something (inwardly and outwardly) to effect change...

The Zombie (lol, the "villagers" as Tank has called them) waits for something to eat/devour (useless eaters?) to manifest, so they might have it; while the sufficiently awakened takes action of intention of knowing and choice... The Zombie wanders around (or sits around on their rump as Anna has indicated)..., until the dinner bell (e.g. perhaps an 800#) when they run to feed...

Let us be awake. If we don't know what to do, we may inwardly seek and find, such that we may do with knowing (at least some degree of it; awakening is a progressive process...) choice and intention. In the process, we may have inward direction involving some things that may be considered outward...

The truth of us is not the Zombie (enslumbered/asleep)... Untruth is that which denatures us and holds us in Zombiness...

There is truth; and we can know it.

The truth of us is the purity and glory, including power and indomitability..., of our Source-essence being. Some call this God being, or God-spark being, yet in many considerations God/god (elohiym/theos/etc.) is yet somewhat a denatured experience...

Our solution involves many parts...our choices are many...; and a few fundamental truths undo many untruths, regardless of their complexities...

Together, we rise!

In active good will,
One of One

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 "Chiming in with Anna... and Tank" by One of One  2/23/18 Empty Re: "Chiming in with Anna... and Tank" by One of One 2/23/18

Post by Ethel Biscuit on Sat Feb 24, 2018 11:17 am

"Sovereign Citizenship": the delusion that cannot be killed!

 "Chiming in with Anna... and Tank" by One of One  2/23/18 2322496710  "Chiming in with Anna... and Tank" by One of One  2/23/18 2322496710  "Chiming in with Anna... and Tank" by One of One  2/23/18 2322496710

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Ethel Biscuit
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