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Kaparoni -  "Lots of Good Nuggets Today" - Dinar Alert News Discussion 2/22/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Kaparoni - "Lots of Good Nuggets Today" - Dinar Alert News Discussion 2/22/18

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Kaparoni -  "Lots of Good Nuggets Today" - Dinar Alert News Discussion 2/22/18 Empty Kaparoni - "Lots of Good Nuggets Today" - Dinar Alert News Discussion 2/22/18

Post by Ssmith on Fri Feb 23, 2018 10:05 am

Dinar Alert

Iraq Dinar, Iraqi Banks, Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX) News > Hurray Iraqi Dinar

21/2/2018 Before notify Stora, most economic articles reviewed, in local newspapers and magazines, and followed the proposals of local economists on radio and television, I did not find one recently addressed the phenomenon of decline in the dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar, ​or pointed to the important role of the President of the Central Bank of Iraq in achieving this event which reflected positively on the Iraqi market through the return of life of the Iraqi dinar, and recovering significantly, helped the expansion of the positive situation in the society, despite the difficult conditions caused by the effects of the battle of liberation against Daesh, the pursuit of reconstruction and requirements of the Alp campaign DONC taking place in the provinces ..

We have the Central Bank of Iraq work mechanism during the past period near what led to the decline in the exchange rate is clearly to low levels even in the black market, and this decline has a positive impact Al inflation and enhance the value of the Iraqi dinar significantly, reaching ratio equivalent to 4% for the benefit of the Iraqi dinar, and in this effort by the central bank, shows us that the sensor community cases, the practice is open to everyone and study do not need special training or exercises complex, it needs a simple skills of any human being can be little gained National self-effort,

And a strategic sense in her questions and in practice and any poverty at this level is reflected inevitably on its bid, provided that the goal is to provide the security umbrella and safety of his community, and the individual Iraqi welcomed with good steps of the Iraqi Central Bank, which made the Iraqi dinar, restores splendor in the currency market .. Stability financial, and the strength of the Iraqi dinar designed to reduce the systemic risks that have emerged with the importance of recurrence of financial crises.

Known as the International Monetary Fund systemic risk as a risk-stop financial services caused by one or disrupt the process of all financial system segments (as markets money or banking sector), which leads to financial contagion between the financial sectors as a whole, and the central bank said in the steps of the financial system's ability to role as a financial intermediary performance and a source to provide a reasonable balance of financial liquidity, to drive economic growth smoothly has the central bank, to know the suffering of the citizens' daily and non-daily, seeking to overcome Assaabha, is particularly the characteristics of the addresses of the responsibility, which is also the origin of all progress

The fountain of every success, and the sap of every happiness true, corner every upgrade downright on the individual, social and humanitarian level .. congratulations to Danarena, and reproach to colleagues who write in the financial and economic affairs .. steps of the central bank, which has quietly, silently Muqtadir without statements and statements .. worthy of praise and blessed ..


Punisher: Wow, another one. Good eye Revbo. --"The Guilty Will Be Punished"


Urgent Dollar plunges in Iraq

History of edits:: 2018/2/21 10:14 [Oan- Baghdad]

recorded the foreign exchange markets in Baghdad on Wednesday morning, a significant decrease of the dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar.

The record market price in the fight in Baghdad Stock Exchange 1220 dinars per dollar, ie 122 thousand dinars for one hundred dollars.

The buying and selling of the dollar in the prices of banking companies were:

selling price per dollar 1225 dinars, ie 122 thousand and 500 dinars for one hundred dollars.

The purchase price of the dollar to 1215 dinars, 121 thousand and 500 dinars for one hundred dollars.

Foreign exchange rates:
Euro Global Price: 100 EUR = USD 123.23
GBP Global Price: 100 pounds = 139.85 dollars
Turkish Lira Global Price: $ 100 = 379.15 Turkish Lira.




​Punisher: Revbo, the thing I liked about one of those was that Al Nusuri was the one talking about such things. He is very credible and knows his stuff.

Kaperoni: The thing is, we knew the dinar was improving (spread) before the articles even came out. Feel sorry for those guru sites that keep posting fantasy.

Invinrv: One Smile for Smile each Smile of Smile those Smile articles Smile

Kw: Awesome stuff

Marbar: Thanks,Kap!

ZenMav: I think one of the aspects of or expressions of a disorderly exit that we never considered on this site is based in the question Revbo positied in another thread - What happens when the demand for the dollar dries up so much that there is essentially no spread - and, consequently no motivation - on the part of the CBI to hold a currency auction any more?

You cannot make the citizens of Iraq exchnage the dinar for dollars, so guess what? The auctions end, per force. We have never really considered a disorderly exit from this direction, only from our own myopic views.

--POLITICS, n. A strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage.” - Ambrose Bierce

Mike: For me, the question is, why would someone prefer the dinar over the dollar? You can't buy Turkish tomatoes with it.

No one will take the stuff as a form of statement, they can't do anything with it. Everybody wants the dollar in Iraq, they queue up in lines when they go on vacation and when they purchase all their imports because they know they can't spend the dinar outside of Iraq, right? Will a hotel in Kuwait accept Iraqi dinar as payment for a three day weekend? Nope, they want KWD or USD.

I'm not saying I have all the answers so if anyone can tell me why anyone would prefer Iraqi dinars over USD, please share it with the board. Thanks! --Stay grounded...

Punisher: Mike, they are working towards the Iraqi people having more confidence back in the dinar. It can't or wont stay like this forever where it is the dollar forever.

ZenMav: OK, Mike... I'll play along. Here's my response... Yeah, OK, so what? What you have just said is what it looks like before there's a shift in reality.

Yes, the dinar is currently thought of as shit. We get it. And, we are all looking for the shift/departure from the practices that make up the current reality. I do not expect the current thinking & practices to go away easily.

Now, let us assume that the drop in the spread is entirely due to the weakening of the dollar. I don't think it is, but for the sake of this discussion lets. So what? Does it change the fact that the spread of the dinar has dropped? No.

Will it make it any less unpalatable for the CBI & the money traders to stop the auctions because there's no money to be made is selling dollars? No.

I dislike saying it like this, but this could be a bring the mountain to Muhammed type of tactic. If the US cannot strike at Maliki and his goons directly with some hot lead & extreme prejudice, then take their funding away: eliminate the spread in the auctions.

If that dog won't wag its tail, then its time for the tail to wag the dog.

--POLITICS, n. A strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage.” - Ambrose Bierce

Juliebug: Thanks Zen! You said what I've been thinking...Very Happy

​Shengwah: Maybe the value of the Dinar is rising because there is a shortage of toilet paper in Iraq. 8) --"Figures never lie, but sometimes liars figure."Anonymous

That title should read "Hurry, Iraqi Dinar!"
--"Figures never lie, but sometimes liars figure." Anonymous

Kaperoni: IFC is cooperating with the Iraqi Central Bank to strengthen corporate governance in the banking sector

21/2/2018 Baghdad / Iraqi National News Agency / nina /: Launched the International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group, in cooperation with the Central Bank of Iraq, a series of specialized workshops designed to raise standards of corporate governance in Iraqi banks and the strengthening of the banking sector's performance in the Alarac.ozkr statement of UNAMI in Iraq, that "the Advisory Services team of Finance Corporation international will provide the necessary support to the Central Bank in the application of the guidelines for the new mandatory corporate governance in the banking sector.

The IFC will begin training for senior managers at the Central Bank, then the members of the boards of directors of all banks operating and training topics will include: understanding of private governance in the banking sector nature, and the optimal configuration of the boards of directors, international practices and risk management. "

This initiative comes within the framework of IFC's strategy to stimulate private sector growth in Iraq, and expanding support for countries affected by conflict, as can private sector investment could play a key role in economic growth. As well as strong corporate governance will contribute to support the sustainability of companies in Iraq.

For his part, Ziad Badr, Resident Representative of the International Finance Corporation in Iraq, said: "Our goal is to instill a culture of corporate governance in a positive manner, allowing Iraqi banks to work within its framework, as well as strengthening the banking sector and drive growth in Iraq. The improved practices will help attract direct investment, which will lead to increased prosperity and economic growth rates. »

While stressing the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq on the Keywords: "Helping banks to implement corporate governance good practices will contribute to strengthening the resilience of the banking sector and its sustainability and its ability to adapt and survive, and make it more convenient for investment, which will allow banks to improve the efficiency of its performance, as well as increasing their profits."

The IFC to improve the performance of partnerships governance in Iraq since 2014. In addition to its cooperation with local institutions, IFC launched in May 2017, the first independent Institute of Directors - Institute of Kurdistan for managers (KIoD), as well as assisting the Chamber of Commerce industry Erbil to provide consultancy on the best corporate governance practices in order to enhance the role of boards of directors and managers Almstkulain.oahdv advisory services program of the international Finance Corporation in Iraq to build the capacity of financial institutions, and government support, and help private companies improve environmental standards, socio Governance standards of consciousness and have, as well as the mobilization of private investment by encouraging partnerships between the public and private sectors.


Juliebug: Thanks Kap! Lots of good nuggets today!

Punisher: Yup good stuff for sure.

Kaperoni: We mention this before, the IFC is going to drive investment into Iraq and as a result capital through the CBI. Exactly what we want..

Good stuff, thanks Kap!

Tom: Remember, The cats that were in a hurry wound up with blind kittens. memory

Kaperoni: IFC and Central Bank of Iraq to Strengthen Corporate Governance in the Banking Sector [EN/AR]

Report from International Finance Corporation

Published on 20 Feb 2018 Baghdad, Iraq, February 20, 2018—IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, and the Central Bank of Iraq are launching a series of specialized workshops, starting today, to raise corporate governance standards in Iraqi banks and strengthen the country’s banking sector.

IFC’s advisory services team will support the Central Bank in implementing its new mandatory corporate governance banking guidelines. IFC will initially train all key managers in the Central Bank and then roll out workshops to board members from all the country’s banks. Topics include understanding the unique nature of governance in the sector, the right composition of boards, and risk management best practice.

Aly Al Alaq, Governor of the Central bank said: “Helping banks implement sound corporate governance practices will increase the sector’s resilience and sustainability and make them more investment-friendly, enabling banks to not only boost efficiency, but also increase profit.”

The initiatives are part of IFC’s strategy to spur private sector growth in Iraq and scale up support for fragile and conflict-affected states, where private sector investment is key. For companies operating in conflict-affected environments, strong corporate governance can be vital for sustainability.

“Our aim is to foster a positive corporate governance culture within which banks in Iraq can operate, to strengthen the sector and drive growth,” said Ziad Badr IFC Principal Country Officer in Iraq. “Improved practices help attract direct investments and ultimately stimulate social welfare and economic growth.”

IFC has been working to improve corporate governance in Iraq since 2014. As well as working with local institutions, in May 2017, IFC launched the country’s first independent institute of directors—the Kurdistani Institute of Directors (KIoD)—alongside the Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Trade, which advises on best practice and strengthening the role of independent directors and boards.

IFC’s advisory work in Iraq focuses on building the capacity of financial institutions, supporting governments, helping private firms improve their environmental, social, and governance standards, and mobilizing private investments through public-private partnerships.


Kaperoni: Dollar exchange rate and gold in Iraq on Thursday prices

22/2/2018 Economy News _ Baghdad The dollar exchange rate has seen in front of the Iraqi dinar, a decline in the foreign currency markets on Thursday. "

According to figures received by the "Economy News", it has reached sales of $ 100 at the exchange rate in Baghdad struggle to 122,000 dinars, while the purchase was 121.750 dinars, after it was 122.250 yesterday, settled with the sale price of $ 100. "

In Erbil Stock Exchange 122.750 dinars, and when the purchase was 122.250 dinars. "
In Basra, also it rose to 122.750 and 122.250 on sale when you buy. "

So the price of Iraqi gold, on Thursday, per weight 21 carat at 219 000 dinars, while the price of gold reached 18 carat to 189 000.

According to figures from the jewelers market in Iraq has reached the price of the weight of gold, 21 carat day 219.5 thousand dinars, and the price of 18 carat Mthagalh 189.35 thousand dinars.

The handles of the Iraqi market Palmthagal which is equivalent to 5 grams of gold


Kaperoni: So pretty much the spread is 1220 to $1 They still got about 7 dinar to go to get in compliance.

Tfrizzel: Thanks Kap

Tobyboy: Man that was short lived what happened to the 1213 to 1 we all were excited about. Well there goes that count for 90 days now have to start all over again. The increase sure knocked the wind out of all the excitement.

​So does this mean will start going back up. Sure hope not, goes show you can not count on anything with Iraq except the corruption of the politicians. Another report out stating Iraq the most corrupt country in the world. :(

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Kaparoni -  "Lots of Good Nuggets Today" - Dinar Alert News Discussion 2/22/18 Empty Re: Kaparoni - "Lots of Good Nuggets Today" - Dinar Alert News Discussion 2/22/18

Post by Terbo56 on Fri Feb 23, 2018 4:20 pm

Yep, butt nuggets for sure-
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