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 "Who Invented the 800# History?" by Harlequin  2/13/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Who Invented the 800# History?" by Harlequin 2/13/18

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 "Who Invented the 800# History?" by Harlequin  2/13/18 Empty "Who Invented the 800# History?" by Harlequin 2/13/18

Post by Ssmith on Tue Feb 13, 2018 9:27 am

 "Who Invented the 800# History?" by Harlequin  2/13/18 HARLEQUIN


INTRODUCTION: It is only about education and suggestions to use your own brain, not to follow me!

Questions to the preachers, telephone gurus, Pied Piper, donors in this forum:

Only today, again, they write the IMF has arranged the release of the 800 #. (LOL)

The IMF is not responsible for announcing the US, what about the world? That's why the RV is not just about the US!

The 800 # come out? What kind of exchange do they come out for?

Let's focus on the ZIM and the RV: (RV is not GCR)

If it should be gold-covered bonds: where and how much gold was deposited for it? Do you have any idea how much tons of gold are needed for a 100T note, if you believe this wild speculation on the internet, so here in DC?

The only known and UN approved withdrawal organization is registered in the Philippines. These manage the world's available assets (gold, platinum, uranium, gems and much more) for the RV !!!
(If you can, you can do it yourself - without any problems)

Anyone who really wants to redeem their boxes, bonds, claims in a 'stone carved process' has to file these documents!

The requirements are as follows:
Full KYC
Full History of assets / currencies
POL / SKR as well as the asset.
All assets / currencies must come to Philippines for redemption

Who has among them these documents? (ASK YOURSELF!)
So why do you think that their Zim Note (maybe bought on Ebay for $ 50) will now be exchanged for $ millions just because they get a phone number?

If you have submitted all these documents, you will have to become a member of this organization (fee-based), so that you can participate in the RV at all. (REMEMBER RV is not GCR)

Which of them has gone through this process? (ASK YOURSELF!)

Wake up at last and do not hang on completely unreal promises or courses that are spread in forums, it's LIES!

RV= ZIM are withdrawn in sizes of Quadrillions / Quintillions, not in individual notes of hobby currency keepers who scent the big money.

If ordinary people can exchange, then why not the needy in Zimbabwe first? They also have ZIM banknotes from the years 2008/9 and should come first!

RV is not GCR!

No phone number is announced around the world, only in the US?

Why should that be so? The US is the greatest debtor of humanity and not the greatest recipient of the fortune of humanity!

Who invented this story with 800#, if not the Cabale or Pied Piper?

This information is incomplete and also fictitious!

I wish you all a nice Shrove Tuesday and stay hopeful no matter where you are!

Your harlequin

One more word to the people who have been announcing their funds weekly for a year: No lawyer in this world can speed this process! Stop lying to people for more donations. Your group is not at the top of the list!

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