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Dr. Clarke   2/6/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Dr. Clarke 2/6/18

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Dr. Clarke   2/6/18 Empty Dr. Clarke 2/6/18

Post by Mountain Goatee on Wed Feb 07, 2018 7:59 am

Re: Dr. Clark Update 2-2-18

SusanAnn:  If someone can give your opinion of what Dr. Clarke is trying to say, it would be appreciated Even if youre wrong, its better than nothing!!! And yes, i have reread now about 10 times! HELP!!!

Katie:  Hi SusanAnn,

I hope I can assist, without destroying Dr Clarke’s message!

So Dr Clarke gave questionable examples of why Kuwait revalued their Kuwait dinar in ‘91.... was it because of this... or that... etc etc. he said No, it was not because of the examples he proposed.

Read a little further and we see ‘was it Sunday US and Sunday in Middle East both?’ ie at the same time? He said Yes.

 ‘Kuwait allotted 6 weeks to exchange their old Dinars.’ So, the old Kuwait Dinar was being phased out and people had 6 weeks in which to exchange the old for the new Kuwait currency.

Dr Clarke asks... could February (this month) produce the same dynamics? ie could Iraq rv their Iraqi Dinar in a similar way to how Kuwait did in ‘91?

Starting today.

Dr Clarke said the rv of the Iraqi Dinar is not happening in an obvious way, ie. as the Intel being shared around the internet is telling us it is.

So I conclude, it is unfolding in an unobvious way, so not to get hung up on the details that are coming from ‘sources’.

I hope this helps.

To me it’s simple, it’s a trap to overthink and get in our own way with trying to figure it out. Relax and know it’s happening!

DR. CLARKE (2-6-18): Katie -

 "In Chess…..Who cares when you Sacrifice the Day of a Battle,

if you’re Guaranteed to WIN THE WAR…..IN FEBRUARY?"


Dr. Clarke


- The Philadelphia Eagles at Pre-Season 2017 last year, were given 40/1 odds of winning upcoming Super Bowl 52, in FEBRUARY 2018.

The New England Patriots were the Pre-Season 2017 favorites last year for upcoming Super Bowl 52, FEBRUARY 2018, with 11/10 odds, coming off an historic Super Bowl 51 win in 2017. The odds makers predicted overwhelmingly, back-to-back Super Bowl wins, for the New England Patriots.

 40/1 vs. 11/10 odds.

Against all odds,


 - In the 2008 Super Bowl, the Undefeated New England Patriots (18-0), were a 14 point, 2 Touchdown Favorite, over the New York Giants with 6 losses at (12-6).

The odds were 5/1 Patriot victory……especially since the Patriots were undefeated and a win would make them the first team in history, with a record of 19-0.

Against all odds,

The New York Giants WIN, 17-14, FEBRUARY 2008.

 - In August of 2015, when Donald J. Trump announced his campaign for the President of the United States, he was given 25/1 odds of winning. Slim to none.

Against all odds,

DONALD J. TRUMP is PRESIDENT of the United States of America, as of FEBRUARY 2018.





In FEBRUARY, 2018.
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