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Kaparoni -   "Keep it Coming Down" - Dinar Alert News Discussion 2/2/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Kaparoni - "Keep it Coming Down" - Dinar Alert News Discussion 2/2/18

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Kaparoni -   "Keep it Coming Down" - Dinar Alert News Discussion 2/2/18 Empty Kaparoni - "Keep it Coming Down" - Dinar Alert News Discussion 2/2/18

Post by Ssmith on Sat Feb 03, 2018 8:53 am

Kaperoni: Iraq Economic News > Kuwait is considering converting Iraq's compensation to the projects and investments

2/1/2018 Economy News _ Baghdad

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign cabinets Sheikh Sabah Al - Khalid, on Thursday, the continuation of meetings between the Kuwaiti and Iraqi sides on the issue of compensation settlement, pointing out that the research underway in the collection of such compensation or transfer projects and investments.

Al - Khalid said in a statement carried by the newspaper " Al Rai" Kuwait and seen by "Economy News", "meetings between the Kuwaiti and Iraqi sides on the issue of the settlement of compensation is still continuing."

He added immortal, "These meetings are looking at the possibility of collecting such compensation or converted to joint ventures and investments between the two countries."

According to the newspaper, there were frequent reports about the possibility of Kuwait announced at the International Conference for the reconstruction of Iraq to be held between 12 and 14 next February, for the settlement of Kuwaiti reparations prescribed gentile on the Republic of Iraq, by turning them into investment projects.


Phil Oberholzer: Not me man, if I were Kuwait I'd want my money, then I would decide when to invest in Iraq...Make them clean up the corruption alot more...

Punisher: Bring on the conference Phil.

monty.monks.007: If they settle it this way it could be 1 step closer to article VIII.

Not related monte. Article VIII is based on monetary policy and the IMF. If Kuwait agrees to such a thing the benefit would be with the United Nations Security Council closing the reparations file and any subsequent resolutions.

Colleen: is that a good thing Kap?

Wn: That would take them one step closer to really, truly, honestly being out of Ch. VII with the UNSC


Kaperoni: Iraq Economic News > Iraq discuss with the ambassadors of G7 reform the national economy

30/01/2018 09:49 Direction Press / Baghdad Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi held a meeting with the ambassadors of the seven major industrialized nations G7 and the Ambassador of the European Union and the representative of the World Bank and the UNDP representative of the United Nations"

According to a brief statement of the Prime Minister 's Office got "direction Press" a copy of it on Tuesday, that "Abadi discussed during the meeting to strengthen relations with major industrial countries to support Iraq in all areas and to emphasize that Iraq is stepping correct steps in the field of reform and development capabilities" .

The reference was made to " the importance of working on the success of the Kuwait conference, attracting investments and interleave region economically" .

Abadi said the seriousness of the government 's continuous work in the economic reform of the country, noting that Iraq is currently working with the World Economic Forum on the coordination of the Conference of the Davos mini in Iraq " .

He stressed "the importance of accelerating the steps for stimulating the economy and create jobs and raise everything hinders investment after the victory and the need to pay attention to meeting the needs of all regions of Iraq."

He expressed the ambassadors of the major industrialized countries and the European Union and the World Bank representative great support for economic reform in Iraq and their participation seriously in Kuwait conference, renewing their continued support for the economic reform program and would stand firmly with Iraq and is engaged in a battle of construction and reconstruction and welcomed the steps undertaken by the Iraqi government to attract expertise and international companies in various sectors. "

The representative of the World Bank report on the completion of the bank in the analysis of the needs for reconstruction so - called conference in Kuwait " .

The representative of UNDP noted the United Nations to extend its work in restoring stability to include in 2018 and it will launch the fast track for reconstruction projects in Kuwait conference system."


Punisher: This Davos-mini was with the G7.....not bad for a couple days.

Jack: Thanks Kap. It looks like it takes a lot of work to have ones monetary system to become International. And, Internationallly accepted. The bottom line, this is what we want/need for our investment to achieve this acceptance. --Jack B. Nimble

LovesBudgies: He stressed "the importance of accelerating the steps" Yes, please.Wink


Kaperoni: International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank News > Economist: Iraq is not concerned with the demands of the IMF to increase taxes

February 01 2018 10:24 Abdul Hussein Mundhiri Economist said: "Iraq is not concerned with the policy of broadening the tax base advocated by the International Monetary Fund."

The economist said Abdul Hussein Mundhiri in a press statement: "The expansion of the tax rules , which called for the application of the International Monetary Fund 's policy, belong to poor countries that do not have multiple resources."

He Mundhiri: "The tax policy in each country is different from the other, and have a special regime , " noting: "The poor countries that do not have sources or resources are borrowing continuously from the IMF, and therefore the fund imposes a tax increase for the lack of a resource in its treasury to pay off those loans. "

He said the economic expert: "The increase in taxes by governments, in which more than beneficial to the economy and budget risks, as this leads to inflame the people against the government , as happened in several Arab countries."

He said: "Iraq is not covered by the idea of the IMF on the expansion of the tax base, the fact that Iraq has several resources and rich sources such as oil, as well as he is currently heading towards natural gas investment."


Phil Oberholzer: I only agree with this guy on one of his statements, that is Iraq is not a poor country in the fact of their natural resources. However, everything else covered by the IMFs' reasons for increasing taxes is spot on.

Punisher: Do as the IMF States!

Mike: Ditto Punisher -- Stay grounded...


Kaoeroni: Iraq Dinar, Iraqi Banks, Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX) News > Financial expert for "Economy News": Rising oil prices helped lower dollar exchange rates

30/1/2018 Economy News Baghdad He said the financial and banking expert Dr Majid picture, Tuesday, high oil prices of the reasons that helped lower dollar exchange rates and other shops taking place in the stock market.

He said the picture, in an interview for "Economy News", "The decline in exchange rates taking place in respect of speculation and banking markets that are affected by the economic and political situation in the country."

"The decline in exchange rates comes as part of the central bank measures aimed to stabilize the price of the dollar," adding that "high oil prices made it possible to provide the market with its needs of the dollar."

The witness exchange rates declined significantly, as the dollar exchange rate in local markets reached this day, to 123.750 dinars per $ 100.


Kaperoni: Sounds like the spread is going down. 1237 to $1

Justwaiting: kaperoni, Grin ~ terrific ! -- It’s the possibility that keeps me going, not the guarantee

monty.monks.007: Keep it coming down

Punisher: Yup.

Invinrv: Yeah Smile

Sweetpea: That's the best it's been in quite a while. Good news. Needs to be around 1202 to begin 90 day IMF compliance, I think???

Kaperoni: Once they are in compliance it will be interesting to see if the IMF makes them wait the 90 days. We may see a concession on the time.

Smitty: I wouldn't think they would give any concessions. They have been firm up to this point so why would they soften up at the end?

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