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Backroom Knox -Final Trial Update   2/1/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Backroom Knox -Final Trial Update 2/1/18

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Backroom Knox -Final Trial Update   2/1/18 Empty Backroom Knox -Final Trial Update 2/1/18

Post by Ssmith Thu Feb 01, 2018 8:02 pm

Backroom Knox -Final Trial Update   2/1/18 21232111_792057714252613_6929335745472293444_n
Backroom Knox

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Final Trial Update

United States vs Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf and Randall Keith Beane

Seat 9 was the Jury foreman, and he presented the jury's findings to the Judge.

*** If you were part of the jury and wish to comment, please send me a Private Message. You have been released by the judge, and he gave rules not to speak to the parties from either side. I am not a party or agent from either side, and I would love to hear what it was like for you to sit through this unusual trial.

The Jury returned the following verdict:

Defendant Beane:

Counts 1-5 Wire Fraud – All guilty

Count 6 Bank Fraud – Guilty

Count 7 Conspiring to Commit Money Laundering – Guilty

Defendant Tucci-Jarraf:

Count 7 Conspiring to Commit Money Laundering – Guilty

The next step is sentencing which will take place June 12, 2018 for Defendant Beane and June 26, for Defendant Tucci-Jarraf, at 10am, but judge was sure that the date could be sooner or later.

Prosecution immediately moved for the detention of Defendant Tucci-Jarraf. They stated, “We believe she poses a greater risk of flight...” and that she be arrested and incarcerated immediately.

Elbow council (assistant attorney) for Ms Giraff suggested an appeal of the jury ruling, but did not make a motion.

The prosecution argued that the presumption of innocence is now different now versus before the jury conviction. As well as failing to comply with the order to turn over jury questionnaires. [The judge ruled he would talk about that at another time].

Prosecution also stated that Defendant Tucci-Jarraf's family had a large amount of money and could possibly flee. [opinion: This statement by the prosecution is opposite of the stance by the State who portrayed the Defendant as needing money, which turned out to be a good strategy by the Prosecution]

The Judge referenced the standard and guidelines of how the court should rule. The guidelines stated that the Defendant must be detained.

However, an analysis was done in order to show a clear and convincing evidence that she is not likely to flee.

That analysis contained:

Nature and Circumstances of the case

Evidence of Flight

History of Financial Resources

Seriousness of danger to the community etc.

Defendant Tucci-Jarraf did speak to some of these issues and mentioned that she has not no problems checking in or being at home on time and that she would not leave the state of Tennessee.

In further analysis, the Judge falsely recognized during her testimony that she had spent $20 million dollars, but the testimony was $2 million. And the judge stated that the Defendant Tucci-Jarraf testified that she had contacts in foreign countries and noted Defendant Tucci-Jarraf was found guilty of a serious offense so the justification of release was no longer present, whereas before [ankle bracelet only and not in jail], she was innocent until proven guilty.

The Judge Ruled that she failed to meet her burden since the case begun, and that the court was mindful that she had challenged the court and that she did not recognize the government, and that she repeatedly filed altered versions of the courts orders.

The Judge ruled that Defendant Tucci-Jarraf must be detained pending hearing.

Defendant Tucci-Jarraf did not appear bitter, and she kept a smile while speaking with the U.S. Marshall's, who were by her side all week.

BRK spoke to Defendant Tucci-Jarraf early this morning and she said that no matter what happens everyone in court did a good job, including the prosecution FBI etc and that she has no ill will towards them if she were to be found guilty. We spoke to the FBI, and they politely declined to comment as it is a policy of the DOJ to not make comments to media.

Defendant Tucci-Jarraf was brought by the U.S. Marshals Service out the side door [after a guilty verdict], unlike the door everyone comes in each day, including Defendant Tucci-Jarraf.

After leaving the trial, what appeared to be a GSA official, he stated “I love seeing them go out that side door. That is so beautiful.”


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Backroom Knox -Final Trial Update   2/1/18 Empty Re: Backroom Knox -Final Trial Update 2/1/18

Post by Kevind53 Thu Feb 01, 2018 9:17 pm

A GSA official? General Services Administration? You're reporting the comment of a supply weenie?

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