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Bluwolf Chat 9/24/11  2104 hours DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Bluwolf Chat 9/24/11 2104 hours

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Bluwolf Chat 9/24/11  2104 hours Empty Bluwolf Chat 9/24/11 2104 hours

Post by Coffee1 on Sat Sep 24, 2011 10:46 pm

BLUWOLF CHAT 9/24/11 5:30 PM PDT
« on: Today at 09:04:36 PM »


[bluwolf] Nice to be back
[bluwolf] Yes all is well we are ready now
[bluwolf] Hi to all…missed you
[yabba dabba] bluwolf que pasa good to see you back
[bluwolf] Yabba I came back just for you…jejeje
[MsJeta1] bluwolf I so pray we are in the home stretch now
[bluwolf] Ms we are close
[Baller] bluwolf looks like a lot of others are saying what you said months ago. This is done and just needs to hit the banks.
[Agent 007] Baller good point
[MsJeta1] Agent 007 most of us in here have stayed with what Blu has said all along. Love it when a plan comes together
[Agent 007] MsJeta1 yes I know
[bluwolf] Baller well thank you…it is hard for some to swallow the truth but who cares at this point. jejeje
[janicemulvaney] bluwolf how ya been doing
[bluwolf] I have been busy quite a bit, getting my people ready for this event. But ok
[holistichealth] bluwolf they are fortunate to have u guide them...
[bluwolf] Ty are you guys thinking about getting ready? Or are you still thinking it’s not here
[elaine schembre] bluwolf .... you have been missed very much Blu.... just your presence... is all we need
[blessing7] bluwolf we are getting ready for Monday imo because I think the banks will be waiting for us..
[bluwolf] Ty I am fortunate to have them
[bluwolf] Elaine ty
[bluwolf] Monday is good but imo it could stretch till Wednesday
[blessing7] bluwolf well it could but next week any time is a great blessing to all, because I do believe this week is it… JMO
[bluwolf] So do I
[bluwolf] Yes a lot of people feel the same way
[garit] bluwolf have you heard if S's participation at the World Bank today was fruitful for us in any way?
[bluwolf] Listen up, Talibani’s speech was expected to occur and it meant a lot to us and to the people of Iraq. Dr. Shabibi’s meeting today was another piece of the puzzle. Tho the meeting was in private I think its outcome will favor all.
[garit] bluwolf ty
[bluwolf] What occured yesterday is the same protocol used in September of 2009 but the difference this time is that chap7 is out of the picture. Just so you know, all of Iraq’s RVs have occured either in April or in September
[bluwolf] May it be known that all banks worldwide are ready and locked in.
[bluwolf] So be ready to receive your blessings and stop the sobbing . There are no more melodramas, we have changed the channel
[garit] bluwolf so they can actually all see the rate now, live?
[bluwolf] When the system kicks in honey
[bluwolf] So be ready to recieve your blessings and stop the sobbing their are no more melodramas we have changed the channel
[janicemulvaney] 9-24-2011 Guru Eagle Has Landed Shabibi is NOT GIVING A SPEECH - he is merely making opening remarks at the meeting. The World Bank has assisted Iraq with its finances for some time..this is just a "where do we stand today" meeting and discussion of the prepared report. Shabibi told the UN and others at last night's meeting that they were shackeling Iraq and that he needed the freedom to get his work done
[holistichealth] bluwolf keep it comin blu - tell it like it is!!!
[bluwolf] Eagle has discovered America of course he will not give a speech for it is silent
[mangiabuona2] bluwolf are you still hearing IQD/GBP or IQD/USD??
[bluwolf] Imo USD
[mikev] bluwolf what happened in Sept 2009 again?
[bluwolf] Rv intent same as now
[MsJeta1] bluwolf do you mean same rate as you previously stated?
[bluwolf] Ms nothing has changed
[doforself] bluwolf bluwolf Well Well Well I talked you up earlier today. Isaid I missed you and here you are.
[MsJeta1] bluwolf that’s what I thought you meant, thank you I am more than happy with that
[GrannieAnnie] bluwolf so it is still $5.25?
[bluwolf] Doforself well here I am buddy not going anywhere
[doforself] bluwolf Did you cash in this afternoon?
[bluwolf] Not yet
[Hereiam] doforself Yes he did and bought Puerto Rico last night! Yikes! what kind of a QUESTION is that! lol lol
[bluwolf] Not yet
[bluwolf] Hereiam I can tell your happy
[Hereiam] bluwolf I am....This ride is almost over.
[bluwolf] You know it is, jejeje
[bluwolf] Well be blessed,happy journeys all.
[Hereiam] bluwolf Ty for stopping by...Please bring back some good news!
bluwolf] You are now on bank alert…period!
[Hereiam] bluwolf That is EXACTLY what my checking account says when I am overdrawn! jajajaja
[bluwolf] Whether you like it or not (this is for the bashers) jejeje
[Ks_dad] bluwolf jajajaja
[Hereiam] jejejejeje
[bluwolf] Next time I come into the room I better not see any of you sobbing. The get team has changed the channel!
[garit] bluwolf is whimpering allowed?
[bluwolf] No
[holistichealth] bluwolf your change of energy brightens the way....ty
[bluwolf] Be back let me read this message… important
[Bluwolf] WTO has decided that the Iraqi currency can be used for any transaction on an international level, I do not know if you have this info already.
[Bluwolf] Bye now
[Bluwolf] Auuuuuuuuuu

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