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Backroom Knox - I drank the cool aid.    1/30/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Backroom Knox - I drank the cool aid. 1/30/18

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Backroom Knox - I drank the cool aid.    1/30/18 Empty Backroom Knox - I drank the cool aid. 1/30/18

Post by Ssmith on Tue Jan 30, 2018 4:39 pm

Backroom Knox - I drank the cool aid.    1/30/18 21232111_792057714252613_6929335745472293444_n

Backroom Knox

2 hrs ·

I drank the cool aid. (This is being written on cell FAST, so expect mistakes)

And Tucci Giraff allegedly found a Deep State agent working here in Knoxville under the guise of FBI agent, Parker Still, or as Tucci puts it, fodder or a disposable for the Treasury department.

For those who have been told by the MSM that this is a case of Sovereign Citizens, I believe you have been told wrong in my opinion.

The state prosecutor seems to be drowning in her cross today. She was brilliant and a fire cracker questioning Mr. Beane, but she is struggling with this cross of questioning Ms. Tucci.

In her haste, the prosecutor mistakenly admitted that she did not even watch the harvy dent video, which is the starting point of this entire case. Without this video on how to access treasury direct DEPOSIT accounts, there would be no trial today.

Most of the testimony yesterday was Ms Tucci Jiraff. She appeared to be believable and from what i heard she is an international banking expert. She is extremely credible and has not folounders or stuttered on her testimony. Tucci named a Commander Thoric (spelling) as her nitial contact.

"We discovered Mr. Still had been ordered by the Federal Reserve." Tucci also stated that the Deputy Director resigned due to the events in this case. The prosecutor labeled tucci a Pied Piper for another scheme and labeled tuccis work as "gobbli gook." It appeared that the prosecutor was not ready for cross as she misstated testimony on multiple occasions and did not know basic definitions of words like "scheme" Like I said, up until now the prosecutor has been professional in her questioning. There is still more to go, so she may make up for it after the break or in closing arguments. There were a few times the audience chuckled at the cognitive dissonance or the prosecutor's line of questioning.

Testimony put the number of yransactions that came out of the harvey dent video at 10,000,000 bypeople from all overthe world, according to Tuccis alleged contactz. Tucci also admitted she has 300,000 emails from individuals who sent her screenshots of the transactions related to these "secret accounts" accessed by social security numbers. Tucci said she was getting clean up and other deep state information feom Karl Langenstein (spelling) who is a trader for switzerland. As well as Jonathan D. Fetz (spelling) a financial trader for the white house. Mr Fitz allegedly has secret service protection. Tucci related the Federal Reserve not knowing about these secret accounts, tied to ever individual, to the FBI not knowing about "A trade platform" doesn't exist but were prosecuted by the prosecutions own office. Tucci stated that Karl Langsteng, AIIV (spelling) offered her 1

billion dollars to remove herself from this case or cleanup action. Tucci said, "The federal reserve gets what the federal wants. Until now" I'm heading back to the trial. Perhaps the prosecutor can expose Ms Tucci, and I drank the bad coolaid. We will see. Must go as courtisstarti g and they do not allow recordi g devices.


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Backroom Knox - I drank the cool aid.    1/30/18 Empty Re: Backroom Knox - I drank the cool aid. 1/30/18

Post by Kevind53 on Tue Jan 30, 2018 8:00 pm

Yep. they drank the crack laced cool aid all right....

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 Backroom Knox - I drank the cool aid.    1/30/18 2805820865  Backroom Knox - I drank the cool aid.    1/30/18 2805820865  Backroom Knox - I drank the cool aid.    1/30/18 2805820865  Backroom Knox - I drank the cool aid.    1/30/18 2805820865
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