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“Universal Clean Up” or Scam on the Federal Reserve and the United States  1/29/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

“Universal Clean Up” or Scam on the Federal Reserve and the United States 1/29/18

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“Universal Clean Up” or Scam on the Federal Reserve and the United States  1/29/18 Empty “Universal Clean Up” or Scam on the Federal Reserve and the United States 1/29/18

Post by Ssmith on Mon Jan 29, 2018 8:59 am

“Universal Clean Up” or Scam on the Federal Reserve and the United States

Trial Update after day 4 – Knoxville, Tennessee

United States of America v Randall Keath Beane and Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf (AKA HATJ)

- I will say that this issue has brought BackRoomKnox PM's and Facebook messages, specifically tagged to me, more than any other posts I have written about in the past year. It's one of the largest schemes with the largest amount of people to ever try and extract money from the Federal Reserve, with many being successful. Yet, I can only find one mainstream media organization who has written about this case. No other media is even duplicating the article like you would normally see. -

BACKGROUND: According to the State prosecutor, this case is about a scheme to defraud the Federal Reserve, United States Citizens and other Corporations, including USAA by using fake account numbers to access $31.5 million dollars. Defendant Beane purchased multiple jumbo CD's ($100,000 each or more) with funds that did not belong to him by using routing numbers that did not belong to his accounts and fictitious accounts.

According to the Defendants, they are seeking to do a “Universal Clean Up.”

Universal Clean Up? Yes, an unusual word for an unusual case. You will just have to follow along to try and understand. I too just learned of it.

The Defendant's believe the money is theirs by birth, held in secret bank accounts tied to birth certificates and accessed by using their real social security numbers. They also believe that the court and the federal government lack any authority or jurisdiction over them.

As the trial goes on, I feel that the Defendants believe this trial is more about exposure of the government, and less about them and the jury.

Defendant Tucci-Jarraf alleges that the United States is a corporation, which she has foreclosed; that the courts are the functional equivalent of banks; that judges are the bank tellers; and that the Federal Reserve and Morgan Stanley amortize all indictments. Both Defendant Tucci-Jarraf and Defendant Beane denied that they are sovereign citizens, and the court states that they assert the typical argument of those espousing sovereign-citizen views, which is that the Defendant is sovereign and above the law (via court magistrate: REPORT AND RECOMMENDATION 11/16/17)

I'm just going to jump deeper in and mention parts of the Defendant's Praecipe, which is a written legal document by Defendant Tucci-Jarraf and presented to the court.

“I am one, of ALL, participating in that Universal clean up, and have done so transparently, for the last (20) years. My areas of expertise are Universal Commerce, Strategies and Tactics, I-Tech, with Banking, Trade, Finance, Accounting, Law, and corruption. Everything is known and recorded every "where", every "when", and every "thing" for use in the Universal clean up.”

The Praecipe also mentions her visit to meet POTUS, but was subsequently arrested. The full document is below, and to my regular readers it will be an interesting read none the less.

Defendant Tucci-Jarraf also attached A JUDGEMENT and an ORDER OF DISMISSAL.

Many of the people following her trial believe the case is now over because Defendant Tucci-Jarraf dismissed the case “on her own.”

However, The court has noted that “The Defendants lack authority to unilaterally nullify the indictment”

Tit for tat I suppose? I think we all knows who wins there, but again, this group is seeking long term success.

Supporters of Defendant Tucci-Jarraf and Defendant Beane have traveled from Utah, Arizona, Atlanta, the Carolinas etc. to witness the trial. I had lunch with a few of them, and they all seem intelligent, articulate, educated, and at least one admitted to me that she was a little “lu lu” [loony].

I let the group know that this new subject I am learning is a bit loopy, and that I am trying to understand where they are coming from.

One of her followers wrote: “Wonderful ! Thanks to All Lightworkers !!! It is the time of Light Love and Peace !!! FREEDOM NOW !!!” - via i-uv.com.

So, are you still following along?

Yes, this case/issue is a bit out there for me and many others. But there are many thousands if not hundreds of thousands that follow the “Universal Clean Up,” demonstrated by the amount of people who also accessed “secret accounts” at the Federal Reserve- at or near the same time Defendant Beane did.

The government has rested (completed) their case at trial. Randall Keith Beane, started the end of day four with an opening statement, and took to stand to provide his testimony. Since he is representing himself, (pro se) he just gave his own opening statement. He appears to have “elbow counsel,” which is a legal term for an attorney who has an advisory role only.

A viral video by Harvey Dent explained to people how to access “Secrets accounts” and to pay off debts and other obligations.

Sean M. O’Malley took the stand for the prosecution. He is is a Senior Vice President and the Chief Investigator of the Financial Intelligence & Investigations Unit within the Enforcement division at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. He was on a task force at the U.N. and investigated Suddam Hussan's Oil for food program. O’Malley found billions in kickbacks as point person on the case in Switzerland.

Because of the size of this massive scheme, the Federal Reserve Bank contacted YouTube and ultimately had the Harvey Dent video removed.

Q. Tucci-Jarraf : Was Harvey Dent Interviewed?

A. O’Malley: I don't know.

Q. Tucci-Jarraf : Was he arrested?

A. O’Malley: I don't know.

Defendant Deane purchased 29 CD's totaling 28 million from USAA.com on 7/5/2017 and four more were purchased on 7/7/2017 for a total of $31.5 million dollars using Federal Reserve Routing #'s and Mr. Beane's Social Security number as the account number.

Mr. Beane was then able to turn in one or two of the CD's and he purchase a Ruby Red 2017 Super Duty King Ranch from Ted Russell Ford for $86,163.93 with keys in hand and out the door. The truck was purchased for full sticker price in order to get the maximum commission to the new sales woman-in the Defendant's words.

Over 300,000 transactions initially went to the Federal Reserve using the same scheme. The Defendants only had a minute portion of those transactions. Most transactions were reversed within the two day time frame that allows transactions to go back to their originator before facing any losses. And Defendant Beane was the most successful.

O’Malley testified, “The public is greedy and went after it and tried to grab their money. It looked like their balance was paid, but it wasn't until two days later it got returned. In their greediness they went to pay off their debts. There were people who called mad that their items were returned.”

NOTABLE: One important issue that stuck out is that O'Malley said it was possible that there were gullible people who were also doing what Defendant Beane was doing. Given that, and if the jury was paying attention at that moment, it is remotely possible that Defendant Bean could be found innocent? ONLY because the state has to prove the element of intent, not just the crime itself.

Does being gullible allow for intent? Hundreds of thousands of others were doing the same thing. Was Defendant Beane the most successful, the most gullible, or the best scam artist-who was caught.

Defendant Beane did not deny that he went along with the scheme, including accessing the Federal Reserve and purchasing CD's and ultimately a new truck, RV and he paid off other loans and bills.

Prosecution Q. Secret accounts. What is your understanding?

O’Malley A. There are no secret accounts.

Tucci-Jarraf Q. Treasury Direct “Deposit” Accounts?

O’Malley A. No knowledge of these accounts.

Defendant Beane testified on his behalf, and he will be back on the stand Monday as the State continues its questions towards him. Defendant Tucci-Jarraf will also have a chance to question Defendant Beane.

He has only called himself as a witness.... so far.

“If this wasn't real...if this isn't real it would not work. But it worked,” said Defendant Bean on the witness stand.

Where Defendant Bean struggled was with questions regarding how the money got put into the accounts and what made him feel entitled to it. I do not think this looked good at all for the Defense.

Defendant Tucci-Jarraf will also provide her opening statement on Monday, which she reserved until after the state concluded its case.

It appears she will also be taking the stand to testify. She has to-in my opinion. I am not convinced of these secret accounts, so she will have to convince me, and the Jury. She has a large hurdle if not impassable hurdle to overcome in court.

O'Malley also testified, “The system won't know if there is no account or whether or not there was money in an account. That's why there is a two day window.” and “The federal Reserve Bank doesn't sell securities where US citizens are collateral”

Just before the ending of trial day 4, a motion to dismiss the lawsuit was filed by both Defendants. The Judge has taken the motion under advisement, and he will rule on it Monday morning. Defendant Beane and Defendant Tucci-Jarraf both mentioned that the State failed to prove intent. In my humble opinion, the Judge will definitely deny the Defendants motion to dismiss. The Judge has to look at the facts of the case in the most favor to the party who is NOT asking for the motion to dismiss. This may not sound fair, but it is. Either side can make this motion, and the Judge will give favor to the non-moving party.

I will point out one fact that would back up my opinion. Defendant Beane learned of the “secret accounts” and “how to” from a video by YouTuber Harvey Dent. The video provided the steps and alleged proof to find secret accounts that were created at a persons birth. But the prosecution pointed out that purchasing Certificates of Deposit not a $500,000 RV was on the list of things to purchase on the Video. A jury could use that as intent to defraud. Not necessarily because of what Beane did, but because the prosecution created a great argument for the Jury to ponder.

Intent is an element in their crimes, so the prosecution must prove intent, not just an action of theft.

The government disallowed the Defendant to speak of the term “Sovereign Citizen.” It appeared Defendant Tucci-Jarraf tried to trap a government witness into admitting that they came up with the term. The judge immediately stopped the questioning.

Before you dismiss any government conspiracy theories, In 1962 the U.S. Department of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff proposed a false flag that would have the C.I.A. commit acts of terrorism on American citizens and blaming it on the Cuban Government, Kennedy Refused the proposal.

And before you discount.... the people behind the New World Order are thought to be international bankers, in particular the owners of the private banks in the Federal Reserve System, Bank of England and other central banks, and members of the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg Group. Now, although this conspiracy theory was ridiculed for years, it turns out that the Bilderberg does factually meet.

As this is being written, regular citizens are still accessing the “secret accounts” or non-existent accounts.

If one person attempted to extract $32.5 million, what can a state sponsored terrorist do? How much can the Federal Reserve handle before the ACH system is shut down to patch it? 18-wheeler's won't be able to get gas, and you won't be able to eat.

O'malley said “Maybe we could have done a better job in letting people know about it.” [the scheme]

“The federal reserve did not sustain losses. Commercial businesses were quite likely harmed.”

Is this a case about exposing the flaws of government? Scams and schemes? A little “lu lu?” or all of the above?

The trial continues 9:00 am Monday, and I am sure Defendant Tucci-Jarraf will have me at the edge of my seat for answers. I will let you know what happens. I will also go into more detail about the Federal Reserve.


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“Universal Clean Up” or Scam on the Federal Reserve and the United States  1/29/18 Empty Re: “Universal Clean Up” or Scam on the Federal Reserve and the United States 1/29/18

Post by Kevind53 on Mon Jan 29, 2018 2:51 pm

So if I am getting this right, the defense to a large extent on alleged YouTube videos by a Batman super villain? This just keeps getting better and better ... LMFAO

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 “Universal Clean Up” or Scam on the Federal Reserve and the United States  1/29/18 2805820865  “Universal Clean Up” or Scam on the Federal Reserve and the United States  1/29/18 2805820865  “Universal Clean Up” or Scam on the Federal Reserve and the United States  1/29/18 2805820865  “Universal Clean Up” or Scam on the Federal Reserve and the United States  1/29/18 2805820865
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“Universal Clean Up” or Scam on the Federal Reserve and the United States  1/29/18 Empty Re: “Universal Clean Up” or Scam on the Federal Reserve and the United States 1/29/18

Post by Ssmith on Mon Jan 29, 2018 4:20 pm

“Universal Clean Up” or Scam on the Federal Reserve and the United States  1/29/18 Harvey10

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“Universal Clean Up” or Scam on the Federal Reserve and the United States  1/29/18 Empty Re: “Universal Clean Up” or Scam on the Federal Reserve and the United States 1/29/18

Post by Thyncingman on Mon Jan 29, 2018 5:39 pm

Better not eat or smoke any more of whatever you did.

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