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 "My Thoughts Regarding Kim" by PNW    1/28/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"My Thoughts Regarding Kim" by PNW 1/28/18

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 "My Thoughts Regarding Kim" by PNW    1/28/18 Empty "My Thoughts Regarding Kim" by PNW 1/28/18

Post by Ssmith on Mon Jan 29, 2018 8:10 am

For what it's worth IDC community...every time I see an update from Kim Possible, everything inside me says to ignore everything she writes. The fact she just said she's in direct contact with Trump in the last email peaked my bs meter...I heard similar stuff from all the other "suddenly on the scene" gurus that out of nowhere in the sky descended to bestow upon us their pearls of wisdom. In Yosef's case that equated to treating us like swine, unfortunately. He's gone now, and I've a feeling the same will be said for Kim. Maybe I'm wrong. We'll see...

I'm guessing she will leave sometime in the future and someone else will show up shortly after to continue the drama here on IDC because that's been the pattern for a while now. It has been like a theater for the last year as one act exited, and another entered...and each brought their own exclusive knowledge. It wasn't but a month ago Tank was dropping intel updates by the double load each day...and wow it was exciting while it lasted! Funny, it's a lot like visiting churches...each one thinks they are right and offer countless lists of reasons why you should believe them. Lol. I digress.

I may be wrong, and am happy to admit that I am, but I just wanted to tell the IDC community I don't trust Kim at all whatsoever.

I'd like to thank whoever it was that pointed out the computer code on the supposed Nazi inscribed document photos. These documents were said to have been made before computers existed on this planet. To me this, as well as her first approach to the group, were dead giveaway's she was a puppet for someone, or a shill, or a con (don't know what's in it for a con here, but whatever), or some kind of insincere persona. It seems nobody even remembers that Nazi document now. Why? Hmmmm.

I mean, what does it take for folks to see a blatant lie when it's pointed out to them? Did I miss something? I'm sorry if I did. But to me that photo meant we were being deceived. In other words, stop listening to this person who openly is deceiving you.

Kim went from a belligerent, "I'm right and everyone else is wrong" position, to now this more compliant individual. It's been interesting to watch. Come to think of it, every guru has done that whole "IM RIGHT!" deal when they decided to address the IDC community openly, firmly, and directly. OWK did it. Yosef did it. Beny still does it. Kim did it. I'm sure there are others I've missed.

Honestly, It was nice when Tank began to address the group because he didn't come out with blazing shotguns. That's why I was surprised he was taken by this Kim character

I just don't understand why people who are claiming to be part of the solution approach this community with double barrel shotguns blazing. I don't get that. When was the last time the Dalai Lama behaved like that? When was the last time you trusted someone who was behaving like that? Would you buy a used car from someone like that? Would you be intimate friends with someone like that?

And now she's trying to switch by acting like she has compassion and cares? Well, maybe she always did... but when was the last time true compassion reared its head with machine guns blasting in both hands?

I'm sorry but her change of attitude only happened when the community called her out. So her attitude shift was not because she suddenly grew a heart, it was because nobody was listening, and she was losing face. THAT'S what changed her behavior. In other words, what we witnessed was an ego exercise, not a heart rendering.

So therefore, I'm not buying her sudden change of behavior because it's contrived from fear of rejection, not inspired by love and compassion. If it was love from the start her whole introduction would never have been so abusive and harsh.

Then there's the whole computer code on old documents fiasco...

Watch how people act and follow those patterns while giving little credence to what they say to you until you can establish their true position--which can only be known by their behavior pattern over time and through pressure.

So until 6-8 months have gone by with her consistently approaching the group respectfully, and in love, I'm not buying it. Just like I would not trust an alcoholic not to drink until they actually rendered to me and others through consistent behavior that they actually had quit drinking because talk is cheap. Anything less that action is a theater being performed for you not observing actions from the heart.

So yea I'm open completely to intel from people who deliver it like they actually have a heart, and actually care long term, consistently, over time. Absolutely.

I'm not interested in words or apologies. Im interested in long term behavioral patterns which render the heart --or lack thereof-- of the situation.

Looking forward to the RV this coming week!!

Peace and positive thoughts everyone!


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 "My Thoughts Regarding Kim" by PNW    1/28/18 Empty Re: "My Thoughts Regarding Kim" by PNW 1/28/18

Post by Kevind53 on Mon Jan 29, 2018 3:07 pm

Looking forward to the hammer coming down on some of these frauds ... HARD!

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