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Tony/RayRat TNT Call Notes 1/24/18

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Tony/RayRat TNT Call Notes   1/24/18 Empty Tony/RayRat TNT Call Notes 1/24/18

Post by Ssmith on Thu Jan 25, 2018 9:37 am

TNT Call 24-January-2018

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# AUDIO REPLAY LINK

RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! This is Wednesday, January 24, 2018, with yours truly RayRat98 here. I don’t plan to be before you long. Things are still kind of quiet, although some last minute things have been trickling in.

Tony: Good morning, TNT! It’s a good day. I see looking at an email that we’ve just received, and talking to some people this morning, the lower denominations are in the banks (in Iraq). As of Monday, they are being sent out. I did hear (unconfirmed) that the lower denominations were being explained on Iraqi television last week.

We are still being told that this should go this month, and there are six days left. Iraq is eager to go, and they put in a request for it to go last Wednesday; that is still sitting there. One of the main banks said that they believe it will still happen this week. The rates are the still the same, even though their cards were $4.07 last week. They have also put out a card about what rates to expect at the next payday, so it will be $4.07 or the next higher rate. For ten years now, that the 1:1 rate only applies to Iraq; it has nothing to do with us, so I don’t know why you would care about.

They will get the value in the buying power of their currency; we will get the currency itself. There was pressure for them to turn in their three-zero notes, so that opportunity has run out for them. Remember they have been trying to get those higher notes off the streets for two years, and their RV will be to the new notes. We are waiting; we heard nothing yesterday but today we hear everything is on schedule.

The banks say this should go within the next 72 hours, with money being moved into place. The technical and legal parts have been done, and Iraq has done everything they were supposed to do, including the request for an international rate.

This weekend is the Davos meeting, when they will all be together in Switzerland. Our country plans to use this as a stimulus plan, starting with February’s pay checks, so they want this to go as close as possible to the end of the month. Then they can give the credit to the tax plan, but we will know… You all know what to take to the bank, you know what is negotiable, and you know the rates.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: When either Ray or Tony state an exchange rate is this the buy rate or sell rate?

Ray: It’s the SELLL rate, what ‘s on the screen, because the bank sees you as selling the currency to them.

Q: For dinar reserves, can we use the funds from an exchange of dinar OR a different currency, to pay off the reserves?

A: Years ago we were told you couldn’t do that, but there are always creative ways to deal with that situation. Maybe you need to get a bank loan to pay it off, so you’re not using that currency exchange…

Q: Regarding the up to 25 year pay out of the ZIM over 500 million, who will we be relying on to pay us? The bank we exchange at, the US government, Zimbabwe?

A: The reason it was limited to 25 years is because the banks didn’t want any contract longer than 25 years. So that is who you will be making the agreement with and getting your money from: the bank.

Q: it is my understanding that if the currencies are being held in a joint acct and no NDA is signed only one needs to be present at the exchange. If NDA is involved then they both need to be present. Is this correct?

Tony: I was told that if my wife didn’t sign the NDA, I wasn’t getting any money. So if the money belongs to both of you, then both have to sign the NDA.

Q: Can you give more information on how to get daily/weekly interest on our accounts from the banks?

Tony: Ask for it. You will have to have some knowledge about banks and financing, and also tier 2 interest rates. Some bankers don’t even know about those, so you want to tell them you qualify for that, and have them call the Chairman. It is there, you just have to go up the ladder because they don’t offer it to everybody.

Q: Regarding taxes, do you recommend that the 50 percent still be set aside? I know this is what you always said, I am just a little confused about the taxes taken right off the top before we get our money. Also, do we still need to keep Dinar in a separate account?

Tony: I would still do that because it makes sense until you actually see it go through. I was told the dinar would be taxed and the rest would not. Now they say the whole deal will be taxed before we get it. However, there is nothing wrong with setting 50% aside until we are officially advised on the tax situation. We were given that intel and I was asked to explain it to you; however, better be safe than sorry.

Q: Would you please reaffirm the currencies in the first basket?

Tony: Ray has the list of currencies in this basket. Would you also give us an indication of when we will find out about the currencies that will revalue in the future?

A: You won’t find that out unless you are in the know, and have ten million or more net worth, and unless you ask your wealth manager about future opportunities involving currencies. The problem is that most of them didn’t know about this, so how will they keep track of future currencies. You have Ray’s phone number, so you can call him and ask what’s next. They do not want this to happen, that I do know. They don’t want us to do calls, NDAs, and all the rest for future currencies. Also, those currencies will probably won’t revalue at the rate these are, but if you have enough money, even pennies on the rate will make a difference. If you put you money to work, it doesn’t matter if it is currencies, IPOs, stocks, whatever. You can probably do better and faster than going through all this effort for another couple of years. I don’t know if you will wan to put out all that effort once you have millions in your account.

Q: From my understanding (I could be wrong), you recommended/suggested not to exchange all your currency at once but to wait for the higher rate. How will we know the rates (lower/higher) to exchange for when we go into the exchange center/banks?

A: The banks will tell you the rates! Also, watch Forex on your phone. Also we will give you the rate they give us with the 800 numbers. We’ve already told you the range, and also that you can negotiate a higher rate if you are willing to leave money in the bank. The more currency you have, the more negotiable it is. If you only have 100K dinar, but those will millions in the currencies will be able to negotiate.

Q: I have a story: Yesterday I went to my local Chase bank where I have an account, and, on a whim, asked to exchange a 25,000 dinar note. The lady behind the counter looked it up and said that it was worth $60,150! Unfortunately they had no authorization to exchange that particular not – it wasn’t on their “do not exchange” list but it wasn’t available to exchange either. But it WAS in their system and it had a value that was good: $2.40 instead of 3.71, but it’s a start.

Tony: We saw that last week, people had actual rates, although they couldn’t exchange yet.

Q: A question on the $500 Million cap on the Zim, is this cap per individual or does it include both spouses also?

A: Let’s say you have 2,000 millions worth; the person can exchange $500 million, and the spouse can do $500 million, and each child could also do $500 million. BUT if I were to do that, I’d have given them as gifts, with gift letters, before the exchange. Otherwise, you end paying a lot gift tax.

Q: Are there expectations for the US Dollar to rise in value like the other expected 1st basket currencies rather than drop, as I have been reading public news articles saying the USA may have a even larger Oil supply than Middle East countries? (USA also has large Natural Gas, Metals, etc.) Re-stated in another way, wouldn’t USD dollar increase in value IF USA has larger assets than other countries?

A: The point of the GCR is for the top to come down, and the bottom to come up. So the dollar will not increase in value; if anything the value of the USD will drop slightly through the Chinese yuan becoming a reserve currency throughout the world. Instead of one central IMF, there will be five regional IMFs, so the dollar will also lose value. That is what enable some of the other currencies to come up. However, this will take place over a few years, and most people wont’ even notice.

Q: Are the tax treaties that allow for tax to be taken prior to our exchanges applicable to the dinar and VND or just the dinar? You’d mentioned that the tax treaty is applicable to more countries than just the US. Is it applicable to Canada?

A: Yes. I know about Canada because we know people who’ve exchanged in Canada and this has already been applied to them.

Q: Will all Wells Fargo wealth managers be informed at time of RV. Our wealth manager has tried to find info on this but is given same info as we are. Tony: What they will be told is that once you do the exchange and money is in your account, they may not know where you got the money, but at least you have a lot of funds and now they have been assigned as your wealth manager. You might tell them, and then they might get mad at being kept out of the loop. There will be wealth managers at the exchange centers. I do wonder why I would entrust my money to a wealth manager when the bank didn’t trust the manager with the currency information to start with.

Questions from live callers

865/404: Years back, there was always a plan to do this when the banks are closed; is that still the case?

Tony: It still makes sense to me. Before, I would get phone calls saying “this time to that time”. I haven’t been getting that exactly, but they have told me when the staff are put on alert or on standby. Now they have told their staff that with the next phone call they will have to show up on location, not just on alert. There is a group of wealth managers getting memos to be ready – not for specific times. However, it makes sense that it would be Friday evening or Saturday morning. I don’t think they care what time it takes affect, although they might wait until the market is closed to tell us, so that they have 72 hours to deal with us before the banks open on Monday morning.

Caller: PM Abadi have paid attention to his meetings in Davos. Your sources as well? Tony: They aren’t really paying attention to Davos because there are so many things going on in Iraq. They are complete and have requested a certain time for this to pop before the end of this month. It makes sense to happen during Davos, because that would let them have a great celebration. However, I don’t think it’s critical to their making the announcement. What is critical for us is the plan and timing; we know that it is supposed to look like the tax plan rather than a GCR, so…

423 caller: You said this was supposed to go 5-6 times before and then it didn’t. Do you think they were faking us out to connect this with the tax plan?

Tony: It was five time last year alone. It was supposed to go with the George Bush plan, then President Obama had a different plan. Bush didn’t want to be blamed if something went wrong; there was a lot of risk in Iraq at that time. Also, he wanted to rebuild the country so that it would be stable and be able support the currency. Then Maliki came in, and nobody wanted him to benefit from this financially. Then Presi dent Obama wanted to rebuild and stabilize Iraq, and then Hillary was to enjoy the benefits. Then trump came in and said, “We are not country-builders, let them figure it out themselves.” However, by this time, Iraq had much better anti-corruption laws, etc., and that means our dinar reserves will continue to be worth something. So now trump is saying he’ll let it go because he saw how the Kuwait revaluation worked out. So they created the tax law so that it will look like this money comes from that, and they can say how great trump is. That’s okay; he’ll just hide it in the tax plan. That’s why they’re pushing to see this in January, and that’s why this time we will see it happen. It was supposed to be in December, then on 2. January on the first working day in January, on Forex. Then Iraq announced that they would have paid everyone off by the 12th; that didn’t get finished until last Saturday night. So that has happened, and now this is the next step. They told me that it’s supposed to happen on a date this month.

Caller: You said that 3-D printing would be a great investment – is that still true?

Tony: I said that a few years ago, and 3-D has done exactly what we said it would do. It’s in medical and technology circles. The eventual goal is to have one on every desk. We are seeing them show up at Fedex/Kinkos, UPS, every printing shop… [I saw one at my public library!] That is going to be a great industry!

Caller: If it does revalue after 4pm EST on Friday, will the exchange centers work around the clock or will they wait until Monday?

Tony: I was told they will work until 1am and open up again at 6am, at least for the first day. Then I’m told they will work 7am to 7pm. NZ caller: What would tier 2 level money look like? Tony: I don’t know where it starts; I just know that guys who have a billion or more can probably ask for tier 2 interest rates.

Caller: I will come back to the States to exchange; will I have to go to a major city?

Tony: Yes, because they’re the only ones authorized to deal with that kind of money. I won’t say what the tier 2 interest rates would be because they are just crazy.

Caller: I can fly back and arrive on the same day…

Tony: If you want contract rates, you have to go in right away, then hop on the plane. If you plan to wait until Forex drives it up, then you can wait a few days, so long as you are monitoring Forex, and have your manager on standby. So you might want to fly over any way, so that you are ready to go to the bank at the right moment.

Caller: If someone had 20 million dinar and 50 million dong, would that be in a position to negotiate?

Tony: The average person only has 100K dinar or less, so if you have 20 million of any-thing you are in a good position to negotiate.

BC caller: Do I have to take my husband with me to the exchange appointment?

Tony: I don’t know if it’s a requirement. If you have an NDA, then yes, it’s required.

219 caller: As we go from fiat to asset-backed currencies, do you expect that there will be much price adjustments? Should we wait before buying luxury items?

Tony: When we went from gold-backed to non-gold-backed, what happened? No prices changes, nobody even noticed it. Nobody will notice this either because nothing will change.

Next caller: What’s the difference between tier 1 and tier 2 banks?

Tony: The rating is based on the amount of currency each bank holds. Tier 1 will be you larger banks like Wells Fargo, Bank of America, CitiBank, and Chase, tier 2 will be your larger regional banks, tier 3 will be credit unions and such. If you Google this topic, you can get a list.

Caller: Let’s say the rate is between 3.70 and 4.00, will the bank take additional fees? Tony: Let’s say you have 40 million in exchange, and you agree to leave 30 million in that bank in exchange for $3.75; they might come back and say “Leave it for 24 months, and we’ll do it!” or whatever. Those are negotiating points. Caller: Maybe I’ll take out a million dollars in singles, and see how far it goes!

954 caller: What if I were to exchange 500 million in Zim at one bank, and the other half at a different bank – would that work?

Tony: HSBC and Wells Fargo are probably going to be the only ones exchanging Zim, so that strategy probably won’t work. I said earlier, I might split up my Zim between my kids, for instance. However, that 25-year payout will be “25 years or less”, so you might be abl to negotiate that down in years depending on how much Zim you have.

Caller: Can you send me information about trust accounts?

RayRen: If you are taking about a trust account, then ask the bank. If you mean the trust entity, you need to do some internet research. Don’t rush into anything. There are ways t to learn what you want to know. It’s okay to be in your own name for a while as you learn the correct entity structure for your situation before you set up anything.

Tony: Ray will be doing classes in how to protect your money.

RayRen: They will teach the concepts, not how to set up the actual entities.

Closing Statement We’re done for today; hopefully something will come in and we’ll sent out updates and get ready for the Friday Call.

Tony: Hopefully we won’t have a Friday call; everyone is ready to go! It’s right here!

Judge's email/phone:  ksd_murguia_chambers@ksd.uscourts.gov  913-735-2340 

DA's email/phone:  Scott.Rask@usdoj.gov   913-551-6730

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Tony/RayRat TNT Call Notes   1/24/18 Empty Re: Tony/RayRat TNT Call Notes 1/24/18

Post by Kevind53 on Thu Jan 25, 2018 12:10 pm

Listen to what they say, you can trust them, it's not like they are ex cons or anything ... oh wait ...

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