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Philip Tilton Family Update  1/22/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Philip Tilton Family Update 1/22/18

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Philip Tilton Family Update  1/22/18 Empty Philip Tilton Family Update 1/22/18

Post by Ssmith on Tue Jan 23, 2018 11:27 am

Philip Tilton Family Update  1/22/18 12717510_214561418895673_9099239794999516411_n

Philip Tilton
14 hrs ·

Family UPDATE:
We are well...Hannahs been in the hospital twice this cold season ....one of the reasons I enjoy puerto rico easier to keep her well.....I'm really working hard to keep my self above water.....its always a struggle as you know but we are thankful we are safe and secure and with the love of a few people we endear. (Facebook Family).
......I hope all is well in your world......The little house we moved into is cute its clean its safe. Then the cold came. The water pipes busted at the street then the house hot water heater pipes broke then the kitchen water lines busted and soon after the heater started squeaking and throwing soot out all over my new dining set and ROAR.....THE car broke down. They fixed it THREE TIMES so far by changing the starter. But, it was still not running correctly so they took the steering column off and changed a sensor. Its still not starting unless in front of a mechanic. IT will start for the mechanic but by all means bring it home and it dont start...so I took it back again. Low and behold its still not starting.....except when it wants too the good van is finally four months later on a ship and the hope is that it will arrive in florida in a few more days then of course I still have to find away to ROB FROM PETER THEN PAY PAUL and get a trucking company to deliver HANNAHS Handicapped van to louisiana.....the company I was growing I had built a nice group of folks all earning good money at one point with the value going up bitcoin had risen to over $20,000.00 and I took $60.00 and earned a half of a bitcoin....then the company got accussed of trading securities and was offered by the usa securities and exchange commision a way to remedy with possible million dollar fines or get out of The USA.....THEY GOT OUT.....Leaving everyone with frozen funds. So que sera sera.......I have my health I have my friends And my child is happy and safe.....We are overcomers and Recognize GOD in our lives......so its all good LUVALL.....HUGS....LET'S GET TO THE GOAL.................PT

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