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DOJ - RayRat/Tony Call Notes   1/22/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

RayRat/Tony Call Notes 1/22/18

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DOJ - RayRat/Tony Call Notes   1/22/18 Empty RayRat/Tony Call Notes 1/22/18

Post by Ssmith on Tue Jan 23, 2018 11:06 am

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Adept1)
TNT Call 22-January-2018

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#

AUDIO REPLAY LINK - http://dinartube.com/rayren98-tnt-tony-5/

RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! This is the delayed call for Monday, January 22, 2018, with yours truly RayRat98 here. Let’s get all caught up. We didn’t’ have a call on Friday, but did have some updates over the weekend. I don’t plan to be long before you all – not sure what Tony is planning.

The most exciting news over the weekend was banking people seeing the lower denoms at their facility, although they have yet to be released. Just that they are there, ready… Also, the US banks were on high alert regarding forthcoming activity. ON Friday, a member shared a live rate, although by the time I could send someone else to that branch, it was no longer available. We heard that the tier 1 banks were supposed to receive rates on Friday, so we really thought that those rates might be live.

We’re still waiting for some of that information to come in. We also had some reports that banks could see rates on the front (retail) screens as well as the back screens, although they were not live yet. That took us through the weekend. Tony: I want to take everyone through and give you a bigger picture.

I saw something on Twitter, someone asking how come the lower denominations are coming out again when they already came out earlier. Those lower denominations were actually printed in Texas and flown to New Jersey. Then some were shipped to Europe. So they came out then, and new ones have also come out. Rather than having long lines a the Iraqi banks, they want to use more electronic media – that means people are not being cheated, and the whole thing is more secure.

In December, they started paying their people on the cards. They have to get paid before we do. There are several things we have said over the years that other gurus say “that’s not true”, but our sources are located in other countries, in the government (here and in Iraq), in the banking system, etc. So we give you information others don’t see, and it can take a week for other gurus to catch up. We put out the $3.71, and everyone said that wasn’t happening, but then a week later, they started to see it coming up. Iraq pays in levels and industries, so we will see government people being paid one day, teachers on the next day, contractors on another.

Also, they pay out in zones or regions as well. Also, Kurdistan usually gets updated before Baghdad does; they are more modern, and they move a lot faster than Baghdad. They are still getting used to the banking system – not just the customers, but the bank employees and managers, and also the government. They are training people to use the cards and the ATMs. It took over a week for everyone to get paid. The rate changed on Sunday morning – we got the phone call at 3am.

One of the conditions for us to see this is for Iraq to pay all its people and all their bills paid. They got everyone paid at the higher rate on Saturday night at the rate of just of $4 – at $4.07 to be exact. So now Kurdistan and people in Iraq are both paid. We are now being told that this is a slow roll-out. We have a source who is among the first to see the new information and to be paid at the new rate. He said that there are only three people who know the exact moment this will happen, but there is a DATE and a TIME set for this month. It was supposed to happen in December, and the date was set for earlier in this month.

We needed to have the tax law on 2. January, and it got delayed because our government wanted the tax law to take effect in January so the effects would show up in February. This is a like a stimulus package. President Obama gave everyone a thousand dollars as a stimulus, but it didn’t really work. This time, everyone will get $100 per month that they can spend every month as a rolling stimulus.

What they are saying is that companies will spend more, have more staff, and all the rest. The point is that YOU will start spending YOUR RV money, and it’s going to be credited to this tax break. The more money we spend, the better the economy will look. The same thing happened during the Clinton administration when we saw the Kuwait RV. They won’t make an announcement, they will just give the credit to the tax plan.

That’s why we’re being delayed now, so that this could go at the end of this month. If they had allowed it earlier, they couldn’t associate it with the tax plan. The same thing is happening over there: slow rollout. When #1 told us the rate is $3.71, it took 9-10 days before that showed up on source #10’s card because he is just a regular citizen working in Baghdad. So his rate should change by the end of this week. They want to make sure it goes throughout the country, in stages, before they release it internationally. Christmas was a good day – rates were being shown on the first cards, and it was supposed to take two weeks for it to be complete.

Iraq was supposed to catch up on the 12th, with Forex going the following Monday. Iraq actually caught up on its bills last Saturday, so the last release should be ready to go now. It’s sitting t the Treasury, and over the weekend the banks told their people they are now on the highest of alerts, that the next call they get will send them to their station in exchange locations. We called banks in three different states to make sure everyone was seeing the same thing.

We are only getting this information from the exchange locations, and global traders are revving up as well. There are only nine days left in this month, and you should be set for life as long as you let your money make money. We should all be rich very, very soon.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: Have you heard any news that the Dong may NOT increase in value at the same time as Dinar, but would go at some later date this year?

Tony: I know someone put that out, but I know it’s on the screen right now. The plan is for it to go at the same time. Anything else makes absolutely no sense. What is the sense of giving us thousands of dollars if the dong is not going to go until later this year? We’d all rush out with our dinar and zim funds, and buy lots of dong to become super-rich!

Q: Do you know if you max out on the Zim and have to take the balance of Zim over 500 million on the 25 year pay out. Is the interest you earn on the balance to be paid based on annual amount of balance not paid or will it be the 5% paid monthly like they previously mentioned??

Tony: IF they do the 500 million and the 25 year payout, they will not do the 80/20 payout. If you leave 25 million in the bank, you will be paid interest on those funds as well as getting the amount at the end of the 25 years.

Q: How will the higher prices be reflected in Iraq? Will people’s pay be cut because their money is now worth 1,000% more? Will the products and services sold in Iraq be for fewer Dinars?

A: They are not getting NEW money, they are changing the value of their money, so their wages and prices will go down in number, but up in value.

Q: We have heard along the way of different terms for rates: contract rate… market rate… international rate… sovereign rate… program rate… street rate… group rate. Can you tell us which ones are relevant at this time and if any of the terms are duplicates, i.e. does market rate and street rate mean the same thing??

A: The program rate is the rate that it is right now – 1189 or whatever it is today. The street rate is the rate in Iraq, depending on what side of the city you’re on; that’s why they are putting money on the cards. In the US, the street rate is what people walking off the street will get – that will also be the international or Forex rate. If you are in a group that has a contract with (say) China, that might be at a contract rate.

There are different rates at tiers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, and those depend on who you know at what position. We are supposed to get that tier 4 rate, although there were (should be) some tier 3 rates available to us. You can always ask for that! You’re supposed to agree to leave your money in that bank for a longer time, and they are supposed to give you a higher rate, better interest and more perks – but you have to ask for all of those. Premium rates go to their higher-level customers, in the usual way. It depends on how much you have…

Q: Do you know the tax rate to be taken off the top at the time of exchange? If so, can you release it to us?

A: That would be the excise tax, and it doesn’t matter what the tax rate is, if it comes off before we see it. I hear it is 15%. On the last call, you spoke of a 25-year contract, with a five-year renewal that could only be cancelled by us. Was this related to bank bonds? If not, what is it in reference too??

A: The 25-year contract is for the Zim; everything else should be paid to you in cash. The five years is a separate deal – that’s about the community projects and bonds. You can renew that deal at the end of every five years, and only you can cancel it, not the bank.

Q: I believe we’ve heard that the currency will most likely revalue overnight when the banks are closed. When that happens, would we expect to know right away during the night that it had happened or would we not know until the banks open in the USA the next morning? Also, we would expect that to be during the night in the USA time zone not Iraq time, right?

Tony: I believe that is the best time for that to happen because of all the transactions happening during the day. They would have to shut all that down otherwise people could get caught in the middle of trades. So I have always been told to look for this after 4pm EST on Fridays, or between 1-3am. It just doesn’t make sense that they would shut down all those sites in the middle of the working day.

Q: Ray, do you have any information regarding the planned exchange protocols for Australia and / or New Zealand?

A: I don’t know. I love Australia, although I’ve never been there. I love the fact that Australia’s president came on their television and said that “this is Australia and we speak English.” That just makes sense to me. I love other countries, but struggle trying to their languages. If you know three languages, you are trilingual; if you speak two languages, you’re bilingual. What are you if you only speak one language? American.

RR: We should set up a meeting in New Zealand!

Questions from live callers

919 caller: You mentioned something about Zim and a cap of 500 hundred million?

Tony: Yes, over 500 million, you will get a structured payout over a negotiable time.

Caller: And would the interest rate be negotiable as well?

Tony: I assume it’s ALL negotiable, with the amount of money I have.

Caller: Do we have current rates for the Zim and the dong? Tony: The last I heard, it was 47 cents for the dong, and 14.7 for the Zim. Those rates could very well be higher by the time you get there. That is the starting range. The Zim is supposed to go much higher over the next 18 months, but I know you’re not going to wait for that – who knows what might happen in Zimbabwe over that time.

[My computer crashed and I missed about five minutes here.]

To get $2 on the Zim rather than ten cents, you’ll have to have a contract with someone in Zimbabwe, and there are lots of rules about that. You will have to ask for that. I can try to get one of the committee members on a call to explain about that.

312 caller: [chitchat] I thought you said ‘the last release is at the Treasury’. What does that mea?

Tony: The banks and the managers have rates, the exchange centers are ready, and they are just waiting for the final authorization.

RR: We know of three locations that are seeing the rates on both the front and back screens. I don’t know why we are waiting, if this is about Iraq and the cards, or waiting for Congress to go back to work, or whatever… I only know that they are saying there is a date and time that have been selected. I just don’t know what it is.

951 caller: You’re saying that dinar will come out by the end of the month, but does that mean Forex as well?

Tony: That plan is for it to come out, to be on Forex, and for us to go to the bank all by the end of the month. It doesn’t make sense for us to exchange after it shows up on Forex. The plan has always for us to be at the bank starting from two hours after we get the notification. They were keeping people at the exchange centers until 1am! Now they are taking about shifts of 7am and 7pm just to do the exchanges.

Caller: Once that happens, will the dinar come out at the same time, or several days behind the dinar, or what?

Tony: My gut feeling is that they will all be released at the same time, because if there is a 2-3 day gap, I will be one of the first trillionaires in the country.

Caller: You’re saying 47 cents on the dong, but what’s your feeling on the actual rate?

Tony: Throughout the years, the highest I’ve heard is $1.05; however, for the last six months, the rate I’ve seen on the screens has been 47 cents.

636 caller: Is there any truth to the rumor that you’re buying the Raiders? Seriously, we go to the exchange centers; will we be able to open an account at the time of exchange?

Tony: I’m pretty sure you will. Wells is supposed to be the lead bank, they will exchange anyone for at least 30 days, and yes, I do think you will be able to open an account.

Caller: Another guru said that those who are not members of Forex will not be able to trade on Forex after this exchange.

Tony: I know that is not true – I know several people who trade there now.

Iowa caller: I’m getting low on funds so this is the best time for this to happen!

219 caller: Which do you think will have the highest return on investment?

Tony: We all started this with dinar, because it was the best thing to do. For $900 dollars, you can buy a million dinar. For the same $900 you can buy 18 million dong, so if we round off the rate, that would be $9 million. For the same $900, I can buy 60 x 100 trillion Zim, and that should yield $720 million. However, dinar is more sure than either dong or Zim, so from the perspective of peace of mind, dinar is the way to go. You can walk into any Bank of America and buy or sell all the dinar you want. That’s a pretty safe bet.

Caller: We went from five zeros on the Zim to six – any change of that being seven?

Tony: No. 205 caller: [chitchat] [incoherent question about Zim bonds vs. currency]

Tony: That is correct: bonds will be sent overseas for exchange and currency will be exchanged here in the US. I seriously doubt anyone on this call has any bonds.

503 caller: What’s your understanding about caps on contract rates?

Tony: The only thing I know right is 500 million dollars for the zim, and over that cap to be paid over 25 years. Years ago there was going to be a cap, but right now, today, the only cap I know about is for the Zim.

NZ caller: Do you see good possibility of that 47 cents being the lower limit for the dong, maybe going up as high as $2.20?

Tony: That started out as a tier 2 or tier 3 rate, for those people to get. I think it depends on how long you want to wait. I think it will come out at 47, and shoot up for a couple of weeks, then come down to where it settles. Those with Chinese contracts are seeing higher rates, but I don’t really know what that’s about. I know the banks want top ush everyone through as quickly as possible, but I’m inclined to wait a little bit.

Caller: It was $2.20 before the war; do you see it going back up there?

TonY: I don’t see it going there tomorrow; maybe by the end of this process. You can monitor that on Forex. Only you can decide whether you want to exchange by the end of this month, or if you want to wait for it to go up. It’s your choice.

Closing Statement

RayRen: We will be back at 1pm EST, 10am PST on Wednesday.

Tony: I’m looking for a super-fantastic week. I am told that it’s on schedule for this month.

RayRen: For those who want to help keep this call going, the address is on the website www.tntsuperfantastic.com. Goodnight!

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

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DOJ - RayRat/Tony Call Notes   1/22/18 Empty Re: RayRat/Tony Call Notes 1/22/18

Post by Majek on Tue Jan 23, 2018 1:02 pm

Well, the Renfrow clowns hooked their audience until the end of the month. From now until Feb 1 it’s going to be collecting as much donation money as possible. By Feb 1 Tony will be back with more excuses and BS “the plan” stories to keep the TNT gravy train going. These two are really stupid, but the people that give them money every week or month are even stupider. How the hell can these people believe Ray and Tony get exclusive secret intel about an “RV”, yea, one went to jail for scamming people and the other goof ball shutdown for scamming the IRS. C’mon tnt! 
DOJ - RayRat/Tony Call Notes   1/22/18 2322496710

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DOJ - RayRat/Tony Call Notes   1/22/18 Empty Bs

Post by Bryan NITTY on Tue Jan 23, 2018 3:11 pm



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DOJ - RayRat/Tony Call Notes   1/22/18 Empty Bs

Post by Bryan NITTY on Tue Jan 23, 2018 3:12 pm



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DOJ - RayRat/Tony Call Notes   1/22/18 Empty Re: RayRat/Tony Call Notes 1/22/18

Post by Allenj on Tue Jan 23, 2018 5:10 pm

the VND has never been 2.20/1 that a lie
the ZIM will never nothing more that ASS papper

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DOJ - RayRat/Tony Call Notes   1/22/18 Empty Re: RayRat/Tony Call Notes 1/22/18

Post by HezekiaH on Tue Jan 23, 2018 11:04 pm

Where can I buy real authentic ZIM? question

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DOJ - RayRat/Tony Call Notes   1/22/18 Empty Re: RayRat/Tony Call Notes 1/22/18

Post by Kevind53 on Wed Jan 24, 2018 1:12 am

Hey isn't Phony violating the terms of his parole? That was two years after release right? #JusticeDept.

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DOJ - RayRat/Tony Call Notes   1/22/18 Empty Re: RayRat/Tony Call Notes 1/22/18

Post by Tinef on Wed Jan 24, 2018 9:58 am

Kevin, excellent point.. 

Dear #DOJ.gov #FBI.gov #IRS.gov .. you wouldn't allow a convicted child molester move next door to a day care center a few months after being released from prison? 

Why are you letting Tony Renfrow/ TNT return to the airwaves to inflict the same criminal activity he was sentenced for in the first place? He's obviously beyond shame or rehabilitation. 

Also, I would check into his brother Ray's pay-pal to see how he's laundering undocumented income from donations. 

A penny for your thoughts ..

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DOJ - RayRat/Tony Call Notes   1/22/18 Empty Re: RayRat/Tony Call Notes 1/22/18

Post by Ssmith on Wed Jan 24, 2018 11:41 am

Judge's email/phone:  ksd_murguia_chambers@ksd.uscourts.gov  913-735-2340

DA's email/phone:  Scott.Rask@usdoj.gov   913-551-6730

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DOJ - RayRat/Tony Call Notes   1/22/18 Empty Re: RayRat/Tony Call Notes 1/22/18

Post by ReapAndSow73 on Thu Jan 25, 2018 4:08 am

Hey before anyone turns in Tony...let's give the poor guy a chance, eh? 

Remember - it was just 4 short years ago when his high-level contacts stopped what they were doing in Davos to listen to his conference call...remember that?  Right after that, Tony confirmed that $630T was dispersed into global sovereign accounts for everyone's benefit via the GCR...remember that?

Ah, the good ol' days...

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