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 "A Cabal Shill's Guide to the RV" by Fireswan   1/21/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"A Cabal Shill's Guide to the RV" by Fireswan 1/21/18

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 "A Cabal Shill's Guide to the RV" by Fireswan   1/21/18 Empty "A Cabal Shill's Guide to the RV" by Fireswan 1/21/18

Post by Ssmith on Sun Jan 21, 2018 8:37 pm

I listened to the Kim call with Tank. I read her posts.


Fireswan, how do you know this from one call and a few posts? I was once married to one of “her kind”. My son has been driven crazy by one of her kind. My daughter escaped and will have nothing to do with one of her kind. I worked in an organization run by once of her kind. I’ve survived a smear campaign by one of her kind. So, let’s say that I now know how to spot them coming a mile away.

For a quick education for the curious, I recommend watching HD Tudor’s videos on YouTube to learn how“her kind” operate. I’ll post some good links at the end of this post.


Cabal are weakened and dying. Their opportunities to get what HD Tudor calls “fuel” are drying up. They have already drained dry their nearest and dearest. Their fuel provisioning organizations are beyond wounded and bleeding to death. They’ve been doing more exposed and desperate things to try to keep the fuel game going, but nobody is playing and the well’s run dry.


Starving, it’s no surprise that they sent Kim to try to hitch her cart to Tank’s energy. You can see in the calls how the targeting and love bombing directed to him is playing out. She positions herself as an out-of-reach savior that has special access to what he needs if he aligns with her. She presents herself as also desperate to do the same thing he’s doing. She plays the outcast card, “you’re the only one worthy to help me” card, the “you and me against the world” card. Notice how she paints herself as isolated from her “her kind”. And she paints herself as having exclusive unconfirmed information. When challenged, she sets up a game. Yep, Tank is being targeted because he’s a super-empath and has the support of many of “his kind”. Lots of yummy milkshakes HERE in Dinarland.


Kim’s interactions are dripping with love bombing for Tank and Jared Rand. They are special, unique and she adores them. Interesting that the cabal sent a woman this time. Catches Tank off guard. What she’s doing to entangle Tank is to try to get him to turn his head towards her instead of maintaining the focus he needs to have at this time. Classic distraction technique. Instead of pursuing deeper and more damaging exposure in his lawsuit effort (which is working and scaring the cabal), focus instead on how the old and dying SWIFT system works instead of its AIIB/CIPS quantum systems. Her agenda is obvious. Instead of moving forward into the cabal-eliminated world, turn your head and drive off the road and crash the car. Note to skim. We aren’t going to let this happen. And if you think you can jump out right before the crash with Tanks milkshake, not gonna happen. Tank will supernova (again) and you’ll be turned to “ash and dust”, but I degrees.

Devaluation and Splitting

Notice how she has been around a few weeks and already is trying to take over the unity of the group, trying to making it “all about her”. She does this by praising some and shaming and showing contempt for others to try to start a distracting internal war of infighting, For Kim/Against Kim is very yummy fuel for her, especially if she can distract the group away from unifying around becoming strong and ready for the future, when she can ensnare and entrap us into looking backwards.


It’s only been a few weeks but she’s already demonstrated well-groomed tendencies of psychological and emotional abuse. Bullying. Notice the contempt she has for those who haven’t supported her in the way she wanted. Notice the contempt for those who “don’t get it or dare to question her”. Useless eaters. “That’s MY milkshake (cus I wants it Precious)”. Entitled. Quick to trash and condemn whom she already devalued.

Smear Campaigns

Notice the trash-talk about the Republic and Chinese Elders. Listen carefully when one of “her kind” trash-talks with hypnotic reverberations. She’s threatened by them. All is in reverse with “her kind”. So using this to benefit ourselves, what have we discovered?

1. Chinese Elders are powerful and hold all the keys (and codes)

2. The US Government shutting down is a good thing (no money, no honey)

3. SWIFT system isn’t hooked up to anything or if it is, her codes are useless

4. Without groups like Tanks to infiltrate and attempt to neutralize, the cabal have no positions in the post-RV world.

5. What Tank is doing is on-track, will work and is powerful (please don’t expose “our kind” and prevent our flipping the tables again)

6. This RV is happening without her kind. We are not playing a game (notice how everything is reduced to a game with her).

Those are just a few indicators. Here are some excellent videos that spell out (lol - Kim is trying to put us under her spell) the maneuvers of Kim and her kind. Thank you HD Tudor for these invaluable lessons.







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 "A Cabal Shill's Guide to the RV" by Fireswan   1/21/18 Empty Re: "A Cabal Shill's Guide to the RV" by Fireswan 1/21/18

Post by power123 on Sun Jan 21, 2018 8:43 pm

It's a piece of piss. You know what I do? I just get up and read the paper. Then people ask questions, and I just bullshit. Actively bullshit, as opposed to passively. That's the best bit. Just bullshitting. Piece of utter piss.

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