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Time for Equality to Reign Down Right Now! by Hermes DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Time for Equality to Reign Down Right Now! by Hermes

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Time for Equality to Reign Down Right Now! by Hermes Empty Time for Equality to Reign Down Right Now! by Hermes

Post by Ponee Sun Jan 21, 2018 11:26 am

Time for Equality to Reign Down
Right Now!

I can tell you that Yosef is either the biggest fraud ever or he's just an arrogant cabbagehead that thinks he knows more about the RV/GCR than the people in control, IF they are even in control. Yosef has already claimed that he has exchanged his currency, so why is he still writing these ridiculous SITREP's? He also has admitted that he has already violated his NDA many times, so the New Powers that Be should take away all his exchanged currency. Yosef contradicts himself every time he writes one of his SITREP's. He admitted in a previous post on 

http://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com that he purposely tells half truths to support his preposterous claims and to make it look like he really knows what he's talking about. Yosef claims his imaginary friends told him that they would blow Hurricane Irma back out into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. From what I can see Irma is is on a direct head on collusion with Miami and pretty much the whole state of Florida. So that alone should tell you how fudging smart he really is. He also claims to have Yeshua Ben Yoseph (aka Jesus Christ) on his side. Hmmm...is it a wonder why he calls himself Yosef? 

All of the phony Dinar/RV/GCR Gurus claim to have GOD on their side. 99.99% are Christians and believe that only those that welcome Jesus Christ into their lives will be allowed to benefit from the coming RV/GCR. Please stop already! I'm running out of barf bags. I must really be cursed by this Jehovah/Jesus/Yeshua dude because I'm among the 00.01% (probably the ONLY one) that doesn't believe in his shit. I don't make up imaginary friends to support my preposterous claims like these bozos do. All of these Dinar Gurus like, Yosef, Bruce, Tank, That Goofy Lady, the TNT guy, and many more which I can't think of at the moment can go the hell! NONE of them are going to bring about NESARA/GESARA (they don't even know the difference), RV/GCR, currency exchange, abundance packages, or whatever they are called because they are no different than religion. 

Religions and their con-artist leaders/priests use religion to gain control of their dumbed down believers and con them out of their money too. They tell you to look to a god or some deity outside of yourself for salvation. You will NEVER gain salvation by relying on any kind of substance outside of yourself. You and you alone only have the power within yourself to save yourself (if you think you need to be saved). That means that you ARE god and that you have the power of a god. So tell Yosef and his god to go Fudge himself and go within and access your true divine power within and bring about whatever it is that you feel the need to create. 

If that's gold or money then by all means get on with it. If it is something else that will be just as valuable to you and everyone around you that benefits from your creative powers then create that. Stop looking to Yosef, the New Powers that Be, White Dragon Society, Chinese Elders, Grandfather, Benevolents, or all other energy or beings outside of yourself. It will never happen. You can only bring about miracles by accessing the power within yourself.

This brings me to my next topic. The RV/GCR or currency exchange will never happen in the future. Why? Because the future doesn't exist. The only point in time that exists is right now, present moment, or current time. The past and future are not real and nothing happens there. You think the past is real because you have memories. Those memories are nothing more than a photograph. A photograph is real at the moment you are looking at it, but it isn't the past. It's just an image of the past and is not the REAL past because there is no real past. There is no past at all. The same goes for the future. People are constantly obsessed with the future. They think they know what will happen in the future and so they are constantly DOing something or NOT doing something to either prevent something or make something happen in the future. Whatever happens in the future will NEVER be what you expect so stop worrying and obsessing with it over and over again. It's just a waste of your energy and the present moment. 

If you feel very strongly about something in the future (usually called intuition) then by all means do something about it, but otherwise just let the future go and live in the moment. The only way you are going to get into the future is through the present moment. Concentrate on the present moment and the power within yourself will create magnificent events in the future, right now. Your own creative power, NOT the pretend power of Yosef and his likes, will take you right into those wonderful moments you create, right now. 

When it happens right now some people might think it has become the future, but in reality it will still only be the present moment because the future doesn't exist and never has. So for the love of the fudging idiotic Yosef stop letting him tell you when the RV/GCR is going to happen. It will NEVER happen when he says it will because it will ALWAYS be the future, and what did I just say about the future? The future never has and never will exist. So Fudge the future already and get on with living for NOW. Live in the moment. Be in the moment. Create in the moment because the current moment is all that exists and is the ONLY way to access the creative power within you. 

This power IS god, which makes you god. If you want to go around telling everyone that you are god because you live and create in the present moment then go for it. They might think you have a Jesus complex, but Fudge them. As long as you know you don't and that you are living in the now and are accessing your creative power that exists only at this moment then that is all you or anyone else needs to know.

I would also like to discuss the difference between gold and money. For thousands of years Gold (along with all other precious metals and assets) has NOT equaled fiat (no value) currency. Gold has not backed up money. You could exchange gold for money or visa versa, but gold and money has not existed together. Money has always been represented by malevolent power or energy. Gold or gold coins has always been considered a feminine power or energy.

 Both money and gold has never been equivalent or existed together. That is changing. Both money and gold still exist but both are uniting together and becoming one because 209 countries have agreed (in the Paris Climate Agreement) to revalue or reset their currencies. This reset has created new money or currency that is backed by gold or precious assets. It has already happened in the majority of these 209 countries, including the newly restored Republic of the United States of America. The new gold backed currency in the Republic of the United States of America is sometimes called rainbow currency and is represented by the acronym USN (United States Note). The new USN is either gold or asset backed. Because of this Gold and Money are the same thing or are equal to each other. Gold is the same thing as money and money is the same thing as gold. Both masculine and feminine energies (at least currency wise) have become one and no longer contradict or oppose each other. Because of this money and gold will no longer be used for selfish purposes. 

It will be shared by everyone and will no longer hoarded by the 1%. The sooner Americans become aware and accept this fact the sooner we will rid ourselves of hatred, wars, fighting, conflicts, and opposition. Wealth will be redistributed so that all are equal and no one will go without. There will be no more homeless. Everyone will have a home. All debt will be wiped out. Bank loans and credit card debt will become a thing of the past. Everyone will be driving the newest and most luxurious car (emissions free and anti-gravity of course) that money or gold can buy. Everyone will have as much material things as they want.

 Time to get out Madonna's Material Girl. I love that song. The sooner Americans show the rest of the world how to do this the sooner all dark and negative energies/forces will be forced to leave planet Earth. It will be impossible for these opposing forces to exist side by side with united equal energies any longer.

So do me, yourself, and planet Earth a favor. Stop putting up with Yosef's (and all other gurus) bullshit and start listening to your true self. Create the equality (gold and money) that you and the rest of the world deserve to live in right NOW (present moment, NOT the future), and let's get rid of all negative energy types (like Yosef and other arrogant Dinar gurus) so I can take a very long and relaxing vacation already. God (the one inside me) knows I deserve it.


Hermes MOG


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Time for Equality to Reign Down Right Now! by Hermes Empty Re: Time for Equality to Reign Down Right Now! by Hermes

Post by Kevind53 Sun Jan 21, 2018 8:22 pm

Simple, he is an arrogant cabbageheaded fraud. These fools may claim to be Christians, but in reality they are charlatans and false prophets. Kinda suiting since all the crap they spew and you have obviously bought is equally false.

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