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 "Kim, Kim, Kim" by Pat  1/20/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Kim, Kim, Kim" by Pat 1/20/18

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 "Kim, Kim, Kim" by Pat  1/20/18 Empty "Kim, Kim, Kim" by Pat 1/20/18

Post by Ssmith on Sun Jan 21, 2018 7:49 am

Do Kim’s reactions have a ring of compassion and benevolence?

My discernment radar is flashing, because ANY Being, working high up in the transition has to have ties to benevolence. Another words, if ONE person was going to be given the codes for humanity’s freedom, it would definitely be a Lightworker or Light Warrior.

So, I’m suppose to believe Kim is a Lightworker? That this individual has been given the keys to release humanity from it’s bondage? That the Benevolent Beings in charge, including the Galactics, have decided this person has the compassion, benevolence and tenacity attributes to free mankind? Okay...maybe you have tenacity. I’ll give you that one.

Let’s see about the others...

She states in her latest post (first words), “Believe. Don’t Believe.”
- Hmmm that’s the way Yosef starts many of his posts. Not saying it’s a bad thing, but being original might have more impact here next time.

She states: “All of you are under the impression I "Care" if you believe me, I don't.

Sorry if that is a bit harsh, but that is not my "job". My job is to finish this distribution.”

- Okay...seems you might lack some empathy and compassion towards those that don’t understand. I see.

She states: “Because you don't have to get out of your comfort zone of your arm chair. While clicking buttons of approval or disapproval. "Little Knowledge is Dangerous". Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole "Alice"?”

-Seriously? Do you have any idea what the most powerful tool is? Thought. Thought creates reality. It’s all connected to the collective consciousness. If you were a powerful and knowledgeable Lightworker, you wouldn’t be slinging so many negatives around. You would know that you are manifesting your own road blocks, by giving them so much attention.

She states: “There are people getting out of bed in the morning (if they get to sleep at all) physically taking an action, they risk their lives every day. They have looked these enemies in the eye, so have I. Have you? For most of you no. Shame on you for blogging in your warm comfortable home shouting "these people are not moving fast enough"

-You are correct with the fact that we owe great respect and praise to those on the front lines taking out the Cabal. That’s specialized work which few excel in, and we are forever deeply grateful. Absolutely, no doubt about it. Yes, there are those that vent and complain about how long it’s taking, but that’s a handful when you really look at the big picture. However, maybe just a tiny bit of praise (or compassion) might be warranted to those Lightworkers doing the inter dimensional work...you know....the fights going on outside the 3D realm that are linked to this entire transition of mankind and Gaia’s inhabitants. You know....some of those “arm chair” workers? Just a thought.

She states: “The Republic has been restored everyone says, NESARA is coming. USA Inc. is Bankrupt does anyone even know what this means? Any of it? Doubtful. “

- Yes, we are well aware of the USA, Inc, the Cabal deceits, and years of working towards NESARA, along with the past 47 years working towards GCR/new financial system. Are you aware of the past 13 millennia that we have been fighting the dark ones? This isn’t our first rodeo. Just sayin.

She states: “Could I answer all the questions to the above? Sure, will I? No. Go find it for yourself, then maybe you will respect it.”

- That a girl! Show who you are with that statement!

Lightworker? Really?

A Lightworker would have compassion for those that don’t understand, and try to help them gain the knowledge to succeed, so everyone will elevate with success. Your disgusted and hateful approach of looking down on others that may not understand , is not reflective of Light, nor of a great leader that would be put in charge of releasing all of mankind from bondage.

Keep trying. You aren’t quite there yet, but I do have hope for you!



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 "Kim, Kim, Kim" by Pat  1/20/18 Empty Re: "Kim, Kim, Kim" by Pat 1/20/18

Post by Ssmith on Sun Jan 21, 2018 7:51 am

"For Currency Investor's Eyes Only" by Toothless Crackhead

Let me be clear! In awaiting the fair, just, and (more than any one thing,) the "honorable" dispensation of "revalued" and "reset" currency, our wait is, has been, and will be, pointless. We've already sacrificed our trust and our dignity.

The "trains" of honesty, fairness, honor and caring for this planet's disenfranchised populations (which are both gargantuan and legend) have long ago left the stations. And in the current common atmosphere and lexicon, there have been several major explanations conjectured as to why they left empty. Let me address those conjectures in turn.

First, the notion that a changing of the guard, from "Cabal" to "Alliance," is currently in the air. Had that been the actual case, wouldn't there have been efforts made to secure that those investors least endowed, would have exchanged by now and exchanged first? Fairness "Bubba", fairness!!

Why would any Cabal replacement such as the "Alliance", perpetuate the same codes and decisioning that got the world into this mess in the first place, especially if they were trying to improve on the old model? Who in their right minds would allow bankers to stay in place, legislators to continue their delusion and theft of the public and those 1,800 world billionaire's (who see fiscal power as a "zero sum" "GAME") to continue to stay in place and call the shots? Doesn't that guarantee more of the same? Devastation squared?

We confuse ourselves when we allow our old allegiances (whether they be to a nation or religion or any entity greater than our "tribes") to be preyed upon...to be challenged even. We should have known that we were being "punked" when our "collective needs" were bypassed in favor of "whipping up--whispering to"--our individual wants. It's no longer about the power of the money to do good for the many folks. But rather the power that it summons for the few in control to stay in control.

Secondly, let us look at the aforementioned "Alliance". This is a group of whom...no one knows, but is described in 1940s film industry argot as "White Hats". Really???? These guys don't have a name????

This language alone says, "you fools out there have the intelligence of an eight-year old". We can placate you with notions of getting your republic back, by telling you we're "assigning" you a miltary operative turned legislative "speaker" and a never heard of military general to hand you your democracy back on a plate. Now you didn't get to vote for these guys. They were just "given" to you as your leadership. But the forefathers will be happy that "the Republic" has been returned. By your "Sumo-dark budgeted military" no less.

Notwithstanding that the "forefathers" were creepy in their own right, (hell, they didn't even write their wives and more than half the population, 'excluding slaves', into their governing documents).

Nevertheless, were they to see their efforts taken over by uncontrollable international corporations, with more power than nations; abortion zealots hell bent on taking away women's personal choice around the world; and religious zealots of any kind, they would have packed up the experiment and returned to England.

And after all that, the word is put out that the most objectively narcissist, sociopathic human ever to hold the office of the United States Presidency---a "grab um by the p_ssy kinda guy", a "s_ithole countries" kinda leader guy, a "Hitler sound alike", will be your savior---and they sell this to you employing all manner of religion. Frankly, this guy wouldn't know the "Torah", the "Quran", the "Bible", the "Bhagavad Gita", the "Daily Word" if you made him eat them. And they next preyed on your hope. Then they preyed on your prayer!!

Can't wait to do an honest days business with these people, (whoever they are,) when the planet revalues it's currency!! Just sayin!!


We were then encouraged to pray to "Grandfather", but we were never encouraged to examine his credentials...check his resume so to speak. Who is this family of people who've been around for centuries, but are just getting around to helping me fight tooth decay?

And meanwhile, out here in the west, there has been not one name associated with responsibility for this world revamping of currency process. We don't even have a federal agency that takes responsibility for the American part of this process. But we're "banking" that our "being American" will help us out. Seventy million of us currency holders worldwide, but we haven't been minding the proverbial store. Wasn't January 18th some ultimate deadline. Yea baby!!!

Third, we should not leave our "extra-terrestrial breathren out of the mix. Multiple and various "authorities" have intimated that "off-world" players may be involved here. And we've been told everything from "they are just waiting for us to get it together before they offer their intellectually and spiritually superior largess," to, "they've made a deal to swap technology with the American government (and possibly others) as far back as 1901 and that as a rule, certainly the "Tall Whites", benevolent though they may seem by comparison to the "Greys" and the "Reptilians", see us as "mentally inferior Great Apes", won't let us near their children and have helped governments build a labyrinth of secret bunkers that criss-cross the planet and especially this nation all for the betterment of whom?

Now I'm not making this stuff up!!

No matter which of these scenarios you may ascribe to, (or not) things do not bode well for the home team. My god...your "p_ssy grabbing" savior, with an intelligence that is absolutely inverse to his ego, has just passed a tax law that is guaranteed to have the average American (screw the rest of the world) in greater debt, with fewer resources to address that debt, NEXT YEAR. Drain the swamp...and fill it with kool-aid why don't chaw?!!

As the whole world becomes less democratic (crackdowns on democracy in Turkey, assainations in Russia and throughout the Baltics, Phillipine terrorism by its leader, Syria, Thailand, Myanmar, aboriginal people of Australia, assainations in both Koreas, Blacks, browns, Moslems, and women in America, Palestinians in blossoming Israel, Christians in waning Egypt, Somalis, Ecuadorans, Pakistanis, Afghans, Iranians) we should be looking at the big picture to best perceive where we are headed.

And listening to the banking/business industry ask that you trust them is like trusting your poodle to wander into the hills and play with that beckoning young coyote. These delays, at the very least, suggest that these "people" know no other way. They've surrendered any humanity (sorry cosmic superiors but you're not invited to humanity--you clearly don't value it) long ago.

No, we've been serially lied to, mislead, given intentionally bad intelligence and been generally taken advantage of...for years if not decades. And I promise you, that some operative who has already "cashed out" or been paid will respond to the comments found here with something disparaging and in favor of waiting just another "window" longer. Black vans indeed!!

The banker's are laughing... their minions, the legislators, and holders of the public trust are salivating like Pavlov's dogs... and the "Reptilians" and "Greys" and "Tall Whites" are finally all in one accord as to how foolish and disgusting we truly are.


Because they do not sacrifice nor eat their own!!!

Hundreds of thousands of humans per day are impacted negatively by the losses and delays of this revaluation. By the way, in that ten thousand humans go missing each year, without a trace from this planet, may portend much about our extra-terrestrial "saviors"!!

But it says even more about us. As my mother once said to me..."You can't expect others to respect you 'toothless', if you can't respect yourself". We should be asking ourselves, relative to this world currency event, what New York's ex-Mayor "Ed Kotch" used to ask his electorate. .."How am I doing"?

Then we should ask, "What am I doing?


So if you hear "giggles" from somewhere above you, it's our "friends" from "out there"..."Superior Technology/Inferior Humanity Central".

If you hear ground level chuckling, it's from those tango partners, "team Cabal/Alliance," the "Grey Hats".

Out and out laughter can only be heard when you get off the plane at JFK and visit Wall Street.

Toothless Crackhead

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