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 "Just Some Thoughts" by Lucifer Morningstar  1/21/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Just Some Thoughts" by Lucifer Morningstar 1/21/18

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 "Just Some Thoughts" by Lucifer Morningstar  1/21/18 Empty "Just Some Thoughts" by Lucifer Morningstar 1/21/18

Post by Ssmith on Sun Jan 21, 2018 7:25 am

So here are some of my thoughts.

Tank has been comprised. He might not be fully aware of it, but he is.

Suddenly there is the arrival of Kim.

When Kim went on a rampage, agressively so, she said: I don't care about what u think. Sounds familiar to anyone else we know?

Yet when stating this, she gives a ton of explanations showing she does care...funny ain't it?

Tank has a sole mission to get everyone to put our funds in his hands. Let me tell you what happens next...

U will lose all your money, he will vanish and laugh at all of you.

After last call with the new person that is "Kim" we are being led to believe, all our funds should go trough them.

Let me remind you all of the famous trick the cabal uses: Sell us your soul, and we make u famous and rich.

Funny how Kim and Tank are using the same tactic...don't you think?

I am Lucifer Morningstar, i will bring the truth, and the light of all the love that I Am.

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 "Just Some Thoughts" by Lucifer Morningstar  1/21/18 Empty Re: "Just Some Thoughts" by Lucifer Morningstar 1/21/18

Post by Ssmith on Sun Jan 21, 2018 7:43 am

"Kim, is this your Mission?" by Andrixon Hernandez

Greetings family IDC, greetings to three great people, pinkyrosse, Judy Byington and Patrick, receive from me a hug in pure love, they are true heroes.

Now I see that a new character has been added to this family (Kim possible) as long as it comes to work for the good of the liberation of humanity if you are welcome on my part.

Kim I have read some of your posts in this blog, I have felt in your posts a strong character and a bit of intolerance, maybe that is your mission!, I think not, oky, I buy your story that you were chosen for a mission and You are a possessor of the liberation codes of humanity, but if that story is true and this is not an irreverence on my part where you got the codes, an inheritance, a legacy, you bought them online.

An inheritance: if it was an inheritance has all the right to do with these what you think is convenient according to your beliefs.

A legacy: if it is a legacy, you are the commitment of someone who deposited a trust in you, but you received instructions for its execution.

You bought it online: if you bought it online it is possible, only very possible that you do not have the powers that you grant them.

But as mike I buy you the story, being that way I'll tell you something, the clique and their lackeys operate because they have resources unlike the workers of the light, the lackeys of the cabalists do not know or do not imagine another way of life, those lackeys They are also human beings, human beings are not harmful per se, we are beings of light but with a brainwashing and we are united by that infinite power capable of creating universes, LOVE.

Kim there is a human army of more than 7 Billion members, we are the ones who give power to those who guarantee us daily sustenance, that army is capable of moving for its own convenience, think about it, look what dark beings have done with power, now imagine light workers working with the same conditions and economic power, just think for a moment.

The light workers would change life as we know it, I am aware that we live in a total deception, I am also aware that everything we know as truth is a lie, without knowing how to operate the banks.
I have a projection that the workers of the light with the resources in their hands would leave the clique without employees in 6 months, you imagine, that is the fear of the clique, they are aware that their end would be fast and by decision of each one of their employees, it would only be like changing jobs, in 6 months they would not have time to read all the letters of resignation in their desks, simple as that, what would they do with large companies without human resources? Answer, Sell, now the companies that once were exploitative industries against the people is now owned by the person, also the governments, that’s the plan, does it sound like?

If it is your pleasure to answer this, I do not want you to answer each of the questions mentioned in this statement; it would be a great contribution on your part, to say what is your goal or your purpose.
If your story is real, you have a great responsibility but you are afraid, in a publication you say that you want to return to your life as a normal person, you never will be, you are Kim Possible, maybe you were someone who thought like me and said that he wanted to have the power to liberate humanity, now it has it.

There are two questions, it is not your entire responsibility to release or the time has not come, and the two give us the conclusion that you are one more piece of the puzzle.

Do your work, but as you read and write in this blog it is logical that the moment of liberation has not arrived and you want to spend some time with a group of "dreamers", remember the people you have to release have been, abused, abused , deceived, condemned to poverty, lack of health, justice, etc., etc., etc.,.

How did he think they would be? Do not judge them, just love them, the work is hard but you have to do it.

Think about your mission, I think you know what it is or not?

Postscript: If you do not want to do your job Disclaimer, it is likely that someone with less preparation does a better job that is not a shame.

Andrixon Hernandez© Del Orbe©

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 "Just Some Thoughts" by Lucifer Morningstar  1/21/18 Empty Re: "Just Some Thoughts" by Lucifer Morningstar 1/21/18

Post by Ssmith on Sun Jan 21, 2018 7:44 am

"Kim Possible - Concrete Steps to Help you, Please" by CH

Kim Possible, you said that:

This is why I keep saying the TRUST is only willing to give codes to A) The People, or B) The Government Directly now.

The funds for humanity held in Trust would be released only on the 2 conditions as above.

Ad. A)

  • How does the Trust envisage giving them to the people ? 
  • Solely via banks or directly to people in Trusts in countries worldwide ? 
  • Are there any such Trusts in existence or would they require to be opened to get this impasse solved ? 
  • Are there any banks that are mentioned by the Trust to use in this case ? Or any other viable outlets to be used ? 
  • Or is there anything that needs to be set up ? 
  • Are there any instructions of how to proceed with release to the people, as that would eliminate any mishaps, tomorrows, delays, funds getting in the wrong hands, etc. ? 
  • Please advise us for as you can see, you have many willing helpers here in DC. 

Ad. B)

  • The US Government, I take it. 
  • Directly to whom there ? The President ? 
  • Whom does the Trust trust in the Government ? 
  • Does the Military also count as the Government here ? Maybe through them ? 
  • Does the Trust have specific names/positions listed in the Government to whom it is allowed to release the Codes to ? 
  • Or are we to assume only the UST Head there ? 
  • Does giving the Codes to the US Government equate giving them to other countries as well via lead banks present in the US with their subsidiaries worldwide ?

I realise some questions may seem naive to you, but perhaps if not asked, we may never break this stalemate.

I understand the Trust is obliged to ascertain the most safe conditions for the release, as you have told us, however Trusts also provide strict guidelines as well, and this is what our queries to you are about.

We heard you and want to help.

Dwelling on negativity will only maintain this impasse. Please tell us what is it that you need help with from us because the DC community is hardly a couch potato one. You will do your job and with that, give us the tools to do ours.

Most awakened ones know what you are posting here for us, though not all your information is easily deciphered.

I would personally rather concentrate on giving you a helping hand, as people are suffering and no end is in sight. Even the famous new public rates have an immensely hard time appearing within the 30 days requirement.

We are here to help you and work with you to get this done finally.

Please advise on how do we start this together.

Thank you,

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