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 "Top 20 Discernment?" by Concerned Lisa -  1/16/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Top 20 Discernment?" by Concerned Lisa - 1/16/18

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 "Top 20 Discernment?" by Concerned Lisa -  1/16/18 Empty "Top 20 Discernment?" by Concerned Lisa - 1/16/18

Post by Ssmith on Wed Jan 17, 2018 8:18 am

1. We are waiting on Iraq?

2. Iraq is done?

3. Iraq has Rv'D in country?

4. Iraq must go international before this or that law can be passed?

5. Iraq is waiting on PTB for GCR?

6. All bad weather, false attacks cabal generated?

7. Zim is 1 to1, no $0.12 with 5 zeros off, no wait 6 zeros lopped off?

8. Not to mention contract rates?

9. USD bankrupt?

10. Gold asset backed currency?

11. 2017 is our year, by March, by October, by December?

12. Yea the NPTB want this done before Christmas?

13. Oh wait! Tax bill in USA must pass first?

14. Rv is in tax bill, January 2 2018 is our day?

15. I,m not calling it but we are right there at the door?

16. Zim $8, IQD $22 etc. Back screen rates?

17. Imminent, now, any day, next month, oh my god next year?

18. Full moon, Chinese New Year, Jesus birthday etc?

19. Whooooozer! I'm not sure if this article is important but it sure sounds rv to me?

20. My source real close, paymasters are liquid, tiers 1, 2,3, are done. We are next. The admirals Group has been paid and Reno is liquid. Tier 4 (that's us) soon to go. The banks have performed test runs successfully and so have the military. Quantum computer has reached 95% on cabal that means go. What's next?

Note: Even though lots of the above info may be accurate at the time, how does anybody show good discernment. I am truly grateful for all Intel providers who are trying to give us the best most accurate Intel possible. But do you see our problem for being able to Filter out good to bad Intel. There appears to be such a vast amount of opinions vs facts.

I see Yosef is back with sitreps and I'm happy to see that. I can feel his frustration much like all of us are experiencing. Tank, I love your energy and commitment too. To all those trying to call this right, I thank you also. I'll leave with just one last question and comment, Those who believe they have real solid sources giving them credible backed up Intel (by multiple entities) and proves to be false or just did not come to fruition, where is your discernment.

I do realize just because the info didn't come true doesn't mean it's not accurate, but isn't.

It time for all of us to turn our attention and questioning the NPTB (whoever they are) about there intentions and the Intel they are showing us through these sources? I believe every time we appear to get to the beginning of this it gets held back because of somebody or something. The NPTB are running out of excuses, cabal? Iraq? UST?

What or who is next?

Thank you with love, Concerned Lisa.

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