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Elmerl123456 & the TNT Gang   1/14/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Elmerl123456 & the TNT Gang 1/14/18

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Elmerl123456 & the TNT Gang   1/14/18 Empty Elmerl123456 & the TNT Gang 1/14/18

Post by Ssmith Mon Jan 15, 2018 9:42 am



Everyone needs to remain calm and understand one thing and one thing only. The current IQD rate is a program/sanctioned rate imposed on the country during the dictatorship era of 2003. Iraq will not be forced to remain on that rate! If you have been paying attention you know why! Breathe. Shine On!

Still sticking with what we are expecting with the forex release,,,we may not go before then but we will go first before the public when it is released because we are expecting it

Q: if no update on Forex are we still believing end of month: seeing articles appear about May elections I thought oh brother!

We are actually looking for the rate to be released on the Forex market. Iraq has their release in their country we're just waiting for it to be released international in the US

When you're about to lose everything and have exhausted all avenues, you do expect things to happen. There is no normal life until the RV because you're hoping for the change any moment

The central bank of Morocco will set a new reference price for the dirham on Monday. - News article quoted on recaps today. LINK https://www.dinarrecaps.com/our-blog/ktfa-members-news-and-views-sunday-am-1-14-18

Was informed Gold backed currency in Europe was released 2 days ago and the US is next. PPPPPPPPRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!! My group leader said he should be flying out this week to sign papers and when signed our appointments will be the next day…

i am from Europe have not heard anuthing

We were informed that it's so and pressure is now on the US

Well maybe Trump will have a chance to pay off the National Debt before the state of the union speech

He's suppose to make an announcement Tuesday and I hope it's " THE " announcement

The rate has changed in Angola and is dated January 15, 2018. I researched to see where this country is located exactly. It is on the coast of West Africa. It is 4:17 pm there at this time; six hours ahead of the East Coast. It is the only country with a change of rate at this time.......Watching...........

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