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 "Guru School" by Jackie Stermitz 1/10/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Guru School" by Jackie Stermitz 1/10/18

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 "Guru School" by Jackie Stermitz 1/10/18 Empty "Guru School" by Jackie Stermitz 1/10/18

Post by Ssmith Thu Jan 11, 2018 9:38 am

After traveling on this RV journey for over 4 years and listening/reading Guru (no need to name them) prognostications ad nauseam (admittedly, my own choice) it occurred to me there must be a school for Guru's, as, after awhile, the sound bites are just all tooooo similar.



1- Say a lot of stuff without saying anything.

2- Hmmm... haw.... change the subject when your facts are questioned.

3- Use phrases like "it appears", "sort of", "I think", "I'm not suppose to say that", "We're so close", "It was suppose to happen last night", " I could be wrong" and so on and so on and so on....

4- Give people a lot of intel about the money side of things, get them really excited, and then chastise them for caring about the money side of things when it doesn't happen.

5- Do a 2 hour call selling stuff, with the intent of sharing intel, then give them 5 minutes of intel.

6- When someone questions your intel, tell people you can't reveal your sources because everyone will die.

7- Use the word "Cabal" in each and every sentence. If that doesn't work, use the word "Galactics". If that doesn't work, just talk about projects.

8- Ask for donations because you know people are addicted to your calls and will pay to keep it going.

9- Refer to the infamous "THEY" whenever you are tongue tied. "They" told me not to say anything. "They" are working on this 24/7. "They" have put all redemption centers on high alert. "They" have arrested all the bad guys. "They" "They".....

10-Start a group and charge people to be a part of it - and, here's the kicker, you don't even have to tell people who you really are. How cool is that?

11-And the BEST ONE of all - you can disappear, if you choose, after this happens because, let's face it, you really spewed out a lot of crap and karma is a bitch!

I'm sure there are people in this event that are full of integrity and good intentions - and I don't believe most of them are out in the open as Gurus. But, when you want to defend a Guru for being so selfless and giving so much of their time, ask the question, "what are they getting out of it?". I don't believe it's just a warm fuzzy feeling in their heart. Do you? They're either being told to do this, being paid, getting a cut of the exchange or have another agenda. I don't believe anyone in their "right" mind would keep telling people it's going to happen tomorrow and tell you the same thing on the next call, week after week after week after week for months/years. I know I would not be able to continue this charade. Would you?

Still, I believe in the Cabal, Galactics, humanitarian projects and the RV. I just wish we didn't have to wade through the swamp of RV crap to get there. Then, again, I chose this journey as well. And, man, I've learned so much about myself and human nature - and discernment - and deception. The main lesson - not to allow myself to put any one person on a Guru pedastal.

Submitted in love by Jackie Stermitz

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 "Guru School" by Jackie Stermitz 1/10/18 Empty Re: "Guru School" by Jackie Stermitz 1/10/18

Post by Ethel Biscuit Thu Jan 11, 2018 12:21 pm

Jackie Stermitz wrote: Still, I believe in the Cabal, Galactics, humanitarian projects and the RV.

Oh dear. And you started your message so well.

You just couldn't take the final step could you?

picking  "Scum" - Sue Winters
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