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RayRat Call Notes 1/10/18

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doj - RayRat Call Notes   1/10/18 Empty RayRat Call Notes 1/10/18

Post by Ssmith on Thu Jan 11, 2018 9:36 am

(Notes by Adept1) 

TNT Call 10-January-2018

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 40902


RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! It’s Wednesday, January 10, 2018, with yours truly RayRat98 here. We will get the record straight on a few things, and then get on with our Monday. We have so much NON-new intel to share. Everything looks basically the same as on Monday. We did have some banks that communicated to members that we are in a 24-hour window. That came out yesterday, so they are expecting to do something sometime today, or at least they expected that yesterday. We are expecting more on that today. At least the banks had a special meeting on Monday, all hush-hush, and members have told us that their banks say they are expecting memos and such. Everyone is in a state of high expectation. So far as we know, the plan is still in place for exchanges to begin before the Forex release around the 15th, give or take a day because of the MLK holiday. That’s the last we were told and unless we hear something new, that plan is formulated as we go into Wednesday. We are waiting for updates on the progress of that plan.

More importantly, you need to make sure that if it is time to go, why are you going? Where do you want that rate to be? Make sure you know your WHY, specially in light of the new strategic information we’ve been sharing. We expect the dinar to go up, riding the wave on Forex, and are hearing that other currencies may well do the same. So now we have a series of currencies that might possibly continue to go up in value. Why go in on the first day if there is a chance of an upswing in a week or so? Why exchange at $4 when the market could take it to $8? Make sure to address you ‘why’ if there is a window of opportunity to head down to the bank… That’s it for intel.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: Have any of your US bankers addressed the issue with verification? Just one million dinar with 40 notes will challenge a 20 minute appointment. If not, could you ask please?
A: Really? Only 40 notes will not be a challenge, and also the 20 minutes is not set in stone. Every bank should have a money-counting machine, so it will take a minute to count 40 notes. Remember, a lot of these details are for the average person.

Q: How do you see the exchange and GCR affecting the US dollar?
A: I’ll pass on that one. I don’t see much change to the value of the dollar.

Q: Are they planning to bring the Zimbabwe notes we hold back into circulation? Right now they’re in collectible status, will there be a certain time frame to exchange them or will they return to normal circulation?
A: I have not heard of any plans to bring those back into circulation, nor have I heard a time limit one exchanging our zim notes.

Q: I was thinking about leaving two of the 100 Trillion Zim Notes at five different banks. Do you think that’s a good idea? Or do you think ALL ten HAVE to go to ONE Bank?
A: What is your purpose in distributing the ten notes to different banks before exchanging? The banks will probably have similar rates, so it’s just taking up your time with five visits. However, negotiation requires strength of numbers. The more you exchange at once, the more likely you will be able to negotiate on the rates, or perks, or interest on the exchange funds. THEN you can distribute the results to five banks.

Q: For those of us who have currency to exchange that is owned by a trust, are you confident that the banks will allow us to set up the proper trust bank account at time of exchange, particularly if we’re directed to a bank where we don’t already have this type of account open? For example, we have heard that there may be one particular bank which is handling the ZIM and we may not have a trust account already open there.
A: If you already have a trust, you know it doesn’t take long to open an account. Take the trust documentation with you, and they will open an account for that entity on the spot.

Q: From the call notes last Friday, “Now the plan is for this to go on Forex on the 15th. Prior to that, YOU should go through. However, they don’t want people to wait until it goes on Forex; they want as many as possible to exchange with stable rates, not wait for Forex.” Today is the 10th: is the plan still the same or has it been changed? If changed, what date do they want us to be exchanged by?
A: So far, the plan is the same; we haven’t received any communication of a change in the plan.

Q: On Monday, Tony talked about a Zim contract rate that would involve having a humanitarian project set for “Africa”. Did you mean Zimbabwe, Tony? Or anywhere in Africa? And can you give any more details about this Zim Contract rate plan?
A: That pertained to the 80/20 deal, and we talked about that after the call. At that time, we were told that there would be a connection to charities in Zimbabwe. However, that idea has been scrapped as far as we know.

Q: When Tony said that the majority of the contract rates were used and 40% were left, did he mean that 60% had been paid to people or that they had been allocated to groups/paymasters?
A: I’ll need to check with Tony on what he meant.

Q: If 6,000,000 people hold an average of 100,000 Dinar, and Iraq RV‘s at $3/Dinar, that’s 1.8 Trillion US dollars. Knowing that some of that will be paid for in oil credits, can they really support that much of a payout?
A: Let’s wait and see. Whatever the rate, it will be more than what we paid for the currency, so it’s a good deal in any case.

Q: as an Executive Trustee my plans are to invest in the municipal bonds on behalf of the trust. Understanding there is a tax on income by a trust, will income from municipal bonds purchased on behalf of the trust be tax-free?
A: If the income is tax-free for an individual, it should also be tax-free for an entity like a trust.

Q: If the rate changes on Forex on the 15th, does that automatically force the banks to change their rates, or can they choose not change their rates??
[RR: The bank ins’t changing the rates, they are going on what is in the system.]
Any idea why they chose the 15th to change the rates?
[A: No.]
Is it possible still for them to decide, hey, we want to wait till the 22nd to change the rates, or even later, heaven forbid?
A: Yes, it is possible that could happen.

Q: It was mentioned that the Zim possibly would be treat as a bond, with a 25-year payout. Would this bond have a coupon rate attached to it (like a U.S. Treasury Bond) that would pay out interest for 25 years and then pay the principle amount at the end of the term, OR will the exchanged amount be divided by 25 and paid out in equal payments?
A: I have no idea; we’ll know more when they tell us exactly how it works.

Q: As with the revaluing of Kuwait’s currency a number of years ago and again fairly recently with the Swiss Franc, both of these revalued on their own. Why does the Dong and other currencies in this “Basket of Currencies” have to wait until Iraq revalues?
A: That’s been my question for almost two years now.

Q: Zims are confusing. When I walk into a bank with a 100 Trillion note, what do I walk out with?
A: Probably that amount x the exchange rate, like any other currency. The last rate that was given us was .0000012, then we were told it would float between .0000012 and .0000022, so a 100 trillion note would yield $120 to $220 million dollars.

Q: If we don’t go for the contract rate on the zim, will we still be able to exchange the zim for a lower rate 30 days later if we choose.
A: Sure.

Q: With the dinar rate change in Iraq, have your contacts in Iraq seen any price changes on their store products?
A: I will enquire about what’s happening over there.

Q: Are you aware of any IMF rules that restrict a Forex currency from moving up/down more than 2% in a given timeframe (say 30 or 90 days)?
A: No, I’m not aware of any IMF rules, although Iraq has that rule in their constitution.

Q: Can I make a family private foundation with only one person? Who would be the grantor and the trustee?
A: Good questions: yes, you can set it up that way, but you’ll have to have at least two people on the Board.

Q: How can zim goes on forex when it is not in use?
A: When it does happen, then we’ll know. I don’t really care HOW it happens, so long as it benefits my back pocket.

Questions from live callers

864/404 caller: What do your sources say about the rumor that the dinar is no longer being sold to currency dealers?

RayRen: I haven’t even heard that rumor.

512 caller: My questions relate to the dong. Is dong going to float after the Forex?

RayRen: Not the dong – I was talking about the zim. But dong might float as well.

Caller: Some are saying dong will come out at $2; is that likely?

RayRen: It’s possible, but banks are still quoting 47 cents that they see on the screen.

Caller: Will there be a contract rate on the dong?

RayRen: Some people have been saying so over the years..

Caller: How do you ask for the contract rate? I’ve talked to two different bankers at two different banks, and they said they’ve never heard of a contract rate.

RayRen: A member sat with his bank person, and the banker quoted ‘contract rates’ that he saw on the screen. Most bankers cannot see them, so I don’t know how to tell you how to get the contract rates at this minute, but when the time comes, I’m sure they will give us more information that we will pass on to you.

Caller: I’ve heard you and others say there are front screens, back screens, etc. Will they show us all the screens, or not?

RayRen: I don’t know that we can demand to see something that is in the background, but I just don’t know and I won’t want to give you the wrong impression. We have members who have seen rates on the screens, and don’t know if the banker was supposed to show them or not. It all remains to be seen. When you are at the bank, be polite but firm – you are not there to please them, you are there to please you!

805 caller: I don’t get this ‘cap’ thing – I just don’t understand that. I heard people say there is a cap on how much you can exchange, or exchange at the contract rate.

RayRen: The cap information we received three years ago is that there will be a cap of 20 million dinar as the most you could exchange at the contract rate – so that the contract rate money could be spread out more. We were also told that you could exchange up to 50 million dong at the contract rate. Above that, you could still exchange at the international rate. Zim doesn’t have a contract rate, so far as I know; after 500 million dollars, the zim exchange would go into a monthly distribution. I think that is rubbish, based on the exchange activities I’m hearing about that are over 500 million.

Caller: Do you think Chase and Well Fargo will be exchanging zim? I know HSBC is…

RayRen: I believe that they will.

610 caller: [Appreciation]

702 caller: So, 100 trillion zim note would be worth $120 million dollars? How can they do that? I would be happy if it were 12 million dollars!

RayRen: Yes. How much do you want? You can give me the rest… We challenged that and they said they still stand behind that rate. Either it will hold true or it won’t. When I go in to the bank, and lay my zim on the table, and they say the amount that is in my account, I will say ‘thank you’ and walk away.

Caller: How long after it goes on Forex do you plan to have the Vegas party?

RayRen: As quickly as they can make the room available. If it happens on the 15th, we will probably have the Vegas meeting in February, because it’s a quite time of year.

863 caller: Are the banks on your registry all going to exchange all the currencies?

RayRen: I don’t know about the zim. This list was put together by members who were specifically asking about the dinar, which banks are dealing with the dinar NOW. The zim is an entirely different animal because no banks are dealing with zim right now. We have been told that there is a lead bank for the zim – not the only bank, but the lead bank. In the same way, Wells is the lead bank on dinar, but these 70+ banks are also handling it. I assume the same will happen with the zim.

Caller: Will we all have a wonderful birthday together on the 16th?

RayRen: Yes, if they hold to the plan as it has been told to us.

501 caller: You’ve indicated that the 15th of January, but now I am getting the impression that might slip a week or even two.

RayRen: We were told that dinar would go live on January 2nd and it didn’t. Then we were told the 15th. Could it slip from there? Sure. All we can do is roll with it, and take up any opportunities that might come up along the way.

Next caller: I have moved recently; will that create an issue at exchange? My ID has the old address.

328 caller:

RayRen: They are not taking zeros off the zim; they adjusted the rate instead. We have been advised all along that 50 trillion and 100 trillion zim notes, 2008 AA series. Then last week, they say the following notes will be accepted. Other notes MIGHT be accepted on further rounds – we don’t know. If you are thinking of buying notes, I wouldn’t go by the other rumors. This is what we are being told from trustworthy sources:
50 and 100 trillionnotes
50 and 100 billionnotes
50 and 100 millionnotes
50 and 100 thousandnotes

Every acceptable note will be exchanged for the face value x the rate, which at the moment we are being told is .0000012, or 120,000,000 USD per 100 trillion zim note.

Some of you have made decisions that might not work out for the best. From the very beginning, we told you that they would do something with the 50 T and 100T zim notes, they would take off six zeroes, and that the rate would be about 3-11 cents. Then others got on their soapbox and they said they would take six zeros off the trillions, three zeros off the billions, and no zeros off the millions. Now, who does that make sense to? Yet some of you went out and bought 500 million notes, and some bought only those notes. We always suggested you buy several different zim notes. A 500 million note will now yield $600, IF they accept them at all – because we have been told that the 500 million zim notes were counterfeited, and will not be accepted at all, at least not in the first round. I understand it’s frustrating to hear that the 500 million zim notes will at best come out at $600 (which is still more than you spent), but this is about improper planning. If you had bought a spread of zim notes, at least you would be covered. If you listened to what we said from the start, you would also be covered. We try to give you only information that we believe reflects reality, and that we have confirmed. Training is all about planning and preparation: if X happens, then what is your next move? It’s just information, but it’s coming from some of the best sources, so that you can plan accordingly. The rest is up to you. Attacking the messenger won’t change anything. One thing is for certain: if I’m 100% right with what I’m telling my members, then they will be thankful when the dust settles, and if I’m wrong, at least they’ve dodged that bullet. It’s like Noah – if it did rain, he was prepared, and if the rain didn’t come, he still had a lot of usable wood. Be prepared, and then, whether it’s positive or negative, at least you won’t be scratching your head saying, “I didn’t see that coming!” When this thing pops, unless you want the contract rates, sit on your hands and let us assess the situation; then we will be able to tell you what is happening without a shadow of a doubt. Whatever that reality turns out to be, we can move forward.

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doj - RayRat Call Notes   1/10/18 Empty Re: RayRat Call Notes 1/10/18

Post by Tinef on Thu Jan 11, 2018 11:30 am

Kind of like that episode of Happy Days.. 

TNT's "intel" is so nostalgic & plausible, until Fonzie, I mean Ray, jumped the shark , I mean the "Zim" ..

#DOJ.gov #FBI.gov #IRS.gov ... donations / ad clicks for fake insider info.. money laundered & likely unreported income, you'd think this qualifies as a scam, huh?    

doj - RayRat Call Notes   1/10/18 Z
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