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Tony/RayRat TNT Call Notes 1/8/18

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Tony/RayRat TNT Call Notes   1/8/18 Empty Tony/RayRat TNT Call Notes 1/8/18

Post by Ssmith on Wed Jan 10, 2018 8:57 am

(Notes by Adept1) 

TNT Call 8-January-2018

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! It’s Marvelous Monday, January 8, 2018, with yours truly RayRat98 here. We will get the record straight on a few things, and then get on with our Monday.

Tony: It’s my wife’s birthday today, so Happy Birthday! There are still some people we were not able to contact before the call, but there was a lot of information over the weekend. Iraq and the CBI are saying they are done, complete, but no one will have advance notice – it will just get done. They did want to give an explanation that the dinar has been reinstated throughout the country. Electronically, all the cards are being used here in the US, in England and Canada, so they are international. We’ve been seeing this for a little while, and now some others are agreeing with us. The IMF has nothing to do with the RV or RI because it’s already been completed. We’re just waiting for an announcement. The banks here are very excited about something this morning, and they won’t tell me what it’s about, but did say we would be very pleased. I hope it is preparations for this week. Today was the first banking day of the year, and they completed their hookups yesterday. There are over 60 banks that are selling dinar in the US, and international credit cards are active. Visa and MasterCard are finally realizing they can make money from Iraqi dinar! I am so glad about the texts and phone calls that I have got, that people are buying what they can buy. I want you all to take full advantage up to the last minute, and we are at the last minute.

Zim: We talked about the rate and which denominations they will take. It is still being treated as a bond, and may be paid out over 25 years. I’m still waiting for banking news on this side, and also waiting for the global traders with what they’re seeing for this week.

RayRen: We might need to add a bit more on the zim, because some missed the special call on that. This is the core of what was said on the special call:

“Tony and I have always recommended 100 trillion and 50 trillion zim notes. Some have also bought other denominations, although I’m only buying what I was told. That way I don’t have to worry about it. We also shared that the following WILL be accepted:
50 and 100 trillionnotes
50 and 100 billionnotes
50 and 100 millionnotes
50 and 100 thousandnotes

We asked specifically about the 500 million zim notes because many bought those. The 500 million zim note was on the list of notes to be released originally (by Zimbabwe) but the government chose not to because many counterfeit notes were released before the official 500 million notes were released.”

That doesn’t mean that you hold counterfeit 500 million zim notes, just that they were not accepting 500 million notes at this time. They might do so later on, along with the other denominations people might have. This was not intended to be a blemish on the dealers, just to give you the information that our sources gave to us. They didn’t want you to be shocked when you go in to exchange. Don’t throw them out – but don’t expect them to accept them for exchange. Don’t worry, just receive this information and if they don’t take the 500 million zim notes, you will not be shocked because you have the information in advance. They may accept them later, but not at the moment. Don’t fret – you probably don’t have bad paper. It just applies to the first batches of the zim.

All we can do is share information; this is what these people are telling us, and we are telling you. Take what you have and see what they will accept. If they don’t exchange 500 milllion zim notes, at least you know why.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: Way back, Tony mentioned that, due to the U.S. involvement in the war and restructuring of Iraq, we, the U.S. would enjoy a higher rate than those countries not involved. Do you have any idea how much higher that rate will be and will it be permanent or temporary??
A: We bought a larger number of dinar; I don’t know that the rates will be different. Every country will show its own rates, the international rates. What we did was to get the contract rate, and the plan is for the contract rates to run up to 14 days. They want the contract rates to be used up before they reach Forex. Last week I was told the majority of the contract rates have been soaked up by groups rather than individuals. However, there may be as much as 40% still out there. I was told that people could get above the international rate, somewhere between 10% and 40%. There is still plenty for us to receive and get our agreement completed.

Q: Have we passed the planned time that the bank numbers were going to be released? Does it matter on the Zim if they are uncirculated or not?
A: The last planned time we received was over the weekend or the first part of this week, so we are on the tail end of that. As for Zim, I don’t think it matters whether the zim notes are circulated or not, as we plan to exchange, not to keep them as collectibles.

Q: While I am fully aware things can change and neither of you control the timing, based on the schedule outlined by Tony on Friday and with other information you might have that you can’t share are we still on course??
A: I’m glad you realize that we don’t control this. According to the plan we were told, we are looking for something this week, and then it will come out on Forex on the 15th. That’s the plan – whether it happens that way is another question. Nobody knows exactly when it’s coming out. We do have windows from our bank people, but nobody knows for sure.

I want to ask a favor. A couple of years back, the BBC did an article on me with a radio interview. Then Iraq did a follow up article three days later. Does anyone have those two links? If you could email me or Ray, I’d really appreciate that.

Q: If you make a deal on the contract rate and are limited by quantity or “cap” can you leave and exchange the rest when it goes up; if so do you make the second appointment using the 800# or by direct contact with the bank?
A: So you want to make a contract rate with a little bit, then go back and do it again?
RR: No, they are talking about making an appointment and exchanging up to the level of the cap; then could they go back later and exchange the rest if/when the Forex rate goes up?
Tony: Yes, after that first exchange, the rest is just an exchange. You’ve already signed your NDA, contract with the bank, and so on.

Q: I have been reading where if you have zim you will be exchanging at a military base but this does not make sense to me so I come to you and Tony to get the facts.
A: I imagine Zim will be exchanged at a bank, like all the other currencies.
A: I doesn’t make sense to me either. Nobody will be restricted to military bases, and you don’t even have a military ID, so you couldn’t exchange on a base anyway.

Q: Since this is a taxable event, even though it is pre-tax, should we expect a tax statement from the Bank or the US Treasury for our Tax Return?
A: No. The tax is paid before we see an exchange – they are not taxing ME – and I certainly don’t need a statement for my income tax return, as this is not considered income.

Q: It was an International entity that turned off Iraq’s rate years ago and restricted it’s currency. With all of the required sanctions removed and Iraq having completed all requirements; is it plausible the roll out has to come from that same international entity and Iraq is waiting like we are?
A: Iraq is in fact waiting like we are, but they have done their portion of this – they have reinstated the dinar as a sovereign nation. The US Treasury has released this, and the banks are getting all excited. Iraq is ready for this to be over yesterday. They are ready to be the 7th tiger, and they want this done with. Thy are investing their money in infrastructure. Remember, they want everyone to be paid by the 12th, and they set that date for a reason.

Q: The information you and Tony gave us last week was encouraging. Is this source you refer to, from a government agency like treasury or is it someone from a banking source?
A: We gave a lot of information last week, from multiple sources: the US Treasury, banks that are receiving memos and instructions… not just from ours but from other countries as well.

Q: To pay off reserves, can we use money from an exchange of currency or do we need other money? If you don’t know now, will you know on the last call?
A: I don’t have any information about reserves.
Tony: before, they said that you can only use the money you have, and not use the exchange funds to buy more currency. I would tell the bank what you have in reserves; I don’t think it will be a problem.

Q: Will the Martin Luther King holiday make a difference to the release on Forex? If we don’t get the 800 numbers by the 15th, should we just call a local bank?
Tony: No, if we haven’t told you this has popped, then there is no point calling the bank. We are reporting the plans that we have heard, and this should have gone on the 2nd, then it was moved to the 15th. That’s when the UN rates change.

Questions from live callers

423 caller: it seems like with all the special calls this weekend, you thought it would happen today, that it would be an opportune time for this to come in today. Is the whole world waiting on the US for this to revalue internationally.

Tony: We’ve always held the key because this was our plan from the beginning.

Caller: Is there a time period where once it has revalued in Iraq, it has to happen here?

Tony: I was always told they had ten days… and that was before Christmas. They are a sovereign country and it could change, but they want it out and they’ve done everything to get it out. What are we waiting for in OUR system? The tax laws and banking laws have all changed, so we’re done with that. We are getting calls saying it has been released, and the banks say they see the new rates but they’re under ‘administrative hold’. The US Treasury has given their authorization – are we waiting for bank reconcilations? The banks are excited and say we will be pleased when it is completed. I know we’re right there, it’s that close; there is nothing for them to do, so it must be something that we have to do. I don’t control it, but the plan is for it to go on Forex next Monday. There are people out there who think we are giving out way too much information, but if that is the case, they wouldn’t be giving it to us! We have agreed that they want us to have it, but they also need to prepare the system to absorb all this money, and for us to be ready to deal with all this money. People are complaining that the banks are holding this up so that they can continue to do the nightly sweeps, but if they are making money now they will make 100 times the money once this money is flowing freely through their hands. They will be able to loan out ten times what you have on deposit! Then you are going to give money to your family or friends, and they will then deposit that, and the banks will make even more money. Google ‘how do banks work’, and then you will understand, and probably get mad at the banks for not giving you 25%. I don’t think they’re holding this up. We know there are main banking centers, like Raleigh, San Francisco, etc.; these are the hubs and then they have their branches. The banks want this to pop now.

When we hear it could be any moment, any day, and the banks call us to say they are on the highest alert… I called the call center and exchange center, and they said nobody has contacted them. We’re all going up and down. All the information is good. It really could be any day. If it doesn’t happen today, that is one day less before this goes on Forex. We don’t need an actual announcement to go through. The bank is setting the rates now; I just don’t know if they can do that after if goes on Forex, so they have to exchange us prior to that Forex announcement.

512 caller: I think you said that $1.50 is the exchange fee?? Is that the same as the spread fee?

Tony: I think I said there will be a 1.5% exchange fee. It’s not the same as the spread fee. The exchange fee is what the bank is charging you to complete your exchange. The spread fee is the difference in rates between when you buy and sell. You are selling your currency to the bank. If the bank rate is $5.20 (example only), then that is what YOU pay to buy the currency. If you want to SELL the currency back to them, the bank will give you $4.80. That forty cents between the two rates is the spread, and it is how the banks make their money. Because this is a different deal, they will reduce the spread, and make their money on the 1.5% exchange fee. I know one person who paid 2% exchange fee and someone else who paid 0%. If you pay an exchange fee, you should not get hit with a spread. But we’ll all have to wait and see.

864 caller: About the zim and dropping the zeros, or rather, the five zeros added between the decimal point and the rate. Does that apply to all the denominations?

Tony: That’s right. So you want to have the higher denominations. If the rate is .0000012, the total for a 100 trillion note will be 120 million. For one 100 billion note, the result would be 120 thousand, and for 100 million, it will be $120. Because of that, it is easier on the back end to apply the zeros to the rate and use it across the board. Yes, people did buy 500 million, but WE never suggested that different number zeros would be dropped from the trillions, billions, or millions. We were told 50 trillion and 100 trillion, and that is what we told all of you. I don’t know who was suggesting otherwise. It doesn’t make sense to me to buy anything other than the 50 trillion and 100 trillion zim notes. A few years ago, they only cost a few bucks. Even if they cost $100 now, it is still worth it, if they yield $120 million each!

919 caller: Did you say something about the zim rate floating?

Ray: Yes, they suggested it would float between .0000011 and .0000022.

Tony: Yes, there are some contract rates for the zim; however, you have to develop humanitarian projects and submit them to the bank prior to exchange. You also have to have a foundation or trust set up for your zim exchange. So you must have an approved trust and plan, and be partnered up with someone in Africa. It would then be paid out 80/20, but then the rate is dollars rather than pennies. It’s convoluted, but if you go into the bank they will explain it to you and you may have some time to set it all up.

Caller: For the regular rate for the zim, you said something about it being paid out over 25 years; is that time period negotiable?

Tony: At one point they said they’d pay it out over 100 years, and now it is down to 25 years. If you exchange one note = $120 million, which is five million per year; also, they would also be paying you interest on the capital, which might be 10 million per year. I will ask them at what point it goes to a structured payout; I think it’s over 500 million USD.

Caller: What about bonds – is that just for the internet group?

RayRen: I know the rate will go up over the next 18 months, for everyone. It’s not just for the internet group, but I’m pretty sure we are the only ones who have zim. When it first showed up, our Treasury guy said the ones to buy are 2008, series AA, in 50T and 100T denominations. Holders went up from about 1,000 to maybe 10,000 people who have zim notes.

Caller: Actually, I was asking about the municipal bonds – will those only be offered for a limited time.

RayRen: I think they are offering those during the exchange process. We might be able to negotiate at that time, but I’m not sure if they’ll be available to the public.

Caller: If I want to leave money and/or bonds in the bank to increase my rate, can I do both?

RayRen: The wealth manager wants to keep your money, so it is all open to negotiation. If they can get all the dinar people to do that, there will be a boom for sure.

Caller: How much Zim is required to be considered a whale? Twenty 100 T notes?

RayRen: I know of no new numbers.

MD caller: You mentioned repeated questions, and probably there are some new people that we need to walk through this process?

RayRen: No. I’m reading questions from members of TNT, and we haven’t accepted new members for four years now.

Caller: When we call for appointments, do we tell them what we are holding? Do we take in all our holdings? And we exchange dinar into a separate account?

Tony: The guy on the 800 number is not your exchange guy. He determines how much you have of what so that he can set up your appointment at a branch that qualifies. Once you go into your appointment, that’s when you decide what to exchange. We will find out the rates, and you decide if you want to bring in everything you hold. That is what the banks want you to do. The 800 number call should take three minutes, maximum; the exchange appointment is supposed to last 20 minutes. Anything after that should take place at the wealth manager’s office, and there are different levels of wealth managers as well. You have to feel comfortable about what you want, because some things you will negotiate at the exchange appointment and some with the wealth manager, based on what you have. The more you have, the more likely they will make you a good offer because they want to keep that in the bank. They will not offer someone with a million dollar the rate of $6-7. That person might need to wait on Forex. But if you have more…

RayRen: By the way, the zim notes are AA, not AAA series, 200-2009. [So far as I know, there is no AAA zim series.]

601 caller: Are they deleting zeros on the dinar or dong?

Tony: No. You can exchange any amount or denomination of dinar and dong. They are exchanging all notes in the US, although they no longer exchange 000 notes in Iraq. And I believe Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America and CitiBank will all exchange, but most will only exchange their existing customers. Wells Fargo has to accept all exchanges, but may make you move your funds within 30 days if they don’t want to deal with you.

RayRen: I will only disclose the list of 72 banks at the appropriate time. I don’t want everyone to be calling the banks.

Tony: Once they announce this, you can call your own banks. We will do a call as soon as this happens, and will give out 800 numbers (if available) and the new rates. They WANT us to put it out on all the sites.

419 caller: Are they still signing contracts in Iraq? Is that significant for us?

Tony: Yes, they were signing contracts on Saturday, and the new rates are in the contracts. The significance for us is that five years down the road, we still have all these dinar and we’re using them to buy barrels of oil to stabilize Iraq into the future. We need Iraq to be a stable country forever, because their oil backs our currency as well. Iraq wants to be the next Dubai, both with oil and a working economy in other areas. They want the rate of dinar to start at $3.47 and go up to $6. This is long-term wealth, and every step Iraq takes to stabilize its country is beneficial to US as well. And if it doesn’t pop on the 15th, and they tell us why, then I will let you know. Iraq has done everything they have to do: t he rate has been reinstated plus interest. That’s why the rate is $3.71; they cannot even do the next part until that rate is released. They are waiting just like we are. However, so long as they have their cards they can spend money, and every citizen should be paid by the 12th. So the only ones frustrated are you, me, and Ray!

Caller: Everyone is saying, “the banks are doing this or that” – which banks? Here in the US or in Iraq?

Tony: As far as cards and ATMs, those are the Iraq banks, spreading from the Green Zone and Baghdad, and then spreading out. They are convincing citizens to trust and use the ATMs, but they did issue the cards so that they don’t have to roll out currency and lower denomination everywhere. When we say the rates are on the screens and memos and excitement in the banks, that is in the US.

386 caller: About the zim, what about the 10 trillion and 20 trillion notes?

Tony: There were eight denominations on the list, and I don’t know about the rest. We were both told those notes are what will exchanged. The Treasury told us 50 trillion and 100 trillion notes were the ones to buy. Since then, this list was put together, and that is all we know about the Zim. We don’t know if this is just the first wave and maybe later they will do the others, but this is what will be accepted right now.

718 caller: Would it be better for me to send the people I’ve giving currency to the currency itself right now so that they can exchange it themselves?

RayRen: It’s definitely better to give them currency NOW, before the rates go up. You can only give them gifts up to a value of $15,000 (2018), and (in my opinion) you should send a gifting letter. Do that TODAY. Let’s say you bought a 100 trillion zim note for $72; you can give that note to you friend with a gifting letter to establish the TIME and value of that currency, pre-RV. I would do that TODAY.

206 caller: [Appreciation]

604 caller: If there is a structured payment for the Zim, what happens when the person dies? Can my heirs take it over?

Tony: Yes, we were told that you can leave it to your heirs like any other asset. We are now hearing that the maximum pay-out period will be 25 years. Plus you’ll have enough money to find the Fountain of Youth!

561 caller: If I exchange Zim in the US, how can I transfer the money to Haiti? I want to help rebuild Haiti.

Tony: I don’t know about Haiti, although this is a great project. Talk to your wealth manager. Ideally, get your options before you exchange.

347 caller: If the exchange fee ranges from 0-2%, would the 0% be where the person banks already?

RayRen: The 1.5% was last week, and it was a personal banker. The 0% was not with the wealth manager: the manager said, “It’s 2% fee”, and the person refused. He told the manager to put in 0%, and the computer accepted that, to their mutual surprise. What is more likely is that those with 100K dinar will pay the 1.5%, and someone with millions of dinar can negotiate a lower fee. I used to work at the Franchise Tax Board (CA) and I did audits. Someone might make 100,000 per year and owe $1,000 in taxes, and someone else might make $7,000 a year and owe $80,000 in back taxes. They would make me go after the person who had no money, because they felt the richer person would bring in lawyers. The more you have, the less you pay – that’s life.

RayRen: You can definitely shop rates and fees at the banks before exchanging.

Closing Statement

Tony: Thanks, appreciate you all, hope we answered all your questions.

RayRen: If anything pops before our next scheduled call, we will let you know through all our avenues.

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

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Tony/RayRat TNT Call Notes   1/8/18 Empty Re: Tony/RayRat TNT Call Notes 1/8/18

Post by Terbo56 on Wed Jan 10, 2018 2:02 pm

ALL horseshit, pure, unadulterated horseshit, and I feel sorry for the one's that fall for it- No wait, No, I don't- After all the years that most of you have been here, you should have this shit figured out by now- Just because you think you can 'grease a pig', doesn't mean you'll ever be able to catch it-Always remember, if you can't put up with the stink, DON'T play with the 'SKUNK"! Twisted Evil
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Tony/RayRat TNT Call Notes   1/8/18 Empty Re: Tony/RayRat TNT Call Notes 1/8/18

Post by Tinef on Wed Jan 10, 2018 2:59 pm

[*]A word for this pair comes to mind, desperadoes .. 
noun : a desperate or reckless person or persons, especially a criminal.
[*]I mean how desperate & reckless do you have to be to knowingly violate the terms & conditions for your federal release?  Desperate actions can be defined by saying pretty much anything, creating total fiction/falsehoods just to increase donation revenue streams that eventually become laundered through the other criminal brother's accounts.  
[*] #DOJ.gov #FBI.gov #IRS.gov #SEC.gov #FTC.gov .. when someone says, "We know for a fact" , and then reverses direction, and say's " they're only reporting what they're being told" .. someone is accountable for this fraud for profit or currency insider/intel scam. I mean really? 


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Tony/RayRat TNT Call Notes   1/8/18 Empty Re: Tony/RayRat TNT Call Notes 1/8/18

Post by Terbo56 on Wed Jan 10, 2018 3:04 pm

Tinef, Indeed, and I agree, however nothing will ever come of it, UNTIL the Judge and the courts are shown absolute proof, that these idiots are still in operation, and that's where you can contact Nick Giammarino, and tell him they are still at it- He has his ways and means of getting things rolling-
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Tony/RayRat TNT Call Notes   1/8/18 Empty Re: Tony/RayRat TNT Call Notes 1/8/18

Post by Kevind53 on Wed Jan 10, 2018 8:33 pm

Tony and I have always recommended 100 trillion and 50 trillion zim notes. Some have also bought other denominations, although I’m only buying what I was told. That way I don’t have to worry about it. We also shared that the following WILL be accepted:
50 and 100 trillionnotes
50 and 100 billionnotes
50 and 100 millionnotes
50 and 100 thousandnotes

Riddle me this; How can any sane person sit there and say that a country will redeem a currency that has been demonetized for years? The answer is they can't, however a con artist may convince a gullible mark that they will.

Trust but Verify --- R Reagan Suspect

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