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Dreamer's Friday Drama   1/5/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Dreamer's Friday Drama 1/5/18

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Dreamer's Friday Drama   1/5/18 Empty Dreamer's Friday Drama 1/5/18

Post by Ssmith on Sat Jan 06, 2018 12:25 pm

Is TED Ok? I see no dailyy prayer

I hope that Ted is alright. He hasn't posted his prayer.

I hope Ted is alright too.

did anyone get anything out of bruces call last night except that the storm is the current excuse for the rv delay

Lost about the brunk of the call...

no intell xcept he was told how he would get #'s

So now a snow storm in the US has held up the the greatest redistribution of wealth in the history of the world! ROTFLMAO!! Anothe bruce "ONce Upon A Time" fairytale!

Drl ya an excuse that has been used a few times now.

this summer was the her i canes

Ted you were very missed sir. Didnt realize how much I look forward to your posts til they were not there. Thank you for all you do. Be blessed!

so glad to hear from you Ted - missed you this morning

Anyone heard from TED today?

Tony is joining RR today

tony has a date...not giving it out

Tony stayed was a few weeks ago he needs to go back to jail

we need it...do you want me to stop?

Glad To hear from tony... Thanks Frister..

Frister no continue I won’t say anything I’ll just start delivering

.@KevinJacksonTBS: "[Barack Obama] lost 17,000 manufacturing jobs in the last year of his presidency, and President Trump has gained 171,000."

Sand so it's ok to persecute Obama

i vote yes angel....he messed us up big time...mo
and being black has nothing to do with it...it was him being a greedy person along with hillary and sanders

IMO he should be behind bars and I am being kind

Well I say back off these presidents, Pres. Trump is doing his best and so was President Obama but everyone hates him because of the color of his skin.

No need to persecute-I would like to see Prosecute.....

and yes, black has something to do with it. Pres. Obama was an intelligent man.

just why did i think you would say that...race....that is all he has


Get over it - it's not a race thing - the nan was incompetent

Was there a color? I think it had to so with what he did to our country?

he is a greedy man

Every president we put in place one of you or the other wants to throw them out. Give the people a chance or why don't you run for president

race is something that i am tired of...get over it

We gave him 8 bloody years... time for change.

sand don't speak to me that way madam...I am not rude to you.

please try to keep emotion out of this - dont want anyone to break their keyboards in frustration or say somethhing they will regret

I don't care if Obama is PINK.......he's a traitor to say the least......letting it go with that.....

someone needs to do some homework...........................

yes...you were....when you mentioned race as his only condition of being great

Angel - you must be very young. He was a community organizer, no experience, 1/2 the time never showed up to vote. He talked a good game and delivered nothing. He hurt blacks, whites, reds, greens, purples. For his own greed. Came in with nothing and left with over 100 million.

why are you offended because I say race?

It's a lie

And in his own admission- on video-He and his Queen burned american flags.

because race is the first thing that blacks go to to get the upper hand...it does not work anymore...

You guys are extraordinarily biased.

We are looking at the man, not his color.....doesn't matter

He and Hilldebeast

ohhhh...i forgot biased...and bigoted....it is overused...and done

Angel, you're the one bringing up the race issue

I am In chgo were Obama lived he hurt the blacks here more than helped them. Very sad

You all call yourselves born again christians...it's a shame and disgrace.

What are you?

I marched with King in DC, no one can play that card with me!

I'm a Jew

Please stop.

Look Pres. Obama did nothing for me personally being a business owner...but I don't go around wishing ill for the man or cursing anyone for that matter but everyday you guys are cursing somebody else as long as they are democrats but you will excuse the devil if he is a republican.

Well God bless you Sand...more power to you.

You need to educate yourself on his actual record while President

Sorry guys I banned Angel for a time out !

You dont need to ban me....bye

ridiculous...went from black/white...to party affiliation...she needs a healing chamber, or something

Angel - Obama's white half was just as incompetent as his black half!

It's not about color it's about murder and treason child trafficking and other abuses that's the deal who cares about color or religion that's ridiculous!

Very true, it was brought down to the lowest level and I'm also at fault

Choo choo

I find it very refreshing that this board is able to deal with issues very quickly. It truly is a democracy and meeting of higher minds, with the intention of helping the world!

I'm so lost with Tony's info.... Please Help Me! Did he mention that the 500M Zim will be exchangeable? I heard 8 categories, but..... TY!

Good thing this RV is coming in we need some joy and a big diversion from all the negative news ...

We are at the lowest point now, only one way to go. In the 70's there was a book entitled. I've Been Down So Long, It Looks Like Up To me

Is Tony laughing at Donation man?

Maji I think he did

I wish Tony would kick the Donation man to the curb!!! So sick of him!! At least keep it to once a week or end of month, ENOUGH already!!!

I just read the notes, can't stand hearing that guy

lol jed....they are just thinking...cha-ching the entire time.

Yep Frister, I agree, but people are so dumb, they believe that Ray and Tony need the money to run that site, Cha-ching indeed

Hahahah This is more funn than a Benny Call........

Glad we are entertaining! I think people are getting kookoo from this wait !

WOW-The TNT call was cut off fast..

no donations coming in LOL

Wonder what they heard...

Rjpea... I did hear them end it, but Tony had said that he wanted to check out the last info they got, and then they cut it off fast...Usually Rayren hangs out a while..

he said may have to do another call. all I can say is hope he is right

no mtn goat today? he/she gathering info to flame the next guru? Breitling let em have it on his last call

I am worried about the 500 million Zimbabwe notes as that is what I mainly bought. I do have some 100 trillion notes.

If I use a black light to look at my zim for authentication, what am I going to see…or what am I looking for?

I authenticated mine today.

Un frgbing believable that folks are taking this out of this world garage. Looks like it is time to spend little time with the wife. BBL,,,

It’s ok ted. Rand is cuckoo. I’m not buyin

Same as Yosef

Snake - did your hear back from your contacts?

Yes they confirmed finally that the platforms were sucessfully loaded

Testing is continuing but no issues are anticipated

What do these platforms do for us

Snake. So platfroms allow for exchange to go!!

From everything I can glean everything needed to allow exchange has been accomplished and this DP was needed to protect against inflation/deflation to the many nations participating due to the anticipated increase in exchanging volume, at least that is what I have been led to believe

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