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RayRat Call Notes   12/27/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

RayRat Call Notes 12/27/17

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RayRat Call Notes   12/27/17 Empty RayRat Call Notes 12/27/17

Post by Ssmith on Thu Dec 28, 2017 8:26 am

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Adept1)

TNT Call 27-December-2017 Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# AUDIO REPLAY LINK

[Music: It’s done, it’s finished, the RV’s on it’s way; everything’s completed, there’s nothing else to say. It’s done, it’s finished, the RV’s on its way; we’re just awaiting for the call any day.]

RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! It’s Wednesday, December 27 2017, with yours truly RayRat98 here. We won’t be with you long, because there isn’t a lot of new intel.

Yesterday we did have lot of information. Banks are stepping up security today, but it’s a challenge to know what is going on apart from being ready. It’s the 27th,and the bank people are prepared to be on standby.

After yesterday’s call, I wanted us to have more indication of the rate change for the dong. I still didn’t get confirmation on that. For a long time we were getting rates of 47 cents, and yesterday a new rate came in but not from all the sources I would have liked. However, there is a possibility that it will be more than 47 cents.

I hope to have more on that this evening or overnight. Another IQD rate is believed to be a ‘target rate’ for a possible cap, to keep the market from just running wild. I firmly believe we won’t even see it before January 2-3 (that targeted rate) to keep things from going wild. It’s quite possible that we will see a rate of $3+ because that IS the rate, even if the banks aren’t acting on it yet.

So far as I understand, everything is in place for the banks to move forward, but they haven’t yet. Everything will happen at its proper time and place, so just be patient. We understand from Iraqi television that the Kurdistan crisis is about to come to an end… which means it’s probably already resolved. They will continue to talk to each other; I don’t personally feel it’s affecting what we are waiting for.

Our people in Iraq are saying the cards are activating, it’s a done deal, and there is no turning back. I think we are sitting well between now and next Monday. The banks say they have the authorizations and assurances – what else do they need? I don’t know, but I’ll just give them room, sit back and wait. I’ll also make sure some other things are in place for this celebrated day that is upon us.

Questions from the forum

Q1) Regarding the Zim, you’ve mentioned there are several scenarios around what will happen, and it’ll be futile and confusing to share due to variations you hear. Many are diversified into other currencies and will be okay with just about any payout structure. Can you please share bullet points about the payout/structured plans that seem to be the most popular with your info providers so we can prepare a few exercise scenarios ahead of time?

A: I would be glad to do that but we are awaiting a bit more information before doing that. It could be a number of things, and I don’t want to go through multiple variations. I would rather find out what they intend and then we’ll got through a strategy for that.

Q2) Regarding VND – you’ve shared .47 as the most common rate you’ve heard. Does this stand as highest rate we will likely see? Do you feel, or possibly know, if it will float to the sometimes talked about low $2, or higher, it was long ago?

[RR: I feel it could go that high.]

Are you aware if a contract rate is available on the VND that was talked about several years ago ($5 to $6)?

[RR: To the best of my knowledge, there WILL be a contract rate on the dong.]

Q3) Regarding making appointments – Some folks have a few notes, some have a suitcase full. Is there a qualifying question the call center will ask to direct various level currency holders to specific locations being cause for possible higher secure locations for customers with “suitcases”? Also, have you heard if Zim holders will be directed to a specific location even if they hold other currencies? If so, will they have to make another appointment to exchange the other currencies they may hold or do all there at the Zim appointment?

A: In the past, we did hear something like that, but right now we just don’t know. When I get firm information, I will let you know.

Q4) When “they” told you we would get after the #wearethepeople campaign, were you addressing what percentage of the contract rate (they got and dictate what) we’d get or were you talking about the percentage of dinar holders that would get the contract rate?

A: That would be the percentage of currency holders, so move fast.

Q: Do you know if this exchange will be for all who live in the USA and have long standing bank accounts with Bank of America, but who don’t have legal residency or status in the US but their children were born here? Would the legal child have to exchange for the parents? Asking for some church members.

A: If you’re already in the US, with bank accounts, and doing business, it should apply to you. I haven’t heard anything saying the exchange is for US citizens only. It’s just currency; if the bank is already doing business with you, this won’t be different.

Q: Can you expand on the comment you made yesterday in chat (especially address the VND rate if you can): “Notice! – banks are putting security in place for tomorrow…. time will tell! looks like dong might have a higher rate than shared all of this time…. checking other sources to make sure it’s good.” Also, do you have an update on what the 2018 tax changes will be pertaining to our exchange? Has Tony found out if this info can be shared yet?

A: Nothing new.

Q: where do we find high interest compounding with out locking up principal like just savings are there any over 1.5?

A: With any investment, you are locking up the principal for some time. You’ll find plenty of post-RV opportunities at more than 1.5%.

Q1: What do your sources expect as contract rates for dinar and dong?

A: High.

Q2: Premium rates?

A: I think that is the market rate.

Q3: Do you expect dong and Zim rates to rise in the market?

A: Not at this time.

Q4: Caps on the dinar?

A: No, I don’t believe there will be caps.

Q5: Anything new on how the Zim will be exchanged?

A: No.

Q: I remember you told us years ago that there’s a rule that after an RV the country has 7 to 10 days before they let the world know…is this the period we are now in?? My son Shane bought dinar on ebay when he was 15 in high school…now he’s almost 28!! He told me someday we will be rich!!! And we are finally there

A: Yes, I do believe we are.

Q: I was wondering, if the banks had the “go ahead” 10 days ago, why are we not able to go yet??

A: Because they want to be sure.

Q: Yesterday Tony mentioned we (the people outside Iraq) have been propping up the Dinar for more than a decade. That we have been fed news that caused us to want to go out and buy more currency as RV is coming and going to happen any minute, day or week. What makes the latest news different? I just hope TNT is not being fed more news to cause us to go out and buy more Dinar.

Personally, I am surprised that all trading was not halted as soon as it became clear that the RV had taken place in country. What percentage of listeners do you think may have gone out, or still going out to buy an extra $20 to $100 more of Dinar or Dong?

A: What makes the latest news different?! Were you not paying attention yesterday? Iraqis are using their cards in and outside the country at the same new rate. That’s different!

Q: Ray, what do you think the rate is going to be on the ZIM?

A: No idea.

Q: Tony indicated that he could explain how we would go about securing the contract rates, is there any chance now that you could elaborate on what we will need to know to tell the banker? Or is this information we should keep within the TNT family only, since as I understand it contract rates are only available for a short period of time?

A: We’ll come back to that.

Q: I plan to seek the contract rate for the IQD and any other currencies so will be planning to rush to the bank as soon as possible. However, I have checked banks in my state (Minnesota) and have not found any that deal with the IQD. I am concerned about possible delays in accessing the list of banks and getting to the right bank. Can you tell us in which city or cities in Minnesota the bank(s) are located that will deal with the IQD?

A: At the right time, we will tell you all of that, and then some.

Q: for the Iraqi citizens, a dinar is a dinar in the country. Do the rates you are mentioning have to do with if they were going to exchange outside the country only? I can see the cost of goods changing within the country but is there something that I am missing in my understanding?

A: The Iraqi citizens have no reason to exchange anything; it’s the currency they use. When they purchase something outside the country, they can use their cards.

Q: Have you had any of your Iraq contacts say their card does not have a $3 plus dollar rate?

A: Not any of mine.

Q: What is the status of capital gain in the new tax law? One version of it changed it from one year to three years for long term gains.

A: I don’t know – check it out and let us know!

Questions from live callers

865/404: Is there a cap on the contract rate?

RayRen: No.

Caller: When you talked about call centers, Tony specifically said that Wells Fargo is taking the lead, taking over from Bank of America in the past. Does that mean that exchange centers will focus on WF as well?

RayRen: I don’t know that the other banks will not have call centers; it is a WF call center that we get our information from.

610 caller: [Appreciation]

423 caller: When Tony said that there are lower denominations in the ATMs and people are reporting the new rates on their cards, he then said ‘hopefully we will see it on 2. January, or by the 12th at the latest”, does that mean the cards being loaded? How does that affect us?

RayRen: If Iraq wants all its citizens to be happy first, then they have to do their cards first, and then we will come in behind that. These are clear indicators that it is done, and we’re just waiting for it to reach our level. It’s in process already.

Caller: If the banks decide to do it this year, they have a rate on the screen but it’s not necessarily live, is that it?

RayRen: I am told they have everything they need; apparently something is preventing them from moving forward right this minute, but I don’t know what it is. I very much believe in the $3.37 rate or whatever is on the cards – it’s coming from all directions. We thought that some banks would spring into action yesterday or today, and they might, before end of business. One day soon, you will go to dealer sites (or forex sites) and see different rates. If you are thinking of buying more, I wouldn’t waste any time – go do it, because the prices will change! There may still be some things that need to be done before the prices in Iraq change, but the cards themselves have a different rate.

If I have more money, it doesn’t matter if the prices change, but if the prices drop, then I’m in an even better situation. I may not have all those tiny details; when four, five, six sources all say something, I accept it is going on!

347 caller: It seems like everything is set up, in place, yet we are not exchanging…?

RayRen: Why are we trying to make sense of something we cannot control? Either it is, or it isn’t. If it is, I’m positioning myself to make the most of this deal. If it isn’t, then I’m ready to move on. There’s only so much information we will get, although there is some we are receiving and cannot pass on to you.

What we can give you is our conviction that this is happening, to give you peace of mind, and also other financial things that you can use to position yourself and take advantage of. If that helps, great, but otherwise, all you have is the information to make your choices. I f you come up against a brick wall, you can stare at the wall, bang your head against it, or turn in a different direction.

There have been so many opportunities out there, and now some of the members have been able to pick up while we are waiting. Others have put themselves in positions of being tax-exempt (whether this is taxable or not). That’s what we want people to learn ahead of time, so that when this happens, they are ready. I can’t do anything about the RV or the rate; what I can decide is what moves I can make.

Focus on what you can do something about, rather than what we can do nothing about. I don’t fully understand why they are doing this or that, and chasing down the information won’t affect my back pocket; learning other things will help me protect my exchange from taxation (for example), and that’s helpful. I am keeping my eye on the big picture, and see how I can benefit WHEN it happens rather than WHY it happens. That ‘when’ could be tomorrow or next week…

501 caller: You said the banks will require two forms of ID? If I have a passport and a driver’s license, but my wife only has a driver’s license, will they accept another picture ID?

RayRen: Yes.

786 caller: [can’t understand this caller]

RayRen: Do you receive the text messages we send out? Yes? You are connected.

386 caller: Has there been anything definitive on the 80/20 split on the Zim?

RayRen: No. The bright side is that they intend to do something with it! And if you hold enough Zim, that will be a nice payout, either way. One 100 trillion note will be a nice payout, any way you look at it. I’m just thrilled that they are doing something with it, when they were saying in 2009 that it was obsolete. So we all bought Zim as collector’s items, so the fact they are doing something with it is exciting. We are hearing this and that, but we don’t know what is real until it takes place. We are waiting to find out the intention as it stands today, and when we find out, we’ll tell you. Right now, it’s supposedly in this first basket, when it goes before 2. January.

321 caller: I was in WF talking about personal finances; I asked my banker about all this, and he said he has no information as of yesterday. I purchased some dong at a different bank yesterday, at $46 per million.

419 caller: Three months ago I went to a bank that is buying and selling; this week it seems they are not dealing with the dinar. I asked what changed, and the fellow said that they changed their mind because of ISIL. Is this the reason now, or are the banks going ahead?

RayRen: I don’t know. It’s my understanding that they have the assurances and the authorizations to go forward; what else they may need, I don’t know. Right now, I’m looking for it from today to the 2nd. If it hasn’t popped by then, I’ll be asking what’s going on.

Closing Statement We were here a little longer than I thought we would be. We’re halfway through the week, and there is a lot of anticipation that something will pop before 2. January.

Some banks were getting security ready, and some told their staff before the break that they might be in standby mode late this evening or early tomorrow. If that did carry through, they are getting ready for the minute this pops out. There is excitement going into Friday and the weekend. Hopefully more information will come in during the next couple of days and I will pass them on.

If I see any strategy moves, and hope you will receive them without five thousand questions. It’s better to BE ready, whenever this comes out. The best thing I can do is to prepare you, so that when this happens, you will already be ready. Let’s see what happens as the days progress. Hang in there it won’t be like this for long…

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA


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