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OkieOilman Update from Elmer   12/27/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

OkieOilman Update from Elmer 12/27/17

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OkieOilman Update from Elmer   12/27/17 Empty OkieOilman Update from Elmer 12/27/17

Post by Ssmith on Thu Dec 28, 2017 8:18 am

Elmerl123456: Twitter users: Listen folks please. I’m referring to OkieOOM, aren’t you tired of being an imposter yet? Folks I’ve told you 1000’s of Times Okie doesn’t post. Block OkieOOM (ELMERL123456 is my real twitter) not ELMERF123456. Block OkieOOM and ELMERF123456 and avoid lies and confusion PLEASE!!

Janitor: Elmer, is Okie doing good?

Elmerl123456: Okie is not only a good man, he’s my friend. Don’t these wanna be imposters know that at any moment I can get the real Okie on the phone and confront these buffoons. I wish there was a way to conference the world with these idiots and let all hear who claims to be real and who is. Stand up TNT and block that imposter and save your emotions. BTW Okie is good.

Elmerl123456: You all know me and what I stand for. I can’t stand 15 minutes of famers. I will tell you Okie and I converse. He does not chat, Skype, tweet or any social media any longer! If the real Okie has something to tell me to tell you will be the first to know but it won’t be from any social media it’ll be here.

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