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Dreamer's Thursday Drama 12/21/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Dreamer's Thursday Drama 12/21/17

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Dreamer's Thursday Drama 12/21/17 Empty Dreamer's Thursday Drama 12/21/17

Post by Ssmith on Sat Dec 23, 2017 8:20 am


Dreamer's Thursday Drama 12/21/17 Avatar?id=1618224&m=75&t=1481246793TED1016 Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, still Father we wait in humble anticipation as the stumbling blocks that have been put in our path to victory over the Cabal is ever so slowly being eliminated. Each day brings more anticipation followed by more unfounded (I feel) projections of when and where it is going to happen. We hear of others (no names provided) as being funded and we are left in disappointment again.

Dear Lord God Almighty, help those among our numbers who are in need the most to be funded before the more fortunate investors who have been picked up along the way. As much as my own need is, I know there are other far less able to hold out for much longer so I ask that if it comes down to a choice, let those with more need go before I. I have faith and the courage to hold on as long as it takes with Your help alone.

So that is about where we are at this moment my friends and readers of my words. All along this road we have been talking about many of our members in physical and financial need of funds and out plans to help those folks far less fortunate than ourselves and in my heart I know that many have already reached out to help those in need like those folks affected by the hurricanes and the fires in California.

That fact alone makes me proud to be a member of this group and the WSOMN boards. The only sad part that I have bout it all is that when this event dose reach fulfillment that I will miss having contact with those who provide light conversations and opinions not only about the currency but things like gardening, sports coverage, good music, financial advice and good words stated by Christian members. That will be missed.

Sleep well my friends as we begin to face another day filled with hope and expectations and interesting conversation amongst ourselves. But above all we must remember, “Our Destiny Awaits”




Let's keep chat to only positive news and pertaining to RV arrests and​ so on let's feel the joy . Today is a day the dark uses for all sacri​fice and evil doings so we need to stay in our heart and sent live ene​rgy to wipe out their power .... let's do this together !!!!!

Good Soltstice morning all. I made it. My yearly winter goal is to kae it to today without getting depressed. Now we add a minute to each day.

Hi of 56 today. I should play golf as I haven’t played since the first of September. And as of next Wednesday,no golf until February. But to much to do. Oh well.

damp and chilli here going to be 60 at 1 and by 7 it will fall to 28 here comes winter and the RB ???


That beny post gave me chills and nothing he has said ever has!

gm where is Dullus Air Force Base ?


dulles airport is in herndon va just outside of d.c.

Sorry stag 26 miles from downtown Washington. Va is right. Ooops, I learned something today ha ha

Wonderful almost 80°

Nice wild. Does it get humid where your at?

Definitely in the summer, not as bad at the beach though

I've been to Houston Dallas..lived in Okla for 2 yrs during the height of the Vietnam War .husband was on exchange with UASF at Tinker ..major overhaul depot for repair of aircraft for the war

yes it was - do you remember the big golf ball just east of the main base - the radar that is

LW i worked at tinker in the 70s - crazy area to live in. the house i owned in Moore - bought it new in 1980 and the huge tornado took it away years after we moved

I think so..I was there when 3 major tornadoes went thru OK City..of course no basements then so I couldn't understand why everyone was running to there "fraidy holes"...one touched down close to Tinker..1/2 mile from where we lived..

oh yea that is a BAD state for tornados - lived thru a bunch of them over the years - BBL have an audible subpoena from the wife

Haloheal wrote
2h ago
Source said Saturday Keep watching PT. Everyone's guess but we are close !

• Yesterday the CORE members of the Admiral's group who had been able to see their funds had been distributed into their accounts but still did not have access were told by their bankers that the bankers had the codes to release the funds and a time they were allowed to do so-HUGE!

I have a couple of friends in admirals and they have not heard anything.

cowboy same here... but I have heard a rumopr there are 2 factions of admiral now???

Stillokrocks many more sub groupc ..core group is what starts the ball rolling............

Herb yes I know... but on the down low hearing there are now 2 factions of the core group... not talked about much at all... shhh cuz idk

Admirals group is so lame. Why did they create it. So much confusion

More guessing... PT Sources saying....Admiral stated the core accounts expected in an hour......will see. Keep Watchin

admirals core group is not expecting anything....fact

also adimrals core group is not a start of the process.....fact

Oh, Tool, then to top things off, Halo accidentally Banned herself and 006 has to let her back in.

i promise this room that if the core admirals group has any movement i will let everybody in here know....no secrets and no nda until our exchange. i have been assured we all go at the sane time

Well. 2 sweet potato pies finished cooking. Sweet potato cheese cake in oven now. 2 sweet potato pies to go.

That would be great Tool we have heard the admirals group has gone and Reno for a year already how many times do they go !

I hope everyone is staying safe while out shopping and especially if you will be traveling to visit family and friends BE SAFE!! We are about to be blessed beyond measure and I pray all of you that we have traveled thus far together go in together!!!

I am excited about the cheese cake.

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