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 "The RV-GCR" by Toothless Crackhead   2/20/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"The RV-GCR" by Toothless Crackhead 2/20/17

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 "The RV-GCR" by Toothless Crackhead   2/20/17 Empty "The RV-GCR" by Toothless Crackhead 2/20/17

Post by Ssmith on Wed Dec 20, 2017 3:43 pm

The recent article, "RIDICULED" by "Baggy" says much to the exchange community. It says that those who challenge the self-appointed and self-annointed "Guru" class had best get themselves in line. Some roles are sacrosanct so tread lightly.

It also says that sometimes, those of us who require that their own realities match external objective events, must learn to suspend their judgement and deny their senses for the sake of "getting along".

But it should also say much more to us all.

It should tell us that there probably exists unanimity amongst those bringing us "dis-information". And further, that our understanding this dis-information as not having been anywhere near accurate, must nevertheless be made palatable if we are to "get with the program". So, "so much for independent thought and the collective spirit"!
This acknowledgment of our collective mindset harkens a glaring fact. That, intended or spurious, those feeding us this "bad" information are all of one accord. And, in that it is difficult for me to believe that the whole "Guru Class" is made up of evil cretins, doing the bidding of a greater evil, while intoning religion no less. The only logical "take away" for me becomes appreciating that one single locus of "dis-information" is orchestrating events here. So are we being "had"?

It should certainly have us ask ourselves if the simplistic "good versus evil" scenario that so many of us have bought into, is at all really at play here.

Assuming for the moment that extra-terrestrial intervention is at play, "Baggy's" revelation tells us by implication that our "benefactor alien brothers and sisters" have been aiding the forces of evil for some time now.

How is this so? Well think about it and recognize this. If dis-information is the order if the day, and our extra-terrestrial "breathren" help fuel an agenda that does not IMMEDIATELY address the eradication of those "sidebars of inaccuracy" as its paramount objective, then our needs for independence and freedom must thus take a back seat to this "galactic consortium's" plans for us.

Sounds like something's going on here alright, but it doesn't sound like freedom. Even Captain Kirk exercised the "non-interference/Hippocratic oath" practice of "first, doing no harm". And they keep telling me that the "galactics" are more evolved than earthlings. Hmmmm...

And further assuming that there is no extra-terrestrial assistance forthcoming, don't these current delays and the surrounding conditions suggest that there is complicity...unstated understandings...gentleman's agreements..."quid pro quo"..."fait accompli", again "non-interference" agreements between the "cabal", the "alliance" and even any friends "out there"?

If not, then it logically follows that the science of astronomy has no choice but to pass the baton back to the cosmic philology that is astrology. We have no logical rationality to hold on to.

Differently said... with friends like those now running this show, who needs enemies? They are either ravenous and rapacious in our exclusion or they are wholly incompetent. It is likely one or the other.

Of course, there may exist a third option. What we may be "participant-observing" is a "beta test".

The "alpha test" came when the "headlock" control of this process was temporarily disturbed by Tony Renfro's assault on the invisible governors of this fiasco. He achieved this with his successful "twitter" campaign a few years back. The powers in place shuddered at that success, sidelined Tony, replaced him with his "jittery" and forewarned brother, meanwhile encouraging most of us to believe that all was well.

Erstwhile, "the powers" quickly learned just how to have their cake and eat it too. Engage the "Lilliputian public in a 150 round boxing match with an invisible "Gulliver," and those who don't fall by the wayside, will easily have their "exchange bounty" eroded by taxes, the new nefarious (same old) banking system and the public's own inexperience in the money manipulation process.

Tell them that, though sitting in the back of the bus, they are the new Tier 4 drivers (as though a tiered system could ever reflect equality, fairness or represent the democratic principle) and most of all, tell them that "patience" sates greed and the healthiest of intellectual appetites.

Add to this mix, generations of human suffering, wrapped in the "swaddling clothes" of "unrequited need", cloak the human propensity to not confront any reality that counters your hopes and dreams, and you have the perfect rising "souffle" of delusion that has evil presences just salivate and wring their hands in delight.

I don't know when dinar land will finally be able to hoist its flag and unfurl it's sails. But I'm thinking that by that time, the winds of meaningful change will have died down measurably.

And so though the banks have succeeded in lulling more than 99% of currency holders to sleep, to the point that they miss the 35 minute window of 800 number exchange before things go public, don't despair and please keep the faith.

We fully appreciate that all the big money offered on all the currencies not negotiated yet, reverts back to the banks. The less they have to pay you, the more they can turn around and "exchange" for thenselves. After all, their greatest tool has been keeping from you what your money will really be worth. We live in the "information age". Information is everything"!

I believe that the secret to our triumph lies in retrieving what you will, keeping hold of your honor and positivity and sidestepping to the greatest degree possible, all of the historical institutions that have kept the little people, "little".

Whether Yosef and Tank are great guys or just "plants" doesnt really matter. A quote from back in my college days comes to mind whose author I never knew.

"It is not what a person says, but what he (she) does with his (her) attentions...that is what determines one's fate".

We are talking about the fate of all humanity here. Forget the Gurus for the moment!! And even after the magical and anticipated ghost exchange, never forget the abuse that came with it!!

Keep your head down and your spirits up, especially for those who that cocaine snorting banker four years ago called "toothless crackheads".You are in a war!!

Toothless Crackhead

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 "The RV-GCR" by Toothless Crackhead   2/20/17 Empty Re: "The RV-GCR" by Toothless Crackhead 2/20/17

Post by Kevind53 on Thu Dec 21, 2017 2:38 am

NO no beta test or alpha test, or plants or evil plots by the PTB, just a bunch of liars and their lies which get more convoluted and bizarre with each year praying on toothless crackheads like you ...

Trust but Verify --- R Reagan Suspect

"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."1 Thessalonians 5:14–18

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